New! iOS Stickers for Texting With Sewing Buddies

McCall Pattern Company iOS stickers

Introducing McCall Pattern Company Stickers for iPhone and iPad users! These fun stickers featuring images from our archives are perfect for texting with sewing and non-sewing friends.

Currently there are 25 stickers to choose from, including these below. Plans are to update this sticker app seasonally; we hope to also roll out a version for Android users as well.

McCall Pattern Company iOS stickers


To upload and use this sticker pack: In text message mode on your phone, click on the gray arrow next to the space for writing your message. Next, click on the symbol that looks like an A [see photo below]. At the bottom of your screen you’ll see four gray dots. Click on that, and then click on the plus sign that says Store. Search “McCall Pattern Company” and that will bring you to the sticker app. Download. When you want to add a sticker to a text, just click on the A icon again and you will see all your MPC stickers. Click on the one you want to add to your text.

Or, you can visit the App Store from your phone or iPad and search “McCall Pattern Company.” After you download the stickers add them to text messages as instructed above.
McCall Pattern Company iOS stickers

Discussion Topic: The Appeal of Vintage Patterns

McCall Pattern Company blog: the appeal of vintage patterns

If you follow us on Instagram (and you should because we share lots of cool stuff), you know that we usually post a vintage pattern from our archives each week. Sometimes we’ll tie in a vintage post with what’s happening that week, like Wimbledon, for example. Or, we may just post a vintage pattern because it caught our eye when we were looking through our old catalogs.

Regardless of our motive, each time we post a vintage pattern we always get comments to please, please, PLEASE! reissue that pattern. We haven’t done a discussion topic post in awhile, so today let’s talk about vintage patterns and exactly what it is that makes you go nuts over them.

Here are some questions we have for you about the appeal of vintage patterns:

  • How much does the vintage illustration style have to do with your gut reaction to a vintage pattern? We all swoon over the artwork, but are these designs you’d have the best intentions of sewing? And then actually wearing?

McCall Pattern Company blog: the appeal of vintage patterns

  • Tell us what kind of a vintage pattern lover you are. Do you sew vintage because you’re a retro-style person at heart and this is how you like to dress? Maybe you sew vintage for cosplay or as costume wear? Or, perhaps this is you: You look at vintage patterns and visualize how you can interpret and update them for your contemporary lifestyle.McCall Pattern Company blog: the appeal of vintage patterns
  • Do you think there is one decade with more universal fashion appeal than the others? The 1950s silhouette of fitted bodice and full skirt has long been popular for vintage pattern reissues. Are there other decades—or vintage silhouettes—with as strong appeal as the ’50s look?McCall Pattern Company blog: the appeal of vintage patterns

We’d love to read your comments about this topic, so please feel free to post them here and elaborate as much as you’d like. We really value your input. And if you’d like to see more of our vintage patterns, visit this Pinterest board:


Downloadable Vintage Butterick Patterns Cards for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day from McCall Pattern Company

Happy Mother’s Day! Did you know that for many years our pattern books had a separate tab just for Mother-Daughter patterns? Some of the vintage patterns are so cute that even if dressing alike isn’t your thing, you just might be tempted in this case.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we went to our archive room and found three vintage Mother-Daughter patterns from Butterick in the 1940s and early 1950s that we thought would make cute cards:

Vintage Butterick mother-daughter sewing pattern. Vintage Butterick mother-daughter sewing pattern. Vintage Butterick mother-daughter sewing pattern.

We’ve saved them as high-res, watermark-free images in a card format, and are offering them as a free PDF download for you. Just enter your email address here; you’ll then receive a confirmation message on this page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. Click on the link that says Butterick Vintage Patterns Mother’s Day Cards and it will begin downloading.

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Speaking of mother-daughter patterns, PatternReview just finished up its Mini Me contest and the entries are adorable.

-prminimecontest • Instagram photos and videos

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The Shirtdress Sew-Along is underway! Earlier this week we announced the schedule and created a Facebook group. It’s not too late to join in! Sewing with friends is always a lot more fun, right? Have a great weekend!