Friday Goodies For You: Mother’s Day Vintage Print From Our Archives

Happy Mother's Day from the McCall Pattern Company

Here’s my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day: Sleep as late as I want, and awake to beautiful weather. Get out of bed to find that fairies have come during the night and magically loaded all the dishes left in the sink into the dishwasher and put the pillows back on the sofa just the way I like them. Also discover that I have lost 10 pounds while asleep! Family is up, dressed and cheerful, ready to escort me to brunch at the nice restaurant they so smartly booked weeks ago. Come home, take the dog for a long walk, and then spend the rest of the day sewing to my heart’s content, with occasional interruptions from my husband and kids to tell me how much they adore me.

Um, yeah…. I do know that my family members have remembered this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so they get bonus points just for that. At any rate, we have a Mother’s Day treat for you! We searched through our archives for a mother-and-child illustration and found this beautiful image from the cover of a 1924 Vogue Patterns Book:

Low-res jpg of 1924 Vogue Patterns Book cover illustration. Visit the McCall Pattern blog to download a free 8x10 print of this.

To download a free 8×10 high-resolution print of this image, just enter your email address below. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. No watermark appears on the print. Enjoy!

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In case you missed it, there’s another new video this week in our fashion sewing series with Workroom Social. This one is about quilting to give the fashions you sew that designer touch. I love to quilt and keep meaning to incorporate more of it into the garments I sew. Check it out:

Lots more coming your way: We’ll be doing a coloring book PDF for the new Summer Butterick collection, plus we’ll look at ’70s style—everything old is new again. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Friday Goodies: New McCall’s Coloring Book, Sewing Video & More

McCall Pattern Company blog post 5-1-15Happy Friday and the 1st of May! Because you responded so well to the Vogue Patterns mini “coloring book” we offered recently, we decided to try a McCall’s coloring book. This one features 10 of the most talked-about new patterns from the Summer 2015 collection, plus one girls’ pattern from the Sew Zoey collection.

To download our Summer McCall’s coloring book, just enter your email address below. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. Enjoy!

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New fashion sewing video from McCall’s and Workroom Social: Have you caught our Fashion Sewing & You video series? This third video in the series explores how to use sheer fabrics, like chiffon, to add interest to your sewing patterns. It’s all about being your own fashion designer.

Random stuff for your perusal:


  • Me-Made-May 2015 starts today! Are you participating? This is the annual challenge for us sewers to wear one of our own home-sewn garments every day this month. Read this article in The Guardian last year that explains the concept. (And don’t forget to tag us if you post a #mmmay15 outfit that’s made from one of our patterns.) Today I’m wearing a now-OOP Vogue Patterns jacket I made in a  Carolina Herrera silvery metallic brocade. (If you guessed I have a thing for brocade fabrics you’d be entirely right.)
  •  Nancy Zieman is hosting a sewalong for her new McCall’s pattern M7152. What a great opportunity to sew along with a sewing legend.
  • A newsletter I actually look forward to seeing in my inbox is Abby Glassenberg’s  of While She Naps. Every Wednesday she sends out a “neat newsletter with business and blogging tips, sewing techniques, and a round-up of links worth clicking.” Always interesting and clickable stuff.
  • We just wrapped our 2015 summer collections video! Coming soon…

Happy sewing this weekend! Back next week with more stuff for you.


Free "coloring book" PDF from McCall's featuring 11 new patterns to play fashion designer with.


That Swoon-Worthy McCall’s Gown, New Video, Another Discussion Topic, and More

McCall's Archive Collection 1930s'era gown. M7154

Here’s a Friday roundup of things to know and me asking you a bunch of questions:

1) We released the McCall’s summer collection this week, and not surprisingly, M7154 was the crowd favorite. Isn’t it stunning? It really captures the essence of late 1920s to early 1930s glamour. I’m doing the same thing many of you said you were going to do: Add this to my pattern collection, just to have.

If you are going to sew this pattern, you’ll want to head over to Pinterest where I just added this photo here and a few more detail photos of this gown:

McCall's Archive Collection M7154 vintage gown pattern reissue,

2) Have you seen our new video series? It’s called Fashion Sewing & You, and we partnered with Jennifer Wiese of Workroom Social in Brooklyn to make these videos. In each, Jen takes a McCall’s pattern and shows you how to make stylish, fashion-designer hacks to it. Here’s the latest video in the series, “Sewing With Bias Tape to Create Design Interest”:

3) Do you want a McCall’s coloring book? So you clearly welcomed the “coloring book” we just did for the latest Vogue Patterns collection. Should we do a similar-type PDF for the new McCall’s summer collection? Tell us in the comments if you’d download a McCall’s PDF coloring book too.

4) Do you quilt too? If you follow us on Instagram (and you should if you don’t!) you might know that I’ve recently gotten into quilting. I started taking quilting classes about six months ago when I was in a bad karma rut with all the clothes (i.e., wadders) I was sewing for myself. Having always believed quilting was something I’d take up when I was much older, I was happily surprised to find that I really like it. Designing my own quilt patterns and thinking about color interplay forces the gray matter to think in new ways. Plus, to be a beginner in something is a little bit…exhilarating! (And this all has me considering what it’s like to be a beginner sewer, which explains the recent beginner-oriented posts here.)

Quilt made by Meg Carter of the McCall Pattern Company
My first quilt EVER! Made it about six months ago.

But here’s what I want to know: Can you be a quilter AND a fashion sewer? Or do most people end up taking sides. Do quilters ever dabble in fashion sewing, I wonder, or is the thought of fitting a garment as overwhelming for them as designing a quilt is for me? Leave me a comment here and let me know if you quilt and sew garments, or know any quilters who also make clothes.

I'm so inspired by Jessica's Alabama Chanin version of V9022. Love it!
I’m so inspired by Jessica’s Alabama Chanin version of V9022. Love it!

5) One last thing: Alabama Chanin. I’ve long been an admirer of Natalie Chanin, and she’s a big fan of our patterns. After seeing some really cool Alabama Chanin-style makes in the blogosphere, like Jessica’s dress (right) and Laura Mae’s retro suit, I am itching to make my own AC piece. Maybe something along the lines of this coat, but less labor-intensive. I smell a summer project!

Have a great weekend!