M7547 Sew-Along: Making a Muslin

McCall's M7547 Sew-Along

This week on the sew-along we’re talking about making a muslin of your pants or overalls before you cut into your fashion fabric. Here is our sage advice on this topic:

A muslin is something you never regret making. Not making a muslin is something you often regret.

I made one, as you see here, and while I was happy with most of the fit, the muslin helped me see that I needed to narrow the fit in the thigh area. I altered my pattern tissue to reflect this, and now hopefully I won’t need to fiddle with this area when I make my real pants.

To learn more about making a muslin for this particular pattern, head over to my sew-along co-host’s blog, Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing.

Spotted on Instagram: amandaturner1977’s version of M7547 pants. Love these!

Have you joined our Facebook group for this sew-along? It’s a great place to share your progress and ask questions. We’ll keep it open to new members through the end of May.

Next week in the sew-along: Pockets (steps 1-13)

The Next Sew-Along: ?

sew-along on the McCall Pattern Company blog

We just looked at the calendar and realized it’s time to start thinking about our Fall Sew-Along. What would you like to sew this time? Here’s what we’ve made in the past for our sew-alongs:

  • Spring 2016: shirtdresses
  • Fall 2015: Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat
  • Spring 2015: wrapdresses
  • Fall 2014: Vogue Patterns V1419 Ralph Rucci coat

Typically in the fall we’ve all sewn together a single pattern that offers a few more challenges. For our past spring sew-alongs we’ve chosen to sew a style together—so far wrapdresses and shirtdresses—and participants can use any of our patterns in that style.

But hey, we’re always open to suggestions when it comes to sew-alongs, and there’s no reason why we have to always do things the same way. What would you like to sew for our Fall 2016 Sew-Along? (It’s most likely it won’t actually get underway until late September/early October.) Leave a comment here and let us know!