M7547 Sew-Along: Making a Muslin

McCall's M7547 Sew-Along

This week on the sew-along we’re talking about making a muslin of your pants or overalls before you cut into your fashion fabric. Here is our sage advice on this topic:

A muslin is something you never regret making. Not making a muslin is something you often regret.

I made one, as you see here, and while I was happy with most of the fit, the muslin helped me see that I needed to narrow the fit in the thigh area. I altered my pattern tissue to reflect this, and now hopefully I won’t need to fiddle with this area when I make my real pants.

To learn more about making a muslin for this particular pattern, head over to my sew-along co-host’s blog, Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing.

Spotted on Instagram: amandaturner1977’s version of M7547 pants. Love these!

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Next week in the sew-along: Pockets (steps 1-13)

The Next Sew-Along: ?

sew-along on the McCall Pattern Company blog

We just looked at the calendar and realized it’s time to start thinking about our Fall Sew-Along. What would you like to sew this time? Here’s what we’ve made in the past for our sew-alongs:

  • Spring 2016: shirtdresses
  • Fall 2015: Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat
  • Spring 2015: wrapdresses
  • Fall 2014: Vogue Patterns V1419 Ralph Rucci coat

Typically in the fall we’ve all sewn together a single pattern that offers a few more challenges. For our past spring sew-alongs we’ve chosen to sew a style together—so far wrapdresses and shirtdresses—and participants can use any of our patterns in that style.

But hey, we’re always open to suggestions when it comes to sew-alongs, and there’s no reason why we have to always do things the same way. What would you like to sew for our Fall 2016 Sew-Along? (It’s most likely it won’t actually get underway until late September/early October.) Leave a comment here and let us know!

Inside Look at V1467 Pea Coat for Sew Along

Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat for sew along

Are you joining us for our Fall 2015 Sew Along? We hope so! By popular demand we will be sewing Vogue Patterns V1467 pea coat by Anne Klein. We’ve just created a Pinterest board of photos of this designer jacket. There are close-ups and detail shots—both inside and out—that show the lining, seam finishing and more, all to help us as we sew. Here are some more photos below, but head to the Pinterest board to see them all:

Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat for sew along
Bet you weren’t expecting a half lining in the back, were you? You can make it a full lining if you’d like.
Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat for sew along
Love this little dart in the sleeve cap.

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Fabrics and schedule: We’re working on a sew along schedule and will post it here soon. In the meantime, get your pattern and start thinking about fabrics. (We’ll have a post later specifically about what kind of fabrics work best for this pattern.) The actual Anne Klein jacket is made of a medium-weight wool with a polyester lining. It feels very lightweight, in fact, not heavy as you’d expect a pea coat to be. It’s more of a jacket you can wear in the office or outside in fall, not winter, weather.

Back soon with more on the sew along and other things!