Bomber Jacket Sew-along: Fitting the Raglan Sleeves

McCall Pattern Company blog: Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

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A bomber jacket is not the kind of project that needs a lot of fitting. That’s one of the things we like about them! So if you don’t want to stress about fit this time around, breathe easy. You’ll probably be okay, especially if you like a slightly oversized jacket. But if you want to finesse it a bit more, we’re here for you.

Because of the relaxed overall shape, the main fitting focus for a jacket like this is going to be the shoulders and sleeves. The sleeves, obviously, because you need enough room there for comfort and movement. Getting a good fit in the shoulders will help your jacket to sit nicely and stay put through regular activity, especially if you like to wear your jackets open.

Both of our sew-along jacket patterns have raglan sleeves. If you haven’t tried fitting raglan sleeves before you might be a little bit puzzled, but it’s actually very simple. There are slight differences between the two patterns: M7100 has a dart in the sleeve cap, while B6181 does not. M7100 is also more tapered through the sleeves than B6181, so you may want to choose your pattern accordingly if you’re looking for a sleeker or blousier shape (or simply adjust the pattern to suit your preference.)