If the Women of Younger Were Home Sewers

Who’s excited for the new season of Younger?!?! Did you know that the costume designer for Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada, Patricia Field, is also a costume consultant for Younger? Well, in honor of the new season and the spectacular fashion, I’m going to pretend each character is a home sewer and figure out what patterns they’d sew!

If the Girls on GIRLS Were Home Sewers

Sunday night is definitely the best TV night of the week, especially for strong female characters. We’ve got Downton Abbey (my personal fave), The Good Wife, and, over on HBO, Girls. We thought it would be fun to imagine these TV women as home sewers, and to think about the kinds of patterns they’d choose. Let’s start with Girls, shall we?

Imagining Hannah of Girls as a home sewer. She'd go for McCall's M7098.

Hannah: We envision Hannah as a girl who can’t pass up a playful print. She’d probably only have a handful of patterns in her sewing repertoire, including this new pants pattern from McCall’s, but she’d make them over and over again in quirky prints. Ikats, paisleys, puppies…you bet she’d have a shift dress with typewriters all over it. Spoonflower would consume hours of Hannah’s time.

Marnie home sewer

Marnie: Of the four Girls characters, Marnie is probably the least likely to be a home sewer, or at least a successful one. She’s easily discouraged, for one (see S4, Ep1). But now that she has a new musician boyfriend, we can see her wanting to sew some boho pieces in place of all the Ann Taylor-type dresses she’s worn in previous seasons. Hello, maxi skirts!

Imagining the characters from Girls are home sewers. Jessa would sew this Vogue Patterns dress pattern V1352.

Jessa: We can soooo see Jessa as a home sewer. With her strong sense of style you just know she’d be into making her own clothes. And the flow-ier, the better, like this Vogue Pattern by Rebecca Taylor. Jessa would also be the queen of thrift store refashions. Hmm, imagining Jessa as a McCall’s licensed designer and really liking the idea…

Imagining the characters of Girls as home sewers. Shosh would make this Vogue Pattern dress for her post-college wardrobe.

Shoshanna: Shosh would sew because she likes to have nice clothes at prices she can handle. Now that she’s out in the real world she knows she needs to add some more sophisticated pieces, like this DKNY dress for Vogue Patterns. We can picture her having a group of NYC sewing buddies she shops for fabric with in the Garment District. If she gets back together with Ray she’d make a shirt for him. Maybe a matching one for her.


So that was fun! Maybe we’ll tackle The Good Wife and Downton Abbey next. Leave your thoughts for those characters in the comments section, and weigh in on the Girls girls if you’re a fan of that show.