Discussion Topic: Sewing Videos

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This week’s discussion topic: sewing videos. Do you watch them to learn new techniques or get help with a tricky part? Are you a video learner, gobbling up what you can on YouTube and sewing-related websites? Discuss.

When I started sewing again several years ago I watched videos whenever I was stuck on something. I found them really helpful, in fact. I don’t rely on sewing videos much anymore, but I do watch how-to videos all the time for digital and social media-related things.

Here’s another question about videos: Do you ever pay to watch sewing videos, like those found on Craftsy or Explore sewing classes on Craftsy   make amazing clothesCreativebug? Or do you prefer to stick with sewing videos you find for free on YouTube or elsewhere. You can argue that the production values and content are better in the videos you pay a fee to watch, but maybe all you need is a quick 3-minute technique video. Discuss.

Last question: What kind of videos could we produce that would enhance and benefit your sewing experience? So far we’ve done several pattern collection videos, and have a new one coming soon. We always get requests to create how-to videos for MPC_logo_centered[1] white space 125x125individual patterns, but when you produce as many patterns as we do, it’s hard to choose which pattern(s) to make videos around. Suggestions for McCall Pattern Company videos you’d really want to watch? Discuss.

Speaking of videos, have you seen the new video series McCall’s designer Melissa Watson is doing in conjunction with Fabric Mart? They’re all about fit:

We recently shared this Chanel jacket video on our Facebook page, but if you’re like me you want to watch it again and again:

We look forward to reading your comments about sewing videos. Thanks!

Learning to Fit Patterns the Easy Way

This is how I sometimes feel about the whole subject of fit and the clothes we sew:

Fit. Can't even. The McCall Pattern Company blog

Do you ever feel that way too? We could probably spend loads of time and energy talking about fit and the challenges associated with fitting garments, but I know we all agree achieving a perfect fit is the way to looking good in the clothes we make.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you these three new videos all about fit. In this Learn to Fit video series, Melissa Watson, McCall’s designer and certified sewing instructor, uses the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fit method to teach you how to successfully fit your patterns. I’ve watched these videos and I really like how simple Melissa makes tissue-fitting seem. She’s good! Here’s what others have said about the videos:

“They are brilliant, so useful.” verykerryberry
“These videos have changed everything for me.” littlegreenorchids
“Love these videos, [they’ve] just taken my sewing to another level.” juathompson  [quotes from McCall Pattern Company Instagram]

All three videos are here on the McCall Pattern Company YouTube channel. In this video below, Melissa demonstrates how to fit a dress pattern with princess seams. Watch, and let us know how you like this series. Thanks!


Wrap Dress Sewalong news: My co-host Lucinda just posted about sewing knits. Even if you aren’t participating in the sewalong, you’ll want to read her post. And I just uploaded photos of the inside of a DVF wrap dress to our Flickr group; check here.

I still haven’t cut out my sewalong fashion fabric, so don’t worry if you’re just joining us or haven’t started. My goal is to cut out and sew the dress by the end of the weekend. We’ll see how I do. How about you? How’s your wrap dress coming along?


Learn to fit the clothes you sew with this video series from Melissa Watson and McCall's