Can Beginners Sew Vogue Patterns?

Very Easy Vogue 1970s
Very Easy Vogue jacket patterns from the 1970s.

“Someone told me many years ago that the Vogue patterns are difficult and hard to follow. What is the general opinion on that? I’m still at the [beginner] level but I’ve seen some Vogue patterns I’d like to buy.” —P.B. McCall’s Facebook Group member

Does the thought of sewing a Vogue pattern strike fear into your heart? I remember in college being awestruck by a senior named Melody*, who was able to whip up exquisite and complicated Vogue designer patterns in a weekend for sorority formals. Though I was a decent sewer at that age, I was content to stay in my lane with Butterick and McCall’s patterns. Vogue was too hard!, I believed. 

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McCall Pattern Company Facebook Group

We just launched the McCall Pattern Company Facebook Group, and we’d love for you to join us. This is the place to share and post about your makes with our patterns, and to meet like-minded sewing friends from the United States and the rest of the world. It’s a nice place to hang out!

The impetus for creating this group was seeing the success of the Shirtdress Sew-Along Group on Facebook, which now has over 700 members. We then decided to create this broad group, with the idea that we would have sub-groups for specific things like sew-alongs. For now we are limiting content to current, women’s patterns.

Come join us! McCall Pattern Company Facebook Group If you have suggestions for other ways you’d like to see us use social media to engage with our consumers, please leave a comment here. We’re always eager to talk to home sewers. Thanks!