Closer Look at Vogue Patterns V1671 #YellowDress Challenge

#yellowdresschallenge #V1671 #voguepatterns

Announcing the Fabric Mart and McCall Pattern Company Yellow Dress Challenge. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Fabric Mart to bring you the #yellowdresschallenge 💛 All you have to do is make and share Vogue Patterns V1671 before March 20th. AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YELLOW EITHER!😀 Prizes include $100 worth of fabric from Fabric Mart and $100 worth of patterns from us!

The Royal Wedding Sew-Along Contest: The Winners!

Wow, wow, wow we are blown away by all the amazing entries to this contest. You guys really pulled out all the stops and made some truly beautiful pieces! We had double the judging panel this time, with our coworkers at Simplicity helping us with this extremely difficult choice, so without further ado we present the brand winners and the overall winner!

Announcing: The Royal Wedding Sew-Along Contest!


royal wedding sew-along

You all have been working so hard on your creations for The Royal Wedding Sew Along and we’re so close to the finish line. (Harry and Meghan’s wedding day of May 19th is almost here.) You’ve inspired all of us at Simplicity and McCall’s so much we’ re holding a contest so we can give away some really great prizes. Here’s what you could win!