Royal Wedding Sew-Along: Making A Muslin/Toile

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Hi everyone! This week on the Royal Wedding Sew-along we’re making muslins, or toiles as they’re known in some parts of the world. A muslin is a test garment you make out of inexpensive fabric (or muslin fabric, hence the name). This test garment allows you to check the fit and make any adjustments before you cut into your more expensive fashion fabric. Personally, I’ve never regretted taking a few extra hours to make a muslin. It’s always paid off with a final garment that fits and looks exactly how I wanted it to.

So let’s see what our Royal Wedding Sew-Along bloggers have to say about making muslins: 

Brittany says she rarely makes muslins, but after making one for her Butterick dress and liking the alterations she made because of it, she plans on making more muslins in the future. Read Brittany’s post here.

Brittany made adjustments to her back darts after making a muslin.

Monica learned from her Vogue Patterns muslin that she wants to add some length and use an invisible zipper. We love that she wore a fascinator for her muslin photos! Read Monica’s post here.

Monica used muslin fabric from Jo-Ann’s for her test dress.

Allie tackled the fit and muslin process in two blog posts this week. Her photos documenting the steps she took to get the McCall’s bodice fit just right are really helpful. Read Allie’s posts here

Allie’s final muslin for her bodice.

Lindsey did a video that shows how she determines which pattern size to use and how she got the fit of her New Look bodice just right. Watch her video here.

Lindsey’s video for her New Look dress

Rachel’s post is coming soon!

Have you joined our Royal Wedding Sew-Along Facebook group yet? It’s the best place to meet your fellow sew-alongers and share your progress. We also just started a Royal Wedding Sew-Along Pinterest board; be sure and follow that. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong when you share on social media. Next week we start the construction process. Stay tuned!

Royal Wedding Sew-Along: Inspiration and Fabrics

Royal Wedding Sew-Along
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Welcome to Week 2 of the Royal Wedding Sew-Along. This week it’s all about inspiration and and choosing fabrics for your patterns. Each of our Sew-Along bloggers has written a post for her pattern.

Rachel is all about lace! She wants to learn more about sewing and working with lace, so follow her if you want to journey on the lace path with her. Her sew-along dress is Simplicity 8292.
royal wedding sew-along

Monica is musing about Ankara African Wax Print and whether it’s suitable for a royal wedding. She shares some interesting tidbits about what to wear in Ghana, West Africa, where she’s from. Monica’s sew-along dress is Vogue Patterns V9292.

Vogue Patterns V9292 for the Royal Wedding Sew-Along

Allie J is taking inspiration from the elaborate dresses and fascinators worn to British weddings and incorporating a bit of drama into her dress. Ooh, we love it! Allie is leading the sew-along for McCall’s M7684.

Brittany is using Pinterest to corral her style inspiration and fabric choices for her wrap dress pattern. We recognized Goodbye Valentino wearing Brittany’s sew-along pattern, Butterick B5850.
Butterick B5850

Lindsey posted a video showing her fabric choices for the New Look 6526 dress she’s making for the sew-along. Bold prints and bright florals—why not?!

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Have you joined our Royal Wedding Sew-Along Facebook group yet? It’s the best place to meet your fellow sew-alongers and share your progress. We also just started a Royal Wedding Sew-Along Pinterest board; be sure and follow that. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong when you share on social media. Next week: Making a muslin to assess fit. See you then!

It’s the Royal Wedding Sew-Along!

Royal Wedding Sew-Along
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Announcing the Royal Wedding Sew-Along! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married on May 19th and we’re having a sew-along to celebrate! The sew-along is sponsored by McCall’s and Simplicity, and we’re really excited about it. Here are the details:

What’s the purpose of this sew-along? One, to make outfits of our own choices that we could possibly wear to a wedding or other spring/summer special occasion. Two, to enjoy sewing together as part of a virtual community of sewing besties.

Who is the Royal Wedding Sew-Along Team? This sew-along is brought to you by the social media teams at McCall’s and Simplicity. We’ve also enlisted the help of five of your favorite sewing bloggers: Allie of Allie Jackson, Brittany of Brittany  J Jones, Lindsey of Inside the Hem, Monica of That’s Sew Monica, and Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

What are we sewing? So many options! A) You can sew one of these five patterns (see below). This option is recommended for those who like tutorials and some guidance when they sew. Or, b), if you don’t want to sew any of the patterns below, you can choose any current pattern from these five brands: Butterick, McCall’s, New Look, Simplicity, Vogue Patterns. It just has to be something that you would want to wear to a wedding or a special occasion.

Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Allie is leading the sew-along for McCall’s M7684.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Rachel is leading the sew-along for Simplicity 8292.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Brittany is leading the sew-along for Butterick B5850.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Lindsey is leading the sew-along for New Look 6526.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Monica is leading the sew-along for Vogue V9292.

Do I need to make something that’s suitable for a real royal wedding? Only if you want to! Feel free to make a dress or an outfit that meets your unique wedding guest or special occasion needs. Personally we love British wedding guest style and would love to see more hats and matching coats at the weddings we attend, but you have to be true to your own style. Sew what works for you!

What’s the schedule for this sew-along?Royal Wedding Sew-Along

What if I can’t adhere to this schedule but still want to sew-along? Our sew-alongs are always go-at-your-own pace. We realize that people often have the best of intentions but then life gets in the way. So don’t worry, we’ll leave these blog posts up indefinitely.

Will there be a Royal Wedding Sew-Along contest? Um, YES! And it’s going to be easy to enter and royally fabulous. Great prizes, like a new sewing machine! More details on the contest are coming soon.

Besides following this blog and the Royal Wedding Sew-Along bloggers, how else can I participate? You can join our new Facebook Group that’s dedicated to this sew-along. It will be the best place to share your progress and engage with fellow sew-along members. Also, feel free to use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong and share your progress on your own social media.

Are you with us?! Leave us a comment here. Looking forward to sewing with you all!

3/8: UPDATE: We had to make a last-minute change to our blogger line-up, when Lori had to unfortunately bow out due to a family emergency. But we’re thrilled to have Monica on board with us!