The Iconic Zandra Rhodes Dress

Our summer Vogue pattern collection is now available, and one design we’ve received an exceptional amount of praise for is the Zandra Rhodes dress and sash pattern V1627. Did you know that this pattern is based on an iconic Zandra Rhodes design from the 1970s?

As you can see below, the vivid colors and delicately applied sequin and bead details make this dress especially eye-catching!

British designer and Dame Zandra Rhodes has always been known for her beautifully-painted chiffon dresses. However, it was this 1973 Field of Lilies design (below) that had a real impact on her work and ended up becoming a best-seller. These dresses can be identified by their vibrant colors, deep v-necklines, and hand-painted lily designs found on the fabric. In fact, in conjunction with Zandra’s 50-year anniversary as a designer, she has recently re-issued a number of these garments through a collaboration with Check them out here.

(Image from The Field of Lilies gown marked the first time Zandra incorporated handwriting and calligraphy into her designs.

(Image from Other popular versions of Zandra’s extraordinary Field of Lilies gowns.

Zandra has always been ahead of her time when it comes to design. Therefore, it is no surprise that her work is still relevant today. Back when she was starting out as a textile designer, for instance, manufacturers didn’t know what to do with her fabrics because they were so innovative and unusual. As a result, Zandra realized it wasn’t enough to just create the fabrics, she needed to design the garments as well. Thus, her fashion design career began.

Since her first collection debuted in 1969, Zandra has made significant contributions to the fashion industry. She has won many prestigious fashion awards and has dressed numerous notable politicians and celebrities, some of which include: Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, and Freddie Mercury. In addition, it was announced just this week that she will be teaming up with IKEA to design a line of homeware products. With a career that is still going strong 50 years later, Zandra will forever be an inspiration to so many people in her field!

Dame Zandra Rhodes with Carlos of Vogue Patterns .


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