Holiday Sew-Along featuring Vogue V9351

Hi, everyone! I’m Lindsey, host of the sewing YouTube channel, Inside The Hem, 30-something dog mom, resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, and McCall Pattern Company super fan! I’m so excited to share all my tips for making Vogue Pattern V9351’s jacket and jumpsuit in this Holiday Sew-Along!

Vogue 9351 sewn by Lindsey of Inside The Hem for a Holiday Sew-Along

The Sew-along started with highlighting pattern details and picking fabrics. The jacket features some gorgeous princess seams and an all-in-one collar, which is a bit tricky to sew but produces a really great design detail. The jumpsuit’s star is the dramatic back bodice and high neckline. As far as fabric is concerned, I used a lovely – and perfectly plaid for the holiday’s – poly viscose tartan for the jacket and a stunning crepe backed satin for the jumpsuit. Watch this video to learn more about the pattern details and get suggestions for other fabrics that would look great sewn up into the jacket and jumpsuit.

For week two, I made each garment from muslin to assess fit and make any necessary alterations. Pants are not typically my friend when it comes to fitting so I paid extra attention to them. Watch this video see which areas of the patterns you should analyze to ensure you get the perfect fit on your jacket and jumpsuit. 

For week three, I shared tips for sewing the jumpsuit including how to make darts and pleats, and a close look at constructing the collar. I also covered some tips I have for making the lining to ensure that it never peeks out on the right side of the garment. Watch this video for some help making the jumpsuit.

Week four was dedicated to sewing the jacket.  I shared tips for making perfect princess seams and explained how to sew that tricky all-in-one collar. I also explained how to “bag” the lining (abandoning the patterns instructions to do so! Sorry, Vogue!) to eliminate all of the hand-sewing from the sleeve hem and most of the hand-sewing from the hem! Watch this video for some help making the jacket. 

And, finally, we reached the end of the Sew-along where I shared my completed version of Vogue 9351’s jacket and jumpsuit! Fun behind-the-scenes fact, the location where this video was filmed is in front of Christmas Tree is in the middle of a large traffic circle at a local mall. I just-so-happened to be there right before dinner time and, obviously, during the busiest shopping season of the year, so there were a ton of cars pulling in, stopped in traffic, watching me pose! If you look close you can see the headlights hitting me from time to time. 

I hope you like the finished garments as much as I do! I had a blast for putting these looks together. Be sure to pick up your own Vogue 9351. There are five different garments in one envelope and I know I’ll be making the dress very soon!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Looks great! I started making this a few weeks ago. Hit a few snags. McCalls has corrected instructions (email them!). I also missed the need for shoulder pads and am waiting for my delivery. With the right instructions, it is a quick make and looks great.

  2. I just wanted to say the final product is amazing! Your adjustments for the breast area was perfect. I made many halters and never thought to adjust it like you did… Duh. Great SewaLong.

  3. Just discovered your channel. I love it

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