The Royal Wedding Sew-Along Contest: The Winners!

Wow, wow, wow we are blown away by all the amazing entries to this contest. You guys really pulled out all the stops and made some truly beautiful pieces! We had double the judging panel this time, with our coworkers at Simplicity helping us with this extremely difficult choice, so without further ado we present the brand winners and the overall winner!

Best Simplicity Make

Jay of Life_byjay wowed us in her make of S8298. Her impeccable fit and gorgeous floral print was a favorite of the designers from both McCalls and Simplicity.  Jay receives five patterns of her choice from Simplicity and McCall’s pattern brands (Butterick, Kwik Sew, McCall’s, New Look, Simplicity, Vogue Patterns).

Best McCall’s Make

Faniesha of foalexanderdiy stopped us in our tracks with her make of M7719. This color is so gorgeous on her and construction of this dress got two thumbs up from our technical team! Faniesha also receives five patterns of her choice.

Best New Look Make

Marissa of Sew_help_me really captured the Royal Wedding spirit in this NL6526 make. We loved her bright color choice and matching fascinator! Marissa also receives five patterns of her choice.

Best Vogue Pattern Make

Nadine of Natokay looks so elegant in her make of V1579 and was definitely a fan favorite here at our offices. She nailed this look head to toe and can we all just take a moment to appreciate this color on her! Nadine also receives five patterns of her choice.

Bonus Category: Best Ankara Make

We had so many of you use beautiful Ankara fabrics that we added a category for best Ankara! Ingrid of IamIngridJBoutique won us over with the incredible fabric and awesome make of M7745. She also receives five patterns of her choice.

Best Butterick and Overall Grand Prize Winner

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the best overall winner!

We are so happy to announce Stephanie of SLochet as the grand prize winner of The Royal Wedding Sew-Along Contest! Not only was her combination of B6354 and B5748 our favorite Butterick creation, but our favorite overall. We were especially wowed by the perfect fit and construction of this dress, plus how beautiful is this rose print with great fascinator! Stephanie will receive the Brother SB8000 sewing machine, a $1,579USD value! Congratulations!

Congrats to all our winners and congrats to all who entered. You continue to blow us away with your creativity! Until next time! #royalweddingsewalong

Winners, please send an email with your five pattern choices—sizes included for each pattern—and mailing address to Thanks!

  1. For me the 2 best dressed women amongst the winners were Nadine and Jay. Royal Weddings (I am British) are all about modesty amongst the guests and these two dresses showed that perfectly. Less flesh and more style.

    1. I agree completely….and I’m about as far from British as you can be (I’m from Oklahoma)…but those two makes were SOOOOOO ELEGANT.

    2. I agree. Both of these would be my vote of the above dresses.

  2. All the winners did such a fantastic job!

  3. I agree that Nadine(especially) and Jay were the best. Nadine outfit was spot on for the occasion and contest!! While the winners dress is”cute,” it doesn’t represent the guests at the Royal Wedding and if you’re judging over all construction, take a second look at the hem!

    1. I agree… that hem caught my eye also… so maybe it wasn’t about construction..

      1. 100% agree with you. It wasn’t royal wedding guest attire. And that hem caught my eye because I was trying to figure out what they were judging on, but is definitely wasn’t construction. The dress is nice and congratulations to her. But my opinion which doesn’t count I saw plenty of dresses that were better than the winner.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! I loved this experience. I learned lots and enjoyed all the camaraderie. You all are amazing! Thanks to ask the royalweddingsewalong organizers.

  5. I’m glad I didn’t have to choose, I thought all the dresses were beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the contestants and even just those showing their ‘ineligible’ dresses, so fun to see what other sewers are doing! Congratulations to the winners, great job ladies!

  6. Nadine’s dress was exquisite and perfect for the Royal wedding. Her color selection was so flattering on her. Frankly, I don’t see how she didn’t win. Congratulations to the winners!

    1. I thought she was going to win for sure

  7. Congratulations to all the prize winners.
    Nadine, it was so great getting to know you…..from your sewing sister ( we worked on the same Vogue Pattern) from the U K side of the pond I am thrilled for you.

  8. Congrats to all the winners!

  9. Many Congratulations to all the winners! I am so very pleased and honored to have Stephanie of Lochet as the grand winner! I do not know her personally and do not need to too! Her choice of fabric and pattern choices are perfect! As well as style and coloring. The fit is spot on and the length is as well. She did a wonderful job and the flow is just right. I know it was a tuff decision because all the dresses are nice. But this one is just beautiful. she did an amazing job on the ensemble! Hats on to her! And to all the winners! I am going to make a few of theses for myself!!

  10. I really think Nadine nailed the brief perfectly with her ensemble. Absolutely beautiful, well fitting and good construction. She could have slipped into that royal reception and not looked at all out of place. I’m afraid I couldn’t pass the hem on the winner’s frock.

  11. Although I love the big winners fabric I think its too much. I would not have selected her dress the winner. It looks like a screaming garden. Too much of the same. Haf she made a solid top with a something different but this dress just screams yikes.

  12. I would not have picked the winning garment. I don’t recall seeing any prints at the wedding. It seems the royals either wear solids or fabrics that read solid from a photographic distance. Many wear those brights as well. Congratulations to the winner whose efforts I really appreciate and applaud but IMO, Nadine could have walked into that Cathedral and fit in totally. I believe she truly captured the essence of the day and looks fabulous as well.

    1. There were plenty of prints at the Royal Wedding amongst the guests and indeed the Queen wore a print dress in the Suffragette colours. (We are celebrating 100 years since some women got the right to vote in Britain.)

      Some of prints were a bit fiece in my opinion such in the case of James Blunt’s wife but all solids would have been a bore. The singer Joss Stone wore a High Street dress by Hobbs which was quite appropriate in a light print and Pippa Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister wore a springtime low key print outfit.
      I suspect the Royals co-ordinate their colours to benefit press coverage.

  13. It’s difficult to compare clothing made by most of us who have limited budget and skill, who are amateurs, to attire worn by those who can afford or borrow couture, as the majority invited to the wedding. On careful research one discovers Sofia Wellesley’s Red Valentino, Carrie Mulligan’s Erdem and Edwina Grosvenor’s dresses were constructed of intricately embroidered lacy fabrics. Not many were made with all-over printed fabric where you could to lay out a pattern ‘without nap’ and not have to center or match anything. Some were border print, one way or custom print as Lady Kitty Spencer’s and Pippa’s dresses. Many of their dresses have linings or underlinings.

  14. Nadine looks fantastic and captured the look that Duchess Meghan often wears—the cape/capelet. That seems an intuitive hit! Bravo to Nadine and all the others.

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