It’s the Royal Wedding Sew-Along!

Royal Wedding Sew-Along
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Announcing the Royal Wedding Sew-Along! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married on May 19th and we’re having a sew-along to celebrate! The sew-along is sponsored by McCall’s and Simplicity, and we’re really excited about it. Here are the details:

What’s the purpose of this sew-along? One, to make outfits of our own choices that we could possibly wear to a wedding or other spring/summer special occasion. Two, to enjoy sewing together as part of a virtual community of sewing besties.

Who is the Royal Wedding Sew-Along Team? This sew-along is brought to you by the social media teams at McCall’s and Simplicity. We’ve also enlisted the help of five of your favorite sewing bloggers: Allie of Allie Jackson, Brittany of Brittany  J Jones, Lindsey of Inside the Hem, Monica of That’s Sew Monica, and Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

What are we sewing? So many options! A) You can sew one of these five patterns (see below). This option is recommended for those who like tutorials and some guidance when they sew. Or, b), if you don’t want to sew any of the patterns below, you can choose any current pattern from these five brands: Butterick, McCall’s, New Look, Simplicity, Vogue Patterns. It just has to be something that you would want to wear to a wedding or a special occasion.

Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Allie is leading the sew-along for McCall’s M7684.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Rachel is leading the sew-along for Simplicity 8292.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Brittany is leading the sew-along for Butterick B5850.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Lindsey is leading the sew-along for New Look 6526.
Royal Wedding Sew-Along
Monica is leading the sew-along for Vogue V9292.

Do I need to make something that’s suitable for a real royal wedding? Only if you want to! Feel free to make a dress or an outfit that meets your unique wedding guest or special occasion needs. Personally we love British wedding guest style and would love to see more hats and matching coats at the weddings we attend, but you have to be true to your own style. Sew what works for you!

What’s the schedule for this sew-along?Royal Wedding Sew-Along

What if I can’t adhere to this schedule but still want to sew-along? Our sew-alongs are always go-at-your-own pace. We realize that people often have the best of intentions but then life gets in the way. So don’t worry, we’ll leave these blog posts up indefinitely.

Will there be a Royal Wedding Sew-Along contest? Um, YES! And it’s going to be easy to enter and royally fabulous. Great prizes, like a new sewing machine! More details on the contest are coming soon.

Besides following this blog and the Royal Wedding Sew-Along bloggers, how else can I participate? You can join our new Facebook Group that’s dedicated to this sew-along. It will be the best place to share your progress and engage with fellow sew-along members. Also, feel free to use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong and share your progress on your own social media.

Are you with us?! Leave us a comment here. Looking forward to sewing with you all!

3/8: UPDATE: We had to make a last-minute change to our blogger line-up, when Lori had to unfortunately bow out due to a family emergency. But we’re thrilled to have Monica on board with us!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. OMG! I’m currently making M7684 to wear to a wedding at the end of March. I wish this came along sooner!!!

  2. Sounds fun a nice party dress is also nice to have in the closet

  3. I’m in! Its time for a great floral dress anyways! Now, which one to pick. So many choices…..

  4. There are 3 that im currently trying to decide between! This may be a great franken-pattern opportunity! 🙂

  5. How exciting! I see it’s time to explore fabric options. Let’s get GLAMOROUS! 🙂

  6. Oooh! It’s going to be hard to choose from these 5 patterns. Can’t wait to get started.

  7. Exciting! I will be sewing along for this one

  8. I’m in so excitedly!!!

  9. Do you have to be a blogger to enter?

  10. I have two of these patterns on my “want to buy” list but they’re not out in stores here in Australia yet. Are Australians eligible for the competition part of this event?

  11. I’m in. Another excuse to buy fabric. This will be so much fun.

  12. Can’t wait! I have a college graduate in May and need something special to wear. Maybe if I get started right away I’ll get finished in time. Time to start shopping for Fabric!

  13. I am also from Australia. How can we get these patterns?

    1. Hi Lisa, I live in northern Victoria and often buy patterns directly from BMV (Butterick McCalls Vogue) during their sales. I usually buy 2 or 3 patterns at a time. This way, you pay much less than AU dollars for the patterns and extra for postage (about $15AUD) which is about the cost of one dress pattern; ultimately you’re still ahead!

  14. Mine will have to be a maternity dress but I’m so excited about this! I’ll have to see if you have maternity patterns or figure out which pattern will be easiest to modify for a bump. (I’m new to sewing and have been learning mostly by trial and error).

    1. Pick a design that you like and pursue modifying the design to your pregnancy style. If the fabric is woven – the design must be flowing to accommodate the growing baby bump. Knit fabric should have a 4-way stretch if you want a curvaceous tight fit. Because pregnant women attend weddings, pick a design within the rules of the contest and sew baby sew. One of these designs can be adapted to maternity wear but within the rules of the contest, you can chose one of the permitted brands. Have fun sewing!

  15. I will have to find an event in which to wear what i will make

    1. Debra, this made me laugh out loud…. I live in rural Nevada and it’s pretty rare that a woman would wear a dress out here (so I need to find an event too!) but I’m eager for a new DRESS so this will be fun.

  16. Do any of the selected patterns extend to plus sizes? to size 32w?

    1. Have you looked them up to see?

    2. I’m sure many of them do. I’m no ballerina and I sew for myself all the time. If you join Club BMV you can easily get patterns from all four labels and they are typically offered in multiple sizes, e.g. size 14 to 26, etc.

  17. I have some really pretty fabric just waiting for something special to do with it!

  18. Hi! I said the same thing on Instagram, and I’ll say it again here: I wish your blogger team represented women of a range of sizes. Including a plus size sewist would really make more people, like myself, feel included!

    1. I agree Gillian; and making sure that the patterns chosen have at least one offering in women’s sizes.

    2. Also, I realize that the first pattern comes in some women’s sizing, but I would still need to do quite a bit of alterations even for the largest size.

  19. A Royal Wedding! How exciting!! This will be a good opportunity to sew a special outfit I’ve been wanting to make to attend the ballet in June. My sister & brother IL gave me tickets for my birthday

  20. I love the theme for this sew-along as I am obsessed with this Royal wedding. Although I don’t have a need for a formal dress I think I will make the Simplicity 8292 pattern in a nice floral for summer.

  21. I’m in! I’m already planning a royal wedding-watching party for May 19th and now I’ll have something fabulous to wear!

  22. This sounds pretty fun, and perfect timing, as I need something special to wear for a bridal shower and wedding. I ran out earlier today and bought the Butterick pattern. I requested to join the facebook group, can’t wait to have my request accepted.

  23. What a fun idea. Will have to look at these patterns (and my rather large stash) to find something appropriate. Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. Wao! This is so cool! I am currently making M7684 for a wedding next week but I have everything documented with picts! I am not a blogger, I simply enjoy sewing!

  25. I’m in! Thank you!

  26. I’m in! I hope I have the time to give it the focus it needs…So excited

  27. I may be going to a viewing party with a few friends. Really we are all just so excited and this is perfect I can make something for it. It’s just a lil get together we all want to watch it.. LoL

  28. This Sew-Along is so exciting. I will make my garment in order to wear it when i watch the royal wedding.

  29. I’m so excited about this!!

  30. A friend asked me to make her wedding dress! If these patterns don’t work for her, maybe I will make one for ME to wear to her wedding!

  31. I’m in !!! It’s just what I needed to jumpstart my spring sewing.

  32. I am excited about the sewalong. It will be nice to get back into sewing a dress.

  33. Love love love a challenge!

  34. Hi there
    I am in. I have chosen a Vogue Pattern and being British, as you mention in your write up, I intend to wear the outfit with a hat, gloves etc.
    So excited about this sew along.

  35. Hi again,
    I should have mentioned that Vogue 1579 is my choice, as our daughter who graduated with a Law Degree in the U.K. last year, is currently at RAF Cranwell where the Royals attended for their Officer Training. That is exactly what she is going through right now, and I am making this outfit to attend her Graduation in the summer. This dress by Badgley Mischka is a perfect fit, as the code is that shoulders should be covered at formal RAF occasions. I would love to know what you would choose to accessorize, as the fabric is lightweight wool/silk mix in white grey and black. I have a plain black hat, a grey and cream hat and red. Which would you choose?

    1. Oh my gosh! Vogue 1579 is my choice, too. I am using a polyester crepe with matching lining from Joanne Fabrics, as I live in a warm climate, so this will be very nice for Mothers Day Brunch and for church musician duty.

      I am thrilled the contest has added Monica (not me) as one of the leaders.

  36. Looking forward to a challenge for a special dress.

  37. My Great Niece is getting married the end of this month(March). The event is black tie and being held at an up-scale venue. I’ve just completed my outfit. Your selections don’t come close to what I chose to wear…why didn’t you include something for us 60+ short, fluffy, bricks?

    1. Hi Janice! If you read the blog post you’ll see that you don’t have to make one of these five patterns to enter the contest. Sew what you like!

  38. why not! Time to make something nice.

  39. Great idea. I will use a vintage Vogue Paris Jacques Heim pattern. Probably do it in a silk organza with cabbage roses on it. Instead of a single layer, I doubled it
    basting the roses together so I could cut the pattern.

  40. I’m in, now what? I don’t do Facebook, so how do I participate?

    1. You don’t need to be on Facebook. Follow along here. If you want to enter the contest you need to be able to post a photo and hashtag it. More details about the contest are coming soon.

  41. What a fun idea! I won’t have time to follow along. However, I am in the process of recreating my wedding gown; my husband and I will be renewing our vows in October. I’m turning my gown into a very glamorous suit using bits and pieces from three patterns. McCall’s M7513 and M7071 will become the jacket, and Butterick B5995, slightly lengthened, will be used for the trousers. I’m a little on the fence, may need to use the lapels of the Butterick Jacket . . .

    Happy Sewing!

  42. I’m starting on Vogue 7876 for a funeral in Arlington

  43. This is a wonderful idea and I am excited to not only have a new dress but learn some tips along the way! Woohoo!

  44. Great idea for us beginners, however, I have already prepared the Perry Elis V1521 for my Summer wardrobe, because I live in the Caribbean, so when I am finish with my Carmen’s I will share. Happy sewing Your Royal wedding creations.

  45. Oh my! I will be using NEW LOOK 6526 as the basis to make my wedding gown for my Oct wedding. I’m looking at V9292 with a matching coat….ummmm! What a fabulous reason to go buy more fabrics!

  46. The timing is perfect as I want to make my Mother of the Groom dress for my son’s May 27th celebration. Can I participate if I modify any of those patterns for the dress? Thanks, Kathy

  47. Perfect timing! I’ve just started a pair of dresses (Butterick B4967) for my almost 2-yrs-old twin grand-daughters to wear to a family wedding we’ll be attending in early May. Since we live a good distance from them, I’ve gotten their measurements & am desperately hoping they don’t hit a growth spurt, so I’m using 3/8″ seam allowances instead of the usual 5/8″. The other way we’re “personalizing” them is to make them Tea-length (don’t want 2-yr olds tripping down the aisle!).

    1. Forgot to mention . . . we are flying out on April 26th & pray the dresses fit the girls!! I’ve chosen white Bridal Satin for the dresses, poly-cotton lining (as the wedding is in Jamaica) & Georgette for the ruffles, which I plan to double instead of doing a rolled hem. Mom’s choosing their cumberbund-sashes. They’re also supposed to be in another wedding in June.
      Wish me Luck! And Good luck to all the other participants, too!!

  48. I am in, I’m doing the new look 6526 I’m really excited.

  49. Hi! My daughter(13) and I would like to RSVP if it is not too late. We just got the email today. We will be sewing each of us Simplicity 8292 but can not get to a fabric store until next Thursday as we live in the northern woods by the BWCA in Minnesota, USA. I hope that will be okay. Also, for those of us who like hats-is there somebody who has patterns for British hats? We LOVE hats.

    1. @Theresa and Bethany – Vogue 7325 and Vogue 7364, as well as eVintage Patterns (Downton Abbey 1920’s) are all great patterns for hats. I am a hat lover too. Personally, I would go with the Vogue patterns, they are very versatile and you will find that you use them over and over.

    2. Great! Yes, don’t worry about deadlines, you’ve got plenty to time. And yes, we will be posting a tutorial on how to make a fascinator.

  50. I am new to sewing, can I still join?

    1. Absolutely! Beginners are welcome.

  51. I would live to join in the sew along since I have 2 of the patterns already. I will use Simplicity 8292 for this sew along if I’m not too late.

  52. I will participate!

  53. How awesome! Looking forward to learning useful tips along the way! x

  54. Just received email, Oh how fun!! I am in, but I am having a hard time deciding which pattern.

  55. Couunt me in.. I am so excited about this.

  56. Am looking forward to finally sewing something for myself instead of someone else’s kid!! Can’t wait to find a yummy pattern to make up for a change!!!!! Sounds like this will be fun!! I’m already hostessing the “Royal Wedding Watch Party” at the assisted living facility where I live – complete with freshly baked scones and lots of choices of tea for the wedding watchers!!!

  57. Sounds nice. Would love to take part. Love to make something for myself.

  58. Sounds Great! I have a heavy work schedule and would like to do this. How can I sew along at my own pace? I can’t choose which style I like best

    1. Just sew your outfit at the schedule that works best for you. We will leave all the posts up indefinitely so you can refer back to them at your leisure.

  59. I’m excited to be joining and plan to sew the New Look dress option!

  60. Great idea! Should be fun.

  61. This sounds like fun. Now to choose which pattern to use.

  62. I guess this will be part of my first’s! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  63. I am interested in participating, but I do not do Facebook. Will that be a requirement to enter the competition?

    1. Hi Bev! No, you do not need to be on Facebook to enter the competiion, but you do need to be able to post your photo on social media and then tag it. More details about the contest are coming soon.

      1. Will you offer a pattern for an easy-to-create “fascinator” as well?

        1. Yes! We will be doing a tutorial on how to sew a fascinator soon.

          1. THAT’S SO COOL! I may host my own viewing party in that case!

  64. I will be making Vogue pattern V1422. My son is getting married in May so this is for a wedding!

  65. I want to join – but how do I rrsp to your blog

    1. Hi Kathleen! You don’t need to RSVP! Just follow along with us here and on the Facebook Group if you like.

  66. Great sew-a-long. I’m sure I can squeeze an extra project into my make nine challenge!

  67. I’m so in! Have my fabric all picked out for a vintage vibe!

  68. So how do I sign up? Where do we post our pictures?

    1. Hi Gina! There is no sign-p for this, you just follow along at your own pace. You can post your photos on the Facebook group (link in blog post), or you can post on your own social media and use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong.

  69. I’m sure many of them do. I’m no ballerina and I sew for myself all the time. If you join Club BMV you can easily get patterns from all four labels and they are typically offered in multiple sizes, e.g. size 14 to 26, etc.

  70. I’m in! It’s a good excuse to make a fancy dress for myself – which I never do!

  71. I’ll give it a try!

  72. […] is organizing a Royal Wedding Sewalong with lots of bloggers leading the way in dressmaking sewalongs on their […]

  73. Does Burda count as a Simplicity pattern? I am looking for plus-sizing.

  74. Does Burda count as a Simplicity pattern? I am looking for plus-sizing.

  75. Meg, I keep checking back, thinking “okay, they’re going to post some tips about making a muslin” but if you have done so — maybe I missed it? I see we’re supposed to be on construction this week but I haven’t done a muslin yet. Is content from you coming, or should we just be forging ahead on our own? Thanks!

  76. I’m here and late to the party! It sounds like just the inspiration I need to make something new. Time to start the hunt for a pattern and fabric! There just may be the right thing in my stash!

  77. Where can I find the contest rules?

  78. I am not a Facebook member and do not plan on joining. How can I enter the contest on the same footing as others, without using Facebook?

  79. Joining a little late but giving it a whirl!

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