Congrats to Annie, Winner of Our Kids Sewing Contest

winner of McCall's Kids Can Sew Too contest

Congratulations to Annie of California! She is the winner of the Kids Can Learn to Sew Contest, sponsored by McCall’s and PatternReview. We received a record amount of entries, and we loved every one. In the end, it was Annie’s special combination of enthusiasm and seriousness that made the judges agree she was the clear winner. See for yourself by watching her in the video below!

As winner, Annie gets a brand-new sewing machine from Janome, a $50 gift certificate from FabricMart, a $25 gift certificate from PatternReview, and five new patterns from us. Score!

Thank you to all the kids and their parents who entered this contest. We are so encouraged to see kids taking up sewing, and we want to help foster this love of sewing in any way we can. So, look for more kids sewing contests in the future!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Congratulations – you did a great job!!! I hope you will continue loving to sew for many years.

    1. I’m a friend of Annie’s parents (they haven’t learned to sew) and this contest was her second time sewing with me. We had a super time, and I hope it encourages more people to look around them for kids who would love to learn to sew. I saw a lot of the videos on Instagram and Facebook, and there were so many good entries, and so many kids having a great time learning to sew–and sewing so much better than I recall doing at their ages.

  2. Congratulations, lovely dress!

  3. This is an awesome way to encourage other children and adults! Congratulations youngin…you ROCK!

  4. congrats to Annie, what an accomplishment

  5. Annie , you have done a wonderful job on you dress. You are a inrpiration to young girls/boys want to learn to sew.

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