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8/4/17 Update: We are in the process of notifying our winners now. We will update this blog post with their names next week. Sorry for the delay, but there were so many great entries that it took us extra time to go through them all!


Remember when you were a kid—and either through school, your mom, camp, Girl Scouts, or just being bored—you tried a new craft or hobby. A lot of those youthful projects went by the wayside (stamp collecting? Snore.), but maybe one or two hobbies became imprinted on your brain and stuck with you—like sewing.

Many of us at McCall’s began sewing when we were kids, and we’d love to see today’s kids also develop a lifelong passion for sewing. To that end, we recently created this video to reach tweens:

And today we’re announcing the #KidsCanLearn2Sew contest, sponsored by McCall’s and PatternReview. The winner gets a brand-new sewing machine from Janome, a $50 gift certificate from FabricMart, a $25 gift certificate from PatternReview, and five new patterns from us. The purpose of this contest is to:

  • Encourage kids to try sewing
  • Encourage parents, grandparents, friends and family to pass their love of sewing on to the next generations

Here’s how kids can enter the contest:

  • Watch the Learn with Lizzie video above
  • Must be between the ages of 7 and 14. Contest is void outside of the U.S.
  • Select a pattern from McCall’s Learn to Sew for Fun collection. Note: If you’d prefer to use one of our beginner-friendly patterns that is not part of the Learn to Sew collection, please send us an email (social@mccallpatterncompany.com) to request permission to use a different pattern. May be from Butterick or Kwik Sew in this case.
  • Choose any fabric available by the yard or from a stash (but cannot be from an existing garment that is cut apart and repurposed)
  • Film a video, no longer than 60 seconds total, that shows
    • uncut fabric and pattern
    • contestant making garment (not every step needs to be filmed; just enough so we see contestant actually sewing and/or cutting out the garment)
    • contestant modeling finished garment
  • Parent, grandparent, relative, friend or legal guardian posts video to her/his social media and tags it with #kidscanlearn2sew. Example: Can upload complete video to Instagram, or can upload segments of video individually to Instagram. Can post video to McCall’s Facebook page or Facebook group. Or can upload video to a personal YouTube channel.
  • Child’s parent or legal guardian must also send an email to social@mccallpatterncompany.com advising that video has been uploaded (include link to social media account) and that minor has parental/legal guardian consent to have her/his likeness shown on McCall’s and PatternReview’s social media, including YouTube. Entries without parental or legal guardian consent will not be eligible. Child’s full name and hometown will not be published.

Presence of an adult in the video is acceptable, as long as the child is the one doing most of the work. It can be a team effort between adult and child, but the judges should be convinced that the child is actually learning to sew as part of this project.

Judging: Enthusiasm counts more than professionalism of video or complexity of finished garment. We want to feel like hooray!, another sewer/sewist has joined the crowd when we watch the video entries.

Timing: Videos must be posted by July 31, 2017, and all accompanying emails must be received by July 31, 2017. A winner will be announced by August 4, 2017, on this blog.

Prizes: One winner will receive:

  • Janome MOD-30 sewing machine (MSRP $499), featuring “cutting-edge technology to make your sewing much easier.”
  • $50 gift certificate to FabricMart, your online store for beautiful closeout fashion fabrics.
  • $25 gift certificate from PatternReview, the online sewing community with over 400,000 members worldwide
  • Choice of five current patterns from McCall’s, Butterick, Kwik Sew and Vogue Patterns

Note: Additional prizes may be awarded based on number of entries and judges’ discretion.

We are super excited to see your videos! Hope you enjoy this latest contest from us, and get sewing!

  1. I started a small sewing “school” out of my basement for kids and teens this past March. My classes max out at 4 (but sometimes have kids who never leave so they stay on for the next class) and Friday is my full day where I have kids come from 10a-6:30p. Most are homeschooled kids aged 6-12. Now in the summer I have been running 4-day camps M-TH and there is not one kid who leaves without a huge smile of accomplishment. We are not an arts and crafts or quilting sewing school. Its all about clothing and learning to read patterns, cutting, pressing, constructing, sewing. Like I mentioned before, most don’t want to leave and get kind of upset when mom or dad come through the door to pick them up. It is so great that you are doing this contest. I emailed this link to all my sewing student families and offered to help work on this as soon as possible…Friday to begin. And just in time since I just received some learn-to-sew sewing patterns!

  2. These patterns are very girl-heavy. I see one pattern for boys clothes, and maybe 2 items that could be gender-neutral. This is disappointing to me, since I have a boy who occasionally enjoys sewing with me. #boyscansewtoo

    1. Hi Mel! Is there another pattern your son would like to use? It can be from McCalls. Butterick or Kwik Sew, as long as it’s a current pattern and still available from our websites. Yes, #boyscansewtoo !

  3. My mom told me about this contest and I started with my girls while waiting to be accepted into the group. but I took pictures instead of video can I still enter them in the contest

  4. My daughters are just on pins and needles today hoping they won a sewing machine. We keep checking back to see who won!

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