McCall’s #M7542 Top Pattern Sewing Contest

McCall's #M7542 top sewing contest

Announcing the #M7542 Top Pattern Contest!

Have you seen all the fantastic makes of McCall’s M7542 top pattern? It seems like every day someone is posting her cute new version. We’re so inspired by your makes that we’re holding an M7542 contest! You could win:

  • a $100 gift certificate to Vogue Fabrics, plus a 1-year subscription to their fabric catalog
  • $100 worth of patterns from us (your choice from current patterns)

And it’s so easy to enter. All you have to do is:

  1. Make this top pattern. If you’ve already made this pattern you can still enter it in the contest.
  2. Post your make on social media (Instagram [preferred], Facebook and the MPC Facebook Group, Pinterest, Twitter) any time between now and May 7th.
  3. Tag it #M7542. If you’ve already made this top and posted it, you can update your post with the hashtag.

McCall's M7542 top patternOur panel of judges will choose their favorite make from the submissions. What makes a pattern a favorite? This will be a tough call, as we’ve been loving all your versions. But things we’ll be looking at include use of fabric and print, and how the pattern looks on you. Maybe you’ve interpreted the pattern in a new way. The winning interpretation will be one that delights and appeals to us.

Pattern tweaking is allowed, as long as the judges feel the basic overall design of this pattern is still recognizable. For example, if you used the pleated ruffle from View C but placed it on a top with a different bodice, that would be viewed as too much of a variation on the design. But if you altered the neckline of M7542, that would be ok.

And, you may enter multiple makes of this pattern, not just one!

Tip: Taking a good photograph—preferably one that’s shot outside in natural light—will show your creation off the best.

The winner will be announced on Facebook Live and Instagram Live during the week of May 8th, and we’ll also update this post with the winner’s name.

See, isn’t this an easy contest to enter?! We can’t wait to see your submissions!

two versions of M7542 top pattern
Two fabulous versions of #M7542 spotted on social media. We’ll be entering them into the contest!
  1. I’m in! I have this pattern already and love it.

  2. I was looking for inspiration to go ahead and make this, since I already bought the pattern. I have it now!

  3. So fun! Have made some other variations but will have to make this one now!!! Game On!

  4. This pattern is on my SEW now list so I guess I can rock it out see what happens. LOL

  5. I am in and excited to share my version of this awesome pattern 🙂

  6. I’m actually in the process of making the tulip sleeved version right now.

  7. Thanks for the feature and entering me! Going to have to wrack my brains to see if I can top my first one!

  8. I know Ican buy it online but then I’d have to wait for it to arrive before I could start… next time can you use a pattern that is already available worldwide?

  9. Yeeess!! I was waiting for a contest! So challenging ! I can’t wait!

  10. I’m in Australia so can’t get this pattern yet. Such a pity as I absolutely love it

    1. Hi Michelle.
      I was in spotlight today and found it in the brand new pile. Hopefully you have a spotlight near you or maybe have another look. Good luck

  11. So you can’t alter the bodice at all? For instance darts, taking it in at the waist?

    1. Those kind of tweaks sound like they’d be ok.

  12. Oooooo! Gonna have to give this a go!

  13. Have this pattern …I will try to make one of these top..

  14. Is this open to the USA only or can applicants from other countries enter?

    1. Anyone can enter

  15. I’m waiting to receive the pattern direct from Mccalls. I live in Australia, so not sure if I’ll get it in time and have a make ready! Excellent competition

  16. Great I just got this pattern recently and now moving it to the top of my sewing list!

  17. Love it!! I’m in. Can’t wait to sew it.

  18. Just ordered the fabric for my granddaughters top and will pick up pattern Tuesday while in town! So excited to sew this up!

  19. I’m having a vision. If it doesn’t turn out to be a wadder I’ll enter it!

  20. Hey Aussies
    I was in Spotlight today and found the pattern.
    Have another look as it was in a pile of what looked like brand new patterns.
    Have another look and good luck.
    Aussie aussie aussie

  21. What about using a different type of fabric than those recommended? For instance, a georgette or polyester or even a jersey fabric. Would this be considered too much of an alteration?

    1. I was wondering the same thing.

    2. No, not at all!

  22. I entered, made View B and E

  23. Ha, this pattern is nowhere to be found in Aussie! Spotlight is so behind in getting the latest patterns to our sewing community.

  24. This sounds like fun! I’ve purchased the pattern and made the “mock-up” in muslin this morning.
    The neckline is a little snug, so I am going to alter it.

  25. Do you have to wear it or can you have it on a dress form for the final picture?

  26. Does this close tonight or can I still enter tomorrow?

  27. I am in! I just posted my photo entry onto the Fan Gallery in Pinterest.

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