Announcing the 2017 Spring Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Spring 2017 Sew-Along

It’s sew-along time! Each spring for our sew-alongs we choose a pattern or style that’s a little more beginner-friendly, preferring to tackle the harder stuff in the fall. The past two springs we’ve done dresses—a wrap dress and a shirtdress. It’s about time we thought about sewing pants, right?! Joining us on this sew-along as co-host is the fabulous Amanda of Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing.

M7547_aThe main pattern we chose for this sew-along is McCall’s M7547. We like that it has four view options: overalls, short overalls, flare pants, and slim pants. You can choose to sew any of these. The pants:

  • have a side zipper (the “fly” you see in the illustrations is just decorative stitching)
  • are fitted through the hips and upper thigh
  • have a slim leg in View B
  • have a flare leg in View A
  • are high-waisted with the waistband sitting at the true waist

This is a really great pattern for those of you who are new to sewing, or who want to try pants for the first time or again. High-waisted pants are really on trend right now, and next week we’ll be sharing lots of style inspiration and fabric ideas. Plus, making a side-zip pant is an easy gateway to sewing zip-front pants, and you can apply this same knowledge to future side-zip skirts you might make.

Sew-Along schedule for blog posts:

Week of 3/3:  Announce sew-along

Week of 3/10:  Style inspiration; suitable fabrics

Week of 3/17: Making a muslin to assess fit

Week of 3/24: Pockets (steps 1-13)

Week of 3/31: Seams and zipper (steps 14-24)

Week of 4/7: Waistband and overalls bib (steps 29-61)

Week of 4/14:  Finishing (steps 62-66)

Week of 4/21: Big reveal

Our sew-alongs are always go-at-your-own pace. Some of you will finish way ahead of this schedule, and some of won’t finish for months. No worries! Whatever works for your schedule. We will leave the sew-along blog posts up indefinitely. We’ll also create a sew-along Facebook group where we can share our progress with each other (coming soon).

Personally, I’m really excited about this sew-along. I’m desperate for new pants that aren’t black trousers. Amanda is going to make View D, the overalls, and I’m going to make View A, but more of a cropped flare, kind of like these pants:

Giambattista Valli pants, available at Net-a-Porter
Giambattista Valli pants, available at Net-a-Porter

We really hope you’ll be joining us for this sew-along! You don’t need to sign up anywhere or make any kind of public pledge: just sew along at home and join the Facebook group, if you’d like. It’s a very chill kind of thing!


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  1. hello..The pattern is alternated for my size..will be cut off tonight..
    This pattern is so great..Thanks for this page..

  2. Omg, I love your idea of a cropped flare. I was leaving towards view B, but may have to copy you.

  3. Oh yay! I have this pattern and just needed motivation to sew it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  4. I’ll be definitely participating in this one! Already have the pattern!Can’t wait to get started!

  5. It may take me months, but I would love to have a proper fitting pair of pants. I’m reentering sewing, hence the months!

  6. Thanks for presenting a pants sew-along, and yay! for the high-waisted pattern. We women “of a certain age” don’t always have the trim figure the lower-waisted pants demand. Who knew we were suddenly fashionable by wearing a more comfortable fitting pant?! Love the look of that cropped flare!

  7. I’m especially looking forward to the muslin making stage. I’m getting back to sewing for myself after many years and it is not as easy to get a good fit as it once was.

  8. Wonderful! I fell in love with the pattern and wanted to do the pants and overalls. I will be following the sew along with great pleasure! And thank you for making a pattern with a high waist.

  9. Hi I just ordered this , I had a pair of shortalls that I wore until they were threadbare. I want another pair this pattern looks perfect. Question on a review of this two issues were stated by the reviewer 1- there is not enough seam allowance to apply the zipper next to the pocket and 2- there was no seam allowance added to the back bib. Can you please speak to that. I am 50 and was a bit concerned I am to old for overalls that is until I saw a woman older than me wearing tight jeans and a cold shoulder top. I told her she looked great and it encouraged me to wear what I want to wear. She was extra encouraging and said she had those same thoughts but felt great in her outfit. I have never done a sew along this should be fun. I am going to wear what I want

    1. Hi! Amanda and I are making muslins first. If we find that there are indeed errors we will alert you and provide suggestions as to how to address them.

  10. This is so exciting. This is the first pattern I have bought this year and am so excited that you chose this for your sew a long.

  11. I just ordered the pattern and am excited to make pants!! Great choice! I want to make view B in green, just like the illustration…

  12. I love your head to toe inspirational look! I will be following along with that as I have been looking for the perfect cropped flared leg pants! Excited for this sew-a-long!

  13. I saw the bibs on the pattern envelope and immediately passed on this pattern, not even noticing the high waist pants option. I’m in! I love the inspiration photo you posted and plan on joining the sew-a-long.

  14. Looking forward to making the pants in olive stretch denim. I may try the overalls for my daughter

  15. I would like to enquire if this pattern is available to purchase in Australia yet. This is defiantly a sew a long i wish to be involved in but its pointless if I can’t get the pattern in store in Australia. I know I could order online but it can take over a month to receive and the shipping is astronomical if there is not discount on patterns

    1. Hi Amy. I’m not 100% sure, but this pattern could be there in Australian stores by now.

  16. So sew-alongs include video?

    1. Possibly! But most content for the sew-along will be housed here.

  17. I bought the pattern and am in! I want it make the straight leg pants. It will be my first time making pants, so I’m looking forward to learning. Thank you!

  18. I’m 64 and have been pining for pants up on my waist again. I’m sick of muffin tops and constantly pulling up my pants. The low waist look never worked for me especially since I have a sway back and could never fit them to me. Now come up with a pattern for high waist jeans and I’ll be in pants heaven.

  19. Hi I bought this pattern before I knew about a sew-a-long! I am a seasoned sewist and love having the company of others and their comments. I have already cut out for the overalls and can’t wait to finish them.
    I’m not sure how to be a part of the sew-a-long.
    Happy to see everyone’s final product!

  20. It’s a wonderful idea
    I lo e sewing

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