Finished: Butterick B6421 Brocade Jacket

Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company
Etro coats. Coats 1,3 and 5 are from; coats 2 and 4 are from Etro.

One of my favorite designers is the Italian brand Etro, which is known for its coats and jackets in beautiful brocade and jacquard prints. There are some consignment shops on the Upper East Side that I haunt regularly looking for an Etro score. In the meantime, I made an Etro tribute coat!

My sewing journey started with two brocades in my stash. One was a black brocade with gold metallic polka dots; the other was a black mini-floral brocade. They are so perfect together: Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company

I chose  Butterick B6421 for this Etro-like coat I had in mind. I had completely overlooked this pattern, but once you look at the line drawing you can see it’s the way to go if you want to combine two different fabrics:
Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company

This jacket went together quickly. The only alterations I made were to narrow the A-line shape a bit at the lower side seams, and to lengthen the bottom panel so I could wear this more as a coat. (I’m also 5’8″ so I tend to have to lengthen patterns.)

Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company

For an Etro-like touch, I stitched some grosgrain ribbon atop the horizontal seams.
Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company

The inside is lined with China silk. I edged the facing with black satin piping I made.
Butterick B6421 brocade jacket as made by Meg Carter of McCall Pattern Company

I’m really pleased with my Etro coat. I like the fact that I can wear it fall through spring, and that you can dress it up or down. This is a great pattern for using up small pieces of fabric in your stash. You could even try mixing up to four different fabrics—just make sure they’re all of similar weight.

Next up: Honestly, I don’t know what I want to make next. January and February are months where I’m never sure if I want to stick with sewing for winter, or just give up and move on to spring sewing. What are you working on?

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  1. I love it! Makes me want to start garment sewing again.

  2. Love your coat- very Etro!

  3. I too overlooked this pattern because I thought it might be too boxy for my 5’3″ frame. When I saw your fabric pairings it made me think of a beautiful reversible matalesse fabric in my stash! Your “Etro” version is perfect and inspiring. Beautifully done!

  4. this is perfect! I have been looking for a pattern for a fancy coat.

  5. Love your coat, the fabrics are so beautiful together. I just keep sewing winter until March or April, too many things I want to make.

  6. Love it. Brocade is great for jackets!

  7. Beautiful coat! I love the seams and the way you can mix your fabrics in this pattern. Your are lovely. I’m 5′ 8″ too – it’s so nice to see a garment on someone my height!

  8. Turned out beautifully! The fabrics work so well together!

    I’m in the midst of knitting, and probably won’t get back to any sewing for a couple of months. Slated for sewing time are a lightweight denim dress, a double gauze tunic, and something in linen…although, what that will be, I do not yet know!

  9. Meg, this is fantastic! The fabrics coordinate so well together, and your sewing is impeccable. I, too, am stuck in that “do I sew winter or spring” funk at the moment. Considering I live in Texas and our high is 78 degrees today, I think I’m going to dive right into spring and summer sewing. There’s too many things on my wish list to wait much longer! 🙂

  10. Well down here in the southern hemisphere I’m wrangling 37-40C and cannot imagine making a coat till it cools a little. But I think this pattern is soooooo ‘designer’, it caught my eye the other day. Meg yours is truly inspirational – thank you for sharing. One thing, I note from the envelope there are pockets, are they side entry? Are they easy to plunge your hands into?

    1. Hi Lesley! Yes, there are side-seam pockets. Pockets are a must-have in my book!

  11. Beautiful coat, Meg! Most definitely Etro inspired!

  12. I love te way the fabrics worked together in this pattern. This is another example of a pattern I completely over looked, don’t even remember seeing it in the book. I’m sewing spring/summer this week and next for a girlfriend trip to Phoenix at the end of the month then back to winter sewing for awhile. So many on my wish list it’s hard to plan ahead, I make whatever strikes me the day I start a new project.

  13. Beautiful coat! I agree that i wouldn’t naturally purchase that pattern but it did come out beautifully.
    I may try it,

  14. To be honest I liked your coats better than the designer ones. Thanks for your inspiration.

  15. Love your coat. I also love that the pattern has the custom cup sizing. It’s been added to my list to buy.

  16. Gosh, that is a lovely coat! Those fabrics look magnificent. I’d overlooked this pattern too but I’m now looking at it with fresh eyes.

  17. Really beautiful work, the fabric pairings are spot on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. hi, i have question: how this site delivery works. on what the site send the pattern? can I pay and get the pattern as PDF

    1. Hi! It’s not available as a PDF but you can buy it here:

  19. This coat is sharp and lovely! The black and grey combo give a professional look 🙂
    Beautiful work.

  20. Meg, why did you use grosgrain ribbon on the horizontal seams and black satin piping to edge the facing? Any particular reason. I love to know why sewers make certain decisions. Butterick should use your picture on the pattern envelope instead of the one they used. It would have brought more attention to the pattern. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have designers you can turn to. I love the things that Carlos does and it’s obvious that you really love your job.

    1. Hi Bonnie! The grosgrain ribbon on the outside was a conscious choice—that was the look I was going for. The satin piping at the inside was more a matter of hmm, what do I have in my stash that I could make a bias piping with. My stash dictates a lot of my choices. 😉

  21. This is GORGEOUS!! Nicely done!

  22. Lovely, Meg, just lovely! Is the coat fitted at the bust line? Seeing yours it seems as though it is, I so inspired to sew it!

    1. Thank you! Yes, there is a bust dart. It does have a loose shape though.

  23. Love your interpretation of an Etro coat. Beautifully done, Meg. As far as winter sewing, after my current project, a fur backpack, it will on to linen and lightness. It’s the only way I can get through our Februaries.

  24. Creative and beautifully constructed. An inspirational garment. I am do gong to make this coat this year!

  25. Omg – I just love this! What a perfect combo of gorgeous fabrics, and so beautifully sewn!!

  26. This is really inspirational. This pattern is going on my wish list. I just pick up a panel of Armani silk suiting that woul look amazing in this style. Just need to find something that goes with it.

  27. Love Etro and love your coat!

  28. Great looking coat! Fabric combinations are perfect IMHO!

  29. Just gorgeous. I love the lines of this jacket. I too am 5’8″ and seeing this pattern on someone my height is helpful.

  30. Meg, lovely! Where it in good health. I am curious about the slacks you have on. Who makes them?

    1. Thanks, Anita! My pants are J Brand, Maria flares.

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