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Happy holidays! We’re celebrating the season with a giveaway: 10 patterns of your choice! You can mix and match from any of our current Butterick, McCall’s, Kwik Sew and Vogue® Patterns. Just enter below. A random winner will be selected during the week of January 2, 2017 and will be announced on this post. Good luck!

1/4/17: Congratulations to Ashley K from Boston! She was randomly chosen in our giveaway and is now busy selecting her 10 patterns.

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page from a 1950s McCall's catalog
A page from a 1950s McCall’s catalog.
  1. Yay! I would love to win. I’m @robertswife_collection on IG as well. Thanks for this contest!!

  2. Thank you for this awesome contest!

  3. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  4. I’d love to win! My favorite pattern is M6696 – I’ve used it 8 times already 🙂

    1. That’s my favorite too!

  5. I have several favorites but I really love… M7244, a Tracy Reese designer pattern.

  6. It would be difficult for me to pick just one favorite, but I really love the new Early Spring collection!

  7. What a fantastic giveaway!!

    1. And I have just bought M7508 and M7509, so I think M7542 may be my next favorite!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. This would be a nice gift for ME! 😀

  10. I love your company but resent that participation in this giveaway requires you to go to and sign in to facebook. You are losing business from those of us who want nothing to do with Facebook. A very bad business/marketing plan!!

    1. I so agree with you! I’m also not on nor like FB is there a way to enter otherwise?

      1. I didn’t go in through Facebook, but I am signed up on the McCalls website. I just used my name and email address to enter.

        1. Thanks I tried that also… but it’s not going through… oh well.

  11. M6694 is one of my favorite skirt patterns

  12. I need the new David Tutera M7540 in my life!!!! As someone who lives where is near impossible to buy patterns I sure hope I win.

  13. M5927 is my absolute favorite pattern!! I have made it 6 times. Please bring it back as it is a classy and modern silhouette!!

  14. Love 7061 for pj’s – it’s a great pattern!

  15. Would LOVE to win!!!

  16. Great giveaway! My favorite pattern is KwikSew 3658 – I have made it so many times as a dress and a top.

  17. I haven’t sewn real clothes for such a long time that I can’t honestly answer. But let me say, your FB page is the best ever! Commercial anyway. Can’t beat my grands….

  18. I really need to win this..I’ve only purchased twenty patterns this year, I’m way behind ;)!

  19. Thanks for the giveaway. I can’t wait to get my hands on those early spring patterns for 20q7!

  20. I love McCall’s and Vogue patterns and would like to try KwikSew. I just saw some of the early Spring patterns and need a few.

  21. I would love to enter the giveaway but I’m not on Facebook either — can I enter by leaving a comment? I hope so!

  22. M7469 is my favorite at the moment and I am working now at B6423 and I love it !

  23. I love the Tilton sister patterns!

  24. Awesome contest – would be great to get my hands on some new patterns!

  25. I purchased a couple Yaya Han costume patterns and I can’t wait to get started on them. But with new patterns coming out every season, there are always more I want.

  26. what a wonderful giveaway! I dont have a current favorite pattern but I’m currently working on Butterick 5603, a retro cocktail dress!

  27. I’m still fairly new to garment sewing so I’m not sure I can pin point a favorite pattern yet but I absolutely love all the vintage re-releases! I’m currently attempting my first fully lined dress thanks to Gertie’s B6412. I have been enjoying the process so far, only about 1/3 of the way through. Would love to win a few more patterns to play with! Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway!

  28. Thanks for this opportunity!

  29. How exciting!! I absolutely can’t pick a favorite pattern, but M6986 has been on my cutting table a few times this fall.

  30. My favorite pattern at the moment is V1525. I made the pants in black, but I’m going to make the top in a bold color for the holidays!

  31. Sign me up! I’d love to win

  32. M7540 is gorgeous!

  33. Great comp 🙂 I’d have to say my favourite pattern would be M6044. I’ve used it so many times to make my husband’s work shirts’

  34. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I LOVE McCalls Pattern Company patterns! It’s really difficult to choose my favorite patterns but if have to narrow it down Vogue 1234 and McCalls 6557 are the reasons why I wear dresses again! The patterns are simple to complete but very stylish and comfortable to wear. M7199 is next on my sewing list. I can’t wait to get started!

  35. McCalls 6886 is a winner for me

  36. Favorite current McCalls pattern: 6467.

  37. Hi, what a wonderful giveaway. My favorite mccalls pattern is 6844.

  38. Fun give away just in time for after Christmas selfish sewing! 🙂

  39. I have so many, but love the M7433 from the The Archive Collection

  40. What a fabulous treat

  41. Oh wow !! This would be unbelievable. I’ve had such a rough year. I haven’t been able to get many new patterns, but I did see the video of the new spring patterns and I love them all. Fingers crossed. I need to get out of the funk I’m in.. I would be so grateful and honored.

  42. I love the McCall patterns, which makes it hard for me to say one in particular. But the Early Spring Collection is the BOMB! I especially like 7545, 7542, 7546, 7535, and 7549. Each of these will be added to my current collection. I am very new to sewing and have big plans for my summer looks. Go ME!

  43. My favorite pattern this winter is M7513

  44. Thank you for the opportunity to win some great patterns! Love the new styles and happy to see well known designers making their designs available…Paco Peralta is amazing!

  45. I would love to win 10 patterns!!! Oh I wish!!!!!

  46. So many patterns that I love – the Fall and Holiday collections are gorgeous.

  47. I’m hoping to make Gertie’s B6380 in time for Christmas–I love the fun, retro-style patterns!

  48. Would love to win, but i don’t have twitter..

  49. Who wouldn’t want to win – please put in my name!

  50. I have been looked at V8333 for a couple of years and finally decided to take a chance and buy it. It is gorgeous, I’ve heard great things about it (and the detailed instructions), and I am really looking forward to sewing my first muslin with it.

  51. I’d love to win. Next up in my project queue is mccall skirt pattern 7392.

  52. Wishing to win!
    Mary Wilkins

  53. Great giveaway!

  54. I love anything that is 60s style! This modern tent dress is a winner: M7407

  55. Oh what a nice Christmas giveaway idea!! Hope I win!

  56. What a fun giveaway! I love everything in the early spring collection, but especially 7540, 7531, and 7544. Great job, as always!

  57. Love the new spring patterns!!!

  58. Awesome Giveaway!!!!!

  59. Free patterns??!!!! Woo hoo!

  60. What a beautiful contest. Just what all your followers can really use. Thank you!!!

  61. Love the vintage page! Thanks for sharing and having this great giveaway!

  62. I am currently making my 5th version of the top from 6571 and have 3 more in the queue. I have both size patterns for me and my daughter…

  63. My wedding dress pattern was a Vogue Designer Original by Belinda Bellville #2017. I made it garden length 36 years ago as my wedding was in my in-law’s lovely back yard.

    I want to try the new Butterick coat pattern #B6423 because the style takes my right back to my childhood! So lovely.

  64. I love McCallsy 7177, this dress is adorable on my daughter!

  65. Thank you for this fabulous giveaway

  66. I’d love to win!

  67. Hi! Im 18, and I would loveeee to try out new patterns!!! Xoxo from Andrea

  68. I would love to win this as I’m challenged by the kids I teach to make something to wear each week and I’m running out of patterns!

  69. M6956 is my favorite pattern right now. I love how cute and summery it is!

  70. How fun! I love sewing with your patterns 🙂

  71. I am so loving all the new McCalls pre-spring pattern collection.

  72. Love free patterns!

  73. I love the new Spring 2017 patterns, I already made my list.

  74. I just purchased the Lisette for Butterick Coat pattern B6423. I adore this vintage-inspired style. As for a favorite pattern I have sewn multiple times, the top B6183 is terrific and I am going to try the trousers next. Thank you for the giveaway.

  75. Wow! What a great giveaway! I think that B6388 is becoming my new favorite! I have made the longer version, and plan to make as many as I can get my hands on sweatshirt fleece and French Terry. They will be my Go-To from late Fall to early Spring, paired with either capri leggings or full-leg leggings depending on the weather. I also intend to make M6751 in as many colors and combinations as I can to live in for summer – PERFECT SUMMER TOP!

  76. I love love love McCalls 7093. I adore when I find a cute top pattern for woven fabrics, and this one has turned out perfectly the two times I made it.

  77. Vogue skirt pattern V8928

  78. Nice choices! I took a browse through the lookbook…

    1. FYI…entries do not seem to be appearing in the entry box above.

  79. the bomber jacket sew-a-long was the BEST

  80. would love to win!

  81. Great giveaway! Love your patterns!

  82. Right now my favorite pattern is M7256. Made this coat with a light weight woven wool blend and lined both the bodice and the skirt. Get dozens of compliments every time I wear it!

  83. My favorite pattern is Butterick B5559. It is a lovely dress that is comfortable to wear and is appropriate for so many different occasions. I get compliments everywhere I go in my dresses made from this pattern. It is very figure flattering. Great giveaway! Thank you for having it.

  84. A McCalls pattern was the very 1st one I ever used and still do to this day. Love the 1950’s page but I first sewed rfrom a pattern in 1967!

  85. What a fun give away! And perfect for after Christmas winter sewing!

  86. Would love to win! Love all the McCall’s family of patterns!

  87. My current favorite is actually one of vogues patterns, designed by Sandra Betzina, vogue 1411. They’re the puzzle pants, they’re a wonderful pant which fits really well!

  88. Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve been sewing with vintage and vintage reproduction McCall, Butterick, and Vogue patterns since I was in my early teens! I recently realized that I’ve made 3 versions of Vogue 8278!

  89. My tried and true is M6992- a simple Raglan tee but I make it over and over. I have my eye on some of the activewear patterns!!

  90. Crossing my needles and dotting my stitches, hope I win! 🙂

  91. Would love to win new patterns for the new yesr!

  92. This would be fab! Eeek I keep a list of patterns always on my phone that way when there is a sale I can run in the store/online and get out in a zip! 🙂

  93. Love the detailing on Vogue 9227!

  94. Thanks for the giveaway, I really like the look of the new early spring patterns!

  95. You want me to pick just ONE of your patterns that I love? I will have to get back to you on that. I have enough of your patterns to open a small pattern shop 🙂

  96. I would love to win 10 patterns, it is so hard to narrow down my choices when I look at the books or on the web. I hope I am eligible to win as I live in Canada, so sad if not.

  97. Great giveaway! I have been using McCall patterns since the 70s!

    1. Also, cannot spell my own name!

  98. Great contest! So many patterns that I’d like!

  99. I would love to win 10 patterns too. My current favourites are McCalls M7247 and Vogue 9169

  100. McCalls 6963 is one of my recent favorites.

  101. There are so many that I love but my current fave is an OOP Butterick 5276 vest pattern with many style options-I lengthened View E to knee lenth, eliminated buttons and darts and added side pockets instead of front patch. I have made 2 so far in a nice menswear wool look. What a terrific giveaway for the season!!! Perfect to start the year with fresh new atterns!!

  102. There are so many that I love! I would love the new M7537.

  103. Just what I needed – more patterns 🙂 Not really, but I can’t help myself 🙂

  104. My favorite pattern is M6884!

  105. Exciting! Giveaways are always fun

  106. This could be the perfect way to get my hands on the patterns I’d otherwise wait to arrive in Australia!

  107. Great give-a-way. Would love to win

  108. Thank you for this contest. Love your blog.

  109. Choosing a favourite pattern is next to impossible and I’m afraid most of my favourites are vintage patterns, but there are two current McCall’s which are to die for – M7154 and M7478. Oh yes, they’re both in The Archive Collection! 😉

  110. Butterick 6247 is a current favorite.

  111. I’m loving all the beautiful spring dresses. I can’t wait to see Vogue’s next round before I decide which to purchase!

  112. Awesome giveaway! Great way to start the New Year off with 10 new patterns. Cosy warm at home sewing…… Yahoo!

  113. What a fantastic giveaway! You can never have too many patterns.

  114. I made Kwik Sew K228 for my daughter for Christmas. It’s a cute lounging set. Be aware the patterns pieces show a 5/8 SA but the instructions say 1/2 SA. I went with the 1/2 before I heard back from customer service and I should have used the 5/8.

  115. M7100!!!! Love it!

  116. A great giveaway!

  117. There are so many that I love, but I’m currently obsessed with shirt dresses so M6696 is at the top of my list again.

  118. There are a couple of patterns I would love to add to my stash…

  119. I’d love to win those patterns 🙂

  120. Love your patterns and would love to win to add to my collection

  121. My mom makes me lots of great dresses and skirts with McCall’s patterns!

  122. I would really love to win ten patterns!

  123. M7184 simply adore this vintage style the archive collection is my favriote

  124. There are really way too many amazing patterns. No way to choose a favorite!

  125. Is the competition limited to usa residents or anything?

  126. My new favourite is Butterick 6217 and so many others of Gertie’s designs – thank you Gertie!!

  127. Great prize McCall Pattern blog, keeping my fingers crossed

  128. Not quite sure I entered the giveaway correctly with the link to Facebook. But I certainly would enjoy receiving 10 free patterns.

  129. I love the Koos and Issey Miyake designs and all the vintage reprints, but the pattern I use, re-use, modify and use again is Kwik Sew 2835 classic shirt!

  130. It’s so hard, I have so many favorites, but I certainly have sewn 6209 a fair few times, it’s so easy, everyone has ponchos!

  131. I would like to enter, l but I do not have FB. How do I enter without?

  132. I’d love to win! My wish list is huge….just the Tilton sisters alone make up half of it!

  133. Awesome contest!!

  134. Woohoo! Great giveaway, especially with the great new spring collection release from McCalls.

  135. Too many favorites!!

  136. My SIL would love M7525, and I’m loving on M7513.

  137. My favorite pattern is the Macalls 7432. Its every thing I want in a pattren.❤️

  138. I enjoy Katherine Tilton’s patterns for Butterick. And the latest shirt patterns by Butterick are really wearable – just what I needed.

  139. I love Vintage Vogue 8789.

  140. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas.

  141. I love McCall pattern s

  142. O, go on, count me in 🙂

  143. This fall I made three different versions of 7286 and wear them all.the.time. Love so many of your patterns and really like all the new spring patterns you just released. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I have some retro patterns that I love. I started making/sewing clothes for myself 4 years ago. I like the fit of McCall patterns.

  145. Thank you for the opportunity to win patterns.

  146. Sew exciting!! I would love to be the winner!!

  147. Would love to win 10 free patterns! (I’d even be happy t win 5 free patterns)!

  148. Soooo exciting! I’m a McCall’s pattern lover from way back. Please enter me in the contest!

  149. My favorite pattern right now , are Vogue 1523 , Mccall’s B6413

  150. No I don’t have a favorite pattern, I’ll try anything once just to see how it looks on me or my kids.

  151. I want to win….thanks for picking me. 🙂

  152. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I have lots of favorites and undoubtedly something from the new Spring releases will become a favorite too.

  153. Thank you for the opportunity

  154. So hard to pick one! I would say McCalls 7431 by Laura Ashley is definitely one of my favorites.

  155. Thanks for the giveaway! I have used many McCalls, Vogue and Kwik-sew patterns in the last 35 years – would never be able to pick just one favorite.

    1. Butterick, too! Love sewing!

  156. McCalls 6571 is fabulous. Best fit ever.

  157. Love McCall’s patterns. I remember the Betsy McCall patterns.

  158. I have made McCall’s 6752 a few times, I made view A twice and view D once. It’s easy to whip up and it looks great on!

  159. I have a lot of favorite patterns but most are out of print. I’ve been making B6428 pajama sets for christmas presents this year. It’s a super easy pattern and makes some super cute pjs.

  160. I have lots of patterns but I can always use more!

  161. I’ve been sewing since I was 7. That’s over 60 years. Love Vogue Patterns. Made them for my mother very often.

  162. Would love some of the new spring patterns!

  163. I would love to have some active wear patterns! Thanks for making this contest! So exciting! 🙂 #fingerscrossed

  164. My favorite pattern is an oldie from the Vogue Individualist series: 1470 by Claude Montana. It’s still so cool, although I might lessen the shoulder pads a bit these days.

  165. 6886 is one of my favorite/go to patterns.

  166. 10 patterns?! Right on!

  167. My favorite pattern is easy mccalls 2401, it’s easy and makes up beautifull

  168. McCalls is my favorite patterns.

  169. wont load keep trying

  170. how is anyone suppose to enter if it don’t load

  171. So many patterns I love! M7468, M7538, M7535, M7353, M7128. I could go on. So many quality patterns to chose from!

  172. So many patterns I love, but I will have to go with vogue 8997. It is classic and sweet.

  173. So many favorites. It’s hard to pick one. Right now it’s butterick 6388

  174. I am loving the new Lisette coat!

  175. Thank you for the contest – I’d love to win. I really enjoy sewing McCalls patterns!

  176. I would love to win this, I’ve been sewing for the last couple of days!!!

  177. I’d love to win this

  178. I’ve been sewing for 60 years and would love to win new patterns. Thank you.

  179. I’m assuming this is open internationally. Loving M6706 it’s so simple but the clever incorporation of darts into the box pleats for extra fullness produces such a great looking skirt. Also V1027, it’s my go to quick and easy knit pattern and always looks so elegant.

  180. each and everyone I have made is my favourite

  181. My favourite McCalls patterns are the Vogue designer patterns, in particular anything by Rachel Comey 🙂

  182. I@m not a pattern repeater so hard for me to choose a fave. There are so many of yur pattern that I’d like to make someday, though.

  183. Count me in! I can’t wait to sew some of the new Vogues: the Rachel Comey jumpsuit is adorable.

    1. Although I think my all time fave is Vogue 1239, the Ralph Rucci wrap dress.

  184. Do I need more patterns? Why, YES, I do!!!

  185. Happy Holidays! From warm & sunny Australia 🙂

  186. Thank You very much!

  187. I like McCalls 7540

  188. Love McCalls 6465 dresses pattern!

  189. I just completed Butterick 6388 using 3 different knits. I love it.

  190. Winning 10 of the new patterns would be amazing! You guys knocked it out of the park with the pre-spring stuff so far!

  191. There are so many lovely new patterns coming this spring, I want to sew them all!

  192. As for favorite pattern, I can’t say just one, but I used M6361 for my Super costume skirt and loved the result!

  193. The early spring patterns are fantastic this year! I would love to win some free patterns!

  194. Yay. Free patterns!

  195. Oh, how can one choose from among such a rich offering of delights? Sign me up, please.

  196. My favorite is m6886

  197. My favourite pattern has to be M7351!

  198. Would love to win.

  199. Thank you for the chance to win!

  200. I love Lisette for Butterick patterns
    Thanks for this holiday giveaway!

  201. Excited for this giveaway!!!! Thanks!!

  202. Here’s hoping Santa has McCalls Pattern Co. sewing patterns in his sleigh on the way to my house this year!

  203. I love Vogue 9105. I am searching for the perfect fabric for it.

  204. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite patterns are any by designer Connie Crawford. I am a Curvy girl, and the fact that these patterns go to 6X, helps so much. I no longer have to take a pattern and grade all of it to fit me. Now, most of it is done, and I just have to personalize them. Today’s Fit, by Sandra Betzina, a Vogue patter designer is great. Also are the basic patterns from Kwik Sew, all McCalls pattern companies. Yay for McCall’s!

  205. Wow…what a generous giveaway! Thank you! One of my latest makes, Kwik Sew K4155 is sure to be a TNT for me and any/all of my vintage Perry Ellis Vogue Patterns!

  206. Currently really liking Butterick 6244

  207. I have a McCall’s shirt dress (m7387) and a buttermilk wrap coat (b6255) next up in my sewing list!!

  208. Haha Butterick…. Not buttermilk…. Oy.

  209. Thanks for the giveaway. I don’t know about which is my favorite, but I’ve been sewing with McCall’s since the 1970’s and have had a few!

  210. What a great chance! I love McCall patterns they are very user friendly – 6884 is my new favourite!

  211. Favorite pattern, tough one… anything by the Tiltons Issey Miyake. Love Vogue 1476

  212. My favorite is McCalls 6696. Can’t wait for time off during the holidays to do some sewing!

  213. not sure if its a favorite yet, but i am freaking out over the new 7547 overalls!! cant wait to get it and try them out!

  214. Wow a 10 pattern give away – I’m in! Please don’t ask me to choose a favorite though – I want them all!

  215. What a terrific contest. Good luck to all.

  216. A McCall’s contest – oh boy! I’d cross my fingers for good luck, but I have to finish my holiday dresses!

  217. My current favorite is the Nicole Miller dress, McCalls 7469. I plan to sew this over my Christmas break!

  218. I would love to win!

  219. One of my favourites is M6696!

  220. I am inspired to start sewing, again! I would love to win the patterns!

  221. Great giveaway!

  222. I should check my wishlist now 🙂

  223. I would love to win this!
    Greetings from down under in the land of Aus.

  224. Favorite is vogue 9227. I am sooo excited about contest.

  225. Favorite pattern?? Well, I enjoy making barbie doll outfits and donating them to programs for children come Christmas. Then, I have also enjoyed making Halloween costumes for for my children, but since they are grown, I enjoy making costumes for my grandchildren now! Mostly, I guess I enjoy patterns for things that are too expensive to purchase but more reasonable to make myself. Then again, sometimes I prefer to make something myself because I like something but think of ways to make them better, so I do! This would allow me to update my barbie patterns since I recently found a pattern to make Frozen outfits for Barbie! That would be fun to make! Then again, there are so many patterns to choose from! lol

    1. Right now, I’m working on Butterick 4251, a teepee for our son and grandson to share. It’s fun to make and I imagine so fun to play in. I’ve made a bunch of fairy and princess costumes for our grand daughters. Several of the are really easy to make and so easy to change up so they are different. The girls love to play dress up in them!

  226. I LOVE McCall’s patterns! Nothing gives me more freedom than to choose my own style and fabrics to create what makes me feel beautiful and confident!

  227. Awesome giveaway!

  228. Thanks for the giveaway

  229. I have McCall’s 7160 next up for sewing. The play with stripes has me super excited!

  230. I am a big fan of McCall’s patterns. And you can NEVER have too many!

  231. Very nice holiday idea 🙂 One can never have too many patterns, I agree. McCall’s, you’re doing a great job at community all over social media – thank you. ps – I *love* Vogue 9022, a simple & elegant Easy sew.

  232. It’s so hard to try to pick a favorite! My favorite pattern from the new Early Spring collection is M7538, and my favorite one that I’ve made is V9160–the bodice is gorgeous and comes together so beautifully!

    Thanks for the great giveaway–you can never have too many patterns! =D

  233. I love all of the new Cosplay by McCalls patterns. Keep em coming!

  234. My pattern stash is crying out for new additions. It would be lovely to be able to have some fun picking them out!

  235. I used to sew Butterick almost exclusively for my 20-something body…but now, many years later? So far, M6884 and M6559. Based on recipients’ reactions, I’ve had great success with both. M7538 is one I would love to try for myself – got to get back to selfish sewing! 😉

  236. I love B5030 Misses’ Wrap Dresses, Belt and Sash! Depending on what variations are used (sleeve type, sash, belt, fabric type/design) this dress can span different looks from retro to modern and the style fits many body types!

  237. I sew a variety of patterns, so I don’t have a specific favorite, but dresses are my favorite to sew!

  238. V8499 may be my favourite pattern… I’m a little torn by having to choose.

  239. I love the Connie Crawford patterns because it makes it easy to make adjustments to fit my body!

  240. V1117 is my fave

  241. Great giveaway – just bought M7262 today after seeing some fabulous displays of it made up in my local fabric store!!

  242. I’ve lost weight & need a new wardrobe! Time to start getting all new patterns and getting busy on the sewing machine! (BTW, JoAnn’s is having McCall’s patterns on sale BIG TIME Dec 22-24th!)

  243. The range of patterns used are many… Favorites are not my style, so I like them all.

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