Bomber Jacket Sew-Along: We’re Finished!

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

We’ve finished our bomber jackets! This sew-along has been a lot of fun and it really got the old creative juices flowing. Let’s take a look at the bomber jackets Gillian and Meg made for this sew-along:

Gillian’s McCall’s M7100 bomber jacket
McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

Fabric: Crinkled rayon blend from Paron’s, with a poly satin lining
Ribbing: Striped ribbing from Pacific Trims
Zipper: Excella by YKK from SIL Thread
Comments: “I think this jacket came out great! It’s a good early-fall jacket. I’ve already worn it three or four times since I finished it last week,” says Gillian. She notes that she added a little bit of width to the sleeves, since she prefers a looser fit here.

Meg’s Butterick B6181 jacket
McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

Fabric: A floral poly blend from Paron’s with white poly georgette underlining
Ribbing: Black ribbing from Pacific Trim
Zipper: Pacific Trim’s own private label
Comments: “This is a fun jacket for me, since I have so few florals in my wardrobe. I can see wearing it as a layering piece in the spring,” Meg reports. She says in hindsight she’d use a zipper that zips from the top and the bottom, to better wear that half-zipped look. Note: Meg opted to use knit ribbing instead of the self-fabric elastic channels the pattern actually calls for.

Meg’s McCall’s M7100 jacket
McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along
McCall Pattern Company Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

Fabric: Black poly satin from Paron’s with a navy lace from a store in NYC on W. 35th Street
Ribbing: Same black ribbing from Pacific Trims used for the floral bomber
Zipper: Private label zipper from Pacific Trims
Comments: “I made this jacket at the specific request of my daughter, who wanted me to knock off a Topshop bomber she really liked. I shortened the bodice by about an inch or so because my daughter prefers her bomber jackets to fit closer to her waist. The slim design of this pattern really works well for her taste, and she’s already worn this jacket several times since I finished it,” says Meg. [Thank you to Gillian for modeling this jacket here!]

If you’d like to see more M7100 and B6181 bomber jackets, join the Bomber Jacket Sew-Along Group on Facebook. Group members are turning out AMAZING jackets.

This post concludes the sew-along, though many people are still in the process of making their jackets and that’s fine. We will leave these posts up indefinitely, and the Facebook group will remain open for another month or so. And if you missed this sew-along, don’t worry, there will be another one in the spring. Suggestions for the next sew-along are welcome!

Up next: Sewing with velvet…


  1. Great sew along. I would not have been able to complete this pattern without all the help from the sew along group. What’s next!

  2. The navy and floral jackets are gorgeous! Beautiful project and great sewalong – thank you!

  3. Those jackets are gorgeous!! Any camhance of leaving the Facebook page for his sew along up longer than just one more month?

  4. Oops – sorry for all the typos in my comment!!

  5. ALL of the jackets are absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Outstanding job!!!

  6. I’ve read on sewing review that there has been a pdf of modified instructions for the butterick pattern – since there were some errors in your initial printing.

    Can you please make a post w/ how to correct those errors for those of us who do not (will not) use facebook, but are customers of your pattern company?

  7. maybe the mccalls pattern. the one w/ the dark haired white girl pictured on the envelope.

    1. We tried to email you the instructions. Please provide us with a working email address. You can send it to Thanks!

  8. A nice farewell to Paron’s with these makes.

  9. I am so looking forward to the velvet sewing- have a purple velveteen (please tell me this is ok as for use in velvet sewing) for a 3 button jacket

  10. I LOVE bomber jackets! I want to make this with a fabric I saw:

    I am hope it comes out just as good!!!

  11. Hi! I just finished my bomber jacket and THEN found your blog! I am not a very accomplised seamstress, so let’s just say there was a LOT of seam ripping. UGH. I got through it, though. I wish I had known about all the awesome ribbing sources. I would have like a higher quality and a stripe, which I could not find at my local fabric store. I also did a lot of welt seams throughout and some faux flap pockets (I was done or I would have made them real!!). Anyway, I will totally be following this sew along for my next one! I can’t wait to make a more glam version:) Thank you!

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