Schedule for Bomber Jacket Sew-Along

Bomber Jacket Sew-Along hosted by McCall Pattern Company

Here’s the tentative schedule for the Bomber Jacket Sew-Along:

  • Week of 9/5: Choosing fabric and ribbing (Meg)
  • Week of 9/12: Fitting raglan shoulders (Gillian)
  • Week of 9/19: Making the inside of your jacket look pretty (Meg)
  • Week of 9/26: Adding ribbing to your jacket (Meg)
  • Week of 10/3: Inserting a front separating zipper (Gillian)
  • Week of 10/10: Adding a lining to a bomber jacket (Gillian)
  • Week of 10/17: The big reveal

Note: More sew-along posts may be added as needed.

For you sew-along first-timers, here are some things to note about our sew-alongs:

  • You don’t need to sign up anywhere to join this sew-along
  • It’s 100% go-at-your-own pace. You can feel free to jump ahead or lag behind
  • All tips and tutorials will be first posted here on this blog. So if you follow the blog you won’t miss out on anything
  • We are sewing McCall’s M7100 and Butterick B6181. You’re free to sew whatever bomber jacket you like, but we’ll only be providing information here for these patterns

Join our Facebook Bomber Jacket Sew-Along group! This is the place to share your progress and chat with fellow sew-alongers. We’ll be posting more sew-along social media info soon.

Bomber jackets are so hot this season! In fact, “bomber jacket” is one of Google’s top fashion searches right now. Let’s all be on trend together and make chic bomber jackets. We can’t wait to get started!


  1. I’m excited – but wish the picking fabric and ribbing part of the sew-along was happening earlier to give me more time to search/order. The only place around here is JoAnn’s, so I’ll most like be doing online shopping. I won’t know what to do with myself wearing something that is in-season – I’m usually hopelessly out-of-touch about what is in at any given time.

    1. We used to have a Hancock”s Fabric here, but since they closed I have no access to a brick and mortar fabric store in 100 miles! I’ll do my shopping for the ribbing online. Any suggestions?

      1. I have had really good luck with Don’t know about their selection of rib knits however. – S

        1. I just looked at and they have a lot of ribbed knits.

        2. Thank you! I’ll take a look

        3. Thank you Sandra!

      2. Hi Raquel

        I just bought some ribbing from Birch at their store in Paso Robes CA. They have an extensive online store. The quality is awesome but I’m not sure if this is the right kind of ribbing.

        1. Thanks Barbara! First time I hear about this store

      3. Girl Charlie or Fabricworm

        1. Thank you Marcia!

  2. I’m so glad you are going to show us how to add a lining!

  3. I am excited about the sew-along. I am a first timer to the MCCall website and I need further clarification. I see a CD on the above info, so will this be a video presentation or just a written tutorial that we will follow. I have surgery in September 13 and may not be available for the September 12 presentation. Therefore I need to know how I will proceed. I have purchased several patterns so far since I have joined and are very happy with the membership options. I did not obtain this particular pattern so I will get in now. Thanks for offering this program. And learning lining techniques, Yeah.

    1. There’s no mention of a CD, Sheryl, I just see that round shape on the artwork. If this is run like most craft alongs, information, instructions, questions and comments will be on the blog and maybe Facebook, with new information added each week, but all the information should be available for the duration and beyond, so if you miss something, you’ll still be able to catch up.

      In the text above it says “It’s 100% go-at-your-own pace. You can feel free to jump ahead or lag behind. All tips and tutorials will be first posted here on this blog. So if you follow the blog you won’t miss out on anything”. Sounds good to me. I’m also looking forward to learning how to add a lining, as they always make jackets slide on easier, hang nicely and wear better, not to mention look good.

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt response. Thanks for the clarification of the details. I am new at blogs also. Looking forward to the experience.

  4. I am not a beginner, but not advanced either. Is this class suitable for me? I know it’s as you go, but just want an opinion as if you think it’s too advanced? . Thank you!

    1. Hi! Have you sewn a regular zipper yet? Sewn knits and wovens?

      1. Yes I have sewn both. I have seen zippers, not a ton of them though.

        1. You should be ok. Give it a try!

  5. Dang!
    My wife sent me this link and I thought COOL! I would love to make a bomber jacket. I have been sewing for 2 years now and this would be a great next project. I clicked on the links and neither pattern appears to be guy friendly (unisex). I hope McCall’s considers a sew along for men’s patterns at some point.

    1. Hi! We have some men’s zip-front fleece jacket patterns in both McCalls and Kwik Sew that would work just by adding the ribbing. Wanna try one of those and sew along with us? Adding ribbing is easy.

    2. K4017 in particular is a men’s jacket that’s very similar to the two sew-along patterns.

      1. Thanks Gillian! And Meg too for her response.
        I like the K4017, it does look like a good alternative. What I am judging it against is a pattern from the 80’s McCall’s 2272 Bomber Jacket. This is a timeless design that looks a lot like my leather flight jacket I have in the closet. Both jackets have that classic look like the flight jackets from WWII. I will track down the pattern.
        Thanks again.

        1. I want to sew a men’s bomber jacket too, for my son.

  6. Great! Do you have a button I can put on my blog?

    1. We just added a button to our blog home page. You can borrow that.

      1. It’s not showing up as a button. I’ve copied the button html from your blog but, it’s just showing the address link, not the button pic. ???

  7. JoAnn’s has Butterick and McCall’s patterns on sale over the labor day weekend, so I’m thinking I may buy both as there are things I like about each. The cap sleeve [Butterick 6181] version is perfect for our Florida weather and the welt pocket version with rib knit trim will be nice for cooler weather or as a travel jacket.

    Neither pattern is a fabric hog, so I’m going shopping for suitable materials in my stash. I love the idea of contrasting sleeves.

  8. Off subject: V9212 on the cover of the latest VP magazine looks stunning. Unfortunately, only the upper bodice can be seen. Could you make a post about it? I’m still not sure if it’s worth buying the pattern and the magazine which, here overseas, are quite more expensive than the in America…

  9. All McCalls, Butterick and Vogue patterns are on sale via their website, until Sept 5

  10. I have made a lined bomber jacket last year. I couldn’t find appropriate rib knit, so I purchased a natural coloured , natural fibre rib knit, not polyester, and dyed it. The dye took very well, and I had a matching rib knit, in the exact shade that I needed. I used Folk Lore pattern, Varsity Jacket, which is unisex. I do recommend making a muslin before you cut you good fabric. It will save a lot of tears and frustration.

  11. Has this sew a long started yet?

    1. Yes, but it’s a go-at-your-own pace sew-along. Many people don’t have their fabric or patterns yet.

  12. Where is the class located?? Is there a spot on this blog that we click onto? I have clicked on several locations, but it brings me back to this site only.

    1. Hi Jeannette! This is a sew-along, not a class. All tutorials for the bomber jacket will be posted here on this blog. You can sew along with participants in your own home at your own pace. The Facebook group is a nice place to meet fellow participants.

  13. I want you to know how unhappy I am with the new KwikSew patterns. The paper is cheap and the print is so difficult to trace from. I refuse to buy another Kwik Sew pattern. I have the good ones that I bought from the original Kwik Sew company. You have ruined the patterns. So sorry they sold out to you.

    1. Hi Dolly. We’re sorry you feel this way. We will forward your comment to our merchandising team. Thanks.

  14. Hi. I apologize if this is a repeat. Does this sew along mean that everyone will just sew the garment or is there a video tutorial? If no video, can u make one for the newbies r anyone really? Thanks

  15. Thank you for this website.

  16. thanks, but i can’t join to the facebook group, can you tell me where i can found it ?

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