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We just looked at the calendar and realized it’s time to start thinking about our Fall Sew-Along. What would you like to sew this time? Here’s what we’ve made in the past for our sew-alongs:

  • Spring 2016: shirtdresses
  • Fall 2015: Vogue Patterns V1467 Anne Klein pea coat
  • Spring 2015: wrapdresses
  • Fall 2014: Vogue Patterns V1419 Ralph Rucci coat

Typically in the fall we’ve all sewn together a single pattern that offers a few more challenges. For our past spring sew-alongs we’ve chosen to sew a style together—so far wrapdresses and shirtdresses—and participants can use any of our patterns in that style.

But hey, we’re always open to suggestions when it comes to sew-alongs, and there’s no reason why we have to always do things the same way. What would you like to sew for our Fall 2016 Sew-Along? (It’s most likely it won’t actually get underway until late September/early October.) Leave a comment here and let us know!

  1. Mc Calls 7430 with emphasis upon working with sweater knits.

  2. I need things for my fall/winter closet – I’ve recently lost some weight and own almost nothing that isn’t too big now. It’s a good problem to have, but that doesn’t mean that appropriately sized clothing magically appears in your closet either. I vote something Fallish – a motorcycle style jacket – I’ve never put in a fully separated zipper, or worried about more than just outer shell and inner shell, so that would be a challenge. Plus, I live in SC, so what some people think of as a Fall jacket, I’ll be able to wear all Winter!

  3. Ooh, I second the sweater knits suggestion. I would prefer a cardigan. Maybe a cardigan with tunic or dress combo?

    1. Like the knit combo idea a lot! Followed the shirt dress with interest and loved what people accomplished.

  4. Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture Collection V7468 Women’s Trousers or V8991 Jacket. Both are perfect basics.

    1. I second that!!

    2. Ditto! MSC has read my mind.

  5. I’d love to do a sweater knit or cardigan. I’d make good use of the pattern and probably make lots of them.

  6. I would love to sew along woman’s trousers.

  7. I like the knit sweater idea. If not that then I’d like tondo a jacket/coat

  8. Vogue 1517 – new Anne Klein zippered jacket in leather or faux leather or woven.

    1. Ooh, I like v1517 too!

    2. I’m looking at Y1517 and I agree that it’s amazing. But notice: “No provisions provided for above waist adjustment.” Is that a reason against using it for a sew-along? Or maybe a reason for?

      1. I think it a good reason for- have two different body types as well as fabric choices. That would give more instructions/help for us.

    3. I agree a zippered jacket in leather !

  9. A knit sweater jacket would be good or a shorter winter coat. Vogue has 3 that appeal to me: 9156, 9136 and Mizrahi 1479. Also like the trouser idea. So is there anything I don’t want to do? Jumpsuits!

  10. How about something using velvet? I know sewing with velvet can be challenging. Maybe a wrap velvet dress for the holiday season?

    I also like the trousers suggestion. I am ultimately open to whatever as this will be my first sew along.

  11. I would love a sweater knit too!

  12. McCall’s 7365 is an amazing looking jacket with so many options and opportunities for design ideas. It would be a great Fall sew along.

  13. I second MSC’s suggestion of the Claire Shaeffer couture trousers.

  14. Something with a lining

  15. I would love to also do Claire Shaeffer’s v8991 jacket, or the beautiful V9212 jacket.

  16. I’d like to tackle trousers with a full fly.

  17. I love V1419. It’s very chic, and I love the silhouette and the details. Pleeeeeeeese choose this one, pleeeeeeease!!!

    1. Faith there was a McCalls sew along for V1419 two years ago when the pattern was released!

    2. They have already done this coat… are the links……

      Sew Along Group:

  18. Sweater knit! I have never sewn with sweaters cozy knits before, it would be fun and great for fall/winter!

  19. Interesting on reviewing the comments Meg. It looks like your sewists are all tending toward quite advanced projects. That’s perhaps a change from a couple of years ago and great to see.
    I would love something a bit advanced too, perhaps welt pockets, linings, tricky fabrics like velvet or leather?

    1. Yes, something more challenging!! Lets everyone step out of the comfort zone and learn something new. We are always asking for more interesting patterns, as they were back in the 40s and 50s. There are plenty of YouTube videos for basic sewing. Let’s get creative!!

  20. I echo most of what others are suggesting, leaning toward the new Anne Klein jacket, but truly needing a sew-along support for sewing pants. I do fine with the Marcy TIlton pattern, V8859 (recently out of print), because it uses stretch woven or ponte knit, but patterns involving non-stretch wovens are my nemesis!. It’s the numerous alterations for a fiit I can live with that continue to plague my efforts.

  21. I’d love to conquer trouser fitting, and then make a sweater knit cardigan for a complete outfit. This would give me an opportunity to learn more about multiple techniques in one coordinated outfit!

  22. I like the idea of a blazer/jacket – some suggested V8991 Jacket.

  23. Pants pants pants!!

  24. Sweater knit cardigan

  25. I vote for pants.

  26. I vote for pants too!

  27. I like the idea of a jacket — moto and bomber styles are huge right now and should have some techniques that are more intermediate.

    The new fringe cardigan is super cute!

  28. I would love to see a ladies trouser sew along

  29. I would like to make a long dress, not formal, for an evening presentation I will be giving. I imagine simple lines with ornamentation, possibly embroidery.

  30. I would like to do N 6436–a tailored shirt. It’s available in all sizes, including plus-sizes and includes the various cup sizes to choose from. It could be made in a hundred different fabrics.

    1. Terrific idea–something for everybody, and something I’ve been putting off!

    2. love the idea of including something for every body size 🙂

  31. Sorry–typo–I meant McCalls 6436

  32. Love V9212. But would love to see something that goes up in size to 26.

  33. I vote for 9212 and 9211

    1. Vogue pattern 9212 or 9211

  34. Please show us how to do sleeve patterns from scratch. I find that most sleeve patterns in magazines are wrong! Dress with long sleeves please!

  35. How about an iconic Channel type jacket. It can be worn with jeans or dress and would be suitable for all body types.

  36. I plan to make a trench coat. Vogue has a double-breasted one V8884. I have an old pattern that is single breasted with a front flap on 1 side, epaulets on shoulders and sleeves. Will probably use that.

  37. Trench coat or moto jacket in velvet

  38. Sweater knit cardigan. Im loosing weight and really don’t want to make something I can’t wear after I loose the last 10 pounds. I’ve never sewn on sweater knits so it would be a great time to learn!

  39. For the last two years Autumn has been focused on a specific pattern – and I like the more advanced sewalong in the Fall. The Spring open to all patterns is nice, too – but we have so many options for beginner to new-intermediate level sew-alongs. It would be nice to do any of the Claire Shaeffer patterns or the suggested V9212 is a nice idea.

  40. I vote for a nice ladies pants such as Sandra Betzina vogue patterns.

  41. Vogue 9212 would be a good choice. It’s fitted and lined, it has two-piece sleeves, and it doesn’t have welt pockets (which can be challenging in certain fabrics).

  42. I agree with the sweater knits. Focus on a fabric type rather than a pattern type would make a nice change

  43. Everyone has such great suggestions! Personally, a casual, but shapely jacket like V1517 would work well for me. Remember, Fall is not only wool and heavy jackets/coats. I live in Florida and wear jackets still but not woolen coats or blazers.

  44. How about a cape?

  45. I like the idea of picking a theme or related group of patterns rather than a specific pattern. Personally, I’d pick vintage.

  46. This will be my first sew along. From the above comments, I would love to make a sweater knit garment and have a pattern ready BUT we dont seem to sell sweater knit fabrics here in the UK. I’ve been looking for several weeks now so anyone who can point me in the right direction will be my new best friend. Given the difficulty of getting fabric, my second choice would be a pair or tousers (pants) as I have lost masses of weight and need to make several pairs to fit this autumn (fall). Gettign the fit just right is tricky so any help would be really welcome.

  47. I would like to do the courtier trousers or a jacket.

  48. I would like to recommend the Claire Shaeffer jacket patterns V9099 and V8333 or pants pattern V7881. Claire Shaeffer patterns contain instructions and tips that are not usually covered in other patterns. The skills learned will help us “up our game”. .

  49. I would like to see a pattern designed for a cape-blazer with different design options, maybe for Winter. But Fall sew-a-long I would choose these:
    Vogue: 9212
    McCall’s 7429 and/or 7430
    Butterick: 6390 or 6385

  50. I vote for Vogue 9212, or a sweater knit, if it has neckline variations and cup sizing.

  51. Here’s a suggestion for something really different and unusual: menswear.

  52. So many good suggestions have been made already! I was thinking a jumper would be good to have this fall; they adapt easily to the changes in weather. V9108, M7014, K3955, and K4138 are some different examples, or other dress and jumpsuit patterns can be easily altered into jumpers.

  53. I need to make my first blazer, but I would love to learn how to make lined trousers

  54. I would also vote for the Claire Shaeffer V7881 pants!

  55. A trench coat or tailored pants would suit me please.

  56. I’d like to tackle trousers with slash pockets in front and welt pockets in back, a contour waistband and a fly front.

  57. I love the idea of a Motorcycle style jacket. That said, I think V9212 would be great for Fall. Could we also hold a Holiday sew-along?

  58. I was thinking m7100…also making pants without elastic in the waist would be also great. I don’t think I ever made pants with zippers.

  59. I vote trousers.

  60. Can anyone tell me what’s the simplest way to insert the pocket in jacket M7100 and also how to serge it so there is not so much bulk.

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