“Sewing in the Age of Instagram.” McCall Pattern Company in The New York Times

Sewing in the Age of Instagram. McCall Pattern Company featured in The New York Times
Karsten Moran for The New York Times

What’s it like having the New York Times write a feature article about your company? Pretty exciting! Features reporter Steven Kurutz recently spent a lot of time at our NYC offices talking to us, observing us, and getting a feel for how we go about designing and making patterns. His story does an excellent job of going behind the scenes at our company, and it’s really a great tribute to what we all love—sewing. Plus, he dove head-first into our archive of vintage patterns. Read the full article (with two slideshows!) here.

McCall's designer Jacqueline Polikoff shared this selfie on her social media when the article appeared in print last Thursday.
McCall’s designer Jacqueline Polikoff shared this selfie on her social media when the article appeared in print last Thursday.

Coming soon: You asked; we’re answering. How and why we choose the fabric you see in pattern photo garments. If you have specific questions about this topic, please leave them as a comment here. Stay tuned!

  1. I have been sewing for decades. Over the years, I have seen “how to” articles addressing various stages of construction. What I have not seen, are tips to pressing a garment, especially the super complex ones, the tailored ones, the ones being made with specialty fabrics.

    It is all well and good that the seamstress/tailor have fabulous sewing technique. It is another thing if all that work is finished superbly such that one looks like it was made by a couturier. I don’t know of a dedicated seamstress who isn’t aiming for that quality.

  2. Dear McCalls….
    I have been sewing over fifty years and have collected man patterns that would now be considered ‘vintage.’ Many of these patterns suggest fabric called ‘faille,’ which is extremely difficult to find now.

    Can you tell me why it is so difficult to locate and suggest a substitute woven fabric? Why is this textile so difficult to find? Is it the production cost or the dry cleaning requirement?

    Thank you…

    1. Look up a book [Fabric Savvy, by Sandra Betzina], she gives you all the “skinny” on fabrics (their pluses; their minuses; where they work the best). It is my “go to” on any fabric that has unique needs.

  3. Congratulations!! You guys deserve it, you are awesome.

    1. Thank you, Faith! XOXO

  4. Finally – an article by a major newspaper about sewing and its main component (namely McCalls Pattern Co)!!! Yippee!

  5. Re: fabric choices. Many times a pattern with unique seamlines is made up in a bold print that steals the focus and sometimes makes the pattern appear shapeless. How about using more subtle prints for those designs or focusing on textured fabric (faille, pique, dupionni) instead? Can’t wait to read that post. So many patterns get passed over if one can’t look at the drawing and visualize something else.

    1. I agree. The crazy prints can really distract from the design elements. I’m glad you post the flat sketches, though.

  6. I am looking for 2 McCall patterns, no longer available in retail. # 2746 and 2260, both in size 12. Can I get them from this site, or elsewhere?

    1. Hi Marlene! Once patterns go out of print we no longer sell them. Your best bet is to search Etsy or eBay for them. Good luck!

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