7 Reasons Why People Who Sew Clothes Are Cooler Than Everyone Else

1. We never have to worry about showing up at an event and running into someone wearing the exact same thing.

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2. Fabric speaks to us and moves us in ways other people just can’t comprehend.

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3. When we see an expensive piece of clothing in a store and say “I can make it better than this,” we’re not lying.

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4. Our minds are razor-sharp because we’re constantly solving problems when we sew.

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5. The level of commitment we have to our sewing hobby is inspiring.


6. We save money on mental health professionals because sewing is our therapy.

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7. Everyone is envious of our awesome sewing skills.



    1. The main reason of why I make all of my clothes (including my underwear and lingerie) is that I can make what I want and I need exactly how I want it, in the fabric that I like, in the style that suits me better in a size that fits me perfectly. In other words, my closet is full of my favorite clothes to wear… 😀
      You forgot to mention that we are very creative, and that every time we make something new, we think of a lot of other things we might do.
      Another reason that I love sewing is that it allows me to work with all sorts of different colors, prints, laces and textures, combining them in very eye pleasing ways.
      Also, that it saves us a ton of money because the fabrics cost a fraction of what the finished garment of Haute Couture would cost, at least in many, many cases that I have seen.
      As a bonus, my mind is at peace knowing that my clothes were not made by underpaid and exploited sweatshop workers somewhere in this world. Mine are clothes that have been carefully and lovingly crafted, with a lot of care for the details, and the quality shows. I have no need for fancy labels…

  1. Oh I love this!!…..so true…….everything is easy to sew these days, no coats, skirts dresses etc…..but just the same I look smashing everyday with a cute top and slacks-so there!
    Nothing makes me happier than to pad into my sewing kingdom with my first cuppa and look around and think “what do I want to make today!!

  2. Those were too cute love it!

  3. So true ! Sewing is my passion.One never stops learning no matter what age we are !!! (And that’s for me to know..ha !!)


  4. What a fun but oh so true post! I especially agree with numbers 2, 4, and 7.

  5. Sewing. Is all of the seven reasons and more. It keeps mind active, provides a great wardrobe and so much more. I have been sewing since I was nine. It is what keeps me young.

  6. Wow, how true. I learnt early on that being able to sew meant it was possible to be totally individual, able to alter on trend ideas to suit body shape and personality and create clothes to feel totally wonderful when wearing.

  7. I have a quibble with your number one, but in a good way. I met my best friend in college when we were both using the dorm common room to lay out and cut the exact same dark green velveteen Christmas dance formal gown and jacket. Instead of throwing a fit and insisting that the other change her plans for the outfit, each of us recognized in the other a kindred spirit. She lent me a pair of her shoes that she thought went better with the dress than the pair I had planned to wear. We did our durnedest to sit, stand, and dance near each other the whole night, at that marvelous soiree at the Pinehurst Country Club in 1976. I still have the pattern … I should look it out and tell you the number. I made and wore the heck out of that dress and jacket, over and over and over.

    1. Oh yes! LinB, you are my new ideal! It’s not about outdoing the others, it’s about doing your best. And any story that starts with meeting your best friend that way, it’s got to be good from there on out.
      Your story is why sewing is great!

      1. We both made Simplicity 7807, a chemise dress with an unlined Regency jacket … long enough ago that it would be perfectly in style again today. But not for me to wear!

    2. I agree there is no reason why two different people can’t have the same fabric and personalize the garment. I see it all the time in my classes, students are given assignments using the same style and come up with completely different garments or they are given the same fabric and still come up with completely different garments as well!
      It goes to prove how creative sewers are! Proud to be part of this group of people!

  8. Agreed WAY COOLER!

  9. This article is completely right! I laughed at every picture because they are all true! I need to have all of my sew-sisters repost this on their sites ASAP! People who sew Rock!

  10. Love this! I especially love #4 because I retired a few years ago and my Dr. thinks it’s a great way to keep my brain active and challenged.

  11. This list would probably be more fun for me if most of these points weren’t also the same reasons another (more experienced) seamstress explained to my face why I was a terrible sewer.

  12. Or in my case, seeing a cool and unique coat in a Katharine Hepburn movie and saying, “I could totally make that.”

  13. 1000% accurate on every level!!!! Love it.

    1. I appreciate your comment

  14. Ha Ha – this was hilarious!

  15. That is hilarious especially because it’s true!!!! I make my own clothes mostly as class examples for my students, so they have to be A) perfect and B) unique! Because in my classes the fit is paramount the garments have to fit impeccably otherwise how could I possibly insist on perfection from my students?
    The funny part is that no one asks me anymore if I made the garment I’m wearing they just assume I did except for someone who is meeting me for the first time and then the reaction is so funny, they are incredulous that anyone can come up with that garment. The standard question is “What do you mean?” Not sure what part of “I made it” is not clear……
    Just goes to show that people who sew are more cool!

  16. 3 kilts made for children in a wedding. Made the sporrons and other accessories. Cost 26.00. If I rented them, it would be 150.00. Nuff said?

  17. I love the new Koos jacket pattern. Can we do a sew-along?

  18. These are all great reasons why we sew – there is nothing quite like that feeling you have when you put on something you’ve made and you love it. I stand in front of the mirror thrilled with the style, fabric and fit and I glow with satisfaction. But even getting to that point is all fun. Trying something new, having it in your imagination and then discovering it actually worked is thrilling.

  19. I just really enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Glad you did, Melanie!

  20. If you make your own clothes, they either fit or get cut up into something else. The clothes I make seem to last forever as well. I’m still getting use out of skirts I made 20 years ago. When we flew out to my son’s wedding 4 years ago, all but my underclothes I had made myself and everything coordinated with everything else including the necklace my husband had made for me.

  21. Wow, how true. I learnt early on that being able to sew meant it was possible to be totally individual, able to alter on trend ideas to suit body shape and personality and create clothes to feel totally wonderful when wearing.

  22. I did forget to say one thing. I never learned to sew with any sorts of ‘fancy’ fabrics. We were poor and mom sewed for us using cheap fabrics, mostly cotton or cotton poly blend. I’m 62 now, but many times over my life, if I hadn’t sewed and made my own clothes I wouldn’t have had anything to wear. Especially true when I was pregnant. Most of my life my budget didn’t support better fabrics either so I still just sew simple things, but that is my lifestyle.

    I remember in junior high, some dress must have been sent to our town by the hundreds. If I recall correctly it was green/purple/blue in colors with a purse made of the same fabric hanging on a chain. At any one time up to 20+ girls would be wearing that dress to school during the day. I was so glad I didn’t have the same one as all my clothes were homemade or hand me downs. A couple of months ago i was wearing a top I had purchased long ago and looked across the store and about fainted as a woman was wearing the exact fabric in a skirt! What is the odds as that top/skirt was over 16 years old!? I wanted to hide as I’m just not used to running into someone wearing ‘my’ clothes.

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