New Pattern Giveaway. Plus, Periscoping!

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TGIF! To celebrate the first week of fall and this gorgeous weather we’re having here in NYC, let’s do a pattern giveaway. To enter, visit the new Vogue Patterns winter/holiday collection we just released and choose your favorite new pattern. Then leave a comment here telling us why you’d like to win it. One random winner will be selected next week and notified via this post. Good luck! You can also enter to win a new pattern on our Instagram account. GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.

9/30/15 UPDATE: Congratulations to Cherry Hall! She was our random winner. Cherry, see our reply to your comment for directions.

The McCall Pattern Company is hosting live videos on Periscope

Do you Periscope yet? In case you aren’t familiar with this new(ish) form of social media, Periscope gives you the ability to broadcast live video to followers. We’ve done two “test” videos so far featuring mini tours of our headquarters here in New York City, and we hope to do more behind-the-scenes videos. Follow us on Periscope and let us know here what kind of live videos you’d like us to broadcast.

Hong Kong seam finish of pea coat V1467.

Don’t you just love a nicely finished seam? This is the back seam of our pea-coat-in-progress, V1467. We’ll be working on the sleeves this weekend as part of our #v1467sewalong. What are you sewing this weekend?!

  1. I love pattern#V9160, so happy to see that jumpsuits are back again, this is a great pattern as you can make it many different ways. Just love it!!!!

  2. I would love to have the 9157, love the coat. And cant wait to be able to sew it.

  3. My favourite is V9162 by Kathryn Brenne. I would live in that outfit, or use the pieces individually. Now all I need to do is win the pattern, buy the fabric and sew away…Thumbs up, Kathryn

  4. Will you be showing readers how to install a full lining in the pea coat? I do hope to see step by step photos and not being shown links to other blogs regardless of whether it has been done elsewhere. Links can be helpful but should be applied as additional information rather than a substitute. Having said that, l do like Rachel’s blog and adore her creations, but somehow as a newbie to tailoring, but l would be more appreciative of a bit more detail and description of the process by who ever is hosting the sewalong. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tanya! Rachel is covering the back lining part of the construction, and I think she is doing a full lining. I’ll be sewing a partial lining as specified by Anne Klein and our directions. Thanks for following along, and we will try to add more detail when we can. Feel free to ask questions!

      1. Good to hear there will be information on making it fully lined! I’m allergic to wool but taking this on anyway for the challenge. Going to interline some wool gabardine with possibly some cotton batiste. I may even add some flannel for added warmth. Then a full lining. At least the wool won’t touch my skin too much from the underside. 😉


  5. Vogue 1479 would be right up my alley as I have the perfect buffalo plaid already in stash;and it’s the very beginning of coat making season. I love the “boyfriendish” design of the coat. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

  6. There are several lovely new patterns in the new release, but my absolute favorite is the new Claire Shaeffer pattern 9145. I will sew this one up in the next few weeks using a tone on tone approach. I’d love it if you could interview Claire about her inspirations for this pattern and share with us on this blog.

  7. I love pattern V1469. The dress has amazing detail.

  8. So many lovely patterns to choose from! I just love the sportiness and style of the V9163 collection will be fun to mix and match all the pieces.

  9. *V9164 Clutch Bags* I would love to have this pattern as I am learning to work with different fabrics and notions on small bags and purses. I would absolutely love to make this clutch!

  10. My favorite is V1471. It is just beautiful and I’ve already asked my daughter if she would like it – and she would. I stopped on the way home from work last night to scope out some fabric! It would be GREAT to win the pattern!

  11. V9130 – Can be dressed up for work – or worn casually. I like the versatility this piece would give me.

  12. I like V1469 best – the lines are really flattering and it can be dressed up or semi-casual.

  13. Thank you very m uch for the opportunity to participate on the giveaway.
    I will pick V9155. I am always looking for classical bottoms with special details. I think this one fits the bill love, love, love view A. And since I live in Florida I can use it year round! Wish me luck!

  14. Vogue V9145 is my favourite! I love the swirls of it and can’t help but think of it done up in rainbow stripes.

  15. Top pattern 9151

    This is a wonderfully fashionable top that I could wear with “everything”! I have challis fabric ready to sew this pattern. I just need the pattern in a large size! I love this design by Vogue!

    1. Congratulations, you are the random winner! Please email us at with your pattern number, size and mailing address. Thanks!

  16. There are a lot of nice coats, I even noticed the double breasted coat V9157. However, the one I would like to put my please, please, please is the Claire Shaeffer V9145 🙂

  17. I love pattern # 1479! This looks like a great coat!

  18. It’s great you hold contests like this. It makes me look closer at all the patterns. Pattern V1479 has caught my eye. You just know it’d be great when the wind blows and the snow is coming down. It’s loose enough for layering too. Thanks for the chance at winning.

  19. I would love to win V9149. I would like to try my hand at working with lace, and this would be a great pattern for that. I love the classic details. Just beautiful!

  20. I would love to have the 9162 Kathryn Brenne Jacket, shirts and pants. I think is very versatile and fun
    Thanks for the chance!

  21. Vogue 9145, by Claire Schaeffer, is the pattern that catches my. It has an off-balance bodice, and thus is perfect for the post-mastectomy survivor who wants to look back on balance. Light and Dark can be reversed, depending.

  22. The finish on that back seam is just beautiful! I’m not on Periscope, but if I were I would want to see that process.

  23. I’d like to try V9155. thanks for the chance!

  24. I like V9151 tunic pattern. Very clean lines and a good addition to any wardrobe..

  25. love that dress!! I have just the fabric:)

  26. I have just been asked to read at my brother-in-law’s wedding next year. V1474 is the perfect balance of understated elegance. Would love to win it.

  27. I love a lot of them, but I think I will pick 1475. My husband and I are celebrating our next anniversary with a vow renewal. When I first looked at all of the new patterns a few days ago, I thought that this would make a great dress for my vow renewal next year. I have lost 115+ pounds after being 100+ pounds overweight for 35 out of the 40 years together. This dress will show off my new figure that both of us is so proud of. Thank you for having a contest, it makes life fun!

  28. I can’t decide between V1479 and V9157 – I need coats! My winter coats probably won’t last another season, but I’ve held off on buying one because I can make one!

  29. Vogue 9160… I just saw Nupita on huffpo’s best dressed list wearing a pinstriped jumpsuit – wow! Now I must have one, and already have a most amazing silky pinstripe in my stash… Or close second with be 1474. So glamorous, but I have no place to wear it, so it would never get made (unless as a luxurious nightgown).

  30. I love 9159, I like separates and all the possibilities of this pattern.

  31. 9157. I love this coat. So classy and made for different cup sizes. I long for the day when all patterns have this feature. Also, I’m going to want a relatively quick project after I complete rebuilding my mother’s wedding gown for my daughter.

  32. V9162 is the pattern I would love to win.
    After reading about mud silk in Vogue Patterns Magazine, I bought some.
    I think the blouse would be perfect for the mud silk fabric.

  33. V1470. Simple, understAted elegance! Perfection!

  34. oh, V9159! Perfect for hosting duties during the holiday season.

  35. I love v9145. It is gorgeous. I see so many color combinations already

  36. V9163 please, love the jacket

  37. V1471 and V9157 – it’s a tie! The dress is somewhat revealing but very elegant at the same time – especially in that fabric. I’m not entirely sure I could pull off that look, though. The coat is such a staple piece with a lot of options to customize, add details etc. Love them both!

  38. My jaw dropped when I saw the V1475 Badgley Mischka gown! So very flattering and would be perfect for our 40th wedding anniversary coming up in December. The Nicole Finetti dress, V1468 is my second favorite because of its versatility. Great designs in this Winter collection! Thank you for the pattern giveaway and the opportunity to weigh in on the patterns.

  39. I’ve always loved Vogue patterns for a wonderful design.

  40. Love V9152. Purchased a weskit years ago with the same type of triple collar; loved it so much that when it was worn to bare threads, took it apart and made two more. Would absolutely love this as a top/blouse, so flattering. My second choice is V9157, especially the jacket view; it has a retro feel about it.

  41. This year I need more winter basics so the one I’m interested in for winter is coat v1479.

  42. I love the V957. This is not that often that you find a coat with raglan sleeves! It’s modern but a tad vintage all at once, I love it!

  43. So many pretties, but I like 9151, the tunic pattern. Fits my lifestyle. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern.

  44. There are so many great coats and jackets in the new patterns. But my favorite is a dress, 9148. It is so elegant with the vertical seaming and subtle detail on the hip. Love it.

  45. I love V9145
    I can see it made in a variety of patterned knits with single colour knits.
    As I have gradually gained weight over the past decade, thanks to menopause, I am feeling very figure conscious. This pattern is very figure flattering which will help boost my confidence and my feeling of femininity.
    Happy 60th Birthday to me on 4th October.

  46. V9145 is lovely. The shape of the dress and the colour blocking really make it wearable and statement at the same time.

  47. I would very much like to win the pattern V9163 Misses’ Jacket, Skirt and Pants, which I feel is very flattering for the figure of an elderly lady like myself, who still likes to feel elegant, even whilst sporty and casually attired.

    The several items complement each other beautifully. I especially like the long jacket in combination with the slacks, so practical. I’m pleased to have spotted indicators for side pockets, so handy to hide a needed tissue or similar in the winter months. The short jacket, so great for cool days and so handy, yet in combination with the skirt an elegant outfit to meet friends for an afternoon coffee and some shopping.

    Almost a pity that there isn’t a dress or top as part of the package, but I already have a couple of ideas to cover this. The Badgley Mischka V1460 Misses Dress sprang to mind for one, the horizontal lines dividing the colours could be introduced, but even without this, I feel the combination of both patterns would be a combination I’d be happy to wear and be seen in.

    So I will keep my fingers crossed and hope, in the meantime I wish to congratulate you on another wonderful collection of garments not easy to choose from, as each item tempts you with charm, elegance and style, each in their own special way.

    Kind regards

  48. I love V9153 as it so versatile, depending on what fabrics you use. This could be a lovely day shirt or an exquisite evening shirt and there is pleanty of space to put in some lovely embroidery as well.
    Going to have to make it

  49. Hi I would love 9151 – the tunic. Made in a silk. Yum!

  50. V9162 please. Effortlessly elegant but also edgy too. Would still look good after a 12 hour shift or in different fabrics for a night out on the town!

  51. I really like the Platt’s V1470. I love the fact that it would hide a thick waist really well.

  52. I really li-1470. The lines of the dress could be worn by many. It also has the ability to be a statement dress. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. Vogue 9145. I will make it as a gift for my sister. It will be perfect !

  54. I adore both the Nicola Finette patterns just released. Both are on my sewing list for my upcoming cruise. So glad this designer worked with Vogue as I am an avid follower of him

  55. I love the V9147 dress pattern, and its color blocking and texture possibilities.
    I’m forcing myself in to wearing dresses for a change and feel feminine. I wear pants too much and I made a point in start sewing my own clothes to fit my body shape.

  56. I would love v1963. The separates are great and the hood on the coat looks warm.

  57. I love 9145. I would do it in a solid color though

  58. I’d love V1477 by Sandra Betzina. I have some wonderful jersey which would be fantastic as a dress over leggings.

  59. V9163 The color blocked jacket is totally me! I love it but would have to wait until December to even try it beacause that is when baby should pop. I’m not about trying to make things maternity friendly. Thanks

  60. V1470 looks like it would be fun to wear, but there’s lots of great choices among the new patterns.

  61. i really like V1470. It looks really flattering and easy to wear, but is also really stylish and interesting. I can see myself wearing it to work, made up in jersey, but also at my godson’s christening, in a more fancy fabric.

  62. What a great giveaway. Such a hard choice, but I really like the versatility of V9158, bringing a great pain suit and dress in one.


    Chloe Collins

  63. My favorite pattern is V9160. I love a great jumpsuit and I would make different versions of it so that it can fit into any occasion. This would be a great addition to my closet .

  64. I love V 9156. I have some gorgeous green silk velvet upholstery fabric that I was given and I threw it in the washer and dryer and it came out so much nicer. It is heavy, lush and drapes beautifully now. It would be perfect for this design, with a bit of surface embellishment added on. If I win this pattern it will make me start sewing that coat!

  65. Difficult choice, but 1478, the new Sandra Betzina coat, is right up my alley!

  66. V9158. Looks very versatile!

  67. Having a hard time choosing between 9148 (would love a ponte dress) and 9152 ( tunic-length blouses: so useful, so easy to wear). Guess I’ll go with the blouse: V9152.

  68. Would love to win the Marcy Tilton blouse 5193. I’m retired and want to have a wardrobe of interesting tops to wear over jeans and pants. That one fills the bill.

  69. V1479, the Isaac Mizrahi coat is my dream coat!

  70. V9145 nice design, like the black & white fabric colour selection for this pattern

  71. #9158 – I’ve been mulling over a double-breasted dress for a while. This one is lovely, with the open V neck and that curved front shoulder yoke.

  72. i would love to make the new v9158 jacket. And maybe even the dress version. Very nice.

  73. I would love to win the 9157 coat pattern. Thank you for the opportunity.

  74. Oh My I love 1468! I love matching different fabrics. Even fabrics you don’t think that will go together and then you get this wow factor.
    I reckon this would be a great inspiration for my students to see this made up.

  75. I like 9152, because it looks very versatile and would suit my figure. Thanks!

  76. My favorite is 9151, it looks like it would be very flattering and id love to try it!

  77. I like V9147. Simple dress and that collar makes me smile.

  78. I’d love to turn Vogue 1469 into my little black dress!

  79. There are so many interesting patterns in this collection but I like 9146 the best. I have been sewing since I was 12 but I have never used a Vogue pattern (and I think it’s about time I did). Thank you for the opportunity to try to win the free pattern.

  80. I’m also having a hard time choosing a favorite, but Sandra Betzina’s tunic/top V1477 beat out V1468, the Finetti dress due to my current lifestyle! (I do love that dress, though!)
    Crossing my fingers…

  81. Among all the elegant, fancy items in this collection, the plain and simple 9147 caught my eye. I like the easy lines and the hint of fun in the pocket and collar shapes. I’ll be making this one — it kind of reminds me of my favourite Vogue from last year, 9022.

  82. 9156!!!!! I have a beautiful piece of wool just waiting for it!!!!

  83. I like V 1472 a skirt and top outfit. I like the interesting color blocking of the skirt and unusual drape it has. I would probably wear it with a different top though.

  84. Very close contest between V1480 and V1477. They are both fabulous and I’ll probably buy both!

  85. I would like V9163. I am teaching part-time, and I love the idea of a “suit” with a hoodie:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I like the marcy tilton shirt vogue 9153.

  87. Though I really like v9145, it’s v1469 by lialia that I’ll be after first.

  88. V1479, please. Lovely winter-coat that I need.

  89. I’d love 1475 as it would fill a gap in my wardrobe. I’ve moved to a much colder climate then what I am used to and I have no evening dress with sleeves. The fact that the dress has an asymetric neckline with ruched collar and ruched side to give it interest makes this pattern the winner to used to fill the gap.

  90. I adore Kathryn Brenne’s new pattern V9162. I think it’s her best pattern yet…the jacket – simple chic, and done in a cashmere, well, oo-la-la; the shirt with the higher stand-up collar and the non-distracting concealed button band is perfectly matched to the jacket lines, or when worn without the jacket – oversized shirt perfection; and the pants have just the right details to make them my top choice for wide-leg options in my closet. I wish I had the exact fabrics too.

  91. Lots of interesting style lines on these new patterns. I would make the shirt version of Sandra Betzina’s 1477. It looks like a comfy and flattering style. I like how she did the cover in different fabrics.

  92. V9157 is my choice. I need a new jacket and this would be my first one to be hand made and fitted to perfection

  93. I would love to win V9145, I love the style of this dress and think it very feminine and flattering.

  94. My favorite is V1471, by Nicola Finetti. It looks like such a nice, updated style on a classic dress and I think it would be absolutely gorgeous for winter holiday parties!

  95. I like 1475. I don’t have an evening dress. There are a few others too but this is the biggest gap in my pattern stash.

  96. I LOVE Marcy Tilton’s 9153. It is a shirt with pizazz, and also could be used as a jumping off point for a great vest or jacket.

  97. 1480. There are many patterns in this release that are beautiful!

  98. V9145…love the flattering lines & flow!

  99. Love Vogue 1479, the Isaac Mizrahi coat. It looks so warm and comfy.

  100. 9152, view A, caught my eye. I would like more shawl collars in my closet. I like the way that the front and back darts, and center back seam shape this shirt, and the angle of the front edge. And the large, loose cuffs look great for Fall. I have a lightweight linen that might work very well for this.

    The triple-layered collar and front band fascinate me. I’d like to see what different fabric choices do. Perhaps an ombre effect? Or highlight shades of multi-colored main fabric, like framing a painting? Maybe 3 layers of chiffon?

  101. V9149 – I’d love to win this dress as I have some beautiful wool crepe that needs using and the dress looks perfect for my figure and beautifully drafted. Thanks 🙂

  102. V9156 is my favorite of this collection. I am looking for a shorter less structured “car” coat and this looks perfect.

  103. V9145 is my favorite this season! love it, it will make the perfect holiday dress.

  104. V9162 would be like winning 3 patterns with all the possibilities for mixing with other separates so that is the pattern I would like to win.

  105. V1470, I love it. I love the ‘classic with a twist’ look of it.

  106. V1477 I love how Sandra’s patterns go up to very large sizes and show you where to alter if required – they always turn out fantastic

  107. Vogue 1477 would be my first choice of your new releases. We just returned from Paris, where I bought a striped knit that I would love to try with this pattern. Go Sandra!

  108. I would love to win V1479! I just love Isaac Mizrahi, his designs are sublime!! To be able to make a coat from one of his patterns/designs would just be wonderful. Thank you for this contest and the chance to win a pattern.

  109. I like this : V8850

    Because that´s the perfekt Partydress for Ringcon….

  110. I love 9145 because it looks fun to sew and fun to wear. Plus I love all things Claire Schaeffer.

  111. There are so many lovely patterns but I’m only a few months from retirement so casual will be most of my new wardrobe. I really like Marcy Tilton patterns and have made several recently so I’m going to select V9153. I’m sure there are several pieces in my stash which will work for this one.

  112. V9146
    Looks like a lovely flattering and versatile dress that could be summer or winter wear depending on the fabric used

  113. I cant decide between

    V9162 Kathryn Brenne

    v1478 Misses Coat

    Both so flattering !

  114. Oooh, I love 1472 by Zandra Rhodes!! I have a substantial pattern collection, including many by independent and special designers, but nothing like this. As I get older, I gravitate toward the most unique looks – and this is amazing!

  115. I’m looking at the pants pattern 9155 because has potential to become a TNT pattern.

  116. I love 9152! The beautiful lines, sleeves with the cuff detail, and vatiations of this pattern are just beautiful. I would love to win because I’m a SAHM, who is just getting back into sewing now that my kiddos are older, and it would be fun to dive back in! Thanks for the giveaway-

  117. I would love to win pattern V9158. The style of the dress is something a little different and it would be a great opportunity for me to use some of the buttons my grandmother passed along to me!

  118. I would love to win V1470 because it is a timeless and classic pattern that I can wear to work and feel polished and driven as a young professional.

  119. I would love to win 1470. Princess seams, the chance to highly get dramatic contrast. Stylish, while still flattering to those of us with figure challenges. What’s not to love?

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