V1467 Pea Coat Sew Along: Tailoring

Pea coat sew along on the McCall Pattern Company blog. This week, tailoring.

This week in our V1467 Pea Coat Sew Along Rachel is taking us through tailoring in two posts. Today’s post is about cutting, marking and interfacing; she’ll have more information later this week about the specific steps we’re sewing now. Head over to Rachel’s blog ASAP!

Looking at the photos of Rachel’s pea-coat-in-progress, I have to admit I have serious envy of her black-and-white plaid wool. How chic is she going to look when it’s all done?! Wishing I had gone with something black-and-white like this…

V1467 Pea Coat Sew Along. Matching plaids. The McCall Pattern Company blog.

I’m making good progress on my own pea coat. My fabric is a double-faced soft wool from Fabrics & Fabrics here in the garment district. I’d completely forgotten how pleasurable it is to sew with good wool. (Working with good fabric makes me so happy.) So far I’ve sewn up to the part where you add the belt to the back. How are you doing with your pea coats?

V1467 Pea Coat Sew Along. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
Ok, so my topstitching could be a little better at the part where the back seam meets the inset. I re-stitched it a couple of times and then said “what the heck, it is what it is.” There are times to agonize and obsess, and there are times to move on. This was one of them.

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

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  1. I really like your fabric choice, as you continue that tiny detail will fade away

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