A Fabric Store to Add to Your Garment District Must-Visit List

Payam Hezghia and his wife Justina, owners of Fabrics & Fabrics in NYC's garment district.
Payam Hezghia and his wife Justina, owners of Fabrics & Fabrics in NYC’s garment district.

Planning a trip to the Garment District in New York City? We’ve got a store to add to your must-visit list. It’s called Fabrics & Fabrics, and it’s located at 270 W. 38th Street on the third floor. The store has the most scrumptious selection of designer silks, brocades, wools, knits and more, and most of it is neatly arranged so you don’t have to hunt through bolts piled on top of each other.

Penny Payne, fabric editor, and Carlos Correa, Vogue Patterns designer, visited the store last week to source some lace fabric, and I went along with them to hunt for fabric for the V1467 pea coat I’m making as part of our sewalong. We all struck gold. This store is also a favorite of sewing educator and Threads contributor Susan Khalje.

If you’re looking for bargains you might be better off along W. 39th Street, but if you love sewing with the same designer fabrics you see on the runway, then this is a store you need to see. You also get lots of personal attention. Fabrics & Fabrics does have an online presence, but it doesn’t come close to matching the volume of fabrics you’ll find at the Garment District store. Worth a visit!

Fabrics & Fabrics in the Garment District, NYC
Carlos and Penny checking out the beautiful laces.
Wools found at Fabrics & Fabrics in NYC's garment district.
Wool aisle
Fabrics & Fabrics in the Garment District, NYC
I like how they’ve placed inspiration images throughout the store.
Fabrics & Fabrics in the Garment District, NYC
Penny went nuts over this 1970s-ish velveteen print and made me photograph it for her. I really like it too.
Colorful wools at Fabrics & Fabrics in NYC's garment district.
Colorful wools and wool jerseys. I should have gotten more images of their silks and brocades, because that stuff is amazing, but I was concentrating on wool for my pea coat. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself!


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  1. Great looking store. Must visit when I come to NYC.☺

  2. Thanks for sharing, Meg. Their online store looks pretty awesome! Can’t imagine ever getting out of the actual store!!

  3. That looks amazing.
    And what really blows my head is how they’ve attached little samples to the bolts – such a great idea to allow for fondling pretty fabrics without ppl having to pull out bolts!

  4. Thanks. I’ll be in NYC for a day in early Oct so I’ll be sure to visit this shop.

  5. Ooh Candy Store 🙂

  6. I live in CT but always in the garment district. I will add this to my list for my visit next week. I usually hit Paron Fabrics, H.M. Fabrics which is right next door and love, love, love Metrotextiles a block or so over!!!

  7. Next time (??) I’m in New York City I’m checking this place out!

  8. I bought 4 ply self crepe and french lace here for my wedding dress. Their selection is amazing nad the prices are better than you would expect from such a nice place.

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