Schedule for V1467 Pea Coat Sew Along


V1467 pea coat sew along hosted by the McCall Pattern Company

It may be the last unofficial week of summer here in the US, but we are so ready to talk about sewing pea coats for fall. In case you missed it, we’re about to kick off our Fall 2015 Sew Along. This time we will be sewing Vogue Patterns V1467, the pea coat pattern by Anne Klein. Joining us as sew along co-host is Rachel of House of Pinheiro. Rachel is a really talented home sewer and we always want one of everything she makes. Did you catch her hugely popular Instagram meme that just finished, #sewphotohop?

Here’s the working schedule for this sew along:

Week of: Post
8/31/2015 announce sew along schedule
9/7/2015 picking fabric and pre-treating it
9/14/2015 making a muslin
9/21/2015 Prep work; cutting your fabric; marking your pattern pieces; underlining (if applicable); creating bias binding; reinforcing and stay stitching (Steps 1-2, step 11, steps 16-18)
9/28/2015 Front: Attaching pockets & side seams, topstitching (steps 3-8)
10/5/2015 Back & back lining: (steps 9-22, 35 & 37) and sleeves: (steps 23-29) Sleeve lining.
10/12/2015 Facing & lining assembly ( Steps 30-34 & 38-40) and Collar (41-54)
10/19/2015 Hem and Finishing (55-58)
10/26/2015 Buttonholes (59 -64)
11/2/2015 Parade of finished coats


Below is a blogger badge for sew-alongers. Just copy and paste it to your blog, but please link it back to this blog ( We will set up a Flickr group this week where we can share our construction and progress photos with each other. Hashtag is #v1467sewalong.
blogger badge for V1467 pea coat sew along

Two things we always get asked about participating in sew alongs: One, do I need to sign up to be in the sew along? No, there is no sign up. You can let us know you’re participating by leaving comments on posts here and on Rachel’s blog, tagging photos on your social media with #v1467sewalong, or posting photos to the forthcoming Flickr group. Or, you can participate quietly on your own without leaving any kind of social media footprint. Your call!

Two, what if I can’t keep up with the schedule? No worries! Relax, this is a go-at-your-own-pace sew along. We will leave all the sew along posts up indefinitely so you can reference them in the future. If you feel like you have to stick to a tight schedule you won’t enjoy yourself as much.

Next week Rachel and I will both be talking about choosing fabric for our pea coats. Stay tuned!

  1. How exciting! I just purchased this pattern this past weekend without knowing about this upcoming sew along. I will definitely participate. It will be fun!

  2. I’m so excited to make this coat! This will be my first sew-along adventure. 😀

  3. I just got my pattern …I have pick black suede with bottom heavy-weight fabric…………………

  4. I am so excited about this sew a long!!! Thank you for hosting it…..anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pattern <3


  5. So excited about this sew along!! Got my fabric today and my pattern has been ordered!

  6. Still waiting for my pattern to arrive. I’ve not yet decided on fabric so I think I will be one of the slower ones. However I’ve pretty much decided to make a full lining, it helps get a coat on and off with no “catching”.

  7. never used hashtag or flicker – or whatever – so I will be behind the eight-ball! My pattern has not arrived yet – & I will wait for the first lesson – to decide – what materials to purchase. Thanks so much for hosting this – sew-a-long – should be informative.

  8. Picking up pattern this weekend, looking forward to this sew along.

  9. I just ordered the pattern. I’ve never sewn a coat and this is a good opportunity to experiment. Looking pictures online for inspiration 🙂

  10. I definitely want to join this sew along, I just need to purchase the pattern!

  11. I have the pattern, but am unsure as to how to follow along…

  12. Oh…I love a good peacoat! And, I sew better with a prescribed schedule. I can’t wait!

  13. Really looking forward to this sew along! I’m intrigued by the lighter weight fabric used in the original and partial lining. Can’t wait to see everyone’s projects.

  14. I love this jacket…! They did not have my size at my local Joann’s. I have an idea of fabric, too!

  15. Excellent pattern choice! I hope to use some cone denim I bought a while back in NYC, but that could change. Also a sew along will be a perfect way to keep me on track. Can’t wait to get started!

  16. Picked up the pattern this weekend, looking forward to participating.

  17. Just ordered the pattern and already have some wonderful material that I have been saving for something beautiful and functional. I will make mine a bit longer with a vent in the back.

  18. Very excited 2 b part of the group!

  19. i am a ‘suka’ for preppy clothing and THIS is right up there .Excited to be a part of this.Here’s to a beautiful time of creativity.

  20. I happened to notice this sewalong recently, and want to join. When I was young I sewed a lot, and could use the pattern right out of the envelope. Now I am in my seventies and nothing fits anymore. When measuring the pattern I found I was a size 14 between the armcreases, front and back, size 20 at the bust (B-cup), and size 24 waist and hip. I don’t have a fitting buddy, so I am hoping that if I put pictures of me on Flickr I could get some help.

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