Choosing the Next Sewalong. Plus, New Sewing Meme

Shortest horror story ever: Sewing machine away for service.

Yay, we made it through another work week! It’s been wretchedly hot here in NYC, giving us a good excuse to stay inside with our two favorite devices: the air conditioner and the sewing machine. Is it wrong to worship them?!

Sewalongs: We’ve been thinking about what to sew for the next sewalong. So far we’ve done a Ralph Rucci coat and a wrap dress. We like the idea of doing something a little harder in the fall and then something easier in the spring. One suggestion we’ve gotten so far for the next sewalong is the new Anne Klein pea coat pattern. What do you think about that? Other suggestions for a pattern to sew together? We’d love to hear your thoughts before we make a decision.
vogue pattern v1467

McCall Pattern Company Fall Collections video 2015
Have you seen the new sewing meme on Instagram? It’s called the “Sew Photo Hop” and it was created by Rachel of House of Pinheiro. Each day in August has a specific theme, like “Hello, Introduce Yourself” for August 1, and you post your own photo on your Instagram account that addresses the theme, tagging it with #sewphotohop. This is a great way to get to know your fellow sewists a little better. We’re going to try to play along and hope you do too.


Have a great weekend with lots of sewing! Back next week with more to chat about, we promise.

  1. Anne Klein pea coat–yes please!

    1. I would love to do the pea coat sew along. It is a classic style that I have always liked. Now to get the perfect fabric.

  2. It’s me again—I just looked, this pattern is on sale right now-$5.99 from $19.99 I don’t know when the sale ends.

  3. The Anne Klein coat is such a stunning take on a classic.

    If I remember correctly, a pea coat was my first coat project. It’s a great way to learn a lot about tailoring, and the timeless style means that the resulting coat will be well worth all of the time and effort that goes into it.

  4. The Anne Klein Pea Coat was my favorite of the recently released patterns, so I’m all for it.

  5. The pea coat would be great, I love it. But… by the time you get going on a pea coat up there in the northern hemisphere, we’re starting to get hot down here and handling wool in the heat is icky!

  6. I LOVE the peacoat but also love the Koos dress, or 1459! It is so interesting! Thank you for the sewalongs, I always learn something new!

  7. Yes, that pea coat is amazing and I will be sewing along. Thanks for taking part of #sewphotohop

  8. I love the pea coat, but that would be useless in Phoenix.

    I vote for either of the Donna Karan jacket and skirt patterns.

  9. I love that pea coat! Anne Klein garments are so beautiful — some of my favorite clothes over the years have been Anne Klein. I’d love to make one of their designs myself!

    I have perfect fabric, too…

  10. I’d surely be in on the peacoat..I have some lovely red Pendelton wool just waiting..

  11. Interesting, I’ve never had a coat like this before. If I can get a hold.of some nice red wool I would like to join!

  12. You know my vote lol I know the perfect fabric for this!

  13. The pea coat please!

  14. I won’t be able to participate in the sew along but would love to see the pea coat come together. I would definitely want to refer to the sew along in the future when I get around to making it!

  15. I will be joining in and would love to do any sort of coat fr the Autumn…excited already!

  16. Yes please, let’s do the pea coat. I just ordered the pattern on Saturday. I could use a navy coat this winter.

  17. Oh, yes, the pea coat please!

  18. A pea coat? Yes!

  19. The Anne Klein pea coat for sure! It’s a classic (and I just bought it along with some beautiful camel hair from Mood Fabrics)!

  20. I would like to see a sew along that could be viewed at any future time. Have a weird schedule but would love to see the pea coat project.

    1. Karen, we keep the sew along posts up forever, so you can sew whenever you’re ready.

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