TGIF: A Pattern Giveaway, Cool Images, & Pattern Hacking

Limited-time pattern giveaway on the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Being the editor of a blog for a pattern company, you’d think I’d be using this space to write about all the things I’ve sewn lately with our patterns. Uh, no. Sorry, the weather has been too nice here in NYC to be indoors sewing. Let’s all stockpile patterns and fabric now, and then start up sewing again once the weather turns bleh.

Speaking of patterns, we just released the new Butterick fall collection and I feel like having a pattern giveaway on this blog. Yay! All you have to do is check out the new collection here, then leave a comment on this post telling me which pattern you’d like to win and why. Must have a valid email address; only one comment per person. One winner will be randomly selected next week and notified via email. I’ll also announce the name of the winner on this post, so check back next week if you want to see who won. (We’re also having this same giveaway on Instagram, if you want another chance to win.)

7/29/15 Update: Congratulations to V Reed, the random winner of this pattern giveaway!

The Great Pattern Hack ChallengeAre you a pattern hacker? Do you look at our patterns and think hmm, if I did this there and that here, how cute would it be? Yeah, we’re cool with that. I make hacks to our patterns every now and then, though I’m often pretty lazy and just stick with our designs. (You should see the hacks Nikki of Beauté J’Adore does to our patterns and other companies’ patterns. She’s an artiste!) If you like to pattern-hack and you’d love the idea of winning cool sewing prizes—like a new Janome sewing machine!—then check out the Great Pattern Hack Challenge from Michael Miller Fabrics and Janome.

Finally, just because it’s Friday, here are two sewing quote images for you to grab and share. Every time I read these words I think “that is so me.” Does this sentiment apply to you too? Have a great weekend!


sewing quote image by the McCall Pattern Company sewing quote image by the McCall Pattern Company

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. I love B6235 for its versatility and for the fact that I can make friends and family gifts without concern for sizing. For myself, I like B6254 – classy, classy look — and no need to line it! Hooray!

  2. B6254 is my choice – looks to be a great pattern for fabric play

  3. I like B6255. I liked the way it was worn in the picture. Then upon checking the detailed information, I love that the front can be worn two different ways for view A. Then seeing the back of view A, I really fell in love with it. Just style and versatility is how I would really describe it.

  4. I love B6244, both of those pieces would be great work wear for me this fall- I loved looking through the new collection! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hard to choose just one … I’d like to make several versions of Fast & Easy B6250 (Misses’ Jacket, Coat and Wrap) and have just the fabric stash to do so!

  6. I can’t choose just one! I like 6255 for its versatility, and 6250 because it’s fast and easy! Nothing like a quick pattern for feeling accomplished when time is short.

  7. I just posted about the five I really love! It is so hard to choose just one, but I would have to say Lisette’s gorgeous coat in B6244 is at the top of the list! I could see it in a gorgeous wool boucle because it shows both sides and needs softer drape. I think I have a 3 or 4 yard cut somewhere in the stash. I just have to wait for the chillier weather and a moment to find the fabric!

  8. I love B6242, the fitted gown and the draping kimono sleeves.

  9. I like B6261. Not sure if it would make me look too big.

  10. I would love to win the new B6259 retro pattern. I like that nice big collar, and the blousing is an interesting detail for a suit jacket. The pencil skirt is classic and versatile. And the view A jacket would make a lovely transitional wrap dress, perfect for wearing with tights and boots. Glad to see this vintage pattern newly released!

  11. I would love to win B6233. It is so versatile – I can already picture making it for myself and for my teen daughters.

  12. Hard to choose just one, but I would love to win B6246.

  13. I really like 6247. I love the all the versions and would like very much to make this using a sweater knit as well as a light weight knit.

  14. Love the Lifestyle pattern 6258. I see many outfits from it in my future.

  15. I’ll just copy and paste from yesterday’s blog post about the new Butterick patterns.

    “Butterick 6253 is a kAtheRine Tilton design and I love everything about it. You can make it out of knit or sweatshirt fleece (comfy!) and it has pockets (love pockets!) and it has a hood. I need this pattern!”

    I would be over-the-moon if I won Butterick 6253. Thanks for the opportunity to win [fingers crossed].

  16. I love 6241, the back looks classic but what a fantastic surprise the funky front view.

    I would love to win this pattern

  17. I would love to have the lisette pattern 6244. I have a lovely piece of cashmere waiting for just the right pattern. Can you imagine cocooning in this coat on those first chilly fall days?

  18. As soon as I got the email yesterday about these new patterns, I made a list in the Notes part of my iPhone of which ones to buy as soon as possible. My FAVORITE one is the one you are showing – B6247 and then I continued on to list B6257, B6254, B6256, B6263 and B6231. Soooooo, you can tell – I’M EXCITED!!!!!!

  19. B6246 is the one for me. Being a casual gal- this would fit perfect in my wardrobe of Ts and Jeans.

  20. Love B6243! OOOH! I see this in some awesome bouclé. Hack the pattern for some cool awesome outfits.

    1. Please, only one comment per person. Thanks.

  21. I do believe that I would start with 6239 to make a dress for my granddaughter. She would love the twirly skirt and the long sleeve version would be warm at school.

  22. I would love to win 6257. This looks like such a great wardrobe builder for my office job. The skirt and dress are so cute with great lines. Lots of possibilities!

  23. I would love to win B6238, because I just became the proud grandma of my first grandson. I’d really love to sew some beautiful outfits for him.

  24. B6254 is exactly what I need for this autumn in Québec. Thanks for the opportunity to win this pattern

  25. I’d really like to win #B6253, the hoodie pattern with the slight ruffles around it. I LOOOVVEE hoodies! They have become the new sweaters for me. They are great for me to wear at work. I can dress them up or dress them down. They are what I go to when I just want to be wrapped up in comfort. I love the added ruffles in this one!

  26. 6254 is the one for me, I love Katherine Tilton’s designs and this coat dress would slot very nicely into my wardrobe.

  27. I should probably be practical and say something nursing-friendly, but I’m intrigued by 6247.

  28. I must admit, this selection of patterns makes selecting just one VERY difficult! Since so many of the fall line patterns have intriguing possibilities I had to resort to a process of elimination to prioritize what I would sew first. LOL

    I think I would quickly wear out pattern B6248 making fun and comfortable variances, so I would select it as my ‘giveaway’ win- just to ensure I have a back up. LOL

    I now have B6248, B6251 and B6254 on my shopping list. After the 2014/2015 winter here in New England I think these patterns will help me to be prepared for a possible repeat in 2015/2016. Even if this coming winter isn’t as overwhelming as last, this is my excuse for ‘stocking up’ on these great patterns – just to be prepared, it’s the “responsible” thing to do, don’t you think? LOL

  29. B6244, its the perfect throw on coat to look polished and professional, whether causal or for work. The dress is perfect for the same reason. Thanks!

  30. I love the simplicity of B6244, and the coat has a fabulous drape without the dropping points in the front. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Liesl’s pattern are well drafted with meticulous construction details so I know that both Lisette patterns will be a must buy but the tunic in 6247 is perfect for my fall and winter wardrobe. It looks fashionable, appears comfortable and would be appropriate for women of a certain age…perfect for evenings and weekends!

  32. I would love to have B6244 because yes, it’s a classic design that flatters everyone and just says “chic yet comfy”. Another reason: because I love the idea of using some gorgeous copper- or gold-colored faux leather (that I saw in a fabric store this summer) on the shoulders and side panels of the dress…and finding a fabulous plaid fabric with tones to match the leather. Does anyone else do that? Buy a pattern simply because there’s one detail that makes it sing? Just love it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  33. 6238 because it’s just so darn cute!

  34. Thank you for this opportunity. After studying the patterns, the main one that I like is B6258. It is a long cardigan, dress, etc. This pattern would work well with my shape, hiding my too- much tummy, and overall creating nice lines. 🙂

  35. I am loving B6251. So cute and great for fall!!

  36. How to pick just one? But the one I keep coming back to is 6254 due to the creative use of fabric. I think I’d make it tunic length for wear this fall.

  37. I love the back options on B6248.

  38. Lisette B6244

    Love the many options. I can think of several things I could do with this pattern that are not shown. Already have some fabric in my stash that I fell in love with, but did not have any idea what I would do with it. Now I know.

  39. I love the Lisette coat pattern B6244. I’m in outside sales and this coat would be awesome for me in and out of my car all day and into multiple customers. It is stylish and smart looking and would be great in a soft double sided wool or ultra suede (if they still call it that) would be nice too. I would also like to try this with the fleece backed suede, or even a buffalo checked wool. oooooohhhh the creative juices are just flowing with this pattern. 🙂

    1. I know! Awesome, isn’t it?!

  40. B6263
    this pattern will be flattering to my current body shape

  41. I really like the look of B6241. It’s entirely outside of my comfort zone and I don’t own anything like it, but I absolutely love the gray version and would love to try it myself. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  42. It’s so hard to choose one. This season you have hit the ball out of the park with creative but practical garments. 6254 is my number one choice. I will definitely be making that one this fall.

  43. I’d love to win B6254, the Misses’ Coat Dress. It is truly a classic style.

  44. B6249 is just what I need for Fall and Winter, such as it is in SoCal.

  45. I’m going with B6243 because I think my DD would look amazing in it.

  46. I am liking B6244. Thanks for the giveaway x

  47. She did it again! Kathrene Tilton’s coat dress 6254 is exciting and imaginative, like all her patterns. I’d like to use it for my version

  48. B6257 Jacket, Dress and Skirt, is fantastic. Love the Jacket and the pannels on the side of the dress are really interesting.

  49. My daughter wants a skirt like B6256 so that is my pick.

  50. My favorite pattern is B6258. This wardrobe collection is perfect for my planned Little League conference that is in Seattle, WA at the end of January. As a 37 + year volunteer in this youth program, the professionalism of this wardrobe fits perfectly with the occasion. And the fact that it is to be made from knits, means it will travel great. I can use this one pattern to make all of my clothes for the whole weekend. The formal dinner, the dress, the vendor hours, pants and blouse, the seminars, a blouse and skirt. For the last night, I can wear the jacket, as that is out of the hotel. Perfect!

  51. I love the look of B6247 that would be perfect for cool desert mornings and nights.

  52. B6247 is a fantastic pattern. I like all the views, but D is my favourite. I just love that layered look.

  53. I really love B6240, as a complete novice to sewing, would love to try this. So stylish and classy.

  54. B6244. Because it’s just fabulous and I would be able to adjust the pattern with fabric depending onseason. Yum :))

  55. B6241 with those funky side pockets! I’m a school teacher and need to look nice but dress comfy and dresses that hang from the shoulder fit me to a T. I love the style lines in this dress and that I can wear it styled for any So. Calif season.

  56. Katherine Tilton’s over the top hooded jacket would be so comfy to drive on Iowa I 80 back and forth to Iowa City from Grinnell. Love the zip front hooded flared over the top. The pattern is perfect for embellishment and my imagination.

  57. I’d love to win B6241. It’s so cute and I’d love to make some for my stylish niece.

  58. I would love to try B6264 because making gloves is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. The tote is a plus!

  59. B6246 looks woderful

  60. I LOVE the neckline on the jacket of 6243–uniqie neckline and I would love to make that into a top .

  61. 6241 is so awesome…fun, almost lagenlook, but not frumpy. I’d make it in a stripe to play with the draping.

  62. Really? we need to choose just one? That’s how versatile your Fall 2015 patterns are! I love all things “Tilton sisters” so all of those patterns are already on my must sew list. I can see so many possibilities and pattern “hacks” with 6244. That dress would be fabulous in a scuba knit…for a fresh take on a classic. But my favorite is 6248! So many variations for every season in any type of knit. Thank you for an opportunity to weigh in on the new Fall patterns. These will be tough to keep in stock so congrats to the design team! I can’t wait to get sewing 😉

  63. Love the look of B6250. It looks so comfortable while elegant. I like the short version best.

  64. I love Katherine Tilton’s B6254, the coat/dress. I would love it for fall… great lines, great fit!

  65. Love B6256 because of its dramatic collar and the potential to color block the sides!

  66. I’d love to sew B6238 for my grandson and another expected baby in the family. It’s perfect for Christmas.

  67. B6248 makes me smile- love the back, some unexpected drama! Also in love with B6243- Great transitional dress – pointed waist does remind me of some of my dresses from the eighties.

  68. I would like B6247. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  69. I really like the retro style B6259, I have been enjoying recreating all the retro looks and found that I look good in them!!

  70. Love B6254 Katherine Tilton coat. Very stylish.

  71. Would love B 6247. Love the crunchy texture of the fabric shown and the “swing” of the lines of the design!

  72. I absolutely love, love, love the new Katherine Tilton coat 6254. Did I mention I love it?

  73. I would love B6249. I love the way the skirt is fitted at the top & flows at the bottom. Plus, I really need to start building my skirt wardrobe for work.

  74. B6243… I love it’s retro feel and that jacket!

  75. I love what you are doing with the blogs/social media!!!
    I’m definitely wanting Butterick 6241- I think it looks fun.

  76. Hi there! I’d love to win the B6247, it seems easy enough for me to make, and I would certainly love to wear it! Thanks for the opportunity 😉

  77. Hi… I would love to win b6242….. I really enjoy the retro sewing patterns. I’m always looking on Esty or EBay for old patterns… I am not a slim build, so the full skirts look best on me… Enjoy the weekend… 🙂

  78. Butterick 6261 is my pick from the new Fall collection. I have the fabric but was waiting for the right pattern to come along and this one fits the bill. I try to sew for my sister as well and this style is one that would flatter us both.

  79. B6241 is my top choice of the new line…. so many possibilities with this style! Absolutely so cute as a tunic over leggings. I love the versatility of the collar – the slouchy pockets give it a fun look – and the pieced yoke can be sewn with coordinating or contrasting fabric to give the look of a vest! I would also lengthen the dress to mid-calf and slightly taper the added length to the hemline ….. absolutely love this pattern!!

  80. My last 2 garments have been sewn from Butterick! My favorite among the ones given is B6245. I like the choice of sleeves in long or short and the comfy look, yet it can be dressed up with the right fabrics.

  81. B6206 it’s a perfect look for a casual dress and is seam easy do

  82. I would love B6255. I need to learn to make coats and this one is really nice.

  83. 6253 – fabulous!!!

  84. 6252 – just the type poncho I was looking to make – fast and easy but with the little extra details that makes it stand out from the others.

  85. I am in love with B6255. The unlined coat that can double as a soft and easy going cardigan will fit right into my winter wardrobe. I can’t wait to stitch it up!

    1. Congratulations, you are the random winner! Please send an email to with your name, mailing address, pattern number and size. Thanks!

  86. I would love B6254 because it can be conservative, creative, wild and subdued, depending on the mix of fabrics and colors. I would love to create both: a mild, yet intriguing version and a totally crazy – yet tasteful – one! Fun!

  87. B6251 reminds me of fall especially the button version made in a cosy knit. The leaves turning, the nip in the air and B6251 to keep me warm!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  88. B6254 gets the creative ideas flowing for me. I would love to do a pattern hack on this -change the neckline, lose the buttons & sew it up in colorful knit fabrics.

  89. I would love to make B6256. The shoulder detail and exposed zipper really make the garment pop! Love it.

  90. I love B6247! I can see several variations already with fabric in my stash. 🙂

  91. I would love to win B6253. My daughter is pregnant and due in January. All of her other babies have been spring babies so she never needed a jacket. This is a cute jacket and she could wear it later too.

  92. I’d love B6266 simply because it’s beautiful and flattering. 🙂

  93. I like 6256, smart and interesting.

  94. Hello,
    All the patterns are looking good, but I especially liked B6256. That suit is sassy but classic. Love it.
    Thank you,

    Chloe Collins

  95. I love B6243 – very elegant!

  96. B6248 is my favorite! I love all the versatility in this pattern! I can see my self with a few of these and wearing them to work! Love it!

  97. B 6247 without a doubt, just what I am looking for.

  98. I’m such a Tilton fan — already dreaming up fabric combinations for B6254!

  99. I like B6247 because it looks simple to sew and stylish to wear!

  100. I loved, loved, loved the spring and summer collection. By the time I get everything sewn, I will have missed the fall/winter entirely. Hope whoever wins the pattern enjoys themselves–I’m good.

  101. I really love B6247–I see lots of possibilities for mixing fabrics in making view D.

  102. B6256 is my pattern of choice. Very flattering for most body types.

  103. 6256 is the best. Thank You for the possibility.

  104. I’d love to have B6242 because I love those vintage reproduction patterns!

  105. B6245 is just my style! Casual yet classy. And I already have the perfect fabric in my stash!

  106. I love B6247 because it is so versatile. I could make 10 garments from this and they would all look so different. It is very forgiving when it comes to the odd bulge where you would prefer a bulge not to be.

  107. Butterick 6244! I love how this coat drapes along the front.

  108. I would love B6248 because there are several options offered in one pattern that would transition from fall to winter & also be suitable for casual as well as workwear.

  109. I love B6254. I can imagine making a few of these, and they’d all look so different that no one would realize they’re from the same pattern. I’m looking forward to wearing this one to work.

  110. I would love to sew B 6254. It is very modern yet has a classic look . The design seems intelligent and practical at the same time and could be made up in a zillion ways.

  111. I have been hoarding a beautiful gray double faced wool that would be perfect for B6244, but would add a little width to the sleeves. I would then embellish with multiple shades wool yarn along the edges for an Eastern European vibe. Perfect for jeans or dresses!

  112. B6263 is wonderful! I love the scoop neckline, and the length is terrific. I’d love to make a couple of these for the fall! Pick me!

  113. B6251 – I like clean lines and this coat is simple, yet refined and elegant.

  114. I love 6259!!! I’ve been getting into vintage looks lately and this is a classic!

  115. I would love B6250, My daughter is learning to sew and she bought a wonderful wool mix fabric. This pattern would be a great pattern for her to sew (with guidance from her mum) and would look fabulous!

  116. I really like B6255. It gives me the illusion of an asymetric closing jacket that I’ve been searching for. Hopefully a true asymetric jacket will come up soon.

  117. I like B6247 because of the versatility of the collar and the layering features . I can be made in so many different fabric patterns and ideal with jean/leggings. I could get quite of a lot of mileage out of this pattern for the fall/winter seasons.

  118. I’m in love with retro looks – B6242, please!

  119. B6252 is really beautiful. I would extend the design and make a full dress.

  120. Hello there,

    I’d love to win B6232, it looks like it would be something really flattering and wearable, that you can make again and again. The long sleeve version in the floral print is gorgeous. I’m just starting with dressmaking and haven’t tried out anything with a proper sleeve yet just cap sleeves, so I’d love the challenge of sleeves.

  121. I like B6240 , it is stylish to wear!

  122. I really like B6260 the jacket caught my eye but I love the skirt as well. A nice feminine ensemble.

  123. B6265 – I’m sewing some doll clothes to donate to a local charity next Christmas. These would be cute and make some little girl happy.

  124. B6258 – this is just my style and I love the lifestyle patterns x

  125. I’m really liking B6250, the wrap. I’ve seen this’ll runway shows made up in light knit to act like a warm scarf.

  126. B6244 is the one that I would like to win.The coat is beautiful very ” Grace Kelly ” and the dress is perfect for some tartan that I have in my stash.

  127. I would choose 6260. I really like the lines of the skirt

  128. I’ve got my eye on 6241. I really like the sporty look of it and the drapey side pockets are a great touch. I could see making the long-sleeved version in black terry and wearing it over colourful leggings or tights in the Fall.

  129. I would like to win the Lysette pattern, looks fun to make and I need a cute new jacket style…

  130. So many great jackets, I think 6256 is today’s favorite…….great collection.


  131. i would love to win B6262, every easy to make and looks comfortable.

  132. I love B6242 for two reasons. My husband has a strong preference for gathered dresses and because I am old enough to remember when this dress was the height of fashion. I remember my mother wearing one very similar to this one.

  133. I love B6267 the most but I like so many of them.

  134. I love the new Fall line but I’m partial to Connie Crawford patterns. I would love to win B6261!

  135. B6243 Just love the collar. The right amount of retro…60’s

  136. B6254. Classic but also quite avant grade in its use of fabric combinations and shaping. Perfect statement piece but easy to wear.

  137. I love B624. It reminds me of this amazing Calvin Klein suit jacket I had that the dry cleaners lost last year. I used to wear it every week. Also now that I’ve gained some weight and need to update my work wardrobe, it would be the perfect jacket for camouflage while looking professional.

    1. B6244. A “4” was left off….

  138. I would love to win B6247. I love what you are wearing, the design and the choice of fabric looks amazing on you. After reviewing the pattern, I love the versatility of the pattern. I love this style!

  139. So versatile and hackable. B6240, please

  140. B6255! I saw a coat almost exactly the same online last winter and choked on the price. I love that I can make this in a fabric more suitable to Southern winters.

  141. I would like to win B6241 – – because it is an innovative take on the typical fall knit dresses/ sweater dresses. You can have the “comfyness ” of the sweatpants, without the frumpy look

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