New Coloring Book: Vogue Patterns Fall Collection. Plus, Discussion Topic

Vogue Patterns Fall '15 Coloring Book PDF

In case you missed it, we released the Vogue Patterns Fall 2015 collection last week. We’ve been reading your comments about it (love that you have so much to say!), and your early favorites appear to be the pea coat, the mustard-colored vintage dress, and the “art-teacher chic” separates. Me, I’ve got my eye on the new DKNY shirt pattern.

To help you plan your fall sewing, we’ve put together another one of our “coloring books.” This downloadable PDF features high-resolution line art of 10 of the most talked-about new patterns from the Vogue fall collection, which you can color with your fabric ideas and styling details. Just enter your email address below to download our Vogue Patterns Fall ’15 coloring booklet. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. Enjoy!

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Are you a planner-sewer or more of an impulsive type? On the McCall Pattern Company blog.Discussion topic: What’s your sewing profile? With a new season approaching, we’re starting to think about things we want to sew when it gets a little colder. Are you a planner sewer who makes a list of all the things you need for your wardrobe, and then sticks to that list? Or are you an impulse sewer, preferring to be guided by whatever pattern or piece of fabric that catches your eye.

For most of my sewing life I’ve been in the first camp, making a list and checking it twice. But lately I’ve been more of a “ooh, pretty pattern!” sewer, just making whatever strikes my fancy. It feels almost liberating to not sew with a plan, being the compulsive list-maker that I am.

But enough about me! What kind of sewer are you? Planner? Impulse sewer? Something in between? Leave a comment here! And feel free to tell us what you think of this new collection for Vogue Patterns. We appreciate your feedback.


Free PDF coloring book from Vogue Patterns

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  1. It’s too soon for me to think about fall sewing although I’ve looked at the patterns. It’s been a cool summer overall and I really don’t want to think about the chills that fall and then winter might bring. So I’m hugging whatever hot, warm days we get (!!!) and I’ll stitch up lightweight, comfy dresses when I get the chance…things which I can layer into early fall, btw.

    1. Have to agree Mary Beth.
      Here in Ireland its an unseasonal 16 degrees and heading downhill for the next week……in July !!!
      I’m clinging to my long sleeves !
      But I really do like the new designs and will definately be checking back with them in say …..September ?

  2. I tend to go to my fabric stash first, then rifle through my hundreds of patterns to see if anything leaps together in my imagination. I like to do collections of separates, either all from the same color or all from the same fabric, to mix-and-match with what I already own. My fabric stash is largely built of discards and large scraps from my friends’ dead relatives’ stashes that they could not bear to throw away when clearing out the dead relatives’ belongings. It has led to a wardrobe of colors and fabrics that I might never have chosen for myself, but somehow it all works. I do end up with a fair amount of pattern-blocked as well as color-blocked stuff … which is fine.
    I live in a climate in which most of my clothing serves me for three seasons, light cottons and linens and silks. As a Woman of a Certain Age, I tend to be more covered against the sun than are younger women, so lightweight fabric and loose garments are the order of the day from April-November. Colors are lighter in spring and summer, autumn sees dark jewel tones and lots of black and dark brown.
    Winter is a time for heavier cottons and silks, and woolens sometimes. It rarely gets cold enough to wear a heavy coat. So, winter is when I scavenge tapestry and upholstery samples from the High Point furniture market, to make unlined jackets and skirts. These fabrics get used for pillow covers, and bedspreads, and curtains, too, although I’ve never yet worn an outfit that’s made from the same fabric as my own curtains. I won’t say that will never happen.

    1. How lucky are you LinB to get away without a coat in winter. Where are you ?….Barbados.

      1. Central North Carolina. After living in the upper Midwest for quite some time, temps here in Guilford County seem positively balmy.

        1. I see Lin. I’m not too well up on my U.S. Geography lol. Thought all of it was cold in the winter and some more than others. That is the great thing about sewing. We can run up things that just don’t appear in the High St. when we need them. We had a heatwave here in Ireland a few weeks ago and even cropped jeans were too hot ! Well I’m armed and ready for the next one……if we get it….that could have been our summer….its been chilly ever since You never can tell with climate change at the moment. I have taken to layering bigtime…then I can delayer as required.

    2. I agree with LinB – the fabric stash is my first stop.. as well as something I’ve added to on vacations and business trips, and will cull from time to time – but is also my best inspiration for things I want to sew.. Getting the time to finish a garment properly is a challenge, but one of those goals as strong but definately closer than a bucket list goal! (Gaucho pants are the local ‘thing of the moment’ here, and I’ve got a pair+jacket in a fabric dyed in a volcanic hotsprings red.. to be ready by August?) At least 4 seasons here: the 4 regular + rainy, typhoon, and over-worked A/C seasons..

  3. I am going to do this then that……..oh ooh pretty (said in a daze) must do…..(drops all other plans) 🙂

  4. I am a mix of both. I make a plan, and then cheerfully veer off of it to visit the pretty places.

    That said, I live in an almost one-season climate (there are less than five items/season that aren’t every-season wear) so it all fits together fairly well.

    I recently discovered that I really can’t be bothered with making clothing that isn’t just-the-prettiest, so I’m limiting myself to makes that really please me.

  5. I am definitely an “ooo, that’s pretty” sewer. Sometimes I pick the fabric before I pick the pattern. I am an impulse sewer and fall in love with pretty fabrics very easily.

  6. I’m more of an impulse sewer now that I’ve retired from the corporate world. I love purchasing new patterns then going to my stash to make pairings. And, naturally, if I don’t find the appropriate fabric , I go shopping. I live in a hot,humid climate but love to dream of sewing jackets and Fallish garments. BTW I love the new Sandra B and Marcy T patterns which I be purchasing.

  7. I am a bit of both. I like to think about my wardrobe ahead of time and plan NEEDED items. But I can always be swayed by a bit of “ooh shiny!” and sew on impulse.

    Even though we have a really short fall here and a lonnnnnnngggggggg winter, fall is my favorite and August is the time that I start sewing for fall so I’m definitely gearing up! And it happens that my favorite things to sew are pants, jackets and ponte dresses…so appropriate for fall!

    I think this is the first time I’m going to get the coloring book. I think I may use it…I don’t enjoy sketching so I’m not big on the sketchbooks that are out but this already has the garment drawn – score!

  8. I am kinda ‘m’eh’ about this collection. Usually I am tempted by at least half a dozen.

  9. I am more of an impulse sewer. And I am either tugged by a pattern I really like or a fabric I absolutely have to have. Then once I get one of those, either pattern or fabric, I figure out the other half (that is the fun part) and then I plan when I am going to make them. Sometimes I have either a fabric or a pattern for a long time (could be years) before I find the right mate and finally make an outfit. Other times it is a much faster match and then I just have to put it on a sewing schedule.

    1. Great to know there is a fellow hoarder of (years) out there.
      I buy fabric that I like when I see it and have done for years and patterns.
      Now that I am retired its all coming out and getting done.
      Happy sewing!

      1. And if you look up and realize that 20 or more years has gone by since you originally intended to use a pattern, hurray! It’s back in style again.

        1. Yeaa…probably 3rd. time round too.!

  10. My sewing habits evolved from a high school student in the 50’s vogue designer sewer to the mother of four daughters sorority formals two wedding dresses. Than came the 70’s when woman loved to dress up and many Vogue Designer patterns. Than came retirement to Az and a much more leisure lifestyle but I still dress for church and when we go to dinner. I still miss the quality fabric stores. I have made all our home decorating items. Now I make many designer handbags. I am 78 years old and still golf 18 holes of golf a week and love to cook and bake.

    1. Well done Faith. I do think though that the variety of fabrics available today to the domestic sewer is better than it was even 10 years ago when certain fabric was only available to the trade.
      And of course it is possible now to buy very high quality fabric on the net in sales and end of line offers.
      Keep the faith…..sorry couldn’t resist.!

  11. Like MaryBeth, I’m just not ready to think about fall sewing. I want to savor the summer and the warm weather while we have it so right now I am sewing cotton tops and skirts. As for what type of sewist I am, definitely an impulse sewist. I sew whatever I am in the mood for….or perhaps a fabric inspires me to sew something. Funny thing is that I am a planner for everything else in my life so I suppose sewing is the one area where I can just relax and do whatever strikes my fancy.

  12. I have a real issue with imagining how hot or how cold the weather feels when I’m not in that season. It makes packing for other hemispheres a problem, they’re always the opposite. So I end up sweltering in July Singapore and freezing in December France. I’m sitting here huddling the heater and that Tilton jacket looks very appealing to me right now!

  13. Just as autumn clothes are starting to creep into the shops (aaaarhhhh!) it is the same with patterns. The fashion industry is ahead of seasons and so are the patterns. Personally I can’t deal with handling heavy fabric in the summer.

  14. Thank you! I adore the selection! I can’t get enough of these coloring books! Especially the vintage dresses!

  15. I am somewhere in between. I buy cloth, patterns and notion on impulse, as treats or presents or just to get me out of a funk. I sew for holidays, to cosplay and when I am upset. Most of my best pieces are things I improved. Also my Mom was a sewer and my son is a sewer. My son has a bad habit of raiding my stash.

  16. I’ve always been an impulse sewer and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon! 🙂

  17. Please could you send me the link for the fall coloring book
    Thanks rosey

    1. I haven’t received mine either, would appreciate if it could be sent or re-sent. thanks

      1. You will NOT get an email from us with the PDF. Enter your email address in the space provided. The page will reload and then you will get an acknowledgement on the page and a clickable link with the PDF will appear just below the acknowledgement. Click on the link and the PDF will automatically download to your computer. Save it or open it right away. That’s all there is to it!

        1. If you are unable to see the link after you try again, then of course we can email it to you. But hundreds of people have successfully downloaded the PDF without issue, so please give it another try. Thanks!

        2. As I have admin on , perhaps you could clear up another issue for me.
          I live in Ireland and have purchased Vogue and Butterick patterns without a problem.
          I have recently tried to order some McCall patterns i.e. Indigo range and got notices on the order telling me that these patterns could not be posted to my location.
          As I understood that McCalls, Butterick and Vogue were under the one umbrella so to speak, I don’t understand why I should have a problem buying McCalls ?
          I have sent an enquiry about 2 weeks ago but got no response.

          1. Helena, I’m in contact with our UK division. They want to know how/where you tried to order these patterns. Thanks!

          2. Helena, did you order an Indigo Junction pattern? They are a Direct Marketing vendor with us—not part of the McCall Pattern Company— and they do not ship to international locations. This is why you received a notice that they will not ship to your location. Hope this answers your question!

          3. Ok. Thanks for that info. Some of the Indie products are available to me, just not all.

        3. August 17. Thank you to Meg Carter, Helena Swords, and Charlotte Trayer, I received an email on the topic, followed the directions that had not been effective earlier, the function worked fine today, and I can start daydreaming on my color book. Very happy. I have a modest stash of fabric accumulated over decades and culled periodically, and at some point I look forward to gettng the patterns and making the garments! Thank you!

  18. Because I have this shoe habit I plan the wardrobe around them. I tend to stray when I go through my stash, lol. For the fall I want to add more wardrobe pieces like jackets and some vest so I can interchange. Yes, I’m a fabric and pattern hoarder and with the new fall patterns I can keep on planning. I’m not ready to tackle them as of yet BUT they are on the list.

    1. I bought some great patterns last winter and never got around to using them. Definately will this year though before they go out of fashion….again!

  19. The address on the email is McCall Patterns, 34th Floor , 120 Broadway, New York.

  20. A planner– no doubt about it. But my plans work out perfectly only if I can find all the right fabrics. Usually, my plans get altered or thrown out all together based on what fabrics I have at my disposal. Which also means, if I see something pretty in the store, I’ll buy it (assuming I know what I can make out of it). I used to take a notebook with swatches, information about every pattern I owned, etc, with me to the Fabric store. Now days, I take my computer that has all the information on it. I live on a tight budget, so knowing exactly how much fabric I might need, what it’ll have to match, etc., helps me keep me from overbuying.

  21. Please note, it’s not “sent to you”, it’s a link to a download file, and the link is a function that appears as an underline on the same page as the one you enter your email address to… Not really intuitive, but not impossible..

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