What Happens When You Go Too Long Without Sewing

A bunch of family-related things have been hogging my time lately, forcing me to tuck my sewing machine into a corner so I could focus on my other tasks. It’s ok, I thought, I’ll be able to sew again soon.

But then a few days without any sewing went by, and I noticed I started feeling like this:

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.

At work I felt uninspired and listless:

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
Warner Home Video / Via finalellipsis.tumblr.com & Buzzfeed

I was very busy with tons of things on my plate, which is normally a good state for me to be in. (I have a hard time doing nothing.) So I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so blah and crabby:

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via thestir.cafemom.com & Buzzfeed

Then, after several days of no sewing, I sat down to my machine around nine p.m. last Thursday night. Immediately my blah mood lifted and I felt like this:

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
Warner Home Video / Via finalellipsis.tumblr.com & Buzzfeed

And like this:

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
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Diagnosis: Lack of sewing time caused this patient to suffer from anxiety, boredom, and an overwhelming sense of malaise. A return to regular sewing showed an immediate improvement in the patient’s mental health.

Sewing, you make everything better. I promise I won’t neglect you this long ever again.

What happens when you go too long without sewing. On the McCall Pattern Company blog.
via reddit.com & Buzzfeed

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. So that’s what is wrong with me? Thanks for the diagnosis. I knew it must have been something like that! Lol

    1. A year on to these emails, but I feel empty without sewing. Having my right arm in a sling for seven months left me so desperate to sew, I began unpacking hems and mending! Now that is desperate.

  2. Too many gifs for me to digest…but I know the feeling. In my case, I’m thinking about sewing all the time I’m actually not. I’m itching to seriously stitch, but I feed the ‘need’ with knitting for now.

  3. Well, it’s 8:30 and feeling little blah…till I just read your message…fireworks and Beyonce is all I feel now and ready to reve up the sewing machine and start sewing.:) truly your little blog just lifted me up to do and get done alot of set aside everythings….have a blessed day and keep us going..thank you

  4. Amen!

  5. i’ve been able to sew 20 minutes in the past 4 days… and all 20 of those minutes were spent hacking a RTW dress into a maxi skirt, and SUPER poorly at that. but at that point my mind was in MUST SEW SOMETHING mode, so even a bad hack felt like a beyonce video.

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes. I develop the same list of symptoms. What’s worse, when I go for a period of time without sewing, I have a hard time getting back in front of my machine. Even though I know it will make me feel better, my motivation levels are usually non-existent. It’s a vicious cycle.

  7. I use the ‘not sewing times’ (summer job does not allow enought time for sewing) to plan and ponder the sewing times. So it’s not ‘off’ or ‘on’. What does annoy the family is the fabric/UFO that gets hung up in places I can see it, to figure out what exactly it’s trying to be.
    “Wall hangings! Decorative wall hangings!” I tell them.
    They don’t believe me.

  8. Hahaha! Sew true! I realized this way back when we’d spend 2/3 days w/the inlaws. I’d get antsy and then crabby, then bitey face. I was missing creative time as I sat and listened to MIL drone on and on about somebody’s neighbor. Now I know to limit my time w/others so that I can get back to my life. 🙂

    The gifs are hilarious.


    1. I totally agree, we spend so much time thinking how to please others! X

  9. So get this! Been away from the machine mostly since mid-may with loads of (fun) travel. It may have been fun, but I am so ready to get on with sewing again.

  10. It’s true! SO many cool, interesting, artistic, beautiful projects and fabrics and techniques to try out there, and only one lifetime!

  11. Are you my twin? I am not good at doing nothing but right now getting really impatient waiting for my machine to get repaired.

    Happy sewing.

  12. I am away from my machine two to four weeks a month! Yes, I get the without sewing draws!
    I almost hug my machine, talk to her when I have my two weeks rotation off…..
    Day one is spent planning & getting everything out……Day two I get to hear her motor purrr!

  13. This was right on time, I can totally relate.

  14. Absolutely the same for me. I have been clearing up the house to sell it and couldn’t get near my machines. Thought I was going mad…untill I found something that needed repairing and even did it by hand just to feel ‘normal’. 🙂

  15. My sentiments exactly!!!

  16. Totally relate! I just had a very close family member die and after praying the first free time I had I was seating at my sewing machine to distract myself from the sorrow.

  17. That about sums it up here.

  18. Too many projects cut out but not started yet to sit down and do “serious” sewing last night. So, I took an old too-big-plus-threadbare-fabric shirt from the rag bag, cut out the sleeves, took in the side seams (French seamed them) and trimmed excess length off the shoulders, re-set the sleeves (French seamed them), tried on the finished product only to decid that it wasn’t even good enough for the rag bag anymore. Had a great time, accomplished pretty much nothing, but at least I was sewing.

  19. Absolutely! Sewing is better than chocolate! Ok, maybe not; but it’s definitely up there.

  20. I am in the same situation right now, construction on our home, work full time, health issues, blah blah blah. I desperately need my sewing and am determined to get going on my next project shortly, I hope………….When Momma ain’t sewin’ Momma ain’t happy.

  21. I was in a funky mood where I couldn’t bear to make anything. But then I ‘forced’ myself to finish one small project…and now I’m back to loving sewing again…Sewing (or any hobby you love) is the best therapy!

  22. Oh how I agree with the prognostic! I have started projects and pushed them to the side. Something always comes up to zap my energy and focus. Sewing is my therapy when I get back in the groove, I start with a small project that can be finished quickly and give me instant gratification.

  23. I haven’t sewn in two months, when I get the chance I get distracted or bored. I need peace when I sew. I have taken years off and go back because I don’t like to buy clothing.

  24. Hi, my name is Jane, and I’m a sewaholic. I sew every day. Love your blog.

    1. My name is Pat, and I am a sewaholic, too! Is there a twelve step program for us? like Step 1. Go to the fabric store! , step 2. Dig out those patterns! Or whatever order they go in! I have been laid up with a knee replacement, right knee, my machine operating leg. I attended a great sewing expo in Minneapolis shortly before that and I am anxious to get back to making stuff! I am reading, planning, thinking it all out in my mind. And doing a lot of “window shopping” online!

  25. Me right now. Glad I’m not alone.

  26. The hardest thing about sewing for me is getting started.

    The second hardest thing about sewing is stopping.

    1. Kay, I think what you just said should be made into a wall hanging ! It expresses my issues exactly.

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