Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick Giveaway. Plus, Discussion Topic

Happy Birthday, Ebenezer Butterick, inventor of the graded paper sewing pattern.

Happy birthday to the founder of Butterick Patterns! Ebenezer Butterick was born on May 29th, 1826, in Sterling, Massachusetts, and created the first graded sewing pattern in 1863, making things infinitely easier for home sewers. Thank you, Ebenezer!

To celebrate his birthday, we’re having a little giveaway of Butterick-related things. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and have a valid email address. We’ll randomly draw three winners next week and post an update on this blog post with their names. One winner will receiver his/her choice of 2 current Butterick patterns, one winner will receive a poster print of a 1910 Butterick dress pattern, and one winner will receive the Vogue-Butterick Step-by-Step Guide to Sewing Techniques book.

Giveaway on the McCall Pattern Company blog. 5/29/15
One lucky winner will be able to pick two free Butterick patterns of her/his choice. (Limited to patterns currently available online at Butterick.com.)
Giveaway on the McCall Pattern Company blog. 5/29/15
One lucky winner will receive this poster print of a 1910 Butterick dress pattern.
Giveaway on the McCall Pattern Company blog. 5/29/15
One lucky winner will receive this Vogue-Butterick book filled with sewing tips and techniques.

6/3/15 Update: Congratulations to these winners who were chosen at random:
Sewing book: Angela Tate
Butterick poster: Kathleen Wight
Two Butterick patterns: Jobena Robinson

Topic for discussion: When you take a break from sewing, do you feel guilty? The reason I ask is that I’ve got lots of patterns and lots of fabric…and I just don’t want to sew anything now.

But I always feel guilty when I take breaks from sewing. Like sewing is my mom and I’m neglecting to call her and see how she’s doing. And I was like this with the guilt thing before I started working for sewing-related companies!

So tell me, is this just my own weird idiosyncrasy, or does anyone else out there suffer from sewing or [insert hobby here] guilt when they put it aside?


We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. First, thank you for the giveaway. Second, for me, sewing is an escape and helps me relax, so I never feel guilty when I take a break. I would feel some of the joy I receive from sewing would be lessened if I felt obligated to do it when I wasn’t inspired.

    1. Thank you for the giveaway. I love those things! I do not feel guilty when I break from sewing. I wish I had more time to sew because I love it so much. I feel guilty sometimes when I sew and the dishes, laundry, and dinner preparations get piled up. My favorite part of sewing is picking out the project, my least favorite part is when I get stuck on a pattern. ~Billie~

      1. I’m not sure I did this right. It looks like my comment is a reply instead of a blog. Not sure how to fix it. Does it count? ~Billie~

    2. I try to finish older projects that have been laying around before I start new ones. I love cutting patterns and buying old patterns at thrift shops.

    3. Sometimes even when we love to do something, we need a break from it in order to come back to it refreshed and renewed, and excited to do it again. Never feel guilty or bad, it’s OK, you are human.

    4. Like a lot of others, yes I feel guilty when I do not feel like sewing. However, I must be in the mood to sew and concentrating on what I’m making otherwise I make mistakes. I’m reading “History of the Paper Pattern Industry”. It’s really interesting. Many years ago I got to tour the McCall Pattern facility in Manhattan, KS while attending an American Sewing Guild Conference. It was fascinating!

    5. Sewing was a passion that put aside while raising my family now I am rediscovering my passion. I have so many things that I enjoy that it is nice to take a break from sewing to pick up my knitting projects. I don’t feel any guilt since sewing knows that it is my first love when it comes to hobbies. I am really enjoying the sewing blogs to see what everyone is making and to learn from them. Thank you to all those bloggers keep up the great creations!

    6. Thanks for the giveaway! Wish I had time to sew again. With a toddler that just does not happen. Last thing I made was a dress for my toddler.

    7. i love to sew for relaxation and fun. So, if time elapses when I can’t get to it, that means life is going pretty well, but I will always come back because it’s fun to create something!

    8. This gives me more incentive to get back into making clothes again, after a 20+ year hiatus!

  2. I do have sewing breaks; in fact, I’ve been going through one now. Until yesterday, I hadn’t sewn in about a month. I was overwhelmed with work and something had to give. However, now that I have more time in my schedule I am actually looking forward to sewing. I think it’s our body’s way of telling us to rejuvenate. So just go with the flow is my advice! Also, thanks for the chance of the giveaway! What a great name – Ebenezer Butterick!

  3. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. Physically I take a break, but mentally that’s another story. All I do is think about what I’m going to make next; what fabric do I need, is it in my stash or do I need to by more. Or I tji k about patterns: do I have the pattern I want or do I need to draft it myself. What is the next project. I’m beginning to think I have an addiction. πŸ™‚

  4. At the moment my sewing machine is sitting on my dining room table making me feel guilty. I have the next pattern, but life and health issues have been getting in the way. Someday I will get my act together, pick out a fabric and start sewing again.

  5. Ah yes, the guilt thing! Indeed I share that aggravating little streak with you, Meg! With sewing it’s like, ‘you bought all that fabric and ordered all those patterns! Get to work, there’s no excuse!’ Which is not, supposedly, why I sew…it’s about creativity and losing myself in something pleasurable. Of course, that all depends on how challenging the pattern (and fabric) is. So yes, I do takes breaks because I think the energy, mental and physical, have to flow and not be forced. We have enough pressures in life without having to turn sewing into another one (if it’s not for work purposes). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and happy birthday Ebenezer!

    1. I completely agree with Elena @ 7:26am. I have a room full of patterns and material. It does make me feel guilty that I haven’t put it to the purpose for which I purchased it. I also know that if I’m not in a creative mood or am feeling pressured/guilty my project won’t turn out as planned to which then it is a waste anyhow.

  6. I don’t feel guilty per se but just wish I felt like it. I find that breaks spent doing new or different activities that appeal to me recharge me and then I have a great sewing spurt afterwards. Sometimes after a break spent doing some non-related fun activity, I ease back in by reading about sewing techniques, or browsing fashion pages or blogs and then get excited and plunge back in. You’ll be ok!

  7. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, but I also love knitting so I usually grab a knitting project and switch back and forth to keep myself interested in all my crafting

  8. My guilt is buying so many patterns and fabric in hopes of actually sewing them all. I love to sew but my time is very limited. But that will change! My 7 year old daughter now has a sewing machine of her own thanks to my mother and is constantly asking to sew something. She has become my motivation.

  9. I’m a woman and mother…of course I feel guilty! I do feel some guilt when I break from sewing especially after a big fabric purchase. I like to think my break is actually a time of reflection…I sketch, look at sewing web sites and journal ideas. Breaks are healthy.

  10. Butterick was my first pattern to ever sew! Thanks for everything!

  11. Due to busy schedule of exams, I have a break for 2-3 weeks of sewing. This is the second week, and I’m not sure I can survive one more week without my fabrics and patterns πŸ™‚ Next week is my birthday and I haven’t sewn my birthday dress yet!

  12. No, i dont feel guilty, but i feel guilty when i want to use a pattern and it is not my size anymore. I wish i had sewn it. This especially hurts when i cant use patterns for my granddaughters because they have grown out of it.

  13. wow, what a birthday! I’m happy you were born Ebenezer!

  14. I don’t really feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. I’m more focussed when I return, so the break is sometimes worth it. Happy Birthday Butterick!

  15. I do feel guilty…. my sewing machine is sitting out, just waiting to be used. I love Butterick patterns, they are sew easy to use! Since my granddaughter lives with me right now, I really need to teach her how to use it!

  16. I only feel guilty when I’m working on something for someone else and I haven’t gotten as far as I had originally planned!

  17. I only feel guilty when I need to complete a project and life gets in the way.

  18. Ohhhh, have you hit the nail on the head! My guilt is entirely self imposed however. With the fabric collection and all the ideas I have swimming in my head I always feel like I am neglecting something important if I am not sewing something regularly. I am always working on a ‘process’ to find more time to sew and be more efficient in my work. So far, still in the experimental stage and I have been sewing for more than 50 years! That’s a lot of guilt to carry around πŸ™‚

  19. Yes, I know what you mean! My sewing goes into a slump every winter because I’m too cold to move away from the heater – and then I always feel terribly guilty about it, because I have lots of beautiful fabric and patterns I really should be sewing. It does seem crazy to feel guilty about not doing a hobby, but I guess to me it feels like I’m breaking commitments I made to myself :(.

  20. I normally feel guilty when I am sewing because I should be working or doing some house work. I do understand the feeling of having lots of fabric and patterns but not wanting to sew. Some times to many options freezes my motivation and inspiration.

  21. i do feel guilty, mainly because I have so many supplies (for sewing and other hobbies), so when I realize they have been sitting there unused I feel a twinge! However, sewing is an escape for me, and I want it to be relaxing and satisfying, so I am always trying to tell myself not to worry about deadlines or productivity. And of course my gigantic fabric stash is immensely satisfying when I get an idea and can find the materials for it immediately!

  22. Usually when I take a break it’s because my kids need something or because I need to walk away and think about the projects I’m working on before I continue. My mind is usually in a better place when I continue so guilt isn’t an issue. On another note, I am very grateful for graduated patterns. Hooray for Mr. Butterick!

  23. I don’t feel guilty when I don’t have time to sew. Because I know I will get back to it as soon as time allows-it puts me in my happy place and I can’t stay away for long!

  24. Guilty? No I don’t feel guilty. That’s the time for dreaming up the next creative adventure I’m going to go on.

  25. Eb had great foresight — if he only could see his legacy.

  26. I also have a bit of guilt when I take a break from sewing. I try to look at it as a way to recharge my creativity! Oh and what a great giveaway!

  27. Happy birthday, Ebenezer!
    I always feel a little bit guilty if I’m not making something – whether sewing, knitting, or any other of my crafts. Right now I have a dress on hold because the pattern is vintage and a bit confusing. Well, and I’m a bit heavier than usual and know the finished dress won’t fit.

  28. Sometimes we all need a break from things that we love doing!

  29. THANK YOU, Ebenezer!

  30. life is too short to feel sewing guilt! You have to sew when the mood strikes.

  31. I might feel a little guilty when I favour other activities at the expense of sewing, but not too much. There can be too much of a good thing and taking breaks are necessary for everything. Plus, I usually return with a renewed appetite and more ideas for things to sew!

  32. I’m a graphic designer and artist by trade, so sewing is just another dimension of that. In any creative process, you have to allow time to breathe; for things to change and evolve in your mind. You have to give yourself the freedom to stop and think/not think. Sometimes, that’s the only way we can figure out a creative problem. I usually always have something to sew in the works, but I can’t imagine being stressed or feeling guilty about my uncut patterns in my library or fabric in my box.

  33. When I take a break, it’s usually because life got in my way! It’s been such a huge part of my life for more than 50 years- every time I hit the sewing room door, wherever that may be, it feels like I am home again. Thank you Ebenezer!!

  34. I don’t feel guilty about not sewing but if I see the physio they know to ask how much sewing I’ve been doing the minute I say my back hurts. Odd that I haven’t sewn this week but I still have sore shoulders! Ps thanks for the prize you’ll be sending my way!

  35. Yes I feel guilty. I have to pass my sewing area enroute to the kitchen and the unfinished projects mock me. But I only feel guilty on projects that I know I can finish. I have some projects that I am having trouble with, and I will take a guilt free break because I know stepping away for a couple of days will clear the air and allow me to return to the projects with fresh, problem solving eyes.

  36. Oh yes I do!!! Because when I take a break from sewing, I tend to make by buying more fabrics and patterns. Bad bad girl…

  37. I had to put aside sewing for 6 years due to not having a space to sew (husband,sons and grandkids took over) and felt awful and guilty. I finally lay claim my space, so I feel a little guilty when I time out but I get over it, I use the time to regroup my projects.

  38. We all get burned out & need to take breaks . I turn to charity sewing when I’m burned out as making quilts etc is “mindless” for me but keeps me doin something I love

  39. Why guilty? It’s a hobby – something you do for fun in your spare time. I’m beginning to realize, to my horror, that this might be a “woman’s issue”. I was recently speaking with some sewing friends and we touched upon this subject (the main subject was why is it OK for men to be polymaths but women are accused of being “Jane-stick-at-nothings”?) Why when I mention I have hobbies, people expect me to be constantly working on them and producing, but they never expect that of my husband or other men I know? “What have you sewn lately/ cooked lately/ photographed/ ballroom danced/ decorated a cake/ calligraphy/ other art media/ gardening/ X language/ online class”- insert whatever I’ve told you I enjoy. When I say nothing the response is “why not? you said you liked doing those things,” the implication being that I’m somehow a liar.

    Yes, these are all my hobbies, and yes the ones I’ve kept over the years (decades!) I study seriously – when I feel like doing them. As some of the other posters mentioned, breaks are for letting your creative juices flow, to take a step back and breathe – hobbies can become engrossing, overwhelming even if you let them. Mastery of anything takes a lifetime, and to expect to work on one thing all the time without a break for that long is unrealistic (and it seems another unfortunate self-expectation of women.)

    So give yourself a break in all senses of the phrase; you’ll be eager and refreshed for your next sewing project!

  40. Love to sew & make all my clothes but, nope, no guilt. Time has proven that the stash is gonna wait for me till time allows and inspiration or need comes again; it always has.
    Thanks, Ebenezer! You’ve made a lot of people very happy!

  41. No guilt! But I am a very slow sewer and happily take long breaks in the middle of projects when I just watch a lot of TV.

  42. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick!! You made life fun.

  43. fun giveaway! I sometimes feel guilt about wasting my free time when I just don’t feel up to sewing or complicated knitting. So I keep easy projects around for when I just need to relax on the couch. I’m currently working on a huge english paperpiecing project, so it’s really easy to sew a few hexies together.

  44. Thank you. I learned a bit of history today.

    Being that I’m starting a small clothing line and have bought about 100 yds of fabric I feel very guilty when I’m not sewing.

  45. I embroider when I’m not sewing. The embroidery is usually for a sewing project…so I try to hurry. Thanks!

  46. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. I sew for my own enjoyment, not for a job or extra income, so shouldn’t feel guilty when not doing it. Enjoy your blog.

  47. The only guilt I feel is when I buy more fabric, knowing that I already have more than I can reasonably sew! But, hey, it’s my “collection!” And I love to pull the pieces out, drool over them, and dream possibilities. Best therapy ever! Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. What an awesome giveaway! I find lately that I have to force myself to take a break from sewing. I don’t feel guilty but more just addicting to that next project! Before I know it, I am overwhelming myself by trying to keep up with sewing for me and my three children. I have realized there is always going to be that next project and I am only competing with myself.

  49. Actually I don’t take breaks, when my sewing is stopped I get really angry with life, having to give me those breaks. So I resume as quickly as possible to get back sewing, and make sure that no one disturbs my sewing.

  50. I don’t feel guilty. Sewing is a choice not an obligation.

  51. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the give-away.

    Yes, I do feel a bit of guilt when I am away from my sewing projects. Sometimes life just gets too busy and priorities interfere with the things I love to do (sewing). And it doesn’t help that I have a huge want-to-make list and patterns in queue. Even if I can not sneak in a significant amount of time of sewing it does help to get at least a half hour of hand-stitching in just to ease the guilt.

  52. Happy b’day Ebenezer and thanks for the giveaway!

    Funnily enough, I’ve only rediscovered my enjoyment of sewing (did a bit in school and sparodically over the years) due to taking a very long break from my other passion, which is photography. I felt a bit guilty but then I got a swanky sewing machine for my birthday and… Low and behold… Guilt trip over πŸ™‚
    I’m sure, if I take a break from sewing, it’ll probably be because I’m doing a bit of photography or digital art… It’s the joy of hobbies, the equipment, fabric, patterns, etc. aren’t going anywhere and I’d rather be doing it out of love and joy, rather than a guilty conscience πŸ˜€

  53. I dont feel guilty when I have a break. Usually there is a reason, and why should I feel guilty for not working on a hobby? There is no detrimental side effects, nothing gets hurt if I have a break.

  54. 52 comments…clearly a hot topic. And happy birthday to Ebenezer! I take frequent sewing breaks mostly due to space constraints. Once I have more space available I’ll sew lots more. Until then I don’t feel guilty at all, it’s an issue that’s out of my control for the moment.

  55. What a great birthday to celebrate!! Why if it wasn’t for Ebenezer I wouldn’t be able to have such a cool and different outfits!! I don’t ever feel guilty when I take a sewing break. It’s a great opportunity to refocus on different ideas. When I take a break I usually go to the flea market and look for vintage buttons,fabric and patterns to incorporate into a modern outfit. Or just re-read fashion magazines. I just can’t ever really stop

  56. I feel guilty because my expensive equipment isn’t being used πŸ™‚ The bigger problem is that my creativity doesn’t have an outlet if I take to long of a break. I feel all bottled up and can become pretty grouchy. Making clothes is my true passion.

  57. I feel antsy if I haven’t had time to sew for a few weeks. I feel guilty when I find fabric in my stash that I’ve forgotten about/had wonderful plans for but haven’t made/no longer love. I feel like I made a commitment to that fabric when I bought it, and I’ve neglected our relationship.

  58. I sew because I love creating so, if I’m not in the mood to do so, I try not to force it or feel guilty about. It should strictly be about the joy of the process and/or the result. Of course, I say that but honestly, yes, sometimes my fabric stash does cause a little twinge of guilt because each piece does feel like a bit of a commitment when I purchase it (I almost never buy fabric without a plan) and the less I sew, the less likely I am to get through it all.

  59. Firstly, what a nice way to celebrate Ebenezer’s birthday! Thank you. I find taking a break from anything gives you fresh energy and new ideas to use when you can get back to your activity. Keep it a “want to do”, not a ” have to or must do”. That keeps the fun in it for me. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Too many other things to really make you worry…dust bunnies, etc.

  60. No, I don’t feel guilty about breaks from sewing or any of my other hobbies. In fact, guilt about neglected housework etc is often the reason I take a break! Sewing is my hobby, something I do to enjoy and stretch myself, so I hope I never start to feel guilty about breaks – though there is all that fabric, all those new patterns, that expensive sewing machine etc!
    I’d love to win your giveaway, thanks

  61. I suffer from this! So many patterns, very little fabric, & indecisive on it all!

  62. I await the day when I can sew every day, when I want, without interruption. Right now other responsibilities keep me from my studio on a regular basis. Until then, I dream… and buy more fabric. Do I feel guilt? Not really — just a longing to be creative by sewing and quilting.

  63. Learned to sew using butterick patterns. Still use them today 45 years later.

    1. Me too!! I still remember my first dress, it was made out of a red and white polyester double knit. I must have looked like an extra from Mad Men. lol

  64. Thank you, Ebenezer! Your legacy is alive and strong!

  65. I do some times feel guilty. I have this talent and not allowing it to bloom. It is like have a beautiful flower and never watering it and watching it die. But, on the other hand life gets in the way. Making time is hard. Surgery, rehab, nd doctors seem like that is all I do right now.

  66. I don’t take much of a break from sewing as its my passion and I’m always teaching and sewing for others. I would say I was feeling a bit out of place seeing all the posts over social media of people in there own made clothes knowing that I should be wearing things i’ve made. After taking up the challenge of Me Made May i’ve made sure I am making and wearing my own creations and have enjoyed taking part wearing my clothes, posting pictures and getting used to taking the dreaded selfies!! Happy birthday Ebenezer. Thank you for this post. Always great to learn a bit of fashion history.x

  67. I don’t feel guilty at all! Although maybe I should because I’ve taken over the dining room:/

  68. I don’t feel guilt for not sewing. It’s something I do because I love to do it! My stash isn’t huge and I am good about keeping to my budget on trips for fabric that is going directly into the stash. I have recently started to say “no” when I’m asked to not only sew something for free but provide the fabric from my stash for free. That’s what I’m feeling guilty about. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for more than 150 years of patterns!

  69. Happy Birthday Mr. Butterick! I don’t feel guilty taking breaks – sometimes you just have to do it!

  70. I dont feel guilty takinga break because the dishes have to be done at SOME point…

  71. Love this giveaway and that Ebenezer started the pattern grading revolution ;)! Yes, I understand sewing neglect guilt, as someone above stated, you buy all the patterns and fabric and then feel like you must get to work. I also suffer from sewer’s overwhelmed syndrome, its similar, I bought all the fabric and patterns and now can’t decide where in the world to start!!

  72. Thanks for the giveaway! Breaks are an opportunity to plan new work!

  73. I’ve been inspired to start sewing my own clothes! I’m ready to get started!!!!

  74. Well, about the only time I feel guilty for taking a break from sewing is if that break is because I’m avoiding something I don’t want to do (unpicking bad seams is high on this list, as is having to redo something because I took a shortcut I knew I shouldn’t have in the first place). Otherwise I find the odd break now and then gives me the opportunity to let the ideas percolate in my mind until something fresh and exciting bubbles its way to the top πŸ™‚

  75. You are not weird for feeling guilty. Driven people like to be productive, however the artistic side of you will hit a slump. You need a break, until your artistic side wakes up.

  76. At first I don’t feel guilty–sometimes I just need a break from my hobby. I also get this way with cross-stitching. As more and more time goes by, the guilt starts to sink in. As I get back into it realize how much I enjoy doing it and I’m off an running until life gets in the way again. It’s a cycle that I’ve come to realize is just my normal.

  77. I think it’s a good idea to take breaks sometimes. Just like a vacation, you come back to sewing refreshed and because you want to rather than because you have to. When I was a kid, I thought sewing was a chore; now, I enjoy it so much more. I try to avoid feeling guilty — but that doesn’t always work!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  78. Happy birthday to Butterick!
    Many happy returns.

  79. Its not so much guilt for me as a nagging feeling of “you know, you should really finish that project”.

  80. Yes, I’m rather suffering from sewer’s “I’m not sewing” guilt at the moment. I have fabric, patterns, and time, but have trouble getting started. I just don’t feel like sewing. So I do other things, which includes reading sewing blogs or other books about sewing, until I get to the point where I’m just: “Oh just go and sew already, you fool!!”. Then I go into my sewing space and putter until something really engages me, at which point I can’t put it down. Crazy, but true.

  81. I absolutely feel guilty. Because I’ve spent SO much money and I’m just letting it sit. And then I try to go buy more without even having a desire to sew it. lol terrible feeling lol

  82. Yes I been feel real guilty, like now. I have projects that need to be completed but time has been slipping by me. Even my sewing machine is wonder what the heck is going on, lol.

  83. I never thought about it as guilt before, but I suppose there is some of that (given my rather large fabric stash). For me, it is more so a desire to getting back to creating.

  84. No, I don’t feel guilty as I’ve probably been neglecting something while I was sewing. Housework or something along that line.

  85. I do feel guilty about not having much time to sew, especially when I have so many patterns and such a huge stash. Kind of makes it worse as it is a constant reminder that you need to do stuff.

  86. I don’t feel guilty when I take breaks from sewing. When I get back to it, I usually feel more energized and motivated. What I do feel guilty about is buying more fabric and patterns when I already have plenty!

  87. I LOVE this topic! I thought I was the weird one feeling the guilt when I see my numerous bags of fabric and unused patterns and notions with them. I must have purchased 30 projects that I haven’t started yet! too many things to get done first; curtains or pillows or work for others. My “wardrobe in a bag” is spectacular just you wait and see. (but please don’t hold your breath, that could prove detrimental.) I love getting lost into sewing and vow monthly to make more time for it. Maybe today’s blog was the extra push needed to do so. Happy Birthday Ebenezeer!

  88. I am a beginner to sewing. I just started a class on May 12 and I am loving it!!! I am excited and willing to learn all I can about sewing!!! I just finished one project and starting another!!!

    Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick!!!

  89. I do feel guilty only because the unfinished project is staring back at me. Reading sewing blogs gets me back to sewing because I get inspired by what others are creating. Happy birthday Ebenezer Butterick! What a grand name.

  90. I wonder what dear old Ebenezer would think about the pattern making industry of today

  91. When work or health or whatever demand that I take a break from sewing, I do not feel guilty. Rather I long to get back to the project! I sew because I love to create – the colors, patterns, textures, methods – everything about sewing excites me! I will say that when I am up in my sewing room, I feel guilty that I am not out enjoying the sun, spending time with my husband/dogs/friends, but I soon get over it!

  92. Taking care of a sick relative at home sewing became an escape for me. Sewing took my mind off of the everyday happening in my home. It became a way to relax and enjoy things. I would sew until early in the morning hours. When I stop sewing I feel empty inside like I am missing something, if that is guilt then yes I feel guilty when I am not sewing.

  93. I too feel guilty, when I am not sewing, especially when I want something new to wear, and I could have had something new if I would have sewn something from the great stash of butterick, vogue or mc call patterns and fabric I have.
    Happy sewing !

  94. Breaks are important and I take them all the time. Sometimes I need to clear my mind when tackling a particularly difficult pattern or sometimes I just have creative blocks. The good news is that I sew for “me” so as long as I’m happy the entire household is happy.

  95. I don’t feel guilty. My family deserves time too

  96. I have used your patterns since I was 8 years old. My Aunt Velma taught me to sew. What a wonderful gift she gave me don’t you think? Hope I win the patterns. I would really enjoy them for many years.

  97. What a wonderful give away! I would love to win any of them. As to taking a break away from sewing. Yes, I do need a break away. It helps me to see things differently and get fresh ideas! I think that is true with most things though.

  98. Not guilty, but I use that time to help organize my sewing room by pulling out fabrics and rearranging and cleaning things up, so that I will be ready when I am ready to resume sewing.

  99. awesome…..I love Butterick and Vogue patterns!!

  100. I took a 15 year break and survived so I miss it, but don’t feel guilty. I do switch back and forth between knitting and sewing. I usually sew more on the weekends as all the equipment needs to be put away.

    Happy Birthday Ebenezer!

  101. I do feel guilty sometimes when I take a break from sewing, but I’m also a person who really hates to just sit and do nothing–I have to have something to keep my hands busy when I’m watching tv, too! I also feel like I have sooo much fabric that I need to use up. I’m currently taking a forced sewing break, because it’s just too physically uncomfortable to sit at my machine (or anywhere else) now that I’m 9 months pregnant. So I’ve been coping by doing a little hand-sewing project as I can, and pairing fabric and pattern ideas for some nursing-friendly clothes once I’m up to sewing again!

  102. Butterick is still my favorite after more than 50 years.

  103. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break from sewing because that usually means I’m doing something else. In the middle of the winter when I got home from work all I wanted to do was get in bed where it was warm and snuggly, so I got a lot of knitting done. Now that the weather is nice and I don’t need heavy wool anything, I’m back to sewing.

  104. I do not feel quilty when I am not sewing. In contrast, I might feel guilty for the time I devote to sewing. Other than mending or alterations for family, it is not an obligation. Sewing is: my relief from life stresses; my creative outlet; and my time for myself.

  105. I have been busy marketing myself as a copywriter for the B2B technology industry, so sewing has not been a priority. However, I did finish a new shirt this week and repair three items.

    I have a couple more garments to finish, then it’s back to the quilts. I want to use them this winter!

  106. Yes! I am currently on a sewing break and feeling guilty. Last month was a busy sewing month for me and it really took a toll on my right hand. I’m just taking it easy for now until I get a new larger project to work on.

  107. Yes, sometimes, especially if I’m doing nothing at all. Depression steals time. Some days I coax myself into my sewing room, and make myself begin to sew. It doesn’t take long to get in a better place once I start sewing. =)

  108. No I don’t feel guilty. I had a very long break when I was too busy to sew much because of work etc. Now I’m enjoying sewing more than ever and taking little breaks away is just fine as I know I can come back to it whenever I like. Great giveaway- Happy Birthday Ebenezer!

  109. I don’t feel guilty, sewing is part of maintaining my sanity and my creative outlet. And this is a great giveaway! Love Butterick patterns and all the other companies too, :).

  110. i do feel guilty when I’m not sewing. But if you don’t take a break you hit a wall and nothing can move forward until you step back and regroup.

  111. How lucky we are to have the wonderful selections available to make our own clothing. Thanks, Mr. Butterick, for helping us with this.

  112. Yes. I do! Happy Birthday, Ebenezer. Thank you for your contribution.

    1. I love to sew and I wish I had time for more. Actually, all time. Dang sleep and job and cleaning house and cooking.

  113. I just came back from a long road trip where I couldn’t sew anything. I did pick up lots of vintage patterns and the break made me energized and inspired to sew again. I sew often for clients and keep putting my own personal projects on the back burner – but I want to change that! I have to stop feeling guilty about making time for Me sewing!

  114. Thanks for a great giveaway with great prizes! I’ve been wondering where the Butterick name came from and now I know!
    I’ve been feeling guilty because I’m in a fabric stastbusting group and have only sewn a yard, this month! But I’ve been crazy busy & haven’t had time. If you have a good excuse…don’t worry about it! πŸ™‚

  115. Guilt? Usually, no, unless I listen to other people who think they know more about my creative process than I do. When my children were young, sewing was a necessity. Now it’s for my pleasure. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth my time. Perhaps Ebenezer would be pleased. I’m certainly pleased he followed his muse (though I doubt he called it that). Thank you for the opportunity to share the party favors. Bring on the cake.

  116. I sew for my own enjoyment. I sewed when I was young and when my children were small. Then I took a long break (about 20 years) except for a few special projects. About 2 years ago I took it up again when my daughter asked me to make her wedding dress. My most recent project was a quilt for my first granddaughter! It was so much fun and I already have plans for more quilting projects. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break but sometimes I resent the fact that I have to do other things (like clean my house) instead of sewing.

  117. Thanks Mr. Butterick- good call on the grading! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I would feel guilty except my giant stash of fabric with patterns that I need to whittle down!!

  118. I usually feel a twinge of guilt when I put aside my sewing, but not much. It’s just stuff that I’m sewing for myself, so I’m only putting myself out.

  119. Happy Birthday!!

  120. I do feel a weird sense of guilt if I don’t work on my sewing when I have an unfinished project underway. In between projects, not so much — at those times I’m reading my sewing books or sorting through patterns trying to decide what to get to next but there is no rush to get down to sewing πŸ™‚

  121. I try not to feel guilty! I love to create things, so if I’m not sewing I’m working on something else (papercrafting, DIYs around my house, etc.).

  122. I have lost my sewing mojo lately and I do not feel guilty because I feel that my sewing quality goes down when I loss interest. I am just going through the motions. I need to step back and regroup for awhile. There are alot of other things to enjoy in life.

  123. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break from sewing because then I go into my knitting mode to craft something to go with the items I just made. Its the creative process that is most important.

  124. I don’t feel guilty taking a break from sewing, but I do feel guilty when I start yet another project before previous ones are completed. I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t finish a thing in relatively quick time, and set it aside, the chances of it getting complete at all diminish with each passing day….

  125. I work full time and don’t have many sewing hours so I relish the little time I have to sew. But, I also feel that it is good to take a break on occasion when sewing. I always take a break when I end up having to reverse sew (rip out) :/ ! Ha, then I know it’s time to relax a little. Then I dream, plan, think about the things I would like to make, if I had the time. I’m still planning on making a wrap dress, unfortunately wasn’t able to do it with the sew along.

  126. Can’t wait for the giveaway! I love Butterick!

  127. I started sewing in the 1966 when styles were to short for me to wear. I had a friend who was great at making customs and used no patterns. I lived in San Francisco and theater was her game. I asked her what to do and she told me about Vogue but then when she found out I never made even a pot holder, she then said you can’t go wrong with Butterick. She was so right. The instruction pages kept me in the game even to this day. I remember buying the Vogue but using the Butterick. Both Vogue and Butterick are still my favorites. Thank you for your give away, such fun.

  128. Two of my most favorite things: History and sewing! Loved reading the info on Mr. Butterick. Would love it even more if I’m a lucky winner. Thank you for the great history lesson, and the great opportunity to win some great prizes! Have preferred Butterick patterns over others ever since I learned to sew 45 years ago!

  129. I don’t feel guilty about not sewing, because when I am not actively sewing I am still thinking about sewing. And reading about sewing. And planning my sewing. And dreaming about sewing. Or, I am knitting.

  130. I sorry I got off subject. I used to play golf and when I got done there I was putting my clubs in my car. Now I sew and I have a sewing room that allows me to leave my sewing and pick it back up again when time allows. The difference is I have something so SHOW when I done. Some might say SHOW OFF. I find sewing a time to think and to regroup and for that I am have no bad feelings around sewing at all. Plus, I think reading and gardening plus sewing makes me a better person for others to be around. In this life of football having problems, and government with it’s problems and even television programs with it’s limitations. Sewing is always restful. Even the beauty of the fabric at the touch of art. Sewing to me has no down side.

  131. I sometimes am forced to take involuntary sewing breaks due to other demands on my time–but it only leaves me grumpy and grouchy! Sewing is my oxygen! I especially love to sew when I’m trying out a new technique or learning something new.

  132. Thanks for the chance to celebrate Butterick’s both date!

  133. Yes, I do have some guilt… although considering how long some of my breaks have been you might not think so! I look at all the money spent on fabric/notions/machines and think that I’m being wasteful to not do better at using those things. Also, sometimes it is just plain hard to make time for everything…

  134. I feel guilty about my large, large fabric stash. I don’t feel guilty about my pattern stash though!

  135. I do feel guilty when I don’t sew! Which is crazy because I just finished my beginner classes!

  136. Happy Birthday Ebeneezer! I have used your patterns since I was a child and learning to sew. Thanks!
    I seem to sew in spurts, it’s not a constant activity in my life. I get inspired when the seasons change and I need to add some new items to my wardrobe and then I will plan several things to make and sew like crazy for several weeks. When the new items are completed and put to use I give myself a break from sewing and move on to other activities. I don’t feel guilty when I’m not sewing but sometimes I wish I was the type of sewist that worked steadily on more detailed garments such as Alabama Channin type clothes.

  137. I enjoyed this blog. Great opportunity’s with useful information. Thanks for the for the chance to win.

  138. No I do not feel guilty when I break from sewing periodically. But then I had to learn not to feel guilty about a lot of things that I no longer feel like doing or am physically able to do. Most of the commenters above me are probably younger than I and may need to learn to not feel guilty about the “I should be” things in life. Forget it and go play with the kids. They are little for such a short time. The chores and the housework will wait.

  139. Happy Birthday, Ebeneezer! Butterick patterns are my favorite! Sewing is my relaxation, but I sometimes feel guilty for not sewing more. I love creating garments for my family and myself that are truly one-of-a-kind. I make a lot of Hawaiian-style shirts for my brother. He gets compliments everywhere he goes and he is a pilot, so he goes all over the world! I would love to win any of these prizes!

  140. The first pattern i bought when i was learning to sew in 1962 was Butterick. Love them still and have most of the ones I purchased in the 70s and 80s as well.

  141. Happy Birthday Ebenezer!!! πŸ™‚
    Enjoyed learning the history and really appreciate his work.
    As for the guilt….I think taking a break is like coming up for air, it gives the mind a chance to regroup and refresh. Then when I go back to my sewing I feel like I’ve had a holiday and can tackle whatever ‘it’ is with new enthusiasm! πŸ˜‰

  142. Thank you Ebenezer Butterick for the graded pattern. I am taking a class given by Katherine and Marcy Tilton and look forward to using Katherine Tilton’s T-shirt patterns that Butterick offers.

  143. Great giveaway!
    Right now I feel like I shouldn’t sew because our house is upside down. Storm damage.
    So much to do it’s overwhelming!
    I feel guilty because I am not.getting more done.

  144. Thank you Ebenezer! I have been sewing for overf 50 years now and have enjoyed many, many Butterick patterns over the years. I think I have some patterns from the past that now count as ‘vintage’! Does that make me vintage or classic?

  145. Thank you Mr. Butterick! Love the Butterick patterns.

  146. I definitely take a sewing break to reinvigorate my creativity and go through my fabrics and patterns and see what I have to inspire me. Then I may buy some new things to enhance and inspire me.

  147. I feel some guilt about not sewing but it comes and goes. I love buying patterns, and I have many many fantastic ones, but there’s always something in the way of me taking any particular one out and making it. When I finally do get over my block, I do the project all in a grand weekend push and then burn out for a good long while.

  148. Cool giveaway! The history of the home sewing pattern is certainly interesting, isn’t it? =)

    I do feel guilty if I take a long break from sewing, especially because of my stash of fabric and patterns just sitting there, waiting to be made into something. I try not to be too hard on myself, since this is a hobby and I want to enjoy it–if I’m pressuring myself to sew for the sake of sewing, I won’t be having any fun! I can usually count on an inspiration to drive me back to my machine with fervor before too long, luckily!

  149. Don’t feel guilty! You’re supposed to enjoy sewing, and if you’re not in the mood to do it, you’re just not in the mood!

  150. I’d love to win any of your birthday presents. As for guilt, absolutely! Especially when I leave the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference after another year of fun. (Missing it in both senses this year). Upon leaving I just want to sew and sew and sew, upon arriving home I find all the usual summer work of garden, yard, and life awaiting.

  151. As sewing is a hobby I have no gult for not sewing. But I keep buying fabric without a project in mind…

  152. the only time I feel guilty taking a sewing break is if I haven’t cleaned up my sewing area, then I cringe everytime I walk by!

  153. No I never feel guilty from taking a break from sewing because I am usually doing fiber art of some kind. But when I go back I feel inspired!
    Thanks for the giveaway offer and the great blog!

  154. The only time I feel guilty about not sewing is when I’ve procrastinated so long that I end up having to buy a garment instead of wearing the fabulous creation I’d planned!

    1. I just love sewing for my grand kids and they look great with somthing special that no one else have <3 <3 <3

  155. Happy Birthday, Mr.. Butterick!

    I don’t feel guilty when I take a break from sewing, quite the opposite actually. I feel guilty if I spend a lot of time sewing and other things, like cooking, need doing. But if I am away from my machines too long, I get twitchy and need that creative fix. As long as it stays balanced, I am happy.

  156. I don’t have guilt as usually stuff from my job that I do at home eats my time. So when I don’t have job homework I sew more often.

  157. I only feel guilty about taking a break from sewing when I have something the MUST be done…Christmas Gifts, Baptism Gowns…I very rarely sew without a deadline…but I do tend to buy material, notions, and patterns without a deadline. Or, when I don’t finish a project and leave the machine on the dining room table for too long. I really need a sewing room!

  158. No guilt. Its a hobby, and I sew for me.

  159. I use to feel guilty until made myself finish a project and I wasn’t in the mood to see. Totally ruined it, thankfully it wasn’t expensive fabric.

  160. Yes, I do, too. Especially when there are so many things I could be making for my children, or if I make those Mongolian boots I could save hundreds of dollars by not having the cost of modern ready-made ones, or there’s that costume I’ve planned… the list is endless, and that’s not even for the uber-practical ideas (outside of regular clothing) that need to get done. And then there’s the guilt of having a stash of cloth bought to do specific things yet I haven’t gotten to them yet, and the guilt of spending more money on cloth for the same… it’s a big list of UFO’s and WTD’s (want to do’s). I feel your pain. And I love sewing, yet sometimes I don’t want to do the work, and picking up a book to read is an easier way to relax, if that makes sense. But I figure, as long as I love it, I’ll keep at it.

  161. I am new to sewing but I love Butterick patterns. I really hope I win, I could use some patterns in my aresonal so to speak!! Happy BIrthday to the founder!!

  162. No guilt. I sew for fun.

  163. Just moved into a new house 6 months ago and set up a room dedicated to sewing and crafts. I’m looking forward to more time in that room soon!

  164. I only feel guilty about taking a break if I promised to make something for someone. If it’s a gift or surprise then it’s not really guilt, but I do think about all the projects I have planned.

  165. I loved your post. I am so glad he helped us then and that you are keeping patterns alive.

  166. Happy birthday, Mr. Butterick!
    Sewing doesn’t come easy for me, but I love it and always look forward to time with fabric and my machine.

  167. I use my sewing machine almost everyday. I am a professional seamstress and do alterations on bridal gowns. I take a wedding gown and use the material from that to make christening gowns. I have every christening pattern I could get for the gowns.
    I lived in Leominster, MA which is next to Sterling, MA.

  168. I never feel guilty about any aspect of sewing. Since I turned ten it has consumed me. It’s like breathing for me. I miss it when I’m not doing it, but I don’t feel guilt. Just a pleasurable anticipation!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  169. Once I feel “guilty” about taking a break from sewing, it ceases to be a hobby and becomes a chore. I actually look forward to my breaks as I come back refreshed and ready to create!

  170. I do feel guilty when I neglect housework for sewing, but I’ve been retraining myself to stop being that silly now that I’ve retired. Dishes can wait a few hours when I’m on a roll with something I’m sewing. I enjoy getting into “the flow” with sewing projects, and it’s more annoying to have to stop, restart, stop, etc. I love spending all the time I need to watch something take form before my eyes with no interruptions!

  171. Thank you for the giveaway. I grew up learning from both sides of my family to sew….it is wonderful to be able to make things of your own creation.

  172. I don’t feel guilty, but I do feel frustrated if the break isn’t self-imposed. I don’t mind doing things for others, but sometimes my family is a bit too needy for my personal schedule! ;>)

  173. I feel so guilty about taking long breaks from sewing because I have spent money on fabric, patterns and notions that are not being used. Sometimes I visit different sewing sites for motivation. Most of the time seeing what others have sewn gets me going again.

  174. I feel guilty when I spend all day sewing when I know there are things I need to be doing instead, but I don’t feel very guilty taking breaks, probably because I don’t take very long breaks.

  175. Sometimes I feel guilty when I spend a lot of time sewing, and start to neglect other household chores! How silly is that? I’ve sewn for over 40 years and think it’s a great hobby for someone of any age.

  176. Thanks for an interesting bit of history. I feel guilty sometimes when I don’t use my embroidery machines (I have 4!!!). I enjoy embroidery a lot, but when I don’t get a lot done or 1 sits idle for a few weeks, yes I feel guilty, even if I do get other sewing done.

  177. So glad you’re having this drawing!!! I love sewing for my daughter and granddaughter and your patterns for beautiful!

  178. I did feel guilty-for buying so many patterns and so much fabric. I have fabric that my mother bought as a teen and everything up til now. I realized I would never sew it unless I started NOW. Some fabric that my mother bought was so beautiful and I was waiting to make something special. That never works. So I started to use it for everything and that makes me feel better. I made Angel dresses for Halloween and Christmas with frail white and gold(real gold) fabric that my mom had bought and saved(I’m sure she thought she would make a special formal from it). I now have beautiful photos of my granddaughters wearing those dresses. And she was able to see them before she died. I keep trying to use the fabric for anything when I have time and I have lost a lot of guilt.

  179. Actually, Ebenezer Butterick was not the inventor of the graded tissue paper pattern. Ellen Louise Demorest was manufacturing them by 1860, and Butterick didn’t start selling them till 1863. And if you count the “charts” of the 1840s and onward (bodice slopers that used holes or other markers so you could trace off the size closest to yours), graded patterns for home sewers date from even earlier.

  180. Oh I always feel guilty even when I’ve been really busy at things other than sewing! I have so many projects that I could sew 8 hrs a day!

  181. Happy Birthday, Mr. Butterick!

  182. Thanks for this bit of history!

    After a pause of almost 20 years, I am making a comeback to sewing. And my first pattern is a Butterick one! (B5789) I feel a bit rusty, but still, I am now rediscovering the joys of sewing! πŸ™‚

  183. I used to feel guilty about all my unfinished projects because the materials/supplies would just be stacking up staring at me every time I walk into my sewing area. What seemed to help is some organization and project management! I organized the materials as well as created a list of all the pending projects, with priorities based on any due dates for gifts. I also created a list of all the fabrics/supplies I had that weren’t specific for a project, but the list comes in handy as a double-check before going out and buying something I already have stashed away! It was a bit daunting to organize everything, but definitely cut down the “guilt” factor and increased on the “enjoy” factor! πŸ™‚

  184. No I feel guilty for sewing when I should be doing housework! If I’m not in the mood for sewing on the machine I’m usually in the mood for hand sewing instead πŸ™‚

  185. I do feel guilty when I take a sewing break! I have so much fabric and several UFO’s (Un Finished Objects) in my sewing room. Two dresses for my GD that need finishing! She could be wearing them! Butterick Patterns are my favorite for skirts and dresses. An amazing selection! My daughters treasure the dresses I have made them.

  186. Happy Birthday!!! No, I am just learning to sew and do not want to get frustrated so I take breaks now and then to regroup!

  187. Yes, I have to have sewing breaks. When I get into a project, its all I can think about. To bring balance, I have to take a break in between projects so all the other not so fun stuff can get done.

  188. i don’t feel guilty, because life happens, but the longer the break, the harder it is for me to get back on the horse!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  189. I don’t know that I feel guilty about not wanting to sew, my problem is that I don’t allow myself to sew as much as I want to. So there is this constant pull to head to my sewing room. But a never-ending to-do list blocking that. What to do?

  190. I think everyone needs a break from everything now and then. Even sewing. And besides… Doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

  191. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I do feel guilty if I’m wasting time instead of sewing…. I have enough fabric to almost start my own fabric shop, and I figure I’ll have to live to be about 125 to get through it all. Wish me luck!! πŸ™‚

  192. When I have a project that needs to be completed then I feel guilty about not sewing but on the whole taking a break is good. Just trying to finish one project before the other.

  193. Thank you, thank you, because of your foresight and ingenuity I have had 1000’s of enjoyment. Thank YOU, Mr. Butterick!

  194. Hi,

    Thank goodness for Mr. Butterick, and his pattern innovation! At the moment, I am sewing a Marci Tilton dress for my dear niece in Montana. She picked the fabric, and it is going to a head turner!

  195. Wow!!! Thank you Ebenezer for inventing the first graded pattern!! I believe that one of the first patterns I used was a Butterick pattern many years ago and I still use them today. Wonderful contest and giveaways – good luck everybody. Meg – we all need an occasional break even if it is from something we love to do – like sewing!!!! Never feel guilty about taking care of yourself!!!

  196. I do feel guilty for not sewing. I feel like I have all this fabric plus the notions and I’m just letting them sit there. But I also feel guilty for sewing when there are other things that need to be done; like cooking dinner for the family! LOL

  197. Thanks for the giveaway.!
    Sewing is such a creatively satisfying joy to meβ€”my guilt is only that I don’t get the amount of time to sew that I desire. I long to be deep into projects with no commitments that make me stop. Years ago, I used to drive home (15 mins) for my lunch hour, sew for 30 minutes, and then drive back to work. At Christmas, when the workload was painfully slow at the office, I took patterns to work and used the light table to modify/grade them.

  198. I’ve been sewing on/off for years, its one of those things you just never forget & always remember the joy of it when you start up again. Butterick patterns I remember as being one of the first “easy” type of pattern to follow.

  199. Hi! I don’t feel guilty when I don’t sew but when I don’t have time to sew I get a little crabby. I always feel better when I drag everything out, make a huge mess, and create something. I have enough patterns for 5 life times. I love patterns because they equal possibilities.

  200. Sewing for me is a stress reliever, and don’t feel guilty one bit when I sew.

  201. I don’t feel guilty about taking a break from my sewing, in general. It’s when I take a break during a project, usually with only one or two more steps to go, and let something sit that I start to feel bad about it. I’ve learned to take a break if I’m not into sewing at the moment. If I keep sewing, I usually wind up following with a date with the seam ripper!

    Can’t imagine trying to sew without a graded pattern. There is no “standard sized” person!

  202. Thanks for the giveaway. To answer your question, I used to not feel like running even though I loved it. And that seems to happen with different activities. So I take a break and then I feel like doing it again. I do feel guilty, but I think that the break is really important to keep you happy and excited about what ever it is you are doing.

  203. Well now i will think of Mr Butterick when I cut out a pattern! I love having patterns and fabric in reserve πŸ™‚

  204. As a costumer of clothing from our past, I have much appreciation for the earlier seamstresses! We today have it so much easier with machines that do a lot of the fancy work. I love that mcalls still recreates these vintage designs. For they are my passion, love and I am always learning new tricks to make me a better seamstress. So cheers to ebenezer butterick for having the vision to create a paper pattern!

  205. Sewing for 55 years, it’s still a fun thing to do. Now I’m retired and want to sew, who cares if the dishes have not been put away, or the house needs dusted just sew. I know there will be stash long after i’m gone but when you have this wonderful hobby, sew when you want to and never feel guilty about it. Thank you Ebenezer for the patterns making us fashion dressers.

  206. As a studio potter/teacher who hasn’t sewn in years, I feel a bit guilty when I DO make time to sew. My guilt is also about fabric stash… need to use up some good intentions before buying more. Sewing is so very gratifying. Thanks for the give-aways. Glad that there are still patterns for home sewists.

  207. I definitely know the guilt feeling but I believe it to be a natural for true sewers. I too have had the experience of guilt for taking a break. The break in sewing does allow you time to re-energize the body and mind. Besides being a lover of sewing, I’ve noticed that I’m usually anxious to see the finish product and move on the next. You would think after almost 30 plus years of sewing that this anxiousness would have subsided but I still want to see the finished product!!!! Happy Birthday to Ebenezer Butterick!

  208. I just discovered this blog. What a nice thing. I live in an area where there are lots of craftsfolk, but few who sew garments. I started to long for the company of needlefolk after visiting my hometown in January and witnessing childhood friends sew up fabulous things. I am going back to my roots. The Bernina got a tune-up and I bought a serger. I can’t wait to finish cleaning out my youngest son’s room (He said, Go for it, mom) and setting up my studio. Will be back to read and cheers to Mr. Butterick whose graded patterns were praised endlessly during my teens, about 10 years ago! ;->

  209. At times i feel guilty… and then i just try the next week to improve on my projects i wanna get done and do my best… TY

  210. I love sewing, but there is so much to do all the time, that I have been on a “break” from sewing for awhile. I don’t feel guilty, but I do miss it. With the designs and available material out there right now and the lack of quality in the things I can afford to buy ready-made, I am hoping to get back into it again now. I have really missed it.

  211. I don’t feel guilty about taking a break from sewing, but I do feel guilty about buying yet more patterns and fabric if I haven’t been using the stuff I already have…

  212. I love the history about anything sewing and this is right up my alley. Do I feel guilty when I take a break— no!. I have learned that the mood has to strike before I really get into my projects because then I feel I can relax and do my best sewing. That gives me pleasure in seeing a finished project done to the best of my ability and something I am proud of instead of stressing about mistakes I made because I rushed it through.

  213. Happy Birthday, Ebenezer Butterick! He really changed sewing with his marked patterns. I remember reading, in the Little House on the Prairie books, about Ma making her own patterns out of newspaper. I’m so thankful for Butterick, McCall, and Vogue patterns. It makes sewing easier. We are remodeling the house (built in 1800) we just bought. I’m looking forward to my sewing room, which is nearly done (it has four windows, two facing east and two facing south – lots of light).

    1. I can only imagine the dedication and hard work ahead of you with remodelling a 200 year old house! I bet you are looking forward to having everything done so you can get back to sewing! It sounds like the ideal space too!

      1. Hi Mary,

        Thank you for your comments! Yes, we’ve found hidden beams in the kitchen ceiling, which are now exposed, as well as other great historical things. You are right, I can’t wait to get sewing again! Have a lovely week-end.

        Take care,

  214. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I don’t. I just have so many projects planned that I feel bad not doing it right away, but on the other hand, life gets busy and inspiration/motivation wanes.

  215. No, I do not feel guilty because it is never too long of a break, maybe a week or two.

  216. Thanks for the giveaway. I love sewing and hope to win the patterns.

  217. In my case, the guilt comes from the accumulated stash of purchased fabric sitting in my cupboard and the unfinished sewing projects hanging in my closet. It is not intentional mind you but they are left because like everyone, time is a precious commodity these days. Here is my solution to the dilemma: get the pattern cut out during the weekend, then, leave the sewing equipment out and promise yourself to sew one or two seams everyday or at least every other day. Slow but steady and the turtle eventually gets to the finish line. Just don’t expect to get an instant wardrobe! And thank you Mr. Butterick, happy birthday.

  218. I do have to put my sewing projects down for a while, like now. I’m in a funk and can not get out of it. I wanted to check out a new sewing machine and my daughter said to me, “Why bother you don’t sew anymore”. She does not realize that like many great artists you go inside of yourself for a few days. Whether it’s to view things from a different vantage point or to take a well needed rest. Then you come out ready to storm away at your sewing projects and they will be as good as they can be or better. Maybe I’m looking for a new sewing machine to excite my sewing challenges. I don’t know. But I do know that I dislike it when I get in one of these moods. So I know just what you are talking about. It’s like having writer’s block only I call it sewing block, I hope yours doesn’t last too long. Thanks for the giveaway. Diane

  219. Happy Birthday Mr. Butterick! and thank you. I just wish I had more time to devote to sewing, but I have to work! Sewing is my “out”, it is what I do to unwind. It lets me create. I don’t really feel guilty when I stop, because it is usually when I am too sleepy to hold my eyes open any longer.

  220. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick! I love the name Ebenezer because it means stone of help, and beside God being my ultimate helper, the hobby of sewing has helped me in times of sadness. I love to start a project and get going with the help of Butterick patterns. When I’m sewing I’m in a happy place of design and creativity. I can appreciate ending the garment and every time I wear it brings me joy to think that I took the time to make a quality piece of clothing that will last. I could never feel guilty for loving sewing!

  221. Butterick and McCalls patterns are my favorite. Happy Birthday Ebenezer!

  222. I love to sew and enjoy see the finish garment when it is done. I am alway looking for new patterns and projects to with different material.

  223. I don’t feel guilty when I’m not sewing at all because I love it so much when I am doing it!

  224. I’ve taken such a long break from sewing that, yes, I do feel a bit guilty. But I know I’ll feel very satisfied to get back to it, and that’s more of a motivation than guilt is.

  225. I feel guilty about spending too much time sewing and not enough time with my children!

  226. First, happy birthday Ebenezer! Next, looking at fabric, planning and designing projects, and buying fabric are my major weaknesses. I love sewing but time and space are at such a premium right now for me that sewing is a luxurious treat when I can carve out a little. In between my “real” life and my other hobbies, I don’t feel guilty, just sad, like I’d love to be cloned. I guess that’s messed up a little!

  227. It’s been said already, but I never feel guilty taking a break. Inspiration comes from many places, and when it strikes, I hit the sewing machine. Inspiration normally comes from going clothes or purse shopping. Then the waves of “I can make that, I’m not paying $125 for a basic white button up shirt!” hit me, and I run to the sewing machine with a renewed attitude! Thank you for for sponsoring this giveaway, it Spurs inspiration as well!

  228. Sewing has been more than just a hobby, or something I enjoy doing every once in awhile, especially since I’ve become disabled and unable to work in my profession after obtaining my masters degree. It has restored a sense of self, a sense of accomplishment, and a feeling of pride I had lost for over a year when unable to do much due to severe, unrelenting pain.
    I know what the daily hard work of a profession demands from me; I can’t give that anymore. I can, however, sew when I’m feeling up to it. And for that, I am so thankful!

  229. and to think that Butterick changed the face of patterns for over 150 year years because his wife wanted an easier way to make her children clothing. I am in a law clerk in downtown Los Angeles, CA but my passion is sewing the noise from the machine the bright fabrics the creative process and making my patterns keeps me up all night…..I would love to win the step by step book or thepatterns…

  230. Happy Birthday! Yes, I do feel guilty when I’m not sewing. I have a lot more patterns and fabric than time to make everything that I dream about. I love sewing, and I have a sewing blog with over 400 followers. Plus I belong to several international sewing groups. These help keep me inspired and motivated to sew, sew, sew!

  231. sewing is my relaxation so I do get frustrated when I don’t get to sew. I also get depressed looking at my ever growing fabric collection that I can’t sew fast enough!

  232. See your sewing as a skill for your life and guilt will find it’s way out. I can remember when sewing was the way to give my young daughter the look I wanted for very little in the money arena. Using a pattern and altering details to change the look was so fun. How liberating to use a skill my mother and grandmother passed on for my family. We’ve moved onto sewing for her family and home. I still am amazed when I find that it is not a skill everyone wants or has. Enjoy your talents and share them when you can.

  233. Sometimes I feel guilty when I neglect my sewing room for a while. There’s no reason to though, I only have myself to answer to!

  234. Thank you for the giveaway! Yes, I do feel guilty when I take a break. I have a sizable stash of fabric and oodles of patterns, and I have projects that are cut out and need to be sewn. I need to make time to sew!

    1. I call those my PHD’s…projects half done! lol

  235. I too feel a little guilty when I neglect my sewing projects. Who knows why. Maybe because of the large stash of fabric and patterns I have collected, LOL! Happy Birthday Mr. Butterick!

    1. Building the pattern collection and fabric stash is half the fun isn’t it? lol

  236. Sewing has always been a way to get the look I want in a garment that fits ME (or my family). The only time I feel guilty about it is when I have the pattern, the fabric, and sometimes all cut out and procrastinate getting to it. e.g. My husband went into the hospital right after I got my present project cut out and I still have not been able to get back to it. I could be sewing on it after I get back from the hospital every night but haven’t. tisk, tisk

  237. No guilt at all! In this season of my life, there is SO much going on with my children, husband, and other responsibilities, that sewing MUST often take a back seat. It’s OK! One day I will have more time to sew on a regular basis! Until then, I enjoy little projects to keep my creative side flowing! Good luck everyone…..

  238. I sometimes feel guilty about not taking the time to sew, but then there are times I’m sewing when I should be doing other things – so I guess it pretty much balances out!

  239. For me, sewing is the cherry on top! It is the ultimate treat, bonus, escape, fun thing I can do. I have a significant “supply” of just about anything one can think of that is sewing related, so that when I head on into the sewing room, I can go in any (sewing) direction that strikes my fancy at that moment.

  240. Hi, love Butterick patterns, and Happy Birthday, Mr. Butterick!!

    1. I think it’s very important to be true to oneself and to persue activities that we are passionate about. It makes us more interesting and happier people; as our kids were growing up, I always made time for sewing, telling them that it was important to have hobbies in their life, and encouraged them to find what they liked to do.

  241. I am a new sewer, so for the past six months I sew 2 to 4 hrs every evening. It has slowed downed for me during May with so much going on (graduations, anniversaries etc). And I am starting to feel a little guilty. I have some projects planned out for June and I have been doing a lot of reading and watching tutorials and following sewing blogs, which has helped fill in the temporary void of not sewing.

  242. I have taken a 10 year break from sewing. I didn’t know how much it had changed my personality. I have a weird illness and I get very depressed about. My kids (29 & 30) begged me to start sewing again. Even my Sons in law where in it. I’ve been back sewing now for a month and what a change it has made. I only break now when I’m tired.

  243. Happy Birthday to Mr. Butterick! I do feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. I feel that way because of all the lovelies I continue to buy and add to my stash while I’m not sewing. It’s a total waste when there is no output and only input. I have to admit I don’t feel guilt about my latest break though. I have been way too sick with “all day” sickness, pregnant with my second child, due December 2015. I am getting a lot of energy back now though because I have hit my second trimester. Maternity and baby clothes sewing is in the works!

  244. Wow, Butterick patterns are my favorite! I’ve been using them since about 1964. Great designs and so easy to sew.

  245. HI! Yes, I feel guilty when I take a long break. But sewing projects take time and concentration, things I’m short on lately. Thanks for the contest, Ebenezer!

  246. Is guilt what it is called? I know i feel that I could just go a little longer and maybe i could get something else done today but sometimes i just have to take a break. I have three boxes of projects and I just started trying to finish my daughter’s projects first because I want her to be able to wear all the outfits i had planned for her this summer. If I don’t get to them soon, they will be too small for her next summer.

  247. I wouldn’t say that I feel guilty. When I take a break from sewing, it’s because there’s a big event, such as an illness or a death, that happens. There’s nothing there about which to feel guilty. What I feel is longing for the soothing productivity that sewing provides.

  248. Love the new summer fashion line of Butterick patterns!

  249. No guilt, but wistful sometimes when the muse just isn’t there. I switch between sewing and other needle projects, so sometimes I just need a change of pace.
    Thank you for this giveaway. I have many fond memories of going through pattern books with my mother, and learning as she pointed out various aspects of pattern design that would affect the ability to tailor them to flatter. Mr. Butterick and his company made it possible for me to wear beautiful clothes as a child that we could not have otherwise afforded. I still treasure several of the dresses she made for me.

  250. during my entire sewing life, I go through times when “I’m just not in the mood” to sew and if I try, I usually make mistakes (or make something I’ll never use or wear). so I’ve learned to just take it as it comes. so far, the sewing mojo has always returned!

  251. I have been sewing for almost 40 years (and yes, I started as a child!) and always feel bad when I have to take a break from it. I have slowed down my sewing pace in recent years, but I am trying to keep the lull times short. Sewing has always been therapeutic for me whether it’s for me or someone else. I love making others happy when I can repair something, make a costume for someone’s child, or an amplifier cover for a band mate!
    Thanks for offering this drawing – and Happy Anniversary, Butterick!

  252. I only feel guilty about sewing breaks when I don’t feel like I’m putting that time to good use. Otherwise, I believe there are different seasons in life. As long as I’m doing something else that is fulfilling and creative, taking a sewing break is OK. It will be there when I’m ready to come back to it.

  253. I love sewing and now teaching my 11 year old how to sew! We both love it! I have been collecting patterns for years as well as old sewing notions! So fun! I have a display case to show off my collection! πŸ™‚ Happy Sewing! I hope we all continue to teach our children how to sew!

  254. Just think how different the fashion world would be without your invention Ebenezer. Happy Birthday and thank you, I cannot imagine a world without being able to create our own clothing!

  255. I feel a little guilty if I don’t sew in a while, mostly because of the financial investment and the fact that an entire room of our home is dedicated to it.

  256. If the time for thinking about, and planning new projects counts as sewing time, then I feel like there’s really no break! I spend a lot of time on ideas and finding the right fabric and pattern before I’m actually sewing.

  257. My sewing has evolved like my life. At a younger age the projects were more simple. As I got older I skills increased and so did my projects. And now, after sewing for over 50 years, my projects involve others, like children and grand children. I am glad that I have my sewing skills and all of the things that I have made.

  258. I love to sew. It’s my get away. I do feel quilty when I have to leave a project not finished for more than one day.

  259. One can never have too many inspiring patterns and yards of fabric stashed away in a pile ….. waiting for the next sewing holiday…. A little help from Butterick patterns to get started helped turn sewing into a hobby I’m passionate hobby…. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick!

  260. What a wonderful way to spend my day, creating something for myself or one I love. Its such a stress reliever and accomplishment also. Always brings a smile to my face when the one I make something for is enjoying the gift.

  261. I don’t let myself feel guilty about any projects I have pending; this is my hobby and is for enjoyment. Besides, I like having several different projects available to choose from. What a fun give-away this is! Happy Birthday, Mr. Butterick! I sure am glad you were born!

  262. Happy Birthday Eb.. hmmm guilty.. never feel guilty. I taught myself to sew when I was 8. I have worn out a few machines. I love sewing. With 7 children and being a stay at home mom for 24 years. Sewing was a necessity if for anything needed… including my sanity. Now at 53 with 3 granddaughters and sewing/research for a living and sewing many things at home there is no time to feel guilty. Especially with the stash of patterns , fabrics and notions I have at my fingertips. The possibilities are endless.

  263. Happy Birthday Ebenezer!!!

  264. Hi Meg, I do wonder if this is related to over buying fabric, I speak for myself! Yesterday I ran into a fabric shop to purchase some cheap stretch woven for a toile. I ran out with an extra 4 cuts of fabric. They’re beautiful, they co ordinate, but now I have even more ‘stuff’ to do. For me, its the purchases that give me the guilt, not the lack go sewing so much. Great topic.

  265. We moved two months ago and the sewing room is still not set up yet. I am looking at all the sewists websites and am green with envy! The break is not of my making…

    1. I hope you are able to get your sewing room set up soon Leah. I know what it’s like to be in a state of chaos for lack of a better word. I am currently reorganizing my room so things are laying around everywhere! I’m hoping to get it all set up over the weekend.

  266. I’ve sewn since I was 13 and now I’m 65… My Mother dressed me as her twin and I hated it… what better motivation could a kid get. I particularly love apparel sewing, but do leather as well. And when I can find an interested party, I give sewing instructions.

    Have used Butterick for years, who hasn’t if you’re a sewer!

  267. I’ve been sewing most of my life and still love it! I still remember how I amazed my teachers back in grade school how I could make something from a pattern without ever once looking at the instructions. The problem with that ability though, is that the teachers couldn’t grade me on my ability to follow instruction so I lost marks! LOL Now I’m in my 50’s I follow the instructions! πŸ˜€ For the last 3 years I’ve been sewing mostly costumes, both historical and fantasy.

    1. Do I feel guilty if I’m not sewing? You betcha! LOL But sometimes a break is good, so I will spend a little time on needlework or jewellery making then it’s back to the sewing. Can I truly get away from the sewing for any length of time? Nope! My bedroom and my sewing room are one in the same!!

  268. I used to feel guilty taking breaks from sewing…but then I realized how much more creative my well rested brain is!

  269. With the amount of fabric I have stashed – Yes! I feel guilty if I’m not sewing. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. You mean we’re supposed to actually use all that fabric we have stashed? πŸ˜‰

  270. Life is too short to feel guilt for neglecting a hobby. Although sometimes I do feel guilty about all of the money I have spent on fabric, patterns, thread that go unused or not finished. I have spools of thread and magazines that are over 30 years old.

  271. First of all, wow this looks like a cool giveaway, so thank you for that.
    As for the guilt? I feel like it depends on what I’m doing in its place. Like if I just can’t get the motivation to do any sewing, and am just fooling around doing other things/wasting time, then yes here comes the guilt. But if I’m really busy, or really motivated doing another unrelated project? Then I feel fine. Perhaps it’s just the feeling of idleness moreso than what specifically I’m doing or not doing that really counts.

  272. this has been a great topic and everyone’s’ perspective is very interesting!

  273. I feel your pain. My not-sewing guilt even surpasses my not-gardening guilt. It really is silly, since I love to sew and garden, but just not all the time. On the other hand, my not-cleaning guilt is much easier to deal with.

  274. I don’t feel guilty about not sewing–but I do about not sewing for myself. I’m hard to fit, and even though I’ve taken a seminar on fitting and have a book and a couple of DVDs, I haven’t mastered the art of altering a pattern. I’ve been procrastinating on that for a long time, even though I know that being able to teach others to alter patterns would enhance my income as a sewing teacher. So what I feel guilty about is not mastering altering patterns.

  275. Topic for discussion: When you take a break from sewing, do you feel guilty? The reason I ask is that I’ve got lots of patterns and lots of fabric…and I just don’t want to sew anything now.

    No, I don’t – I don’t ever feel guilty. I made a pledge when I started to sew not to buy any more clothes for myself or my family. So what I feel when I’m too busy to sew (& I run my own business) is a little anxious. If it is the winter, I want to have a lot of warm things to wear. If it is summer, I want to have more cooler, breezier types of clothes. I have a lot of 4 season items, and items that can be layered on or off, but during the really hot/cold points of the year, I’m anxious for purely summer and purely winter wear items.

  276. Being taller than the average woman, my sisters and I learned to sew in junior high. Both of our Grandmothers were seamstress, one professionally. They taught us how to alter patterns for our height, how to match plaids, how to finish off garments so they did not look like we made them. Now I have taught the basics to my daughter and I am teaching the oldest of my granddaughters.
    I find as I get older, the more I want to sew my own clothes. Garments in the stores really don’t appeal to me, cheap fabric and ugly styles.

    Thank you Ebenezer Butterick for the start of a great pattern company. I am still a fan after 50 years.

  277. Happy Birthday Mr. Ebenezer

  278. No guilt here! it’s a hobby – if I lose my mojo, I just pick up my knitting! Coco

  279. When you take a break from sewing, do you feel guilty? The reason I ask is that I’ve got lots of patterns and lots of fabric…and I just don’t want to sew anything now.

    I am so glad you are having the EXACT same moment I am. I just don’t feel highly motivated to go in there, clean up, get things ready and do all the MANY projects waiting for me. Yes I do feel VERY guilty because I have a VERITABLE PLETHORA of supplies and notions and a fairly NEW machine. I am so relieved that there is now a term for it: “I’m fixin’ to…” Now that I live in FL I have adopted this term and apply it as needed! It makes me feel so much better. However, when I DO get back in there, I am invitin’ all y’all over to see what I made!! πŸ˜€

  280. I feel a little guilt. In the 33 years I used my last sewing machine I put a lot of miles on it. Finally got a new machine and I know that, no matter how hard I try, I’ll never get the price per garment I got with my old one. I’m making more quilts now, so maybe the years of service will compensate for the smaller numbers.

  281. I have not sewn in years, now that I have a machine again I can not wait to start my first project. So many choices too little time. I love to go in to the fabric stores and explore all of my choices with so many patterns.

  282. Yes, I feel guilty that I have bins of material, tons of patterns and I want to sew. I like to sew in the winter months so I can spend more time outdoors in the summer. Yet I just received a new pattern and I’m itching to sew it.

  283. I don’t feel guilt, only frustration at having nothing to wear since off-the-rack clothes don’t fit. Sewing for a difficult body is a love/hate affair. I’d probably be naked without Ebenezer and his great patterns!

  284. thanks for the giveaway. I don’t feel guilty, sometimes you need a break to refresh.

  285. I definitely feel guilty if I am tired of one project and want to move on to another for a while but I don’t feel guilty about not sewing if I’m not in the mood.

  286. I’ve been using Butterick Patterns since the fall of 1961! Sewing is my relaxation theraphy and boy am I relaxed!

  287. Butterick patterns are my favorites. So glad Ellen Augusta Pollard Butterick mentioned the idea of paper patterns to her husband.

  288. Days are too short to feel guilty about not sewing, but can you imagine how difficult it was to make a dress without the graded sewing pattern, especially for those of us who are not very good sewers? Happy birthday Ebenezer Butterick.

  289. I feel guilty when I don’t sew for awhile. I feel that I’ve invested all this money into fabric and machines and they’re sitting idol. However it’s so beautiful out I’m enjoying being in the garden.

  290. gosh, golly and gee willikers, I NEVER win anything, but can’t think of one single prize listed that I wouldn’t love to win. Love the old fashioned, but then I am myself so why not love it, I love the new and the old and want it all, but I’ll take what I can get. At 75 almost, I’m already a winner.

    in retirement I make and give away my own designed dolls (2 foot tall cloth ones..boy and girs) to kids with cancer and other devastating medical issues.

    If I don’t win, good luck with the one that does.

  291. I feel a bit guilty when I take sewing breaks, as my fabric and pattern stash never seem to stop growing – so much inspiration, do little free time!

  292. I’ve been using Butterick patterns since I started sewing in the 70’s! They always have clear easy to follow instructions and are reasonably priced. It’s all thanks to Ebenezer Butterick who had insight into simplifying the making up garments by creating patterns all those years ago. Patterns last for years and can always be modified to suit current trends. I love sewing and sew twice as much now I’m retired. Happy birthday Mr. Butterick!

  293. I currently have a list of projects waiting for me which does make me feel a bit guilty like I need to work faster! If you need a sewing break just take it. You’ll have more creative energy after if you do.

  294. Butterick is the best! The costume patterns they come up with are amazing, and the instructions are crystal clear and simple! Just seeing the adorable styles and imagining the endless colors and textures you can create the patterns with gets me so excited. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick!

  295. I don’t feel guilty during sewing breaks – I use time apart from my sewing machine to reevaluate what my wardrobe needs and what sort of project I should work on next. Taking a break is a helpful part of the sewing process I’ve found πŸ™‚

  296. Happy birthday, Ebenezer! I don’t so much feel guilty, as I feel I have to meet self-imposed quotas. What I should remember, of course, is that no one else knows how many patterns on my list I have or haven’t gotten to.

  297. I don’t feel guilty. But I worry a little that I might forget some things that I know. ( I have only been sewing for a couple of years. )

  298. Yes! I’m glad you made the point about feeling guilty about breaks and the stash just sitting there, because that is exactly how I’ve been feeling. I thought that it was ‘just me’, but now I feel that I have permission to relax about not sewing continuously, safe in the knowledge that having a break is ‘normal’.

  299. Sometimes I feel guilty, but it’s usually when I have made a boo boo and have to take the time to correct it. Making mistakes is my downfall, because I’m such a perfectionist! It’s so much easier to take a break, but trying to get back to the old grindstone ( or in this case, sewing machine) can be a major pain. Lately I’ve gotten myself into a sort of “assembly line” process after I’ve cut out and altered a pattern; I make about 3 to 6 constructions of the same pattern so all that time altering is worth it. Plus I have LOTS of new clothes on hand!

  300. Oh yes, I feel the guilts. But you know what? I still go fabric shopping anyway and add to the stash that’s just sitting there looking at me. Doesn’t make the guilts any lighter!

    1. Ah, yes, my stash is really big too. Crazy!!!

  301. Great giveaway! Thank you! I am getting back to sewing after over 25 years of not sewing. I find I am more willing to be creative now — in mixing patterns and making refinements for length and that I am still good at imagining the different kinds of fabrics other than those suggested that might work for a pattern. I sometimes don’t sew because I feel guilty that I am not working on something I am supposed to get done, but guilt about not sewing? No way. It is a pleasure activity. What I feel when not sewing is frustration that there are not more hours in the day!!!

  302. Yes, I do feel a bit guilty when I take a break from any craft I have spent lots of money on supporting… Tools, machines, fabrics, papers, etc. I suppose its because I feel like I am obligated to get the most out of my investment… -Like I am being a bit lazy, no matter how hard I am working on something else! But, I do easily forgive myself once I return to the craft I am shunning. Happy Birthday Ebenezer! Just LOOK what you did for all of us! Thanks, Spirit of Ebenezer!

  303. Yes, I suffer guilt feelings. So much to do . But I need a break from sewing and often read a book between sewing projects and come back refreshed,

  304. Happy birthday to Ebenezer! I sew when I get time and when I want to get away from things, and I don’t feel guilty if I haven’t sewn for a while. Thankfully I am lucky enough to have a room where I can shut the door and leave the mess until next time!

  305. Guilty? No. Wishing I had more time to indulge? Absolutely! I work full-time and have 3 grandchildren. Sewing is my time to totally relax and enjoy the creation of something unique. They love seeing the fabric and the patterns. They wait with great anticipation for the finished garment. It is pure joy for me to give them their garments and see the wonder on their faces. The 5 year old can hardly wait to learn to sew…that’s what it’s all about for me.

  306. Just love sewing… And I can thank Ebenezer for many patterns that have guided many past projects. Guilt isn’t part of my vocabulary. Instead for me, sewing is a form of self-compassion and nurturing as creativity takes life through fabric!

  307. Thank you for the giveaway! I never feel guilty taking a break from sewing. I always have more patterns and more fabric then I have time to make. For me, seeing is a kind of escape. It can be pretty mindless sometimes, a nice break from working on my complicated schoolwork or panicking about my future. Sometimes it’s nice to have a backlog of projects so if I want to

  308. Thank you for the giveaway! I never feel guilty taking a break from sewing. I always have more patterns and more fabric then I have time to make. For me, seeing is a kind of escape. It can be pretty mindless sometimes, a nice break from working on my complicated schoolwork or panicking about my future. Sometimes it’s nice to have a backlog of projects if I want to start something immediately and not go shopping for fabric, etc.

  309. I sometimes feel guilty that I have all this fabric and a room just for sewing that I haven’t used in a while. Then I will go on a sewing binge and that takes care of the guilt!

  310. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick! Love the invention of graded paper sewing patterns!

  311. You should only feel guilty when, if by choice, you stop growing: artistically, intellectually, socially. It is normal to take a break now and then from the things that we love to do the most. I can understand your point more fully, if sewing is a part of your occupation. But you really are not taking a break from sewing, if you sew as a part of your occupation. Sometimes we just need a little time to stop, ponder, move forward or change routes. Your steps will be more certain if you do.

  312. I feel guilty when I don’t complete a project. Once you start something, you have to finish it. And if it is a break from sewing, it is okay but it can dwell on you.

  313. Goodness, of course I do, but only if I’m taking time away from my paid costuming work to do my personal sewing! I’m having a celebration of my own, 10 years with the Nutcracker of Middle Georgia! What a wonderful way to connect with others!!! Good luck to one and all!!

  314. I sometimes feel guilty, just because I have several projects in process at any one time. BUT, I know that taking periodic breaks from sewing will clear my mind and I’ll come back refreshed and with new ideas. It’s a win, win!

  315. I don’t feel guilty when I don’t sew (as I’m usually not sewing in the evenings because I’m doing schoolwork) but I do feel guilty when I have too much in my stash – it feels like wasted money until it’s garments! I do always want to finish a garment once I’ve cut it out, but breaks between garments don’t worry me.

  316. Happy Birthday Mr McCall! I have been sewing since I was 8 yrs old, using McCall and other patterns since my teen years. A long time since I am 56 this year.

    Thanks for all the nice patterns you have created.

  317. I feel guilty when I’m halfway through making something and then I get distracted by something new and exciting. I also feel bad for unfinished garments and if I deviate from my plan – I’m full of sewing-related guilt!

  318. Once in a while I feel a twinge of guilt. In perspective, though, my fabric stash and patterns aren’t going anywhere, and sometimes I can give older projects a fresh twist after taking a break. Of course, being away from the sewing machine doesn’t stop me from shopping for future projects!

  319. I think whether I feel guilty about taking a break from sewing depends on why I took the break. If I’m just out of enthusiasm for no reason, then I’ll feel guilty. But if there are a thousand other things going on in my life, then taking a break from sewing isn’t something I feel guilty about. I think it has more to do with my attitude than the break itself πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  320. I have come to the conclusion that my Sewing Room has turned into a Sewing Shop! I can at any given time make an article of clothing and have everything necessary to finish what I start. I love to sew and have many years of sewing behind me. It is a hobby that has never lost it’s appeal. I sew for the adventure of creating something, and at the same time it is a time of total relaxation. I just while the hours away sewing, sewing and sewing. Never have to feel guilty about not sewing because I make time for at least two days every week I sew for myself, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and friends. I make all the Birthday gifts. Love, love, love Butterick Patterns! Happy Birthday Ebenezer you have blessed me with your graded paper sewing patterns of which I have many.

  321. Ebenezer, I thought you were just a Scrooge! Now I know you really care!

  322. I own a Sewing Machine ,Quilting Store so I get to do some sort of sewing each day even if it is more often then not for the Store then for me. Now when I teach a learn to sew classes I sew along with my students, helps me to get rid of some of my fabric stash . I do 9 sessions a years and it does help with the feelings of I should sew more. 40 years ago in University I did a paper on Ebenezer Butterick and how his paper patterns changed the world of home sewing. Happy Birthday Ebenezer !!!!

  323. I love to sew, but sometimes just don’t feel like it. And I sometimes feel like I “should” be sewing.

  324. I feel guilty …..when I don’t sew….I love the feel when I finish a project and have something homemade…..and proud to wear it or show it…to friends and family of I made….it’s so special to me….I take a break when my eyes gets blurry and can’t tread the sewing machine….but when rested I vision all projects I want to sew next…I love to collect Patterns and sometimes double patterns ….one to use and one to save.

  325. What can I say? I have too much fabric and too many fabrics and not enough time to use them all. But Happy Birthday, Ebenezer!

  326. I really do feel guilty when I ‘take a break’ from sewing. It means I am neglecting ME. Sewing is my means of escape; it calms me, centers my focus, allows me to escape from the pressures of my world. I have always (from the age of about 8) used sewing as a tool to mentally/emotionally work through whatever problems affected my life at that time. I buy fabrics that whisper to me, and then have them very carefully stored until the right design comes along. I buy patterns that, for whatever reason, touch my soul, yet have to wait until the right fabric talks to me. My sewing room is never going to be tidy, but I think that also feeds my desire to create.

  327. Happy Birthday and thinking of you whenever I sew!

  328. I’ve been sewing for many many years. My mother taught me when I was about 7 years old. In my high school years, my parents didn’t allow the latest style clothing (trends) in my purchased school wardrobe, so I did the sewing…midis, maxis, hot pants ….I’ve used your patterns for years! Thank you!

  329. Hurrah for fun giveaways! My sewing break lasted about 20 years, except for hems and mending.
    When I came back to sewing 3 years ago in March there were upgrades and improvements to sewing machines that overwhelmed me in the most positive ways! I went from a Singer Featherweight machine to a Baby Lock Ellisimo sewing embroidery machine and a Baby Lock serger that i will probably spend the rest of my life using, upgrading and learning to use. Right now a friend and I are working on 80 fabric baskets for a shower. After that I’ll be making a semi-sheer jacket to wear to an outdoor evening wedding. I do recommend NOT taking a break of more than a couple of years as I’m still taking classes to learn to use my wonderful machines and to use all the various things that have been created to enhance these new machines.

  330. I have been sewing since I was 12 years old and have found it to be both relaxing and frustrating. I enjoy making things from my own two hands but when I encounter those moments when nothing seems to go right I do get frustrated and have to take a break. I don’t think I habe ever come home empty handed after visiting a material store. My sewing room has shelves and shelves of material waiting for ideas to pop up. I find peace whenever I enter my sewing room and enjoy searching the Internet to see what is going out there in the world that involves sewing in any form. I jump with glee when I find patterns at garage sales. What would this world be like without the inspiration that Ebenezer provided us with! Happy Birthday Ebenezer!

  331. I started a new job last year, and with a completely work schedule I now have a lot less time than I did in the past. I feel guilty about it as there are so many things I would love to sew; on the other hand, it makes me appreciate the time I do get to sew projects that much more.

  332. I have been collecting vintage Harper’s Bazars for several years, am very grateful to old Ebenezer for making patterns much easier.

  333. Wow, I learn something new everyday, thank you. Considering that sewing has traditionally been associated with femininity (though I wonder how much of this image has been constructed in 19th and early 20th centuries) I was surprised that something as important to sewing today has been attributed to a man. I am not surprised, though, that graded paper patterns date from such a recent date (historically speaking) as nineteenth century saw the push to standardization that made mass production possible.

  334. Happy birthday Ebenezer!!!!! Please pick me!! πŸ™‚

  335. Recently, I bought a Butterick pattern (B6107). Now I am going through my fabric stash to find the right fabric to sew it with. Thank you Ebenezer.

  336. I wouldn’t use the word “guilty” to describ what I feel when I am away from sewing. I am the grandmother of an 8 year old granddaughter whom I had planned to make the cutest outfits for just like I did for her mother. I have sewn all my life and had such a passion for it when I was young. My mother taught me to sew when I was about 10 years old and loved it so much I feel that with my experience in sewing that I have accumulated over the years, I should be enjoying creating real works of art by now. I feel capable of it but my old age has caught up with me and have lost my sewing mojo. I am becoming a bit of a pattern hoarder and frequently stock up. It’s become the only way I might get drawn back into sewing by looking at all the beautiful dresses and tops that look interesting to me. I really feel more lost than anything else but I’m hoping to rekindle my passion for sewing.

  337. I never feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. Sewing is like a dear family member. One who knows that sometimes life can get quite busy and a month passes before you have a chance to call or visit them again. Sewing is that peaceful afternoon on the porch drinking iced tea with your best friend just relaxing. I am just thankful for people like Ebenezer Butterick who create the patterns I use to make so many wonderful things.

  338. One of the best fact the fashion industry has is pattern companies like your to help people to create beautiful garments. God bless you all.

  339. Happy birthday, Mr. Butterick!! You have provided me with a lifetime of creativity.

  340. I love getting the emails from you with new and some times old patterns and ideas. For some one who’s never really has done clothing construction I sure have dug in for doing some of these one of these days ! When my husband announced that we were retiring some 20 yrs ago, I didn’t even own a sewing machine. But hurried up and bought one before I had to quit my job too ! The kids were all grown up and gone so I decide my hobby would be quilting. What a ride this has been but now I’m turning my eyes to garment making (mostly costume/Steampunk//period is what has caught my attention at the moment). I started a many years ago buying (collectiing) patterns and must have close to a 100 patterns for all ages/sizes and occasions now. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

  341. I started sewing in middle school when I was in 4-H. Butterick patterns were always my favorites. I especially love Betsey Johnson’s designs.

  342. I’m much more likely to neglect other things at the moment to keep sewing. I only wish I’d had enough sewing time to feel like I wanted a break from it!
    That said I probably feel a bit guilty about the stash of materials destined for a special project that have yet to be used

  343. Love Butterick!

  344. Happy Birthday Mr.Butterick! My grandparents were married in 1910 and I adore fashions from that period. I have a photo of my grandmother in her wedding dress which was sewn by her future mother-in-law! Too bad the dress has been long lost. I am currently drafting a pattern of my grandmother’s favorite apron which does not tie, but crosses in the back. I frequently take breaks when sewing. I learned a long time ago that when I do, I see my projects with fresh eyes and techniques that seemed diffcult before become easier.

    1. Hi Marianne,

      It is nice that you have a picture of your grandmother’s dress. I sew bridal wear out of my house and on my wall are several pictures of the brides in my family. I have them displayed where my clients can see them. It makes for great conversation. When brides send me pictures of themselves in their gowns I have two frames with close pins that I display their pictures.

  345. I think it’s a warm-weather thing, as you and I aren’t the only ones feeling this “but, I don’t wanna sew right now” thing. You aren’t alone!!! πŸ™‚ thank you for the giveaway, I have my fingers crossed for the poster!

  346. I’ve had to take an extended break from sewing for the last 3 or 4 months due to moving. All my sewing machines and supplies have been packed up. I was so frustrated and needed to sew something I took up hand embroidery. Now I have yet another hobby!

  347. You are not alone! Sewing is usually on my mind, but so is eating chocolate. I have invested a small fortune in sewing machines, fabrics, and all of the extras that one *needs* to make sewing fun and easy. Some days I’m just not feeling creative, or have more than an hour to put into a project. Plus, my husband always puts on this pitiful face when I’m in my sewing room, like he’s being orphaned. So it’s guilt if I sew, and guilt, if I do!

  348. Even if it was only a missing button, Mommy would ask if I was in the mood to sew. She knew me well.

  349. Thank you, Ebeneezer!

  350. I am currently enjoying my return to sewing after quite a while. Unfortunately due to a schedule way too full to accommodate. There is a level of guilt in the fact that there has been lost time. Time in which I could have developed skills that would allow me to be a more skilled sewist/seamstress.

  351. Ooh, that 1910 dress poster is gorgeous! Hope I win it! And I also feel a bit guilty when I’m not sewing in light of how much fabric I’ve stashed. Not alone in that at all. πŸ™‚

  352. My grandmothers love of sewing was passed on to me. When I am in my sewing room it brings just sweet memories of time spent with her.

  353. I feel guilty because I know I have such a bad habit of not finishing a project once I set it down. I force myself to finish, because if I don’t, I know there’s a good chance that it will never be finished.

  354. I am in love with sewing! I love using patterns. I have patterns my mom saved when she was sewing for me. Now I’m sewing for myself, friends, family, my two kids, you name it. I think I even have some old McCall patterns.


  356. I don’t have a lot of sewing time right now, so I haven’t experienced that yet. Mostly I just miss it and daydream what I want to sew most days.

  357. I have used Butterick patterns for many years. (I have been sewing for 60 years!!) They are always fashionable and the guide sheet is explanatory.

  358. I totally feel guilty when I take a break from sewing. I only started a few years ago, trying to get my young daughter interested in sewing and lacking the skills myself to guide her well. In the process, I fell in love with sewing and have accumulated various patterns, yards of fabric, and two vintage Singers along with one modern Janome. My husband has been 100% supportive of my new found love, which makes me feel all the more guilty when I have to take a break from sewing (never voluntarily, mind you!). Meg, your guilt is shared by many!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Happy Birthday, Mr. Butterick!!

  359. Happy, Happy Birthday Butterick. I love your patterns.

  360. I feel guilty daily when I’m not sewing. My sewing room has become so disorganized and uninspired, so I need to get through those UFOs and make room for oxygen! πŸ™‚

  361. I have been sewing for 55 years. In junior high and high school when I wanted to sew something special, I looked in the Butterick catalog first.

  362. My friend and I sew historical costumes and the retro patterns coming out recently have been fabulous!!

  363. I have sewn all my life, well since age 8 anyway and never stopped until a few years ago when I took up quilting. So no, never felt guilty. Now I have this sudden urge to tackle some garment sewing again. THEN, found out we will be attending the 100th birthday of our Model T Ford and most people dress in period clothing. I guess that will be the first project, lol. Funny, that it should be Mr, Butterick’s birthday because I honored him today by ordering the pattern and hunting down another one OOP and they were both Buttericks!

  364. When I am not sewing, I am thinking about sewing. I do take breaks from sewing. However, I do feel guilty about having expensive sewing machines, patterns, and material just sitting there.

  365. Yes, I feel totally guilty when away from sewing. I am moving my room from the smallest bedroom to the basement. I love Butterick patterns. I started out on Simplicity patters, easy. Then McCalls, which I still like. But when I tried Butterick, I loved the detailing that made the garments look tailor made for me. This makes me want o go down stairs right now and get busy.

  366. I do feel a smidge guilty right now. Haven’t done any sewing since I patched a pair of jeans and reworked the padding on my dress form on the 16th, and haven’t really made anything since the pressing tools (tailor’s ham, press mitt, seam roll…) that I finished on the 14th. It doesn’t help that I’m kind of a pattern hoarder and I’ve been hitting up sales a couple of times since then…

    But that’s still more sewing than was getting done before I added it to my daily to-do/”if you have time you should do ___” list.

  367. Have sewn for many years. Always loved using Butterick patterns. Wish I had more time to sew. My favorite pastime.

  368. I’d LOVE to see more modern (ie; not grandmotherly) patterns for us bigger girls!

  369. Thank You Mr. Butterick, and Happy Birthday Sir !

  370. no guilt – everybody needs a break, even from things they love. Mostly though I wish I could spend more time sewing.

  371. I love patterns!

  372. The gifts look lovely. Would love to win one! Happy Birthday Mr. Ebenezer Butterick! πŸ™‚

  373. Happy Birthday Ebenezer! I do enjoy sewing with your patterns!!
    I feel bad when I don`t sew. I work full time and have a busy home life so sewing is not done daily. But I sure do think about it a lot.

  374. I totally don’t feel guilty when I’m sewing. I love it and sometimes sew 8 to 12 hours a day. I think this is an amazing give away and would totally love to win any portion of the gifts. I have a collection of many many patterns as at one time I made it my goal to stop any pattern from being used as wrapping paper or going to the garbage. I literally have totes full of them and they are arranged in numerical order. Thanks.

  375. Happy Birthday Ebenezer. I feel the need to have fabric in my hands and sit in front of my sewing machine everyday, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I come from a long line of seamtress’s and quilters, back at least 5 generations I can track. I’ve always wondered where was there sewing machine?

  376. Thanks for the giveaway on the occasion πŸ™‚ I do feel I am wasting time (not guiltu though) when I sit duck and there are lots of fabric waiting to be sewn LOL

  377. No guilt on my side at all…. I love to sew and never seem to have enough time for it.

  378. I completely understand your guilt thing. I have a room full of fabric and I know I am not ever going to use it all and I do feel guilty if I am not sewing and using my fabric and expensive machine. However, I do so quite a bit and my guilt level these days is low. When I used to take the whole day or days off to do gardening then I used to feel the guilt more. We should both try to chill out – right!
    Thanks for the Butterick history and the giveaway.

  379. I’ve just gotten back into garment sewing, about the only guilt I feel is spending too much time sewing. Sewing is my therapy. The only problem I have is finding the right fabric! I live way out in the sticks so online is about my best fabric store. Thanks for the blog.

  380. When I do take ‘sewing breaks’, they are never from choice – I miss it too much! If money was no object, I would still choose to sew for myself (& others)….

  381. Sewing is a hobby and passion for most of us, but not a job! For motivation when it’s needed I go on
    Pinterest and/ or my local fabric store to look at all the sample garments made by their staff.

  382. I do feel guilty. It feels like my machine and fabric are giving me the stink eye. I seem to have an easier time sewing for my niece but when it comes to me I take looong! breaks between projects.

  383. Sewing is my escape. I used to sew EVERY DAY at least for a little while. These days I have had some side effects from drugs I need to take that make me feel really tired, so there are many days that I don’t sew, and I do feel really guilty, and frustrated that I don’t have the energy. Just a few more months, then look out!

  384. I wouldn’t say guilty but i feel wierd, like there is so much stuff i could be making but im not. Though i have to take off to do homework and read my bible but i do feel weird sometimes especially when im working on a project.

  385. Happy Birthday Butterick… I do feel guilty for not sewing often enough. I’ve invested a lot into this hobby, including lots of time learning about sewing. My dh thinks I don’t produce much for the time, effort & money expended but sewing makes me happy anyway, I have recently been spending more time on my sewing “interests.” I have a lot to learn, practice and create! I’d love to win the book or some sewing inspiration.

  386. Happy birthday Butterick, you have always been in my live, my mother and nana sewing and then me being able to sew and it is a pleasure to do so. I sometimes feel sad when I cannot sew.. Thank you for any BIRTHDAY gift that you give me.

  387. Oh I definitely know that guilty feeling. Even when life gets busy and I have no time to sew I can feel guilty just looking at the mounds of patterns and buckets of material I have purchased ready to go! I put myself on purchase bans (like right now) where I’m not allowed to buy any more patterns or material until the piles get diminished. But then, much like chocolate bans, they get lifted because “That pattern/material is just too cute to pass by. And besides it’ll go out of print before I get the chance to buy it if I wait!”
    *sigh* It’s all good fun though and inspires me to get back in there and sew some more! πŸ˜€
    What a fabulous give-away πŸ˜€ Thank you Butterick for your wonderful invention! Love you!

  388. I love sewing. I have had wonderful teachers…..my ex mother in law, and a dear elderly friend who makes lovely quilts and clothes from quilts! Sewing with Butterick patterns is a joy. My family created a sewing room for me out of a spare bedroom with a sliding “barn door” (on a track! I love it) with a window in it for the door. I can go in there, sew, and leave my mess till the next day ….it is “customized” to my love of southwestern decor! My oldest son even made me my own cutting table on wheels out of a kitchen base cabinet……it is higher so my back doesn’t hurt when standing to cut .

  389. Happy Birthday and thank you, Mr. Butterick! I don’t feel guilty when away from sewing, but somewhat resentful.

  390. I do love sewing! I took a break, a long break, when my girls were in high school and I went back to work. They didn’t appreciate the clothes I made like they used to. Now that they are in college, I am getting back to sewing and really enjoying making some things for myself! I think the girls will come around and realize that I can sew for them, too.

  391. Don’t feel guilty. Sewing is suppose to be a relaxing hobby that you do whenever you have to to do it.

  392. Happy birthday to Butterick. I must admit I didn’t know who invented graded patterns. You just sort of go with the flow and buy them, cut them and watch the magic.

  393. Yes, I do feel guilty. Sewing sort of IS my mom–my mom’s legacy she gave me. The machines I have were hers, so when they sit there unused, I have some guilt. I’m re-reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron… I recommend it to anyone feeling “blocked”!

  394. I’ve experienced a sewing block for about six months…for some reason I just needed a break I guess despite the fact that I have tons of fabric and patterns. I did make several projects over a period of two days coming up my birthday last month, and I wore each one with pride. However, I still have two projects that have been unfinished for almost a year now. I’m a perfectionist, and refuse to sew something that’s not going to meet my standards because I rushed through it. I love beautiful things, so it’ll be worth the wait. Now that Summer is here and my son is almost out of school, I know I’ll a lot more time to focus on what I love to do.

  395. I have some quilt when I’m not using the machines and supplies I’ve accumulated but I also feel guilty when I’m sewing and not taking care of my household chores.

  396. Never, ever feel guilty! Frustrated, sometimes, that I can’t get into the sewing room due to other concerns: work, other passions, family time, etc. but “guilty” is not a word I would ever associate with not sewing – life is too short to beat ourselves up!

  397. Happy Birthday Butterick! I’m just re-learning to sew after a long hiatus – I haven’t done any sewing since school! So I’m feeling excitement rather than guilt. Excited about the possibilities and about doing something I used to enjoy and which unfortunately got sidelined and eventually fell away.

  398. Hi, I can’t deny of feeling guilty when I take break, but I m ok with this feeling because it pushes me back to sewing with new spirit and refreshed soul.
    Everytime I go back to sewing is like a new beginning but with more experience.. it is a longway journey just like life is

  399. I am definitely more likely to have feelings of guilt when I sew! Having two boys, a husband, and a dog wanting attention is a constant reminder that I am self indulging.

  400. Happy Bithday! Thank you and never no guilt here.

    1. Birthday.

  401. I can only see when I have spare time, so I am just relieved when I get to sew at all! I do feel guilty about the mess I make in my sewing room when I stop a project midway.

  402. I love to sew but very much a beginner. I don’t feel guilty when taking a break because it’s a relaxing stress reliever for me.

  403. I dont feel to guilty because the breaks that I take are usually not planned and have more to do with having small children and working then because of any intention on my part. UFOs do give me dirty looks though.

  404. Thank you Butterick for over 150 years of inspiration with your quality patterns.

  405. Never guilty! Happy birthday ebeneezer!

  406. I don’t feel guilty taking a break. So many of my projects over the last few years have been big competition pieces that I just get burned out.

    I’m looking forward to making some smaller projects later this summer.

  407. I am just coming out of a 2 month sewing lull. I needed to work full time at my part time job. I didn’t feel guilty but I desperately missed my sewing time! Now it is off to my sewing room for a day do Saturday sewing.

  408. That poster is beautiful. I think I feel guilty when I look at the piles of beautiful fabric sitting and waiting to be sewn into something. It’s add if it’s life purpose is not being fulfilled. I realise that fabric does not have feelings of course but it’s is also not meant sit in a pile gathering dust.

  409. Commenting because I love sewing and want to win one of those things!!!!

  410. I feel guilty when i start another project before finishing off the last one.

  411. My pattern box. Butterick, Butterick, Butterick.

  412. Wow! I never really gave much thought to those brave pioneer ladies making clothing for their families. What template did they use? Thanks Mr. Butterick!

  413. Happy BIrthday to the founder of Butterick !

  414. Oh yeah, I’m the queen of hobby guilt! I have a lot of hobbies and I always feel some guilt about the others when I choose to concentrate on a specific one for a while … but each gets its turn in the end. I even feel a tiny little bit of guilt when I neglect the housework for the hobbies, particularly since it really doesn’t get ITS turn very often!

  415. Guilty…interesting hadn’t thought of it that way, but that is definitely one of the feelings. I started sewing on my Grandmother’s treadle machine…and I have been hooked ever since. I love the creative process of all of it…from choosing the right pattern, the right fabric to the right shoes to go with the finished project. My Grandma who taught me to see, was very frugal and resourceful- nothing was wasted – everything could be reworked into something new….so my guilt comes into play when I have several projects going and still have beautiful patterns and fabric calling my name. Every time I sit down in front of my machine, I think of the act of sewing – the love of it that was passed down to me by my Grandma and I smile.

  416. Thank you for this giveaway and Happy Birthday Ebenezer without you it would be no us!

  417. I am learning to forgive myself rather than feeling guilty. The best way to spark my interest again is to help a friend with a sewing project. I also realize that I will never sew everything I want to in one lifetime, but I will always continue creating. I learned from my Grandmother and the reusing gene will always be with me and not wasting resources is an awesome inspiration source,

  418. I’m currently in a break from sewing because I’ve had a medical issue and have slowed down from most of my activities. I don’t feel guilty but am doing what I can to get back into sewing and enjoying it. I have cut out a few simple patterns and plan on working on things in small increments until I get back into the groove of enjoying it so very much!

  419. Happy Birthday to Butterick! Can you imagine how the initial pattern was accepted by women who made all their clothes at home without a formal pattern just as their mothers and their mother’s mothers.

  420. I used to craft like mad — sewing, cross-stitch, general crafts, gardening, you name it. Over the past few years, knitting has been my primary fiber-related craft; it’s quiet, portable, and doesn’t take up much space while in progress. But I’ve held onto my fabric stash and other crafting supplies, and wouldn’t dream of getting rid of them! Now that my son is in his teens and more independent, I feel as though I’ll have more time to indulge my creativity in areas other than “domestic engineering.”

    I think it’s natural to take a break now and then from a craft we love: it gives us time to enjoy what we’ve already created, and think about the direction we want our next efforts to go.

    Thank you for the giveaway — what a fun way to celebrate the birthday of someone whose creativity has benefited us all!

  421. No guilt here! If not in the mood and push it, I am sure to make a mistake and/or not take the pains with it that I should.

  422. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick! I hope to start sewing this Summer. I’m interested in historic styles.

  423. I sorta feel guilty, but I’m like a lot of others, I sew when the mood strikes.

  424. I do not feel guilty when I put aside sewing projects because then I can get back to the crochet or needlework project I set aside to sew. Just as you may use sewing to put aside everyday stress, you should put aside sewing, or any hobby, when it starts to cause stress. I find that this philosophy lets me enjoy whatever I choose to do much more.

  425. I ALWAYS fell so guilty whe I take a sewing break, and feel I have to make up for it by sewing so many garments πŸ™‚ I have so many UFO’s that I need to finish but everytime I complete one, I end up starting something new. I am usually working on a few things at once either a garment for a client, one for myself and one of my UOF’s ( unfinished objects). I love to sew, its something about the hum of my machines that is so soothing. I get lost in time on my machines and its awesome. I call it my sedwing theraphy.

  426. I’m lucky to have a whole craft room to myself, so I do sometimes look in longingly as I rush past with my two active kids. But I know I’ll get back to sewing more regularly in a few years. For now, I’m happy selecting projects that finish in one nap time or are easily broken down into phases (because who wants to stop once you start?).

  427. I am an artist, and sew for a living, so I don’t get sewing breaks! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  428. Happy birthday, Ebenezer Butterick! I wonder what you would think of today’s patterns with their multiple sizes and garments within one pattern. I have been sewing for 53 years (wow, am I really that old?!) and they have changed SO much in that time.

  429. I take breaks all the time. We all have busy and complicated lives, and should never feel guilty about not having the time do everything we’re passionate about. Sometimes taking a step back is exactly what’s needed to get inspired again.

  430. Best invention ever, next to chai tea lattes!!

  431. Sewing is my passion.

  432. I hate not having more time to sew. I love creating with fabric. I love clothes. It makes me happy to have a finished project. I find myself spending more time repairing or altering store bought clothes. The convenience is there, but the quality is not. I feel so guilty buying something I know I lcan make better, and have it fit better. Love this blog!

  433. Sewing or working on any of my craft projects is relaxing. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break, but do wish I could spend a lot more time doing it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  434. Just learning to sew. I would love to start with these patterns. Imagine all the cute little dresses to make.

  435. If I buy clothes instead of sewing them I do feel guilty! Home dΓ©cor I usually make because it is so much less expensive than what they ask in the stores!

  436. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to Mr. Butterick for sending us farther down the home-sewing path. I don’t feel guilty when I neglect my sewing, but I do eventually get anxious about it. Have I forgotten those hard-gained skills? Thank goodness for online resources!!

  437. I don’t feel guilty when I don’t sew, as I do so many other things (that I also enjoy).
    Thanks for the the great giveaway!

  438. Count me in, I’m a Butterick sewer since 1970’s.

  439. I feel guilty when I do sew. It is so much like play that I feel as if I’m shirking my duties to spend time in my pink walled sewing room. I have been sewing since I was seven years old, taught by my grandmothers who were excellent seamstresses, one a quilter as well. My first completed project, an apron, all hand stitched. I don’t know how many times I was instructed to pull out a seam and redo it. How proud I was when it was finished. That was 66 yeas ago and the time spent with my grandmother while sewing is a priceless memory.

  440. Happy Birthday Ebenezer Butterick!! I’m so excited for summer so I finally have some time to sew all the projects I’ve been putting off during the term!

  441. Happy birthday to Ebenezer! Thanks for giving us pattern sizes!
    I feel a little guilty about putting off sewing, mostly because I want the garment or purse or whatever to be made already and it isn’t! I have a pair of pants waiting on me right now.

  442. I learned to sew (and cook) long ago in school – too bad computer labs have replaced learning these skills. Schools should have both. Lots of folks have benefited from my sewing – my new grand-daughter is the newest recipient.

  443. That’s me now. I got off track and it is hard to get back to it. I guess it is that way with anything that draws your attention but then other things (in life) start happening to interfere, and before you know you have stopped doing what you were once passionate about.

  444. Thank you! Reading comments as I scroll through is inspiring. I confess to being a grump when I have to interrupt a sewing project and delighted to find that I’m among great company. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that sewing is simply therapeutic.

  445. This is an awesome giveaway – I would love any of those things. Thank you so much! It looks like many people are enjoying this.

    I love to sew and I also have a full life, so I don’t feel guilty if I don’t sew. I also quilt but I would rather sew, so sometimes I feel guilty for quilting when i really want to sew. I also feel guilty over unfinished projects.

  446. Happy birthday Ebenezer, and thanks for making our sewing lives so much easier!

  447. I would certainly love to win any of the gifts to celebrate Mr. Butterick’s birthday which happens to be my birthday also !
    About your feelings of guilt when feeling the need to take a break from the sewing room, I hear you. For me, I think I feel guilty because I have purchased so much fabric and so many patterns and during my little hiatus I will probably go online to purchase more, I can’t help myself. Some days I think I will be in my grave and not be able to get to all of it in my lifetime. Oh well, I’m having fun thinking up all the things I want to make , studying all the patterns, and playing with my fabric.
    Don’t feel guilty, I think there are a lot of us.

  448. Not guilty, exactly, but disappointed that I’m taking advantage of all the fabric, notions, patterns I’ve tucked away for ‘someday’ – also, I have a new beautiful room to use and contain the mess in one place… I agree with so many of the previous comments — don’t feel guilty — enjoy a cup of coffee and read through the patterns, fold and refold fabric, or just gaze at the stacks of accumulated fabric and delight in the possibilities!

  449. I feel guilty about taking a break from sewing when I buy more fabric, because I have so much of it already. After helping my husband clear out his mother’s overstuffed house which included rotted and moldy fabric, I realized I am running out of time because it doesn’t seem that long ago his mother was my age.

  450. As I try to clean and reorganize all of my sewing supplies and work area this spring-long overdue-I do feel very guilty about all of the patterns, fabrics, and supplies for the many, many project on my to-do list that I have not started or completed. Can I ever finish all of them in this lifetime? At the same time, I feel just as guilty about the other household tasks that need to be done while I spend time sewing. When I am sewing, I think of all the other things I should be doing. And when am not sewing, I am usually wishing that I was sewing. I need to find the perfect balance.

  451. I feel guilty when I have time-sensitive projects and I put them down. Or if I’m making something for someone else. Otherwise, life gets busy. But if you wait too long, especially after buying fabric for different projects, you might forget what step you’re on or what all the fabric was for.

  452. Happy Birthday to Ebenezer and me, because we share birthdays with 142 years difference! I use sewing as a hobby. I sometimes do a project in one day or so and sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 weeks to be done. I do not rush myself and enjoy every minute of it, but I do not start a new project until I am done with the current one.

  453. Sometimes I have thoughts of guilt, but then I remind myself that I have a list of things to do that I just need to rotate through.

  454. Not guilty! But my stash size does cause some guilt! There”s never enough hours in the day to make all the things I want to make !Happy Birthday Butterick and thanks for the pattern for my wedding gown in 1989!

  455. Yes. Especially when I go crazy at JoAnn’s or Hancock’s sales and add to my mountain of future sewing projects!

  456. I don’t feel guilty about taking a break, it’s usually because I’m too busy. I do feel guilty about coming up with new projects which do not use patterns and fabrics in my stash. I’ll try to pick a stash fabric and come up with a project using patterns I have, but a new pattern, needing new fabric, is always more compelling.

  457. happy birthday to Ebenezer Butterick!! I’ve used many of his patterns since I began sewing 60+ years ago. thanks for the giveaway!

  458. Thanks for the give away opportunity. As for feeling guilty when I stop sewing………..sometimes, but mostly, no. I sew in spurts — lots and lots for days at a time, then not at all for weeks. I sew for enjoyment and creativity. Sometimes there are just too many other things going on.

  459. I only feel guilty putting sewing aside if I’m doing it because I’ve struck a problem. The guilt is because I feel I should be persevering until I crack it, but not being able to work out how to solve the problem is too frustrating!

  460. Thank you Ebenezer. I grew up on your patterns, it was the only pattern that my grandmother would use. I still have some of her patterns from the 1930’s as she never threw anything sewing related away.
    In 1955, she sat me down to her treadle machine, which is now displayed proudly in my living room and started me out sewing on a doll dress from a Butterick pattern. After I sewed through my left index finger, I learned to be careful.
    Now that I am retired I am sewing for fun. I am also teaching younger women to sew and create their own unique wardrobe. They act like its a miracle being able to cut out a pattern, alter it to fit and sewing it up.
    Guilt, no Guilt… don’t have time for it…In a Zombie Apocalypse I can fire up my grandma’s treadle machine and have a survival skill…lol

  461. I find sewing to be very relaxing and it really helps me turn my focus away from the bothers that come from my job and toward the joy of creating something beautiful to wear. I don’t feel guilty when I take a break, however long it may be, because when I do start-up again I re-discover the joy all over again.

  462. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway!!!
    Sewing is something that a find relaxing!
    I like making clothes for me, and accessories too!
    Compliments from Lisbon, Portugal!

  463. Thank you for the opportunity. I never feel guilty for taking a break from sewing, but I do feel really guilty when I take a break from mending! It’s almost the same thing, bur sewing something new seems so exciting where mending is just meh…
    Happy birthday to Ebenezer. He has added a lot of happiness to my life.

  464. Happy Birthday! The Butterick was a major part of my sewing experience in learning to sew when I was growing up. Always the best, most innovative and sophisticated designs.

  465. I love Butterick patterns! some of my best sewing was done using a pattern from Butterick. Yes I do feel guilty if I leave my sewing for too long. However if I am not sewing I am thinking about my next project. Sewing Rocks and my life is richer for it.

  466. Thank you for the giveaway. I find my sewing muse comes,and goes but never leaves…you might just need a little rest.

  467. Hi Meg
    I do feel guilty about not sewing because i have so many things on the to do list and so many other projects in my head.
    But i have managed to go into fabric shops twice in the last fortnight and not buy any material so that definitely makes me feel better!
    Happy birthday Butterick, you should post they link to your history page. I read it a couple of days ago and it is so fascinating

  468. I’m just coming back to sewing after several years away and without a machine.

  469. Wow! What a lot of comments. I loved everyone’s confessions of guilt. I have many guilty moments when I sit down to sew instead of doing other things like housework but mostly I have guilts about too much fabric and not enough time in my lifetime to sew it all up. I love Butterick patterns. They always seem to fit the bill for me. Happy Birthday. I am so glad patterns are available for anything we want to sew!!

  470. The book is my choice because I want to continue to learn.

  471. Guilty??? Why would you feel guilty unless you see sewing as a task that you are not fulfilling?

    Maybe you need to dig down a bit and figure out why you have this reaction. Do you hear your mother’s voice telling you to stay at it until you’re done? Were you criticized for not finishing things when you were younger? Is there a sister or other person who always did what she ought to while you wanted to run out and play?

    If sewing is done for pleasure, you shouldn’t feel guilty for stepping away for a while. If you take a break, you have something to look forward to when you pick it up again.

  472. I usually get guilted by others when I do sew. It’s like a stress released for me but I feel guilty sometimes because other family members don’t get the chance to “sew for fun” as much as I do. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome prizes! I’m grateful for patterns we have thanks to these clever inventors! πŸ™‚

  473. I feel terribly guilty. I can’t sew at all because I have arthritis in my thumb and need a joint replaced. I walk by my fabric and patterns, wanting to sew but I have to wait.

  474. I feel guilty in a way because I have all of this fabric, thread, etc and two machines. Hubby really doesn’t say much at all when I buy more, but every once in awhile he will ask why buy more when I’m not using what I already have. I love to sew, always have. I don’t know why I am having such a difficult time getting back into it other than I know how obsessed with it I can become. I forget to eat, have to make myself get up & go to the bathroom. I don’t want to do anything else and if I have to I really get resentful about it. My hubby has not experience this side of me yet because when we met I had not sewn in a few years and I’m not sure how he will react to it lol.

  475. I love sewing but sometimes I do feel guilty that I have so many projects planned…I am learning to give myself a break and sew when I feel like it. I always feel great when I get back into it though…so it all works out.

  476. We all need that stepback time. It gives us the room to reassess and refuel. No need to feel guilty, just a little refreshed.

  477. First, a Happy Birthday to Ebenezer and a thank you for all that he started !!! I never feel like I get enough time to sew as I would like. I dream of a room where I can leave things out and ready to go. In the meantime, I try to schedule some time in every week so I feel like I am able to accomplish something… more time when I need to create something for a need or a special occasion or a gift. I would love to win any of these prizes… all would inspire me. These days it is hard to find things I really like, in the colors I like, that fit properly. I have to tailor almost everything I buy… so why not just make the whole thing ? That way I am never disappointed. I have been sewing for about 45 years now… learned some things from my grandmother and some things at school. I love to create beauty in my life and my home and for my friends and family.

  478. I don’t fell guilty. A hobby is supposed to be something you do for fun, if you force yourself to do it when you don’t really want to, you’ll stop enjoying it.

  479. Sometimes I feel guilty about not sewing, but I take a little break and go back.

  480. Thank you for the Give-Away. Would love to win the patterns. Recently re-entered the sewing world to calm my anxiety. I’ve meant so many awesome sewers as well as so many ideas of how to make the pattern my own. It really beats watching televison.

  481. Thank you for the giveaway.
    Sometimes I feel guilty when not sewing, but find that a bit of a break helps. Then I go back to sewing with renewed enthusiasm.

  482. Sometimes I feel guilty. If I take a break in the middle of a project, I feel guilty. Otherwise, no.

  483. When I take a break from sewing I feel no guilt at all. I usually am angry at my sewing machine for sewing the wrong way (because it’s totally the machines fault right), and breaking out my seam ripper about this time while murmuring my frustrations. So the break is much needed to calm my nerves and keep my sewing machine in one piece lol.
    But anyhow thanks for the giveaway, I hope to win some new patterns. Me and my sewing machine are getting along better these days so I could use some new stuff to sew.

  484. Guilt free here. I sew for the joy of it. It’s my passion, and if I started to feel guilty about it, I’d lose that. Thanks!

  485. When I don’t sew, I don’t feel guilty. I wish there were more hours I the day so that I could sew more. With a couple of very young kids and a busy schedule, I sew for small periods throughout the day (usually longer in the evening). When I do sew, it is gratifying indeed!

  486. I love to sew, my 13 year old daughter loves it to she takes sewing classes and she tells me when i am doing some thing wrong I taught myself to sew but I always love to learn the proper way things are done..

  487. This past year I actually felt guilty when I sewed because I started freelancing at home and there’s no such thing as a no work weekend. < : ) Lately, I've decided make sewing is a reward instead. If I get to a certain point at a work project I can stop and do a sewing step or two.
    This sounds simple, but I am the kind of person who likes to be immersed in a task for 2 -4 hours at a time, not just a half hour here and there. However, I think this 'retraining' is going to work out and I do have a dedicated workroom so it's okay if a sewing project sits out. It's not as fast as taking out a day to sew, but a steady way to complete a garment and a little added motivation to get paying work done.

  488. Great giveaway thanks.
    It’s not guilt that would be too strong a word. But I also need these moments of rest to replenish and find the joy of sewing. Especially after an awful make.

    1. I fully agree with your comment. Amen, sometimes you need to take a break to get a new view on the project you are working on.
      Happy sewing in your ventures.

  489. For me sewing is my relaxation so I dont feel guilty when I am not sewing. I would say if I am not sewing I have become too involved in something else and I am stressed, so I need to sew. If I am not sewing, it is usually a sign I need to re-evaluate my crazy life and get my danity back. Thank you for you giveaway.

  490. I, too, feel guilty when sewing. But, the older I get the more I feel that it’s okay to get in there and sew. I buy fabric, patterns, and sewing machines with all sorts of plans flowing through my mind just waiting until I can get to sewing again. Right now, sewing is pretty much limited to rainy days due to this being gardening season.

    Love the blog and reading all the other comments.


  491. I have been drawn away from my sewing room for a few months by other obligations. While not having time to cut out patterns and sew, I do find time to browse through my fabrics, mixing and matching colors and prints. This creative side of sewing is very enjoyable and minimizes any sense that I am neglecting my sewing. I have no guilt, but do yearn to create and finish a sewing project.

  492. Yes, I miss sewing when I don’t do it. I think for me it’s a way to unwind and relax. Thanks for the giveaway.

  493. No guilt, but certainly frustration when other things get between me and my sewing machine – so I’ll get back to it now!

  494. I don’t feel guilty when I I’m not able to sew, but I do feel frustrated! There’s nothing like being in the sewing zone.

  495. I enjoy the art of sewing and creating beautiful clothing and crafts. I also feel an excited meant to teach children and adults the passion of making beautiful things. Seeing their faces when they have accomplished a project. Of course I have a very large collection of patterns, and they keep growing. Thank you for the great information that is shared and researched on the blog here.

  496. Okay, so I just wanted to comment on the topic of discussion: When I take a break from sewing do I feel guilty? No, as I usually don’t take to many breaks. I sew every day, as I run a home swim & resort wear business. I think maybe if I don’t get at least four or 5 suits made in a day, that is when I feel guilty. Ok, so that sounds harsh. But, I think if I was not making a goal of completing a order in a specific time period, than yes, I would feel guilty. Like why did this order or design take me this long to make? Maybe because I was not working at my usual speed for the day. Than maybe I do need a break. We get busy and forget what time it is. LOL!!!

  497. I do sewing for people with special needs. So, I feel massive guilt when I take a break from sewing.

  498. I think it can be therapeutic sometimes to have a break away from a hobby. When you go back to it your enthusiasm is normally reinstated!

  499. First of all, Happy Birthday, Ebenezer, and THANK YOU for making patterns!! You are my hero!!

    I feel guilty if I’m supposed to be sewing something for a client, but I take a break, instead. But, then I think “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I take a rest, play on the computer (like now!), take a nap, read a book, or watch a show; in other words, REST. Then, I go back to work all energized and ready to go! No matter how much we love our moms, we can’t call them 24/7. We need some time away in order to rest and miss them. (Awesome analogy, by the way!)

  500. Sewing is my therapy!!

  501. Just getting back into sewing. A giveaway now is exciting.

  502. I don’t feel guilty. I enjoy sewing, so sometimes when I get busy with obligations, I feel frustrated when I can’t find the time to sew when I wish. I’m sure it would be different if sewing were a job for me.

  503. Happy Birthday Mr. Butterick! I like the Butterick brand. I have been sewing over 40 years and have been using Butterick most of that time. Sure, I take breaks from sewing. No, I don’t feel guilty. Someone has to make the money to feed my sewing addiction! I did have a couple of years that my poor machine never came out of the closet, but now sewing is an everyday event. My daughters keep me busy!

  504. Why would you feel guilty not doing something you enjoy?

  505. Well, I’ve only been sewing since 1961, and that began with doll clothes and patchwork quilts. But I have been intrigued with the evolution of patterns and sewing concepts. With an old Singer straight-stitch machine, the short-cuts and sewing tricks were very different than what we can achieve today.

  506. I’ve never taken a break from sewing. In fact when I’m on vacation or haven’t been able to work on a project for a few days because I’m busy, I miss it. Sometimes I feel guilty the other way: I feel like it’s selfish for me to spend time on my hobby when I could work on something from my to-do list.

  507. I take breaks from sewing and while I don’t feel guilty for not sewing, I feel oddly bereft even though I of course could be sewing. It’s a hobby so feeling guilty for not doing it is being kind of hard on yourself. The fabric and patterns will still be there when you are ready to sew again.

  508. Sewing is something I always look forward to. Whether it be just talking about our latest techniques learned, or show and tell at our American Sewing Guild Chapter or sewing with friends at a retreat or at the house. I am always planning and thinking about what is next. If I let guilt jump in it because I was not at the machine sewing would not be fun for me any longer. It is ok to take time away. It is needed to assemble all those ideas that keep popping up when I am at the machine. Thank you for this blog. So many more ideas.

  509. I do and I don’t… I’m currently replacing close to 50% of my wardrobe with pieces I’ve made myself. It’s a pretty overwhelming project, and occupies a lot of my time, especially since I”m new to working with knits and I’m working Craftsy classes into the mix as well! So on one hand, sure, there’s always something I could be doing, but on the other hand, I really need a break from it after several hours at the machines!

  510. This is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with others who like to sew! Thanks Ebeneezer for your good works. I thought I would have so much time to sew after I retired from teaching high school. Ha! Now I feel guilty if I take a break from all the tasks of downsizing and moving to a smaller home. Making time to get to my sewing table produces guilt of not doing some of the other tasks I have to do as opposed to the sewing I want to do. Is the guilt related to your perspective? I treasure the fleeting creative ideas about sewing that come in the midst of other drudgery.

  511. Oh boy, do feel guilty. I had the best of intentions, bought new fabric, new patterns, and then only finished a couple things. But I kept buying. Of course, that meant I got a little (okay, maybe a lot) overwhelmed and let it go for several years. It’s all back in my sights again. Some of the clothes are for my mom, who just turned 94 this year. We’ve made a deal so I can get them done faster. I’ll cut out the patterns and use the sewing machine. She can help with the handwork. It’s a win for both of us. We get to spend time together and she’ll have some new clothes. I also like to make jewelry so the plan is to make a new necklace for each outfit before starting a new one. It’s great to be motivated again. And has it ever been fun to turn my back on Ms. Guilty. Happy Birthday Ebenezer.

  512. Happy Birthday, Ebenezer. I try not to feel guilty about not getting the sewing done. I used to sew all the time, but I now have the excuse that my hands don’t work as well and my eyes don’t see as well. Guess that’s what happens when you hit the elderly stage. Between sewing projects, and even instead of them, I write stories and magazine articles.

  513. Ebenezer has made my task of learning how to sew, much easier! Thank you, sir, and happy birthday.

    I not only feel guilty when I take a break from sewing, but I also feel frustrated with myself when other necessary tasks prevent me from sewing. Sewing is what I love to do the most! I wish I could sew all day every day!

  514. happy buffday mr butterick. I don’t feel guilty, sewing makes me think n relax

  515. Happy Birthday, Eb! I love sewing and thank my mom for getting me started, with doll clothes. Now I’m having to adjust fit/sizing with a pattern I’m working on, and wish my skills were better.

  516. Love this site. Both my grandmothers taught me how to sew, one by hand and one with her sewing machine. I loved learning all the little tricks from them. I can’t sew today without feeling their inspiration. Oh, how they would enjoy what can be done with a sewing machine today!! I know I love it. Good luck to everyone!

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