Friday Goodies: Butterick Coloring Book, New Fashion Sewing Video

New Butterick coloring book and new Fashion Sewing video on the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Happy Friday, and to our fans in the USA, happy Memorial Day weekend! As a treat for making it through the week we’ve got a another coloring booklet for you to download. This one features high-resolution, line illustrations of 10 new summer Butterick patterns. Print them out to doodle or to plan your makes. Or give them to any future fashionistas you might know.

To download our Summer Butterick coloring booklet, just enter your email address below. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. Enjoy!

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In case you missed them, download the McCall’s coloring booklet here and the Vogue Patterns coloring booklet here.

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Don’t miss the last installment in our Fashion Sewing & You video series. Jennifer of Workroom Social gives a quick explanation of how to match stripes. And you know stripes are always chic, especially when you play with their orientation:

Stripes for spring/summer 2015. As seen on the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Watch the stripes video now:

Here’s hoping you have a great Memorial Day weekend! If we’re a little quiet on social media it’s because hopefully we are at the beach basking in the warm sun. Back next week!

Download this free coloring booklet PDF featuring 10 new Butterick summer patterns. Doodle your sewing inspiration! High-res line illustrations.

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  1. Love this BLOG! Thanks for another fun coloring book! Happy Friday!!!!

  2. What a great idea. And I love 6209, and other one to add to my growing list of Sumner patterns.

  3. I tried two different emails and an email w the coloring pages have not been sent to me from either of the 3 sites.

    1. Hi. You won’t get an email. After you enter your name a link will appear that says coloring book. Click on it and the PDF will download.

  4. Wow thanks for the stipes video, really helpful tips that I am certainly going to try.

  5. Great coloring book. I will be purchasing some or all of these exciting patterns for summer. Thanks

  6. Wonderful coloring book. Great!!!! patterns and I plan to purchase some or maybe all of them for summer. Thanks, Butterick Pattern Designs.

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