Butterick B6203 Sundress in Downtown NYC. Plus, Fringe Time!

Butterick sundress sewing pattern B6203, photographed in downtown NYC. From the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Butterick sundress sewing pattern B6203, photographed in downtown NYC. From the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Butterick sundress sewing pattern B6203, photographed in downtown NYC. From the McCall Pattern Company blog.

Butterick sundress sewing pattern B6203, photographed in downtown NYC. From the McCall Pattern Company blog.

When we were looking for dresses for Karen to wear for this photo shoot we almost said no to this new Butterick B6203 pattern. On the hanger it looked pretty…though a little plain. But then when Karen put it on and we paired it with the belt and shoes, we did a 180. It’s so cute, right?!

The great thing about this pattern is that it comes in multiple cup sizes, which will help you get a slim fit in the bodice area. And if you don’t like the skirt with tiered layers you can make it without. Comes with a cap sleeve version as well.

Butterick dress pattern B6203 comes in different views. The perfect sundress.

For fabrics, a lightweight cotton sateen with some Lycra would be cute and comfortable. Florals are big this spring and summer, or try a tropical print. Ooh, maybe a gingham? Make it in red check to match your barbecue tablecloth. (Just kidding, but maybe not, could be kinda fun.) Keep your fabric choice on the lightweight side, unless you’re going for a retro poufiness with your skirt.

Do you like these on-location photo shoots? We had fun doing them. We were able to get Karen (the model shown here who is actually our associate art director) to do one more of these shoots before her other duties claimed her, darn it. Maybe we can do some more when the fall patterns are out. Stay tuned!

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Another Fashion Sewing & You video is here! Jennifer of Workroom Social produced these creative videos with McCall’s and they’re all about inspiring you to think like a fashion designer with the patterns you sew. The latest video is perfect for the ’70s fashion trend we’re experiencing now:

Speaking of fringe, check out this very groovy pattern I found in a 1971 McCall’s catalog:
Fringed vest pattern from a 1971 McCall's catalog. From the McCall Pattern Company archives.
That guy’s mustache reminds me of Roger Sterling, so pardon me while I weep about Mad Men ending. Did you watch the finale? I’m going to miss the clothes from that show as much as I’ll miss the characters. Personally I liked seasons 6 and 7 best for the clothes, when styles loosened up a bit. Which season of the show had your favorite looks?


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  1. McCall’s 2455? I could go for View C big-time in turquoise just as pictured. Maybe I could take a contemporary pattern, mock it up in a cheap fleece right down to the fringe. When I get the look down, go for the real deal: suede or faux suede.

    Now Roger Sterling’s mustache? No way Jose. Ugh. It might be manly, but it wasn’t attractive on him.

  2. I appreciate very much that you’re sharing photos of the patterns on real people. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the old pattern books, as well as your modern interpretations on older designs. While I realize that your samples only come in one size (and you have to find a body to fit into them), it would be nice to see the patterns made up in a larger size/ different body type as well. (I know, I know, time and money!) Perhaps the largest size in the pattern’s range next to the smallest? Or even just a much larger cup size would be helpful, so we can see how the design lines fall for different shapes. Oh, there’s an idea – show how to apply the design lines from any pattern to our individual croquis so we know how they’ll look on us? Thanks for listening!

    1. Hi Isaboe! You have some great suggestions. You’re right, most women do not have figures like my colleague Karen does. We will be thinking about more ways, via this blog and our social media, to show how our patterns work for different figure types. Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. She gave that dress LIFE! This pattern is now a must have for me!

  4. I love the on-location photos. They bring reality to the clothing. I never noticed the pattern previously, now it’s on my get list!

  5. I love seeing these location shoots. Please continue 🙂

  6. Season 3–Jane’s harlequin dress & Betty’s lace maternity dress in “My Old Kentucky Home,” and then Betty’s little black dress & Pucci maxi in “Souvenir.”

    1. Ooh, good choices!

  7. Oh MY! I must do something with fringe now! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. thanks for this wonderful on-location photos. These are great.

  9. Beautiful dress! Yes, love the on location photo shoots – keep them coming!

  10. Thank you so much. Really really appreciate the photos. They are much more relevant than the photos on the pattern. I find it hard to envision how the garment could look. I hope I can improve at this but for now I need more modern images to get me excited about the pattern.

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