Friday Goodies For You: Mother’s Day Vintage Print From Our Archives

Happy Mother's Day from the McCall Pattern Company

Here’s my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day: Sleep as late as I want, and awake to beautiful weather. Get out of bed to find that fairies have come during the night and magically loaded all the dishes left in the sink into the dishwasher and put the pillows back on the sofa just the way I like them. Also discover that I have lost 10 pounds while asleep! Family is up, dressed and cheerful, ready to escort me to brunch at the nice restaurant they so smartly booked weeks ago. Come home, take the dog for a long walk, and then spend the rest of the day sewing to my heart’s content, with occasional interruptions from my husband and kids to tell me how much they adore me.

Um, yeah…. I do know that my family members have remembered this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so they get bonus points just for that. At any rate, we have a Mother’s Day treat for you! We searched through our archives for a mother-and-child illustration and found this beautiful image from the cover of a 1924 Vogue Patterns Book:

Low-res jpg of 1924 Vogue Patterns Book cover illustration. Visit the McCall Pattern blog to download a free 8x10 print of this.

To download a free 8×10 high-resolution print of this image, just enter your email address below. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it. No watermark appears on the print. Enjoy!

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In case you missed it, there’s another new video this week in our fashion sewing series with Workroom Social. This one is about quilting to give the fashions you sew that designer touch. I love to quilt and keep meaning to incorporate more of it into the garments I sew. Check it out:

Lots more coming your way: We’ll be doing a coloring book PDF for the new Summer Butterick collection, plus we’ll look at ’70s style—everything old is new again. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Wanted to drop a line, to say how I enjoy reading all the great information on each blog. I also have been sharing these to my girl friend across the street. she is a new sewer and is wanting to create her own swim & resort wear line for production. I have my retail business here at home, which is doing well in our four year. I have a passion to sew beautiful designs, crafts, quilts. Thank you for your gift of researching and sharing information about the passion of sewing.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful image! I love the Art Deco feel of it. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. I love the Facebook postings you’re doing. I’ve sewn my entire life and have always loved your patterns!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!

  4. I’m a little behind on my blog reading, so I just found this. Thank you! It’s gorgeous and coming off my printer right now!

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