Introducing Cosplay By McCall’s

Cosplay by McCall's

If you follow us on social media, you probably saw last week that we announced Cosplay By McCall’s, our new dedicated source for cosplay sewing patterns. We’re very excited about launching this effort. Cosplay is introducing new enthusiasts to sewing, and we want to be the pattern company they choose for cosplay sewing.

Gillian Conahan is spearheading our new blog devoted to cosplay sewing. This is Gillian at the recent C2E2 convention.
Gillian Conahan is spearheading our new blog devoted to cosplay sewing. This is Gillian at the recent C2E2 convention.

My colleague Gillian Conahan, associate editor of Vogue Patterns Magazine and my cubicle neighbor, will be heading up our new cosplay sewing blog. Gillian is an avid cosplayer and crafter of the most exquisite cosplay outfits. Her attention to detail when it comes to cosplay sewing is mind-blowing and inspiring. Bookmark this new blog for all your cosplay sewing tutorials and tips.

We’ve also set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for Cosplay By McCall’s; so follow these as well if you’re into cosplay.

Have you ever done any cosplay sewing or made a really elaborate costume? Tell us what you think of cosplaying in the comments here. Thanks!

Cosplay By McCall's. The source for cosplay sewing patterns.


We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. I would love to sew up patterns for clothing as shown in the tv BBC series Downton Abbey.

  2. I love that you’re doing this! I don’t have excuses to make costumes as often as I would like, but I do know the struggle of trying to match a pattern (or two or three) to the look you want and figuring out how to hack it together. So it’s really great to see a pattern company working to fill that hole in the sewing market!

  3. What a fabulous idea! I’ve really enjoyed your steampunk designs the last few catalogs, and am planning on sewing the aprons from the Winter collection. These Cosplay patterns will be a great starting off point for anyone intimidated by cosplay sewing. That black catsuit can be made into so many characters!

  4. We would love to show off the new stuff at our Nerd-Fashion Show this summer at Nerd Con 2015!

  5. I would love to sew Doña Teresa’s dressing gown from the Spanish series The Grand was so beautiful and elegant, early 1900’s Spanish fashion.

  6. I’ve been cosplaying for almost 30 years (we didn’t call it that in the early days, it was just dressing up as your favourite character) and I’m thrilled that it’s finally becoming more mainstream. My latest obsession is trying Steampunk but I’m disappointed that there isn’t more out there for men. Will there be leotard and dance wear patterns again from KwikSew? They often make a good base for costumes! (I’ve used KS3445 – now OOP – for many hero costumes over the years from Wonder Woman through to Black Canary.)
    Looking forward to seeing what others have to say too.

    1. Hi Jen, have you seen the new Yaya Han bodysuit pattern? It’s another great basic but with lots of seam lines for fitting and color-blocking purposes. Check it out on the new cosplay website.

  7. This year I’ve tried to include Steampunk into my everyday wear. So I’m not a Cosplay person but I do love the detailiing these pieces add to everyday wear.

  8. I’d like to second what Jen in Oz said – please issue more KwikSew leotard, dance and ice skating patterns! Although I’m excited about more costuming patterns that aren’t just the basic Halloween type of wear, I’d also love to see more patterns suitable for traditional ice skating programs.

  9. I like the medieval patterns, I prefer them for RenFaires because renaissance clothing is too hot and the faires are typically in the summer. This is a very wise business move!

  10. This is SO AWESOME! I gotta ask, are you guys going to have a booth at Dragon*Con?

    1. Hi LadyKatza, it’s not in our current plans but we’re just getting started so we may end up attending more cons in the future.

  11. How neat! I hope the new blog will cover kids cosplay too. Going to comic book shows my kids always want to match the grown ups.

  12. Comme beaucoup je suis assez nulle en Anglais mais grâce au traducteur il me semble avoir compris. Les costumes présentés sont magnifiques et j’aimerais bien un jour me coudre une robe dans le début des années 1900. J’attends d’être un peu plus sûre de moi et surtout que ma To-Do-List soit bien avancée 😉

  13. Nice, this will come in handy for me and my niece we have a cosplay convention that comes to our city every year that she loves. I’ve already sent her a link to the sight so she can pick out what she wants for next year.

  14. Love the new cosplay stuff. More more more!!

  15. Please don’t forget to include plus size patterns. Fans come in all shapes and sizes and when you are a bigger person making it yourself is often the only option.

  16. I love that your doing this!

    Please remember us girls and guys who are above a size 20 when you think on plus size though! Large rib cage sucks when your looking for costume patterns ^^”

  17. I’m new to cosplay and sewing so I’m hoping there will be detailed instructions for more advanced techniques such as casings for corsetry and seam reinforcement. I’m in the plus size group but find most ‘fashion’ styles too plain or frumpy so I would like to find sturdy designs in the costume patterns that can easily be modified for figure flattering everyday wear in larger sizes.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work & creativity. I’m sure others would love patterns which can be used for both cosplay and everyday wear.

  18. Do you have a suggestion for what pattern to use for Mantis jacket from Guardians of the Galaxy vol#2?

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