We’re Awesome Because We Sew. Plus, More Things To Know

Sewing is awesome. The McCall Pattern Company.
C’mon, don’t you feel like you’re an awesome person because you can make your own clothes? It’s finally Friday after a long week and I always like to head into the weekend with some positive affirmation. So we created these sewing quote images, using pattern illustrations from our archives. Grab them, pin them (scroll down for Pinterest-sized images), feel free to use on your blogs and social media. What thing have you sewn that makes you feel the most awesome? Leave a comment telling us about it, and I’ll do the same.

Sewing is awesome. The McCall Pattern Company.

New Video: Have you seen the new video by Workroom Social and McCall’s yet? It’s the first in a series of videos created to inspire you and help you think like a designer as you sew our patterns. Jennifer Wiese has a fun way of showing you how to accomplish this; take a look and let us know what you think:

“Style a Celeb” Instagram contest: Wow, we loved your entries so much! They were fun and creative. We had a tough time agreeing on a favorite, but congratulations to Dominique, known as @lraine85 on Instagram. She gets to pick $100 worth of patterns from us. We also gave honorable mentions (two free patterns of their choice) to @mario_r0driguez and @thinkingcapstudio, who wowed us as well. Look for more social media contests to come!

Easy sewing machine cover: We have some really cute sewing machine cover patterns, like this one. But if your beloved sewing machine sits below a ceiling with pipes that have been known to leak on occasion, as mine does, then here’s a fast way to make a waterproof cover. Buy one of those large vinyl shopping bags you can find at places like TJ Maxx and Michael’s. They’re the perfect size for most sewing machines. Try it on your machine and determine the best height. Cut off the top part of the bag with the handles, leaving about a one-inch hem. Turn up hem and stitch in place. That’s it! Here’s my Bernina wearing its new cover (shopping bag from Michael’s).

How to make a cute waterproof sewing machine cover.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend!
Sewing is awesome. The McCall Pattern Company.


Sewing is awesome. The McCall Pattern Company.

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Thank you so much for the awesome image file. Have a great weekend. I am spending part of it finishing my new summer ensemble using V 9067.

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. What I feel most awesome in: Lately, it’s the leather bomber jacket I made two years ago. Taupe leather paired with a silver metallic brocade.

    What make of yours do you feel most awesome in?

  3. i made a beautiful pink wool coat with a grey velvet collar using V9040. I love it with grey velvet skinny jeans. However, I also made a matching dress using V9019 using the grey velvet for the yoke on the dress.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those are too awesome to ignore! (yoink! onto Facebook with it) Thanks for making and sharing them!

  5. Thanks for the pic Ill put it on my blog and my pinterest creation board. Mine would be the Donna Karan v1220 Everyone said I looked like a pretty pink tulip in that dress.

  6. Inspiring pics! My favorite recent project was a little white dress I made with knit fabric trim. I used vogue 8840 which is a basic tunic top. I cut the tunic longer than usual, then embellished with sleeves, trim and pockets. It was super fun to do!

  7. These images are great – what a fun idea! Hooray for sewing pride! 🙂

  8. What is awesome about sewing? Wearing things that fit! From beautiful fabrics! Making something that works for you! Not having to go into a depressing retail dressing room! And lastly, all of the awesome people chatting about it around the world!

    1. Those ARE awesome reasons!

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