Goodies For You: A Pattern Coloring Book & New Vogue Patterns Detail Photos

New Vogue Patterns detail photos on Pinterest, plus PDF coloring book of 10 new patternsHappy Friday! This weekend I plan on making major progress on a denim jacket I’m sewing. I’ll share more details with you when it’s done, because right now I’m in that “I’m either gonna love it or hate it” phase of this project.

In the meantime, have you read all the buzz about coloring books for adults? Of course it got us thinking about doing some kind of pattern coloring book…I mean, there’s so many possibilities with our incredible archives. But hmmm, what if we did something on a smaller scale that you, our customers, might find both useful and fun?

Introducing our Summer Vogue Patterns mini coloring book! We chose 10 new summer patterns and created a “coloring book” of high-res pattern line art. You can print this PDF and then doodle and color the patterns, or you can plan and sketch your sewing ideas on the pattern illustrations.

Vogue Patterns coloring book PDF
Please do not judge my terrible coloring skills. I’m a better sewer than I am a colorer-inner.

To download our Summer Vogue Patterns coloring book, please enter your email below. You’ll receive a confirmation message on the page and the link to download the PDF will appear just below it.

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If you like this coloring book idea and find it useful and/or fun, let us know and we’ll consider doing coloring books with pattern illustrations from future collections of Vogue Patterns, Butterick and McCall’s. (For this mini coloring book test, we limited the illustrations to 10 of the new patterns getting the most buzz in social media since the release on Tuesday; apologies if your favorite isn’t included in it.)

The second treat for you is that I just uploaded a batch of detail photos of the new designer Vogue Patterns to Pinterest. You’ve told us how helpful you find these close-up photos when you’re sewing these patterns, so we’re happy to oblige you. Click on this widget below to go to the board:

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What other things can we do to help you out with sewing our patterns? Suggestions welcome!

Don’t forget to enter our “Style a Celeb” Instagram contest! You only have a few more days left. Read all the contest details here. We are loving the entries we’ve seen so far!


Free coloring book PDF from Vogue Patterns

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  1. I think that this is a fantastic idea.

  2. Great idea. However rather than colour in, I’m going to cut out the middle of the shapes so I can hold them over different fabrics to assess which look I like best.

    1. That’s clever!

    2. Brilliant!

  3. Thanks for the coloring book. My 3 DD who are 10, 8 and 6 are going to ask me to share my coloring book now :). I would love more and thanks for the closeup detail pics!

  4. This is fantastic!! I sometimes have a hard time imagining a pattern other than how it is pictured … this allows us to see just the design and we can let our imagination go!! Thank you for a terrific idea!!!!

  5. I love this idea !!!

  6. What a wonderful idea! Can’t wait

  7. Nice idea, I submitted my email. I also use another app on my android tablet called “Skitch – Snap. Mark it up”. I take a pic of the line drawings of the patterns and send it to the app, and it allows me to color them in what colors I want to use.

    Understand the love or hate phase of a project, mine comes once I finish the bodice and now have to make adjustments. It’s at this point I will push through and finish or go “ehh” and toss it in a bin. HAHAHA

    1. Cool! I use digital tools also to “design” the patterns I’m going to sew.

  8. love the idea and love your blog!!!!! and of course I follow you on IG!!!

  9. I love looking at the detail pictures but I am perhaps needlesly rebellious in that I refuse to join Pinterest because it is FORCING me to join to look at a few pictures! Will you please consider a different mechanism to share photos?

    1. I agree with you Patricia, Pinterest makes me crazy. I tried to join once and it told me there was a wait list and I would be contacted when I could join. Grrr.

      1. I love Pinterest and it is no more invasive than any other social media out on the web. It has given me serious inspiration, whether in decorating my home or sewing a difficult detail. And of course I love the McCall community fan board.

  10. Meg — Great Idea.

    However — can you somehow explain exactly (maybe even a pre-addressed email link) for those of us who cannot figure out how to download the coloring book.

    Patti in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

    1. Hi Patti! Were you able to download it yet?

  11. I am so here for adult coloring books! Fun!

  12. This is great! I always copy the black and white images of patterns I’m planning on making and coloring them. Now I just have to print. Please do more.

  13. Great idea for my teenager grand girls, so they can see how different fabrics change the look .

  14. YES! YES! A coloring book please, but intricate patterns from the vintage era when style reigned! Please, hurry!

  15. The coloring book is a grand idea. Thanks! You asked what else you can do to make using your patterns easier: Please include as much info about finished garment measurements as possible on the back of the pattern envelope. If there isn’t enough real estate there, then a detailed chart on the pattern instruction pages. Having the measurements on the pattern tissue is helpful when I’ve committed to trying the patterns, but not terribly useful for deciding whether or not to purchase the pattern.

    I really appreciate all the ways you are listening to our requests and trying to implement them!

    1. Passing your comment along to our merchandising team.

  16. Great idea thanks! Just out of curiosity,how does one go about becoming an illustrator for patterns?

  17. What a fun idea!

  18. that’s a fantastic idea! i don’t know if anyone’s suggested it, but how about a special vintage/retro edition book, like the older mccall’s magazines you’ve posted?

    1. Yup that would be cute and if they have a sketched model too to try the clothes on the model.

    2. Would love to do more with our archives, as long as we don’t run into copyright issues.

  19. I want one and you should do all the time! It’s a gr8 way show your creations and try colors and fabrics. Do you guys remember when one of the ladies magazines had paper dolls ….I think it was Vogue or McCalls paper dolls!

    1. Betsy McCall was the paper doll that used to be in McCall’s magazines.

      1. I loved the Betsy McCall paper dolls when I was a kid. But she never had enough clothes to wear so I would design complete wardrobes for her, color them with my crayons and cut them out. I’ve been having fun designing clothes ever since. Thank you, McCalls!!!

  20. Love the coloring books. Paper dolls are awesome too. Interactive contests are always a good way to get people to get sewing. I love the new ideas coming from Mccalls – keep people sewing!!! I found all sorts of pattern must-buys now from the pinterest page – it is sooo nice to see them made up in really nice fabrics. That makes a huge difference. I love the fine details and designer touches on the Vogues and am finally able to make those so enjoy the different levels.

  21. I like when pattern companies post a pattern and four or five swatches of fabric choices on their multimedia web sites, i.e. Facebook, Pinterest. Glad to see more interactions between pattern companies and home sewing enthusiasts.

    1. Great idea! Look for more fabric suggestions with patterns to come.

  22. I love the coloring book idea….please!!!!!

  23. Thanks for the colouring book, fabulous! I think Minnie Me’s idea is a great one.
    Suggested fabrics from UK sources would be fabulous, as many of us have to buy online these days…..that would be a fantastic help.
    Thank you for the new ideas to help us home sewists.

  24. Love this

  25. I love this idea! Coloring is one of my favorite ways to relax. Combining coloring and sewing… Perfect!!

  26. I love the idea! Now I will see dresses and skirts in colors before I sew them! Fantastic!

  27. Thanks you so much….my 5 yo gdaughter is a budding designer and she will love this, thanks again!!

  28. Love the idea. I have been using a similar idea in my sewing classes for years. Looking forward to using your book in class.

  29. This is such a great idea!!!! I can start planning before I even go to the store!!!! Well done.

  30. Love the idea, have downloaded the ‘book’.

  31. Fun!! what a great idea.

  32. I would love to have more of these with vintage patterns too!

  33. thank you! I have been looking for something like this. Can’t wait to get it.

  34. Wonderful idea !!!

  35. This is an amazing idea! I always try to sketch the pattern designs or color the back of the pattern for my fabric color planning. This is going to be great!!!

  36. Great idea! I printed them out for my 10 year old daughter.

  37. Please make more! I love these.

  38. can hardly wait to get mine! In the meantime, I’ve done a major (yeah, right) clean-out of my (mostly) Vogue patterns. Is there anywhere I can donate them?

    1. Hi Katy! Maybe try a local church rummage sale?

  39. Maybe one day we’ll see a re issue of Betsy McCall! That would be such fun.

  40. I love the colouring book – thank you. Would love to see more of these.

  41. Thanks for this it is a great resource.

  42. How long does it take to receive the coloring book? I entered my email last night…

  43. I would LOVE to download a coloring book. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and design men’s western shirts and then have to sew them so I could get back to sleep.

  44. Would love a McCall’s (and Butterick?) colouring book. This initiative is a wonderful idea.

  45. Yes yes yes!!!
    FInally a legitimate reason to play with crayons. lol

  46. I love to color. This is so awesome. Can hardly wait to get more. Thanks

  47. How long does it take to receive the coloring book email. I submitted hours ago and no sign of it.

  48. Hi Ladies,

    Check your downloads – mine were in seconds after I submitted 🙂 I asked and received McCall’s, Butterick and Vogue. Just wish there were more patterns in each one. hint, Hint, HINT!

    If you aren’t sure where to look for your downloads, ask a teen – they know so much more than most of us when it comes to technology. Be sure to save them so you can print them again!

    Trade their knowledge for yours! My kids started sewing before they started school – now all can use a sewing machine – and 3 of them are boys. I have 2 older step-sons who also know enough that they fought over their mom’s sewing machine when we were down-sizing! Good thing there was a 2nd one they didn’t know about. I have enough machines that each child and step-child can have at least one…that is if they like antiques!

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