New Vogue Patterns detail photos on Pinterest, plus PDF coloring book of 10 new patternsHappy Friday! This weekend I plan on making major progress on a denim jacket I’m sewing. I’ll share more details with you when it’s done, because right now I’m in that “I’m either gonna love it or hate it” phase of this project.

In the meantime, have you read all the buzz about coloring books for adults? Of course it got us thinking about doing some kind of pattern coloring book…I mean, there’s so many possibilities with our incredible archives. But hmmm, what if we did something on a smaller scale that you, our customers, might find both useful and fun?

Introducing our Summer Vogue Patterns mini coloring book! We chose 10 new summer patterns and created a “coloring book” of high-res pattern line art. You can print this PDF and then doodle and color the patterns, or you can plan and sketch your sewing ideas on the pattern illustrations.

Vogue Patterns coloring book PDF

Please do not judge my terrible coloring skills. I’m a better sewer than I am a colorer-inner.

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If you like this coloring book idea and find it useful and/or fun, let us know and we’ll consider doing coloring books with pattern illustrations from future collections of Vogue Patterns, Butterick and McCall’s. (For this mini coloring book test, we limited the illustrations to 10 of the new patterns getting the most buzz in social media since the release on Tuesday; apologies if your favorite isn’t included in it.)

The second treat for you is that I just uploaded a batch of detail photos of the new designer Vogue Patterns to Pinterest. You’ve told us how helpful you find these close-up photos when you’re sewing these patterns, so we’re happy to oblige you. Click on this widget below to go to the board:

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What other things can we do to help you out with sewing our patterns? Suggestions welcome!

Don’t forget to enter our “Style a Celeb” Instagram contest! You only have a few more days left. Read all the contest details here. We are loving the entries we’ve seen so far!


Free coloring book PDF from Vogue Patterns