Finished: Butterick Lisette Moto Jacket. Plus, Wrap Dress Sewalong

Butterick B6169 Lisette Moto Jacket pattern as sewn by Meg Carter of the McCall Pattern Company

My Butterick B6169 Lisette jacket is finished and I’m really, really happy with it. In fact, this jacket gets full credit for restoring my sewing mojo. You see, I’d made several garments in a row that were total wadders, and I was beginning to despair. I’d lost my touch! But this one turned out to be a happy marriage of pattern, fabric and fit, so all’s right in sewing land once again.

Did you know that Liesl Gibson, designer of Lisette patterns for Butterick, is currently hosting a sewalong of this pattern? She just started it on Monday, so grab your fabric and pattern and join in. I have to hand it to Liesl—she designed a great pattern. It’s very well drafted and I think it can be easily tweaked to fit most body types.

Here are more photos of my jacket:

Butterick B6169 Lisette Moto Jacket pattern as sewn by Meg Carter of the McCall Pattern Company
Front view, half zipped. You will note that this dress form (a sample size 10) is way smaller than I am, so the jacket looks a little baggier here than it is on me. It has a semi-fitted, slightly boxy shape.
Butterick B6169 Lisette Moto Jacket pattern as sewn by Meg Carter of the McCall Pattern Company. Back view
Back view. Love the seaming here, and I especially love the two-piece sleeve. I like this pattern’s sleeve shape so much I may borrow it for future jackets.
Butterick B6169 Lisette Moto Jacket pattern as sewn by Meg Carter of the McCall Pattern Company. Lining view.
The lining. Pink makes a nice contrast, right? Our instructions tell you to insert the lining the couture way, which I followed and am pleased with the results. But in Liesl’s sewalong she’ll show you how to move a little faster by bagging-out the lining. Check it out.

Because I know you’re going to ask, the fabric is a mid-weight cotton (and silk?) from Trumart Fabrics near FIT in NYC. Supposedly it’s by Alexander Wang. I bought this a few months ago, so I doubt there’s any left but you can give them a call.


Wrap Dress Sewalong: How are you coming with your wrap dresses? If you working on the bodice, my co-host Lucinda’s post about making a small-bust adjustment for your wrap dress is available here. If you’re looking for info on how to make a full-bust adjustment, that’s available from Gorgeous Fabrics here.

Small bust adjustment, the McCall Pattern Company Wrap Dress Sewalong
Lucinda shows you how to make a small bust adjustment that prevents gaping in her blog post.

My own wrap dress is coming along pretty well. I’ve been in production-mode sewing the last couple of nights, which means I’m not really following the order of the instructions but doing all the seam work first. Rather than fuss with the bodice facing details before moving on to the next section, I put that temporarily aside to sew all the seams of the bodice, skirt and sleeves. Straight seams make for fast and easy sewing, right? I caught up on the episodes of Empire I missed while I did this sewing. And can I just say: Cookie!!!

Feel free to leave a comment here reporting on your wrap dress progress. Everything going ok? Any stumbling blocks? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #wrapdresssewalong and to post your pix on our Flickr board.


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  1. Gorgeous jacket Meg!

  2. You did a beautiful job. Love it !

  3. Gorgeous jacket! I definitely need that pattern.

  4. Loving the jacket and the floral cotton/silk gives it a feminine twist. I’d love to see it styled with other garments: a dress underneath, a blouse/jean combo even a jumpsuit. I might – just might – add this pattern to my collection.

  5. Oh, Meg, this jacket is stunning. I like the floral look for a more masculine looking jacket. I am so happy your sewing mojo is restored.

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  7. That jacket! What a perfect pairing of pattern and fabric. It’s stunning.

  8. Glad you got your MoJo back, when I saw the final pic of the jacket I thought “this is why we sew”. I am at the final stage of my wrap dress, everything is together including the sleeves. However I think am going to make a slight design change, the idea came to me when I was working on the interfacing pieces. 🙂

  9. I love TrueMart and its postage stamp size.
    Great jacket and love the pink lining!

  10. You did an AMAZING job on your jacket. I have some really cool fabric from my NY trip that I want to use for this jacket!

  11. The worst (best) thing to ever happen to me was to work within walking distance to trumart. I have a few leather hides from them that I am already dreaming of turning into a moto jacket with this pattern. You just gave me my mojo back haha

  12. OK… This jacket is fabulous and the fabric is delicious!

  13. What a beautiful jacket! Glad your sewing mo-jo is back.

  14. Great jacket, Meg! The unexpected fabric for this style hit it right out of the park. Great choices!

  15. Stop, Meg! My coat closet is BURSTING at the seams! But now I need one of these!

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