Wrap Dress Sewalong: FBAs & Another Fabric Discount

McCall Pattern Company wrap dress sewalong: Meg's pattern and fabric How’s everyone coming with their wrap dresses?  My niece came over this Sunday for a muslin fitting of the wrap dress I’m making for her. The overall fit of the bodice is good, but I do need to lengthen the torso by an inch or so. (She has a long torso.) Knowing that, I’m ready to cut out the dress from the fashion fabric. I’m using Vogue Pattern V8379 with an ITY jersey knit I bought in the garment district (photo above). Speaking of fabric, Gorgeous Fabrics is offering a 10% discount on full-price knit fabrics through the end of March. Yay, we love fabric discounts! GF discount blog You’ve been asking about full-bust adjustments for wrap dresses. Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics just reposted on her blog an excellent FBA tutorial she wrote a few years ago for the Sewing Divas blog. And my co-host Lucinda of Sew Wrong volunteered to write a tutorial on small bust adjustments, so keep checking her blog for that. (I think from her Instagram feed that Lucinda has currently abandoned the snow banks of Boston for a sunny beach somewhere; can you blame her?!) One thing I’ve been pondering is how to handle the neck and bodice area, the part that forms the V wrap. I went to Century 21 at lunchtime last week and inspected the DVF wrap dresses on sale there: McCall Pattern Company wrap dress sewalong This gray print DVF dress, above, has an attached band at the neckline. I like this treatment…. McCall Pattern Company wrap dress sewalong This black DVF dress has a self facing that’s simply turned in. The facing is stabilized with fusible interfacing, and the edge of the facing is just turned a scant quarter-inch and stitched in place. I like this treatment too. The pattern I’m using has an attached facing, but it could be easily adapted for a self facing. I need to spend some time with the fabric before I lock into a neck/bodice finish. Decisions, decisions! Be sure and check out my co-host’s blog post this week. Ruqayyah talks about making a muslin and things like ease, and she has lots of helpful photos. Reminder to use the hashtag #wrapdresssewalong and to join our Flickr group! Leave a comment here and let us know how you’re doing with your wrap dress.

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  1. I’m all cut out and ready to sew. No muslin for this gal>>I’ve never had to make one and don’t plan on starting now. But that’s just me

  2. I made V8379 before and changed the attached facings to self facings. This time I want to add the collar so I need to come up with a different plan. Do you think it will be possible to mimic the look of the gray print DVF dress by using attached facings and stitching them down at say just over an inch from the side?

    1. Hi Marianne! You could do that, but the effect will look more like topstitching than an attached band. I think I’d stick with the facing and not worry about it.

  3. I wish i had someone to help me with fit. Doing it yourself is tricky. I love your fashion fabric!

    1. Hi Karen! You’re so right about that! When I sew for myself I bring my work-in-progress to the office and have our head of dressmaking fit me. Talk about perks! Can you take mirror selfies to assess fit?

  4. I have made muslins when sewing for others just to check fit, but I have never made one for my self. What would you choose for a muslin for a knit material though. Obviously another knit, but I don’t want to spend as much on the muslin as I did on the dress it self. Would a swimsuit lining type of material work as a muslin?

    1. Hi April! I hear you about wanting to save money on muslin fabric. Just try to find a knit that has similar stretch and weight to your fashion fabric. Swimsuit lining will be lighter, probably, but it’ll do in a pinch.

  5. I’ve traced off my pattern and now need to do some adjustments. Thank you for the link for the FBA as this was one I was trying to work out.

  6. I have 2 DVF dresses. One with the attached band, the other folded over. The attached band is the better of the two as the other keeps unfolding when wearing it and doesn’t look as “crisp” as the silk knit doesn’t hold the crease in the fold very well. I have stiched it down in a couple of places but still requires more. I would consider the folded band only if the fabric was able to hold the crease, otherwise would definitely go for attached band.

    1. Angela, that’s an excellent point to consider about fabric holding the crease. Will be thinking about that myself as I decide what to do.

  7. Greetings one and all , I’m making Butterick 5454. Right now I’m on the making the muslin stage. I’m full busted and want to make sure the fit is right before I cut on the silk Jersey that I’m treating myself to. Happy sewing everyone.

  8. Hi Meg,
    I really like the fabric you have chosen!
    Thanks for the pictures, I always enjoy looking at construction.
    You are so lucky to have someone with that amount of experience to help you with the fit! I’m thinking of recruiting my husband for that job.

  9. Another thing I do is make a muslin of just the bodice with shortened sleeves, since the bodice is the most critical part (for me, anyway) to fit. I can do that with less than a yard of fabric, so I can use scraps left over from other projects.

    1. Hi Ann,
      That is a great suggestion, Ann. I feel certain that I am going to be working on the muslin of the bodice so that the dress is not so low in the neckline for teaching! I bet that I start working on it tomorrow night..

      1. Thanks Ann for the great suggestions, as well as your FBA tutorial.

        Jennifer, I’m interested in how you will be raising the bodice “neckline” so that it is not too low. I would like to make and wear a few of these in a rather conservative office setting.

  10. Cutting out B5030 pattern pieces I realize that the arms are enormous compared to V8379’s arms ..could I use V8379 arms on B5030 ? Arms are always too large for me..
    I really like V8379 except for the facing, which keeps on rolling and unfolding. I have a DVF without bands and it is also a nightmare because it unfolds ..Is it possible to use B5030 bands on V8379 ?
    Thanks !

    1. Hi Stephanie! 1) The arms: You have to first make sure the armscye areas are the same in both patterns before you swap out pattern pieces. The armscye on B5030 may be larger. What about using the sleeves from B5030 but then narrowing them to fit after you’ve inserted them into the bodice? 2) Facings: I can’t say for sure without comparing the two patterns together. If the bodices are very similar to each other, then you probably can do this. In fact, I may look at doing this myself. If I get a chance tomorrow when I’m in the office I’ll compare the patterns.

  11. DVF at C21 on SALE??!! I think I might need to run down there and try some on. Buying one in order to assist in grading up my vintage DVF for vogue wrap dress pattern… perfect excuse.

  12. In my excitement I skipped a muslin all together LOL (then again am not one to do muslin anyway), I simply have to finish cutting out my skirt and start sewing. I thought it interesting that B5030 has a neck facing as the black DVF dress also. That makes me happy because I like the polish look it gives to the dress and am looking forward to putting everything together.

  13. Hi, I’m excited about this dress I have 6 yards of a leopard print I bought I a clearance rack at JoAnns fabric so I’m sure it’s Polyester. Right now I have McCalls 6713 and a Simplicity 1880 but going to fabric store to check out the Vogue pattern tomorrow. I just love this. I have wanted to make this dress for a long time but have had trouble finding a pattern I like. It’s been awhile Tho. DO I have to use Flicker to participate. I’m so computer illiterate and the sign up process was overwhelming to me. Will I only be able to post on it?

    I’ve not heard of it til recently n just went in there and looks complicated. I’m so very not computer savvy. Is it necessary?

    1. Hi Vicki! No, you don’t have to use Flickr but it’s the best place to share photos of your dress and progress. That is, IF you want to share with everyone. You can opt to follow along but not personally share digitally.

  14. Also what are FBA’s exactly

    1. Full bust adjustment .I believe. 🙂

      1. Yes, that’s what it is.

  15. I just got my patterns. I’m going to try pairing the bodice of B6128 with the skirt of B5030. Starting the muslin today… wish me luck!

    1. Good luck!

  16. I started mine tonight. Took some extra measurements to make sure it’s where I want it. Lengthened the skirt by about 3 inches. I’m using pattern M6884 view C. Can’t wait to get it done!

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