Wrap Dress Sewalong: Try Before You Buy

McCall's Wrap Dress Sewalong: It's always a good idea to try a style on before you sew it. And it's an excuse to go shopping!

It’s week 2 of our wrap dress sewalong, and we’re thrilled so many of you have said you’re joining us. If you’re just finding out about this, don’t worry because the construction schedule is nice and long. (And if it’s too long for you more advanced sewers, then just zoom ahead and help out the newbies when you can.)

Me, I’ve picked out my pattern (Vogue Pattern V8379) though I haven’t bought fabric yet. But I have done what I consider an important step before you sew a new design you might not have worn before: Head to the store and try on something similar in RTW.

DVF New Julian Two dress available at Bloomingdale's
DVF New Julian Two dress available at Bloomingdale’s

That’s what I did two Saturdays ago with my niece Konstance, who’s pictured above. I’m actually making this wrap dress for her. She just got her MA in writing and is interviewing for jobs. So I thought she might like to have a classic wrap dress in her wardrobe, and she agreed to be my model and let me plaster her cute self all over our social media.

I made Konstance try on several DVF wrap dresses at Bloomingdale’s, and we agreed this actually was a good dress shape for her. This is the “New Julian Two Mini” DVF wrap dress she has on here. Other than having a long torso that I may need to make adjustments for, fitting Kon should be pretty straightforward. (Phew! You know I hate dealing with fit.)

So, if you haven’t worn a wrap dress before, see if you can try one on first and make sure you like the look on you. Chances are good that you will, because it’s a flattering shape for most, but I always believe in better safe than sorry when it comes to investing time and money in sewing.


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Next week my co-host Ruqayyah will talk about one of her favorite topics: fabric! She’s made wrap dresses before and knows what kinds of fabrics work best. I’ll link to her post here. Until then!


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  1. my badge isn’t working. 🙁

    1. Try copying and pasting the image and not the html.

  2. I’ve tried several wrap dresses so will be so glad to get help with the floppy neckline.
    Thanks for having the sew along

  3. So I’m guessing I need to make a trip to Neiman Marcus to try on some different DVF dresses.

    1. Couldn’t hurt!

  4. I will be working with Butterick 5030. I usually cut patterns based on my chest measurements then do a FBA. My chest measures a 36 which is a size 14 and my full bust measurement is 44 which would be a size 22, and I am not sure which size to cut. Is there a way yo to a FBA for a wrap dress?

    1. Hi Debra! We will be posting info next week on wrap dress FBAs. Stay tuned!

  5. So nice to run into you at Metro Textiles last week! I look forward to seeing your beautiful niece wearing her custom made wrap dress in that pretty fabric.

    1. You too! I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again soon.

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