Announcing Our Next Sewalong: The Wrap Dress!

McCall Pattern Company Wrap Dress Sewalong

Are you ready for a sewalong, because we are! You gave a thumbs up when we posed the idea of a wrap dress sewalong, and frankly, we were hoping you’d go for something a little less complex after the Ralph Rucci V1419 sewalong. So a wrap dress sewalong it is!

Joining me as co-hosts for this sewalong are sewing bloggers Lucinda Campbell (who actually was the one who first suggested we do a wrap dress sewalong) and Ruqayyah Davis. Here’s a little bit about them, in case you haven’t met them yet:

Lucinda Campbell of Sew Wrong:

“I’m all about comfort mixed with style—there’s nothing worse than dealing with Lucinda of Sew Wrong, co-host for the McCall Pattern Company Wrap Dress Sewalongfussy clothes all day long. This is why I gravitate toward easy-to-wear separates, dresses, and knit fabrics—knit dresses are like secret PJs! I recently developed a love of the tailoring process, and enjoy learning new techniques to challenge my sewing skills and push me to the next level with my garments.”

Ruqayyah Davis of ReDpants Designs:Ruqayyah of ReDpants Design and co-host of the McCall Pattern Company wrap dress sewalong

“My style of sewing is from the inside out. Before starting a project, I decide on my seam and hem techniques. As a buyer in the fashion industry for over 15 years, I use ready-to-wear garments as a template for sewing stylish apparel that exceeds the construction available in the marketplace. I am addicted to fabric and it is usually 99% of the inspiration in my garment construction planning.”

This sewalong comes on the heels of the 40th anniversary of the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that started it all. And of course you know we brought you the original DVF wrap dress pattern when it was created for Vogue Patterns in 1976. (Can you believe these vintage patterns can go for over $200 now on Etsy and eBay?!) So this sewalong is all about making a DVF-inspired type of wrap dress: made out of lightweight jersey fabric with a close-to-the-body fit. Mock wrap dresses are acceptable patterns to work with.

Here’s a loose schedule for the sewalong:

2/16: Announce sewalong
2/23: Try before you buy: Do wrap dresses work for you? Social media: hashtags, Flickr, Facebook, badges for blogs
3/2: Choosing your fabric. Cutting and working with slippery/rolling fabrics like ITY, silk jerseys, etc.
3/9: Making a muslin if necessary; how much ease do you want?
3/16: Sewing and working with knits. Finishing seams with and without a serger
3/23: Sewing the neckline area and preventing gaping
3/30: Making the sleeves; hemming the skirt; finishing up
4/6: The Big Reveal!

Remember, sewalongs are really go-at-your-own pace things. We know that life often gets in the way of best intentions. If you can’t hit these date, don’t worry about it. We’ll leave these sewalong posts up and you can always refer to them later.

Patterns: At last count we had 13 knit wrap dress patterns between McCall’s, Butterick, Kwik Sew, and Vogue Patterns, so you have plenty of options. You are welcome to use a pattern from your stash, but if you want to share it on the social media that will be part of this sewalong, we ask that you use one of our patterns. Here’s a Pinterest board with our wrap dress patterns and some RTW wrap dress inspiration:

Follow The McCall Pattern Company’s board Wrap Dress Patterns on Pinterest.

We’re so excited about this sewalong! Will you be joining us this time? Leave a comment here and let us know!


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  1. How about adding Vogue’s vintage patterns, like Vogue 1549, 1853, 1548, 1679?

    1. If you have a vintage wrap dress pattern you’d like to use, that’s fine. We’re only pinning current patterns to the Pinterest board.

      1. I have V8784 and I have some trouble fitting the bodice. I am working with a muslin. I am not large busted.

  2. Also, will you be covering bust alterations on wrap garments?

    1. Lucinda will be doing a post on small FBAs. I’ll keep my eyes out for a large FBA tutorial.

      1. Yes, I desperately need an FBA tutorial! Thanks!

      2. Just checked my stash and M6024 has different cup sizes for C/D cups. But the pattern is for a woven.

        Maybe a tutorial for changing woven pattern into knit could be done? 🙂 Not sure if that is easier that trying to do tutorial of an FBA in a knit wrap dress.

  3. This is perfect! I’m in! I have one of the suggested patterns and have been a little apprehensive in starting. I love wrap dresses – so universally flattering.

  4. I’m in too!

  5. I’m so glad you’re doing this wrap dress sewalong. I was planning to make one for my son’s graduation this Spring. Looking forward to it.

  6. I’m in! Love a wrap dress on my pear shaped body!

  7. I just made V8784. Can I play?

  8. I’m in and so looking forward to this. I have two different pattern knits purchased with the wrap dress in mind and Vogue 8379 in my stash.

  9. I’m in!! I hav never sewn with knit before because I don’t have a serger but I’m will to go for it with a little bit of help and encouragment.

    1. Shandra, no worries, a serger isn’t necessary to sew knit fabrics. Nice to have, but not essential.

  10. I made V8896 in a black matte jersey for the holidays and wore it with a short colorful jacket. Love it, plan on making another one for spring and summer

  11. I’m in. I recently finished the Ralph Rucci coat and am up for an easy sew this time.

  12. This is perfect! I was just about to make B6054

  13. I’m in!! I’ve been wanting to make a wrap dress for a long time! I like that we have several patterns to choose from.

  14. I’d love to join in! I have a pattern and the perfect fabric for a wrap dress already, so this is the perfect opportunity and motivation to sew it!

  15. I’m excited about making this dress

  16. This is exactly what I was planning to sew anyway. I’m in.

  17. Thanks for running the sew-a-long. I understand why you all are not able to re-release a DVF wrap dress from the archives.

    What I do not understand is the difference between one of those patterns, and something you currently offer, other than it does not say DVF. Was there some unique way of putting the pattern together? How the pattern was designed?

    Many thanks! Kimber

    1. I don’t know if DVF would claim her design was particularly unique, as wrap robes and dresses existed before hers did. It was her combination of fabric and design that made her wrap dress style take off.

      1. Hmmm… Ok, I get putting the typical wrap dress in a jersey rather than woven could be a big hit/difference. Not sure where the difference in design is, but maybe that is my homework: Scour the net/pintrest and figure it out.

    2. I had the original pattern years ago (outgrew it hugely with time), and as I recall, it WAS different: There were numerous subtleties of shaping, things like the the shoulder line and tapering of the bodice, that I have not seen in subsequent more generic patterns.

  18. I already have a wrap dress in mind on my list. So yay I’m in.

  19. Oooh ohhhhh!!! I’ve just bought B5847 for my first foray into wrap dresses…. I’ve got some floaty (loud turquoise paisley) poly that I thought of using. Would that work or should I get some jersey?

    1. It needs to be knit. Jersey is the recommended fabric.

      1. Should be stash busting not buying, but darn it there’s no suitable jersey… I can blame you though, right? “Meg said I had to buy more fabric…” 😀

        1. Yup, blame away!

  20. OK, you can’take reissue the legendary DvF patterns. Will you be able to share some of the techniques that were used in those original patterns? I would love to be able to elevate a bog standard wrap dress to something special with the original Designer techniques!

    1. I’ll search our archives for any articles on this.

  21. I bought V8379 in 2008, made the dress for Christmas, and planned to use it again. I’m in and I will be looking forward to making up a cute spring dress. Just went back and read my notes from that time and I see I cut the bodice in a size larger than I use now—>beginner mistake 🙂

  22. I love wrap dresses and have several RTW ones in my wardrobe. I wear them more than my other style dresses. I have been thinking about making a wrap dress and just ordered v8379 at the sale that ended yesterday.

    I’m so glad you are having this sew along amd can’t wait to start!


  23. Good timing, I got Vogue 8379 for Christmas!

  24. I’ve always wanted to do a sew-a-long but never gotten around to one. This past weekend I pulled out my wrap dress patterns (I have them all :-0 ) so how excited was I when I saw this post about the wrap sew-a-long. I have the vintage DVF so I’ll use that. For those making a wrap for the first time, I suggest V8379…awesome pattern. I don’t have a website but I’m on instagram house_of_gill Can’t wait to see everyone’s finished dresses! 🙂

  25. This is my first independent sew anything in fashion. I’m in. :0)

  26. Sounds fabulous! I’ve always w wanted to make a wrap dress but have been concerned about foot alone the bust so will love to get some expert tips. I don’t have a pattern, any suggestions which I should get? I’m inexperienced sewing with knit as well

    1. Check out the ones on the Pinterest board in the blog post. Any of those for knit fabrics only will be fine.

      1. I know it is sacriligious to say but I don’t have pinterest! could you post some suggestions on facebook or instagram

        1. I have been wanting to make this dress for a long time. Also have wanted to participate in a sew along. I’m excited.I read all the comments and have to ask what is,an FBA?. Someone suggested the V8379 for first timers with this dress. Is that a good choice?. Haven’t seen with knits but that was my choice for this dress

          1. FBA = Full Bust Adjustment. This is used when your bust is above a B cup which is what most patters are drafted for. This adds extra room across the front and a bust dart. The bust dart can be rotated out to the waist and/or neckline depending on what your preference is. Quite often a FBA can also add to the waist which may or may not be needed. Hope this helps.

  27. I’m in! I love my two woven wrap dresses and it would be nice to make a knit one.

  28. According to my knowledge in Fashion School, you may be sued only if you make an exact copy, material and color of a design. Fashions cannot be patented like works of art. It would be nice if Vogue would make an agreement for Ms Dian Von Furstengurg to allow the Vogue pattern 1549, 1579 to be reprinted. This is an Iconic Design. Thanks.

  29. So woven wrap dresses are also cool for the sew-along? It seems like the DVF wrap dress is all about the jersey.

    1. You can sew a woven wrap dress but we’ll be focusing only on knits here.

  30. I’m going to give it a whirl!

  31. Sounds like great fun!

  32. Looking forward to jump starting 2015 with this sew-a-long!

  33. Great idea, I’m in too!

  34. I’m in, too! I’ve worked with knits only a couple times, looking forward to sewing along with everyone!

  35. Sounds like fun. I’m in.

  36. I love this! I just need to choose between three lovely knit fabrics that I have in my fabric hoard. Thank you for the inspiration.

  37. I’m definitely in having just found in my Mum’s sewing room Vogue 1548 (Vintage), yippee!

  38. I’m in. I love wrap dresses.

  39. Yay! I’m very excited about joining in. I’ve just finished reading DVF’s autobiography so am feeling suitably inspired.

  40. I’m in! Now to find the perfect fabric!

  41. I found the Vogue 1549 at a thrift store. I gave the pattern to a friend after I copied it :), but need a lot of help with alterations. My muslin bodice gaped so badly you could practically see my belly button. I stuffed it all away in a drawer for over a year now–would be fabulous to make a dress that actually fit!

    1. I think v1549 is designed for single.jersey…?

      1. If you’re referring to any DVF pattern for Vogue, then yes, lightweight jersey. No double knits or ponte if you’re going for that look.

  42. Interested in the sew-a-long on the wrap dress…………

  43. Great idea to do a wrap dress. I have made tops and/or wrap dress and they are too low and they gap. Looking forward to this. Would love tips re: lighter and slippery knits.

    Thank you. Lori

  44. I’m in. Does viscose count?

    1. Yes!

  45. I would love to do a wrap for me so I am off to buy a pattern from the list to get started

  46. Count me in!

  47. SEW Excited! I am in!

  48. I love a wrap dress. I purchased a ready made one and fell in love the the style. (Not to mention the great comments I received). I have wanted to make one for several years, but found it difficult to get the fit right d/t large bust. How do you make a muslin for a knit pattern? I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for offering this sew-along

  49. Can I use M6713?

    1. Yes!

  50. there is a vogue pattern currently with a Custom Fit bodice which really helps with the FBA, vogue 8646. I’m going to try that one!

  51. sounds fun!

  52. pattern picked out and the fabric. Let’s go for it

  53. Perfect timing. I need to touch base with some self care and getting back into my sewing is the perfect fit. Would be nice to have a new dress for the spring. I’m all in. Plus, who doesn’t love fabric and pattern shopping. Oh, and all those notions too

  54. I’m in! I love wrap dresses and could use another. Of course, one can’t have too many wrap dresses!

  55. I am in. I am happy this is an “at your own pace” because I have to work sewing in between my cancer treatments. A pretty dress is just what I need to get me ready to move forward to the next stage.

    1. Good luck to you and god speed. May everything turn out good for you, best wishes!

    2. Yay, Kay, glad you’re joining us!

  56. What fabric is recommended for the muslin? I asked at a fabric store and poly jersey was suggested. I want to make my wrap dress with silk jersey but do not want to practice on it. I have the Vogue 1548 DVF pattern and Vogue 8379. Is one recommended over the other for a first wrap dress?

    1. Hi Fara! Use either pattern. For your muslin, find an inexpensive poly jersey that is the same weight and drape as your silk jersey.

  57. Will Butterick B5030 work? I’m in if it will! I would also like some help with a full bust adjustment as I am a DD cup. Thanks

    1. Yes to that pattern. We will try to address FBAs.

  58. I would love to participate!

  59. I’m in! I haven’t sewn since the beginning of January and this is just the jump start I need.

  60. I cant decide which pattern to use. I am a women petite.

    1. Hi Karen! Pick the one you like the most, but make a muslin first so you can make adjustments for your petite size. You may find all you need to do is shorten the length.

  61. What’s the best(easiest) pattern for a novice to use?

    1. Hi Tracy! Seriously, they’re all very similar. Choose the one you like the best and feel free to ask questions as we go along.

  62. Sounds like fun. I’m in!

  63. Yes, I would love to join. I want to learn how to work with knits and a muslin. I hope there will be time to do the muslin before we do the actual dress. Will we be allowed to ask questions and get answers and from whom?

    1. Hi Cheryl! Join our Flickr group here: That’s a good place to ask questions. You can also leave comments and questions on the various sewalong blog posts that I do and my two co-hosts do.

  64. This is so exciting! I plan on making several wrap dresses!

  65. My daughter and I are both in! I have bought a wrap pattern and even have some fabric at home that will work perfectly! This is just the motivation that I need!

  66. I would love it if there was a direct link to the pinterest board in this post.

    1. Just click where it says “See on Pinterest” and it takes you right to the board.

  67. I’d like to join. I have the pattern and the material, I just need the guts to start. Do I register somewhere else than on this blog?

    1. Hi Danielle! No, you don’t need to register or sign up anywhere. Just follow this blog and watch for new blog posts about the sewalong. And feel free to post on the group Flickr board:

  68. I would love to do this. I made the original at least 3 times in the 70’s. My shape has changed (a lot) but I still love the style. I love the Connie Crawford version but want the swing skirt and maybe a sleeve variation. Can I join in? I will use your patterns B5898 and B5030 from your pinterest board.

    1. Sure! Please join us.

  69. I’m definitely in!! Can’t wait! I love wrap dresses – so flattering and comfortable!

  70. I’m in.

  71. I would love to join too!

  72. I will totally be IN! I’m doing pattern V8896 but I will need to make a muslin. I’m concerned at the complete size difference between pattern sizes and sizes at stores. How can I be a size 5 at Hollister and a size 12 or 14 at Vogue? Also why am I buying a “misses” pattern? How do I know if I am a “misses”? I’m not a misses at the store? If you can’t tell this is my first time sewing a piece of clothing.

    1. Oh, yeah… sizing is strange. I always go by my measurements and pick the closest on the package (if I’m between sizes I go up one)… even from store to store, sizing in women’s clothing is hopelessly inconsistent.

      1. yes, I will be doing the muslin this time on a 14 and maybe doing a resize for a 12. I’m normally a size 4 though which is strange.

    2. Christa, sewing patterns are sized differently from RTW. Go by your bust measurement. Not your bra size, but take a tape measure and measure your bust. Check out these new videos on fit here:

      We applaud you for jumping in and trying this dress. Just understand that this sewalong is not about teaching you how to sew clothing if you don’t know already. You may want to look at some of the beginner sewing video courses on Craftsy and Creativebug before you cut out your pattern.

  73. Most definitely IN and perfect timing for me. using B5030 and now off to looking through my fabric stash.:D Need this dress for a project for a photoshoot idea. 😀

  74. I’m in, too

  75. Just hoping it’s not too late to join.

    1. Definitely not

  76. I’d love to join this sew along. I’ve purchased patterns but have never sewn them up as I would need a FAB, (even a D cup is too small.) I’ve actually never found one in the store that I felt looked good on me because of the way they are cut… Either so loose in the upper chest and cut too low or of course just too tight. Petiting it might be helpful. but anyway I’ve never found a RTW that looks good on me.

    1. Is it possible to combine a woman pattern on top and a misses pattern on bottom?

      1. It is quite possible, but the smaller sizes are better for me because the shoulders, armholes, and neck fit better and it is easier to do a FBA than adjust the neck and shoulders. I’m just not sure how to do the FBA with a wrap dress. Thank you for the suggestion. It will really depend on the how the pattern is drafted.

      2. Anything is possible, but I’d strongly advise you to make a muslin first.

  77. Definitely in!! I’m a Vogue 8379 devotee, so this sewalong is a no-brainer! I’m also dying to make a fresh knit dress for late winter/early spring. This should be a gorgeous sewalong!

  78. I have a McCall’s 6884 pattern, which is a mock wrap over. I’d love to join in

  79. This is just like the right time. Just went to the garment district in LA and purchased a wonderful IKAT print to make a wrap dress. Can’t wait to get started.

    1. what’s an IKAT print?

  80. Went to the fabric store tonight and I’m ready to go. This is exciting, Thanks

  81. I really wish you’d reissue the original pattern by DVF 🙂

    1. We’d love to, but licensing agreements prevent us from doing so.

  82. Just yesterday, I bought a McCall’s wrap dress pattern, M6959, and wished there was a sew-along for wrap dresses, then what do you know – right here in my emails, this announcement. I’m in, only, I’m doubtful of myself. I’ll do my very best.

  83. I am delighted to have this opportunity. A wrap dress! How wonderful! I have V8784.

  84. I’m all for joining! I remember when the original designer wrap dress came out so that will give you an idea of my age, but retirement has given me a lot of time to spend on sewing. Yeah, Yeah and Yeah!!! This is a timeless dress and can be worn by any age group. I bought both B5030 and B6154. I need to do a FBA so any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.

  85. As suggested for week 2, try before you buy, I went to Nordstrom with my daughter this afternoon so she could try on a DVF wrap dress. I’ll be making vintage Vogue #1549 for her…posted pictures to Flicker. Now the fabric selection!

    1. Smart mom!

  86. I would love to join the Wrap Dress Sew Along! I have an original Vogue DVF pattern and a few fabric choices in my stash. I also signed up for the Craftsy wrap dress class. i guess it’s a good time to view that too. How does the Sew Along work? Will I receive notifications! Thank you!!

    1. Glad you’re with us! I’ll do a post explaining how a sewalong works since there seems to be a fair amount of sewalong newbies. It’s a very user-friendly thing, no worries.

  87. Hi, can’t wait to get started. Do you have a list of patterns to chose from? And it needs to be a Butterick, McCall’s, Vogue or Kwik Sew, correct?


    1. Hi Billie, great to have you sewing along with us! Look at the patterns on the Pinterest board in the post for suggestions. You’re free to sew any wrap pattern you’d like but we’ll only be able to assist with patterns from our brands. Thanks!

  88. Is there a way to do a full bust adjustment on a wrap dress? I never have enough coverage.

  89. Oops Meg, I note there is a picture in the montage of a Donna Karan wrap (V1384) that states woven fabric and is made in silk dupion in the picture. It is definitely unsuited to jersey as it is cut on the cross and needs an amount of stiffness to hold the wrap closed.

    1. Yes, that’s why the Pinterest caption for that pattern says “for woven fabrics.” I made this board before I even thought of a wrap dress sewalong and I wanted to include all our wrap dress patterns—knits and wovens.

  90. I’d like to join this sew-a-long but can you suggest any plus size wrap patterns?

    1. Anything that says woman is a plus size pattern.

    2. Maybe Butterick B5898?

  91. I would like to join. I love the wrap dresses, but am not sure they will work for me. I’m tall, but have a large bust,waist and stomach(18-20) and then drop to a size 12 in hips. and have long legs. I’m also very highwaisted. In all honesty….. in this the wrong style for me? I think my love for the style is outweighing my common sense. But I would like to give it a whirl. With my description of my figure can you suggest a pattern? Thank you .

    1. Mary Lynn, have you ever tried on a wrap dress? Take a look at my post from 2/24. If I were you, I’d go to a store and try some on first. They don’t have to be DVF. You’ll know if it looks good on you after that.

  92. I’m in! Picked up Butterick 5030 today, I am excited to get started. 🙂

  93. I know I’m late I just discovered this blog .I’m so sew along .

    Happy sewing all

  94. Hey all you busty ladies who want to try this sew along. I really have to alter my patterns and haven’t found a simple way to do it. Size 12 at top, size 22 at bust, then size 16 waist and hips. Plus I’m short waisted. I just ordered a DVD called “Full Busted? Sew Clothes that Fit!” It’s directed by Pati Palmer and taught by Marta Alto. I haven’t tried this method yet but the wrap dress will be my first attempt. It does involve some time but it’s much worse to spend hours and money working on a dress to have it too tight in the bust (this DVD covers tummy issues too). I plan to watch the DVD at least one more time, and then have it available to watch while I alter my pattern. I have some inexpensive yellow knit that I’ll use as my muslin. If you find other good resources for fitting please let us know.

  95. Good Luck Melissa with the FBA results after following the video. Please keep us posted as to whether or not the recommended adjustments work.

  96. I have my pattern, M6884, and I have my fabric. I am so excited to get started! Where will we find the videos when they are posted?

    1. Hi April, glad you’re in! This sewalong is just blog posts for now. Read the posts here and on my co-host’s blog and feel free to ask questions in the comments area. Also join our Flickr group to post your photos:

  97. I found this posting while searching for a new pattern. I would love to join and hope it is not to late. Looking through my patterns found M6744, M5974 and B5898. Looking forward to getting started. Is a mock wrap patterns ok? I thought I read somewhere in the comments it was ok.

    1. Hi, you’re not too late! Sure, a mock wrap pattern is fine.

  98. Just found this and ordered my pattern. Hope I’m not too late to join.

    1. Not at all! I haven’t even cut out my fabric yet.

  99. My pattern, McCalls 6885, just arrived and I’m ready to get started.

    1. Yay! Glad you’re with us.

  100. Hope it’s not too late to join. But I’d love to be part of the wrap dress sewalong. I’ll be using v1257 and can’t wait to get started

    1. Sure, please join us! I just cut out my wrap dress last night, so you’re really not behind at all. This is a go-at-your-own pace sewalong.

  101. Good evening or late afternoon to you all,

    Has anyone found out the best way to make the FBA on the bodice yet? If I find something online, can I post it here for everyone else who needs it?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Here’s our FBA tutorial for the wrap dress sewalong: Hope this helps!

  102. Thank you, Meg!! My plan is to get started with doing this today!

  103. I was hunting for a wrap dress pattern using woven fabric when I came upon this site. I just found a fabulous piece of quality rayon-like print that begs to be made up as a wrap dress. I know a wrap dress is generally made of knits, but I’m adventurous! This style is considered most flattering to a mature figure, and since I have sewn everything from blue jeans to wedding gowns, I’m not afraid of trying. I do need a petite size pattern. I have a short bodice and do not like to show cleavage.

    I look forward to learning more about SEWALONG!

  104. Great I’m in

  105. What/when is the next sew along? I really enjoyed the wrap dress sew along. Thank you, Suzan.

  106. I know this is an old post but I’ll try here anyways. I’m thinking of making the DVF wrap dress in the long version no collar but with the cuffs in velvet. Can anyone that has made this pattern let me know if this is a crazy good idea or a crazy bad one??? I’m thinking that it would be luxurious and drape beautifully. Any comments?

    1. The entire dress in velvet, or just the cuffs? I think you mean the entire dress. Are you talking about stretch velvet? That would work, as this dress is meant for stretch knits only. It wouldn’t work well in non-stretch velvet, especially in the bodice area. But feel free to make a mini sample in velvet and see what you think…

      1. Hi!! Thanks for responding. Yes I was thinking the whole dress in stretch velvet. Have you made this pattern? What do u think of it in velvet?

        1. I think it could work just fine. Maybe see if you can find a stretch velvet on sale to use as test fabric, and then make the bodice to see how you like it on you.

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