We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. I am so ashamed! I expected so much better from myself.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up! People who work here missed some. It’s hard but hopefully you learned some new stuff about our patterns.

  2. I didn’t do so well but this was very interesting.

  3. I” surprised at how many celebrities have designed for McCall’s. The quiz was very helpful.

  4. That was fun! Difficult, but fun. Thank you for the amusing and enlightening activity today.

  5. This was fun, and gave me a break from half time.

  6. That was fun. I thought I would know more. Thanks.

  7. I’m bummed I didn’t get more right – I was familiar with a lot of the faces, names and terms, but after working several years in the Commercial Pattern Archive and seeing thousands of patterns, I guess they’ve all blurred together!

    1. It was a tough quiz! The next one will be easier, we promise.

  8. Wow, I was all kinds of wrong for most questions. LOL, fun nonetheless.

  9. I got six right…not bad. I think my pop culture stuff pretty good.

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