Take a Closer Look: Detail Shots of the New Vogue Patterns

Detail shots of new S15 Vogue Patterns are found on the McCall's Pinterest board

Hi! You told us how much you like having detail shots of our designer patterns, so I just pinned a bunch to go with the new Vogue Patterns for spring 2015 that we just released. You can find them all on this Pinterest board:

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What do you think of this new collection? Early faves by sales are the Ralph Rucci ensemble and the Donna Karan drape-front jacket. We’ve got a new pattern giveaway happening on our Facebook page now; all you have to do is leave a comment there telling us which is your favorite pattern from the new collection. But please take a moment to weigh in here with your thoughts on the new spring Vogues. Like ’em? Hate ’em? Meh? Do tell!

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  1. My wishlist is full up and I am waiting for payday. I really like 9094 as it is reminiscent of one of the first Vogue patterns I sewed. Love the Marcy Tilton dress and cardi, and the Donna Karan jacket and top. Both of these can be modified for my desert lifestyle. Oh, and the cute shirtdress 9077 is something I would wear most of the year here in Arizona.

  2. The Donna Karan Jacket and Shirt (tho not pants) and the Kay Unger dress (love the bodice detail).

  3. I love the vintage patterns. The close up shots are a great idea.

  4. I like the two front runners – the Ralph Rucci ensemble and that Donna Karan Jacket and that first Tom and Linda Platt design for sure. I like the cut of the neck/straps on that Isaac Mizrahi, but I think it would make me look like I’m getting ready to launch into The Good Ship Lollipop, so I think I might pass. Beyond that, I like the Tracy Reese (love the generous scoop neck) and then might be intrigued to try 9076 in a throwback to the gunnysax of my youth:) I think sometimes the patterns veer off into eccentric art teacher who sits in drums circles and wears wiccan charms, which might end up being my style in 15 years, but for now, something a little more youthful (somewhere between junior and wiccan art teacher) would be awesome.

    1. LOL, Camille! We do have a Pinterest board for our “Art-Teacher Chic” patterns.

  5. I love a LOT of them. Though i must say I almost fell off my chair at the similarity between V1432 and this one: http://m-sewing.com/patterns-catalog/women/dresses/dress-5433.html

    1. Yes, it does look a little similar to the Kay Unger dress, though I have to say I’d be inclined to stick with our pattern, right?

  6. I must say I like the shirt that comes with that jacket, rather than the jacket pattern – I read a blog earlier than mentioned making the back yoke in a different colour (ie, white shirt with black yoke) so it stands out more. The jacket to me is a bit meh, but that might just be me 🙂

  7. I truly like this collection. These live up to the Vogue reputation with tricky details, innovative ideas, and pattern shapes you don’t just find everywhere. Loving the Ralph Ruccis and a few of the non-designer patterns like Vogue 9077.

  8. The vintage patterns are nice, I particularly love the collar on the 1950s lilac number, and those pockets a great. They are both really quite sexy, something that the late 50s early 60s better than most eras.

  9. I really like V1435- it looks stunning.

  10. I am crazy about the Donna Karan wardrobe pattern. The jacket. The pants. The shirt. Perfect!

  11. I really like the vintage jacket with the French darts and kimono sleeves in 9082. It reminds me of Claire McCardell’s designs from that era. And though I usually sew vintage, I think that Donna Karan cardigan could be calling my name for travel.

  12. I love the Reese dress, and I really love seeing the inside views!

  13. I love the latest collection and was able to buy the Donna Karan sportswear, the circle fitted dress, and the Isaac dress. I can’t wait to sew them And I can’t wait for another sale because there are more that I want to get, but didn’t see in time to get the sale price, like the culotte dress.

    I absolutely love this collection!


  14. I like all the new patterns but for Donna Karan, I wish you had chosen the tan dress with black border from the Spring 2014 collection for Vogue Patterns. Being a huge Donna Karan fan and pattern collector, I am always happy when you have her patterns in every catalog!

  15. Love, love the Donna Karan jacket, top & pants. I was disappointed in Marcy Tilton’s top as I usually love her designs. The back seaming is just slightly off-center which seems strange. All in all this collection is good but the coulotte dress is awful and unwearable for most figures.

  16. I’m waiting breathlessly for a sale so I can load up. Especially like the Donna Karan jacket because it is so close to her s/s ’15 runway show. The skirt in the Ralph Rucci suit is too weird, but the jacket and blouse are gorgeous. With suede such a big trend, it would be nice to see some patterns shown worked up in that fabric as well.

  17. I love both the Tom and Linda Platt dresses, the Ralph Rucci jacket and skirt, the Donna Karan jacket, blouse and leggings, the Tracy Reese dress and the Kay Unger dress. I wish there were more casual men’s patterns. I also love 9095. I love the lines on 9096 but I think I am too short and small to carry it off.

  18. Brilliant idea posting detail photos!! A couple patterns caught my eye here that I probably would have overlooked otherwise.

  19. Just got the V1437 in today’s mail !!. Meg, am thinking that the lining of the main jacket pieces could be in regular lining fabric rather than a self lining. Thinking if I used a wool fabric a self-lining would be itchy & warm. But would probably do the band lining in the fashion fabric to avoid it peeking out. Your thoughts? thanks. nancy

    1. I think your plan sounds good. The designer jacket is made from double-faced wool crepe with no lining. Rucci used his technique of separating the layers and hand-sewing the seams on the inside of the jacket. We didn’t think most customers would have ready access to double-faced crepe or would want to do all the splitting of fabric and then hand-sewing it.

  20. It would be nice if you mixed up the models you are using. I sew for both myself and my mother – we’re both tall, and have petite builds. I’m (very) tiny, and my mother is average. It takes a lot of imagination (3rd generation artist here too!) to look past (& not be influnced by) the models you have posted, and to look only at the line drawings. I also find myself looking to see if the patterns calls for shoulder pads because all the models are so broad shouldered.

    Otherwise I really like 9082, V1437, not sure about V1434 (the back view of the old woman in the short blue dress is really tragic…), also not sure about V1441 (I don’t intend to support anything/anyone with a cosby connection). I basically look for pieces I can learn from/with an edge and classic staples. (coming from a mid-twenty demographic).

    I’ll be looking forward to summer & fall’s options

    1. Does your mother know you called the model in V1434 “old”?!

  21. also V1440! (and again, the back view of her upper back – airbrush the moles next time please- we all have inperfections and angles that we look horrid in, etc etc, but as a consumer, it is distracting to see them! – that’s what a good art director/designer does for great products – let the consumer see the products without being distracted by unneccessary things 🙂

  22. I most definitely enjoyed those detailed shots on Pinterest. Thank you! I love the Tom and Linda Platt patterns. The Ralph Rucci pattern is gorgeous. The Isaac Mizrahi dress is beautiful. Unfortunately, I am super busty and really have to give thought as to which of these would work best for me. Probably the Ralph Rucci…especially the blouse.

  23. I am really enjoying the closeup views of the patterns as well! I particularly like both the Donna Karen patterns and the DKNY pattern. Can you tell me what fabric the pants and vest are made in? I just adore that lemon sherbet color. The whole outfit looks simply scrumptuous! I would really like it you could put up somewhere what type of fabric is used on the garments that are shown. I know you do on some, but I subscribe to the Vogue Pattern magazine as well and even there the fabrics that the garments are made up in are often not listed. I understand that the designers send you garments made up in their fabrics, but surely you could mention a general fabric type? And of course if it is your own garment then you would be able to list that. Knowing what fabric was used on the garment shown would help me a lot when making my own fabric selections. Also I like V1442, V9081 and V9094.

    1. Hi Susan! The vest and pants are made of a lightweight poly crepe. Soft, slightly spongey hand with a great drape. I’ll forward your comment to the editorial team of Vogue Patterns Magazine. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for information! One more if I may. Can you tell me the fabrics used for the different pieces shown for Vogue 9067 – Five Easy Pieces? I have already made up both pants patterns and want to try the tops as well. I don’t believe this pattern was shown in the magazine so all I have to go on is simply the pics. Thanks so much.

        1. They were all lightweight cottons and blends. Go for soft wovens with good drape. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Susan, have you looked at the fabric and accessory guide in the back of the magazine already? We do give at least a general suggestion for every garment we feature, and where possible we try to list the actual fabric that was used. I hope that helps!

      1. Yes, I had seen that some, but usually for the designer patterns it doesn’t give what fabrics were actually used for the garment that is shown. Thanks though for the reminder that it is listed for the Vogue patterns.

  24. I love the vintage patterns especially 9082 I can’t wait to make it. I also really like the Linda and Tom Platt dress and jacket. I am into classic styles and have just been thrilled with Vintage patterns.

  25. I just purchased 10 of the new Vogue patterns. The Donna Karan 3 pc is so versatile. I have some great cotton and wool tweeds to chose from to make the jacket. I think ultrasuede for the trim might be easier than a narrow bias. Vogue’s choice of a Ralph Rucci suit was stunning! I’ve been waiting for a Rucci suit! The blouse for that suit could easily become a wardrobe staple to be made again and again. I will work out the fitting with poly chiffon and then progress to silk. The skirt could be made in one color. I have several suit lengths of double-faced wool crepe, which I’ve been waiting to use. Thank you for confirming the original fabric and construction. Is the Platt suit also double-faced fabric? I also love the Platt dress, the Betzina stripe knit dress or top and the Vintage patterns. The 1960 suit would look great in linen or a shantung with the topper made from a small piece of beaded tulle. Thanks for some stylish and elegant offerings with the design details I look for from Vogue.

    As to “old models” – yikes! People of all ages and sizes sew! I for one loved seeing Karen Bjornson model recently. I remember when she was practically the Vogue Patterns house model, as well as a favorite of Halston. Most of these ladies still look great. Maybe it’s time to revisit the “Miss Vogue” concept for younger sewers. The illustrations for “Miss Vogue” were perfectly adorable! “Miss Vogue” hooked me to Vogue in my teens and early twenties – along with the Carol Horn patterns which I sewed again and again – easy patterns, but of the minute, for younger sewers. I guess we’ve come a ways from the days of Mrs. Exeter, but I like that Vogue recognizes all its’ customers.

    1. Hi! The Platt dress and jacket is single-faced crepe. FYI.

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