About That Iconic Wrap Dress Pattern

1976 Vogue Patterns catalog featuring the iconic DVF wrap dress pattern that is so coveted today. From the McCall Pattern Company archives.

“When will you please re-issue the DVF wrap dress pattern?!”

Just about every time I post anything related to our vintage patterns someone will chime in with this question. Sigh. I love and covet this pattern just as much as you do. But here’s the reason why re-issuing DVF’s pattern, or other vintage designer patterns, is complicated and not likely to happen:

We license original designs from designers and then turn them into patterns. A contract is drawn up between us and the designer, and it specifies how long the pattern may be sold and any other stipulations, like geographic distribution. We never own the rights to a designer’s property, i.e., the garment design that is turned into a pattern.

So while we would love to bring you this iconic wrap dress as a pattern once again, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. I know, major sad face. But… did you know we currently have 11 different wrap dress patterns that you can use for your own DVF-inspired wrap dress? Find them here on our newest Pinterest board:

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Speaking of wrap dress patterns, blogger Sew Wrong suggested that we all sew a wrap dress for the next McCall Pattern Company sponsored sewalong. I like that idea, but what do you think? Talk to us in the comments section!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Maybe a sew along would help me finally make McCall’s 6884 that I promised my daughter! I have the pattern, I have the fabric…just need some incentive.

  2. Yes – Please do a wrap dress sew-along! I have just the fabric to use and need to motivation 🙂

  3. I would love to participate in a wrap dress sew-a-long!

    1. Yes, would love to do a wrap dress sew a long!

  4. I’m so glad you posted this – I get emails all the time asking me (?) why Vogue doesn’t reissue this pattern. I knew the answer from a visit to McCalls, but never wanted to speak for anyone but myself. Now I can point them here. Thank you!

  5. Would love a wrap dress sewalong. I’ve sewed Vogue 8379 and really liked it but want to try a version with a straighter skirt. Probably just need to take the width out of the pattern since I know it works! Would especially be interested in finishing the neckline so it looks RTW and lays flat.

  6. I knew this but it still boggles. Why can’t some of those designers lighten up. I remember a Ralph Lauren dress I sewed in the 1980’s. It had a big lace bow scarf and I always felt pretty in it. I worked for House of Fabrics in California and had so many designer patterns that no longer fit me. Remember the Willy Smith pattern that was a black knit dress with the huge buttons shaped like pool balls. I wore that for Christmas the year it came out. I still have the buttons!

  7. Love the idea of a wrap dress sewalong! I bought fabric for the jacket, but life got in the way. Hope to time things out better for this one!

  8. A wrap dress sew-along would be fun! As for there-issue of patterns, I understand these licenses expire. I am curious to hear though whether McCall’s is actively trying to renew these deals?

  9. I love the idea of a wrap dress sewalong! The question for me would be knit or woven? I’d prefer knit as it is the more challenging fabric for me, but in the right pattern, I could be convinced to make it woven. I like Vogue 8379 and 8896 for knit versions and Vogue 1239 for woven. The last one is another Ralph Rucci with the wonderful funnel neck and those crazy sleeves. Love it!

  10. Ooh, yes! A wrap dress sew along would be fantastic. I haven’t made any wrap dresses yet, so that would certainly inspire me to give it a go.

  11. Aloughth the original pattern is Iconic, I think there is enough wrap dress pattern variations available now to suit just about anyone. 🙂 Oh, and yes I would like to participate in a wrap dress sew-a-long. However, do we all do the same pattern or each pick our own. Ooh maybe we can vote on the ones you have pined on pinterest to choose the pattern!

  12. Yep! I’m all for a wrap dress sew along. I’ve had fabric picked out for some time now for a wrap dress. Lets do it. I would love to see what others come up with.

  13. I love the wrap dress. I made V8896. I plan on making it again. If you have a sewalong I will definitely join in on it

  14. How does a sewalong work? This is intriguing to me. I (think) I would love to participate and have a good excuse to take over the dining room with my favorite hobby. I have fabric I purchased before I had to pack up the hobby…how do I get details on this? I don’t pinterest so…..

  15. Oh yes! A wrap-dress sewalong would be so much fun! I’m going to start a new one soon, combining the skirt off of Vogue 8379 and the bodice of Butterick 5454, sans shoulder pleats. Still need to post about the merino wool version I made of Butterick 5454!

  16. I’d love to get involved in this 🙂
    Been meaning to make a wrap dress for ages now

  17. Why don’t you ask DVF if you can reissue that fab pattern. Let her know how many of us would love to make it. Like my mother always said “it never hurts to ask”

  18. I would definitely participate in a wrap dress sewalong! I recently bought a copy of one of the vintage DVF patterns and I haven’t had the chance to make it up yet. 🙂

    Not to mention that I’ve been seriously coveting that McCall’s shirtdress pattern with the faux wrap front — that would count, right? 😉

  19. a wrap sew-along would be awesome. I’ve been reading DVF’s autobiography so am feeling inspired.

  20. Yes to a wrap dress sew-along!

  21. Oo yes, a wrap dress or a shirt dress & I’m in. I loved joining in with the Ralph Rucci coat, it was great seeing everyone’s interpretations.

  22. I made this dress for my mother, back in the early ’70’s in a beautiful green material. She looked beautiful in it.

  23. I am a bit confused, because I have always understood that fashion cannot be copyrighted… that is to say that a look can be copied or recreated bu one cannot claim to be the designer. Even Vogue has done this; I made a coat that was based on (a perfect copy really) of an Armani. So I don’t understand why this could not be reproduced.

    1. I think the issue is that people see “Diane von Furstenberg” on the pattern sleeve and want *that*. Every other wrap dress pattern could be identical to DVF, but since it doesn’t have the licensed name across the sleeve, it isn’t seen as authentic.

  24. YES!!! PLEASE!!

  25. Sounds like a great idea. I’m interested in participating in the sewalong.

  26. Yes, I love the wrap dress.

  27. You’ve got me thinking a lot about wraps now Meg! A wrap for Jungle January? Hmmmm…

  28. thanks for explaining this. however given the resurgence of sewing I would hope you considered striking another deal with DVF. re-issuing the pattern would be a major hit so any expenses incurred would pay off. that said i recently used a different (indie) pattern and was very happy. another way to go about it is comparing differences between that dress and other patterns. it won’t certainly be hard to recreate it!

    1. I agree, re-striking a deal with DVF may actually play into your hands. If you did this, your sales will soar, and working with DVF may also help sell some of her collections. So in a sense working with her might be a wise move to improve your profit margins.

  29. I really appreciate the explanation behind what can and cannot be reissued due to licensing. I would love to join a wrap dress sew along. I have two Liberty of London knits that would be so perfect for this.

  30. So, I get the idea that a designers pattern has a copyright length and can’t always be re-issued, but what about one that isn’t copyrighted? And a pattern that may be out of copyright due to length of time, possibly? I have loved the McCall’s pattern for a Ding Dong School dress/apron from the 1950’s, number 1921. I wore it as a little girl, and would love to make them for my granddaughter, but can’t find a pattern at a reasonable cost. (The last one I saw was around thirty dollars, and not her size!) There was a similar one for adult women that I haven’t been able to find for the same reasons, and in a size I can wear. Is there any chance they might be reissued some day?

    1. Hi Ruth! We’ll pass your request on to our merchandising team. If they feel that there’s enough demand for a certain vintage pattern, they’ll definitely consider re-issuing it.

      1. Thanks–I know I’m not the only one who’d like to see it again! Everytime I find one it sells out pretty quickly, and there are several archival blogs who have it on their lists, too.

      2. Please bring back these patterns!!
        McCall’s 1921 Ding Dong School child’s self help apron (for little girls)
        McCall’s 1974 Girls wrap around cobbler apron (for big girls)
        McCalls 1948 Misses wrap around apron (for mommies)

        #McCallsDingDong #McCalls #bringitback

      3. I posted a photo of a dress made from #mccalls1921 in a sewing group on Facebook yesterday. In less than 24 hours the post has over 300 likes and there are multiple ladies trying to track down either that pattern in another size or a similar pattern. I posted the same photo on my personal wall and was asked if I could make one for my niece…I would love to, but my pattern is size 6 and she wears 10 in pattern sizes. I would be willing to send in my copy of the pattern if it would help bring it out again in more sizes.

        1. Hi Anna! Please feel free to send a photo of the envelope and the dress you made to blog@mccallpattern.com. Thanks!

  31. I love the idea of a wrap dress sew along! I would be happy to make any of the patterns shown above, although I think it would be great if you could find a co-leader again and perhaps one do a knit sew along and the other do a woven sew along. I have made Vogue 8379 several times and love it. I am especially drawn to the Donna Karan and the Ralph Rucci wrap dresses, although I have most of the patterns pictured above in my stash. I also have the iconic DVF pattern in my stash.

    I’m still working on the Ralph Rucci coat from the previous sew along, but I hope to finish it soon. I am using a lovely cashmere-wool blend fabric with a silk charmeuse interlining and silk twill binding.

    1. No rush on the Rucci coat! I’m working up the plans now for the sewalong and will keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks!

  32. I know that the policy of copy write is that you can be accused of plagiarism only if you copy the exact pattern, using the same material, color, etc. I studied Fashion Design and would love if you may ask Ms Diane Von Fusterberge to allow Vogue to re issue it as a pattern again. It is a classic design and none of the samples you showed compare to this Iconic Design. Thanks!

  33. It was a great dress and I made it in the 1970s. In the 1990s I met her at Saks in Portland during a Fashion Group event. I took my old pattern and asked her to sign it. (Almost chickened out!) She did! Since Diane did a first (wrap dress in a printed knit) in modern times, she is very protective of that dress. I think you’d need to re-license the design from her and that would depend if she wanted to. Not always easy to do these things. Fun to read all of the comments!

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