Coming Attractions: New Spring Vogue Patterns

Happy New Year! We know you’re eager to see the new Spring Vogue Patterns, so here’s a little sneak peek of four designer patterns. These and lots more patterns will be available soon online and in stores:

V1440 jacket, top and pants by Donna Karan for Vogue Patterns
V1440 jacket, top and pants by Donna Karan for Vogue Patterns. This jacket has really cool detailing.
V1433 dress by Tracy Reese for Vogue Patterns
V1433 dress by Tracy Reese for Vogue Patterns. Fit ‘n’ flare dress with petticoat.
V1437 jacket, blouse and skirt by Ralph Rucci for Vogue Patterns
V1437 jacket, blouse and skirt by Ralph Rucci for Vogue Patterns. OMG, that jacket.
V1434 dress by Isaac Mizrahi for Vogue Patterns
V1434 dress by Isaac Mizrahi for Vogue Patterns. The perfect party or bridesmaid dress.

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  1. Wow, I love that Isaac Mizrahi dress. Beautiful lines and gorgeous in that fabric.

  2. Is this the first Mizrahi design for Vogue in a long, long time? I remember his designs from a long time ago but I did not think he’d done any since. Am I right?

    1. Right you are, Toby!

    2. You’re correct Toby…it’s been years

  3. Wow! These are gorgeous–I have to get them. Thanks for the preview.

  4. Mmmmm…spring sewing!

  5. I like the jacket. I cannot wait to see the full collection.

  6. Glad to see Isaac is back with more patterns

  7. That Ralph Rucci jacket is really interesting and gorgeous. The rest is a bit, “been there, done that”. I’ve read your post(s) on designer patterns, but I’m still left wondering, who approves them? Do you ask for a certain type of garment or style, or does the designer submit something on their own?

    1. Michelle, clearly I need to write a longer post on this topic, because it’s hard to condense this into a concise answer. Some day! But for now I will tell you that generally designers do make all the produced pieces in a collection available to us. We then choose the patterns that we feel will have the most appeal for home sewers. Again, this is a very short answer and this deserves more explanation, so bear with me until I can write a post on this topic. —Meg

      1. Meg, I think this topic would be great as an article in Vogue Patterns Magazine. Not all of the readership participates in the online community but I am sure all of your readership would find this topic quite interesting to read about.

  8. Will Isaac Mizrahi be designing more patterns for Vogue? I really hope so because I like his design aesthetic!

  9. Me too Carolyn. Would love a Zac Posen. ..Stella McCartney as well

  10. I am in ❤ with the Isaac dress!!!

  11. Oops, and the Donna Karan jacket!

  12. *mouth fell open* I want the Donna Karen jacket and the Ralph Rucci blouse please! 🙂

  13. Isaac Mizrahi is really action outside of RTW these days, btw. He’s also the name behind a line of yarn for Michael’s stores. I like the fringe detail on the Donna Karan jacket, it looks like something a lot of different people could wear.

    1. It’s called licensing. That’s how these guys make a majority of their income.

      Couture doesn’t make money. So selling cosmetics and licensing name to products is the source of income. When Mizrahi had a quasi bridge line it was cute, but his stuff just didn’t make much money. I think several years ago Chanel finally stopped backing him. His short lived STAR line was cute, but again short lived as well.

  14. meant really active

  15. I would be curious to see the tech drawing for the Rucci jacket, the others not so much. It’s hard to see the distinctions between some of these designs and previous ones; either because they are retreads of other work (and what is really new anyway?) or the angles and fabric choices disguise features that could make or break the piece for the sewist. Melissa Fehr ( has a post about La Maison Victor pattern magazine now out in Europe. According to her read, it has different and multiple views of items. I know these are just previews; that’s what I need to see before I buy a pattern and invest the time.

    1. Hi! One thing we’ve been doing recently is taking the designer garments and photographing them on dressforms, so sewists can see more of the details and what the garment looks like on the inside. This way a sewist can make an informed purchase decision. I’ll be posting more photos soon of the new spring collections, in the meantime check out this board here:

      1. This is great, and so helpful! I’ve just added a few new patterns to my queue. 🙂

  16. We need more gorgeous dresses and skirts …like the one’s Oscar created

  17. So much fun to see and admire. Thanks for tempting us with snippets of the new collection. Can’t wait to see it all.

  18. Drooling on the Rucci pattern already… If you mention back interest on the dress, why not show the back instead of the front, which is not that special?

    1. This seems to be the dress. It’s a full back with exposed zip with a bow on the pull, not what I was expecting.

  19. Please tell me, what collection is the Donna Karan jacket from? I don’t recognize it.

  20. I’m looking forward to the release, which is when? And I love the jacket – about how many yards does it need? I think I have the perfect fabric in my stash!

  21. I like that the cute retro-feeling dresses by Mizrahi and Tracy Reese have pockets! It’s a nice detail for a party dress.

  22. The Issac Mizrahi dress is a stunner in that beautiful fabric in that vibrant color. Love it!

  23. What’s the shirt under that Donna Karan jacket?

  24. This is cruelty, McCalls blog! I’m now going to be obsessively clicking on your website until the release of the new patterns. You’ve thoroughly whetted my appetite with the Ralph Rucci and Donna Karan patterns. Both gorgeous and…. patterns for SEPARATES! Yesssss.

  25. Will Vogue make the online subscription available for android tablet users? I got excited until I realised it’s only for iPad.

    1. I meant a digital version of the magazine for android tablets.

      1. Hi Melissa, an Android edition is definitely on our to-do list, but it’ll take a bit of time. Android and the Apple Newsstand are set up differently, so we essentially have to build a whole new app for the Android version. We’ll get there!

        1. That sounds fantastic Gillian! Can’t wait.

  26. The McCalls Pinterest site is wonderful! Love being able to see the details. Add more and more and more.

  27. I am most excited about the Donna Karan jacket, and would like to make all three pieces in the same fabrics as shown on the model. I also plan to try the Ralph Rucci outfit, and heartily disagree with the comment suggesting that the skirt has been done, or is ordinary. The skirt appears to be the perfect accompaniment to that splendid jacket, and also has design details to set it apart.

  28. Love the preview! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous designs, I always love a fit and flare! I love both jackets too!

  29. Delighted to see Ralph Rucci is back! I second the call for an article on how you pick the designer patterns; I’d love to read that.

  30. Love, love the Donna K jacket – such an interesting version of a Channel-type jacket. I must get this pattern! Thanks for the preview.

    1. The Donna Karan jacket is from her spring 2014 collection, though it did not appear on the runway. You can see it here on StyleBop:

  31. Hello there! Today I received the new magazine with the patterns. Of course I am longing to see them on the web. They are wonderful! I like the Linda and Tom Platt jacket and dress.
    I don´t have an iPad but an iPod. It seems the app does not function on the Pod. Any solutions for that? If not, when will you publish the patterns on the web?
    And thank you for publishing my shirt!


    1. Hi Audrey, sorry, but the app is designed for iPad only. The new patterns will be available online very soon now. And thank you for sharing your lovely work with us!

      1. Thank you for your answer. So I´ll wait for the new patterns to be published on your web. As said they are promising.
        By the way I seem to have fallen out one way or another from the announcements and newsletters. Anything I can do to get back on the maillist?

        1. Try resubmitting your email address in the newsletter sign-up spot on any of our pattern web sites. Thanks!

  32. Vintage pattern vogue 8087 jodpur pants, will you please reprint this pattern?

  33. I work almost exclusively with Vogue patterns. I have most of my life. They’ve always been the ones with the most upscale designs. I’m always looking for different as my clients and I don’t want to see ourselves coming and going. In high school, years ago when Calvin Klein was just starting with Vogue patterns, I went crazy. Have been the same way since, until recently. The new spring looks, while nice, are nothing new or different or interesting enough. I buy very few Vogue patterns these days. Makes me sad. When you have
    as many patterns as I do, anything new needs to be pretty special. I’m hoping that the new spring collection might have that something special. So far, I’m not convinced.

    interesting enough for Mr t
    o think of them as Vogue. I haven’t really wanted very many vogue

  34. Sorry about the undeleted sentences at the end of my blog. Forgot to get rid of it before I sent it and I don’t see where I can edit it. Oops. 😛

  35. Glad to see Ralph Rucci back…but one of his new dresses that I would really, really love to see a pattern for is this one:

    I love his style. I’ve bought previous Ralph Rucci patterns…but just haven’t made them up yet!

    1. That is a great dress!

  36. Do you think that Ralph Rucci jacket would work in a ponte/scuba knit?

    1. Yes, absolutely! Keep the fabric on the lighter side.

      1. Lovely. Thank you!

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