All About Our Reissued Vintage Patterns

Vintage sewing pattern catalogs from the McCall Pattern Company

In May we did an interview with We Sew Retro about our vintage patterns, including the reissues for Vogue Patterns, Butterick and now McCall’s. We talked about:

  • The archive room at the McCall Pattern Company in New York City.the steps we take to produce a “new” vintage collection
  • how we choose which vintage patterns to reissue
  • why we can’t reissue DVF’s iconic wrap dress pattern

Click here to see the entire interview at We Sew Retro, which you’ll definitely want to read if you’re a fan of our vintage patterns.

Do you have a favorite vintage Butterick, Vogue Patterns (non-designer) or McCall’s pattern you’d like to see us reissue? Leave a comment here and let us know which one it is!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

  1. Vogue 2303 by Valentino – early ’70s

  2. McCall 7743 – the A-line dress with open back, not Raggedy Ann & Andy! 🙂

  3. vogue 596 from the December 1950-January 1951 catalog. Please!!!!

  4. McCalls 7990 & 7991 the ABT tutu patterns from 1982! (They go for a packet on ebay!)

    1. Yes, please…the McCalls 7990/7991. I can’t see spending $150 for an OOP pattern on ebay, etc. Please, PLEASE re-release them!! Even if it’s just a digital download.

  5. So many choices I could not decide!!

    I would love to see any gown from the 1930s for sure and also a vintage trouser pattern 70s era. I choose a few specifics just for fun…

    1960s raglan sleeve dress Butterick 2907
    Simplicity 1456 circa 1935 dress
    McCalls 4464 – Chanel circa1926 flapper dress
    1960’s Vogue Paris Original by Pierre Cardin Pattern 1342****LOVE****
    Evening dress-Christian Dior VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL Pattern 1792
    1970s Vogue 2575 – cute set
    Vogue Paris Original Pattern 2900 Lanvin Dress Tunic and Pants
    Paris Original Vogue Yves Saint Laurent Pant Suit Pattern #2410- everyone should have an Yves pant!
    Throwing in a beautiful Vogue Paris Original Emanuel Ungaro Sewing Pattern #1383 -80s dress as well!

    Thanks for asking 😉

  6. I have been looking for so long McCalls 2902 & 2922

  7. I don’t have a particular favourite but I’d LOVE to see some 70s patterns reissued. Thanks for posting the link; interesting stuff!

  8. Any of the OOP issey make patterns,please

  9. The sarong patterns from the 50s and 60s. They are TDF!!!

    1. YES! I agree!

  10. I would love to see some seventies patterns – especially by Jean Muir.

  11. ….. meant to say especially Vogue 2883 would be great !

  12. Anything Issey but particularly the blouse pattern that was on the cover of Threads magazine about three decades ago! I have been searching for that one forever.

  13. My favourite, favourite most wanted pattern is
    Vogue Special Design 3990 dress

    However I would also love to see bathing suit / sun suit sets such as
    1936 McCall pattern #8717
    1940s McCall’s #3640
    1940 Butterick #1041

    And of course, big beautiful 50s dresses and beautiful gathered and draped 40s dresses.
    I really hope you release more 30s and 40s patterns! I love the re-issues simply because I cannot afford to buy original patterns from earlier decades.

    1. 1936 McCall pattern 8717 is a must have. I think the bathing and sun suits would be very popular based on all the retro suits popping up everywhere.

  14. That was a fun interview. Bummer about not being able to print the DVF pattern. Nevertheless, you do have 2 wrap dress patterns that come pretty close so hurray!

  15. I would love to see McCall’s 7052 (1960s version) or McCall’s 4414. Or anything else with a cowl/drapped back made in a woven!
    It’s a real shame you can’t re-issue any of the designer patterns 🙁

  16. I would love to see the mccalls 5314 and 6024 reissued. I have yet to find another wrap dress pattern that has princess seams. I’m desperate. Please please please reissue 5314.

  17. I’m all for bringing vintage patterns back to life…but my biggest beef these days is how quickly current patterns go out of print. I understand this is to make room for new patterns, but it seems like some patterns are in the catalog a year or so, then poof! Gone. Off to the netherworlds of Etsy and Ebay we have to go to find them again…usually at a $. Anyway, would love a blog post on how decisions are made to discontinue patterns. Thanks!

  18. 1930,40 AND 50’S nightgowns and robes..

  19. Just wish you would do more (ANY) 70s stuff! I know 30s/40s/50s and some 60s is the “in” thing, and more popular, but I’d like some 70s.

    Boho, 70s secretary, or disco, I don’t care!

  20. Not retro but I would love it Vogue 8511 could be reissued please as the silhouette is timeless.

  21. I would love to see Vogue Paris Original 1478 by Lanvin Castillo, and some other 60’s couturier Design Patterns.

  22. M5705 and a few others. I have to check my list. I hope that you really try to reissue vintage patterns. So many nice pieces

  23. Please, please, please reissue Butterick 6300 A from the Butterick Pattern Book, Fall 1952 with the draped button doice and full skirt. I have been looking and looking and looking for ages for a used one to buy as I would love to make it for my upcoming vow renewal! It is so beautiful and timeless.

    1. Butterick 6300 (1952). There are so many posts on various websites eg Etsy, Pinterest etc by people searching for copies of this pattern. Please ‘re-issue this classic pattern!!

    2. Oh, yes! I’ve also been seeing Butterick 6300 all over the place and would jump at the chance to make it.

  24. McCalls pattern 3640 from the 40s

  25. I am having difficulty sewing Vogue pattern # V8850. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can obtain the help I need?

    1. Hi. Please send an email to They will assist you during regular business hours. Thanks!

  26. Butterick 9629 The Sarong Dress with Bolero. These patterns are in the hundreds if you can even find them. PLEASE reissue!

  27. There are a few patterns I would love to see reprinted!
    Vogue 6474 Young Fashionables (1960s) has been on my wishlist for a while, or any 1960s Mary Quant looking dress
    Vogue 6923 Special Design (1960s)
    McCall 5143 (1940s)
    McCall’s 6002 (1960s)
    I’d also love any kind of vintage sailor dress, any era. One with the slim or full skirt options would be nice though.

  28. Butterick 6300 (Circa 1952)

  29. Can’t find ANYWHERE- you are my last hope:
    Vogue 8306 Cutout dress/cover-up

    1. Have you tried Etsy and eBay? It’s long gone from our stock. Good luck!

  30. McCalls 7990 and 7991 PLEEEASE I ordered one off eBay in May and our Post office lost it. I paid 85 dollars and now cant find another one.

  31. Would love to see Mccalls apron 504 pattern reissued.

  32. NY COLLECTION 1990_91
    mccalls 5314
    dress with yoke, short sleeves ( no shoulder seam/kimono cut)
    Long ,mid and short length

  33. Yes, PLEASE reissue Butterick 6300 from 1952 !!! Thanks

  34. McCalls 7990. Or, if the licensing has run out, at least make a tutu pattern that is not “sexy,” (see Simplicity pattern 2067). A traditional tutu bodice with platter skirt or romantic skirt option, with or without sleeves, please. There are already workshops around the country on how to make tutus and people selling patterns online. You could probably sponsor YAGP or other youth dance competition and sell the patterns there. Many parents would welcome the opportunity to make their child’s competition costume rather than paying close to $1000 (or more) for a professional-style tutu. Thank you.

  35. I would love to have McCall Pattern #8524 and So-Easy Pattern # 20 Bust size 36. They were shown in the Vogue Patterns January/March issue.

  36. McCalls 7990 and 7991 tutu pattern PLEASE!!
    South Africa

  37. How about Vogue 2268? I know it’s a recent (if 1991 is recent!) reissue, but it is beautiful. I’ve lost mine and it was the first vintage vogue pattern I bought.

  38. Has Butterick 6930, toddler raglan sleeve coat and dress, ever been reissued under another number? Would like to have this…or see it redone.

  39. McCalls: 2089, 7094, 7554, 7647

  40. McCalls 6870 and 7488

  41. McCall’s 7990 and 7991 PLEASE! They must be great patterns judging from the prices charged on eBay.

  42. McCall’s 7990 and 7991 please please! I’m in south Africa and I don’t have that kind of money to pay for what they do want. Have looked every were

  43. Vogue 7294!!!! It’s so beautiful and elegant and I’m not sure quite how to make an overdess be a one piece with a jumpsuit. I’ve spent at least ten hours scouring the internet for this pattern. Please bring it back!!

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