V1419 Sewalong Designer Coat: Finished!

detail of V1419 Ralph Rucci coat, made by Meg Carter at the McCall Pattern Company. #v1419sewalong

Hey, sewalongers, it’s the big reveal time! My co-host Lauren and I are finished with our coats and are ready to show them off. (But don’t worry if you’re still working on your muslin: This is a go-at-your-own pace sewalong. We’ll leave all our posts up and you can still access the V1419 Flickr group.)

So… here’s my Ralph Rucci for Vogue Patterns V1419 coat, which I actually turned into a jacket:
V1419 coat made by Meg Carter for the McCall Pattern Company. #v1419sewalong


  • The flared shape that makes this coat so distinct was just not working for me. So, with the help of Tatyana, our head dressmaker here, I narrowed the back lower seams to reduce some of the flare. I also narrowed the sleeves.
  • I originally sewed this as a coat, but the length was too much on me and I felt I’d wear it more as a long jacket. My goal is to pair it with slim pants and heels, maybe jeans.
  • The fabric is a metallic brocade from Carolina Herrera that I ordered from MoodFabrics.com. It’s blue and silver on one side and then metallic dark brown on the other. It has a very stiff drape, which accentuated Rucci’s bell shapes way more than I think even he intended.
  • Yes, I was a weenie and I skipped the elaborate buttonholes. My reasoning was that this fabric already had enough drama to it and didn’t need another element to distract from it. But really, I was at that point of MUST-GET-THIS-FINISHED or I’ll die. You know what I mean.

V1419 finished jacket back. Made by Meg Carter for the McCall Pattern Company. #v1419sewalong

  • I omitted the belt because it really bisected me and made me look wider. Now looking at the back here in this photo I kind of wish I hadn’t, because it looks so…naked? Weird? I think it might look better on me than it does on the dressform, just because I don’t wear this jacket buttoned up. So it will hang a little more loosely.

V1419 finished jacket interior view. Made by Meg Carter for the McCall Pattern Company. #v1419sewalong

  • This is my favorite part of this coat, that it’s double-sided and in a contrasting color. All my bias bindings were done in navy wool suiting that was from our stash.

Bottom line: I really like this jacket/coat! It’s quite dramatic and a change of pace from what I usually wear, but sometimes you need to kick things up a notch. Agreed?

And the pattern is actually not so very hard to sew. Committing to making a muslin first is the most beneficial thing you can do, because you need to get the fit down. Nothing is particularly challenging sewing-wise, just maybe a little time-consuming. So no need to feel intimidated by this pattern.

Are you finished with your coat? If so, we want to see it!

For those just starting to sew this pattern, here are all the #V1419 resources, which we’ll keep up:

  • This blog and Lauren’s blog, for step-by-step instructions and advice
  • This Pinterest board, for detail shots of the actual designer coat
  • This Flickr group, for photos from sewalong participants
  • This tagboard, to see all the photos and posts tagged with #V1419sewalong

    How utterly perfect is Lauren's coat?! Visit her blog to see more photos of her modeling it. I think this pattern works best in a solid fabric, so you can see the unique seaming.
    How utterly perfect is Lauren’s coat?! Visit her blog to see more photos of her modeling it. I think this pattern works best in a solid fabric, so you can see the unique seaming.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our very first sewalong. We really enjoyed being a part of this group with you, and we look forward to possibly hosting another sewalong in 2015. Stay tuned!

We’ve been sewing since 1863.

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  2. Ah, Meg, it’s so gorgeous! What a beautiful fabric, and I love the less dramatic shape. Good call on skipping the button holes – I think they would have been too busy with that fabric otherwise. Awesome job! 😀

  3. This is wonderful Meg! Great idea to make it more wearable for day to day, as well as for curvy body shape. I love your fabric choice! Would like to see it on you.

  4. Love that fabric!

    Could you go back and add a belt? Or even a fake belt that’s only across the back? (I…think I know what I mean by that, ha ha).

  5. I love it. The color contrast is really beautiful. And, you’ve updated it with a sleekness that really fits your style.

  6. Wow! What a stunner! Absolutely perfect fabric choice.

  7. Stunning jacket, Meg and I love how you made it perfect for you and your style and taste. Lauren’s coat is gorgeous, too.

  8. Love, love, LOVE you jacket. Perfect fabric choice. Enjoy wearing it!

  9. I’d love to see the jacket on you – but from what I can tell, it is gorgeous.
    I always admire your skill at picking the right fabric for the right pattern.

  10. Beautiful. I too like the less dramatic version. Great job!!

  11. You could always add a back belt if you liked that detail from the original look of the coat. Otherwise, it’s beautifully done.

  12. Meg, it’s gorgeous! What an amazing fabric. Glad you made the modifications to make it work for you.

  13. Gorgeous! The fabric is wonderful.

  14. Gorgeous jacket, Meg. The fabric looks perfect for the design to me. Just want to say I really appreciate the photos of your coat. For us sewists, it is nice to have closeups without the distractions, all the better to appreciate the garment.

  15. I absolutely love your fabric choice, it’s so pretty I could stare at it all day long. Lovely coat. This is what I love about sewing, I don’t know about you, but there is no way on earth I could afford a Carolina Herrera fabric any other way. Love your coat!

  16. I want to see you wearing it! Don’t be a weenie!

    1. Grace, I am a supreme weenie but I will think about it. Promise.

  17. Very well done 🙂

  18. Love your jacket Meg… would love to see it on though 🙂
    I just have all the bar tacks to do on my buttonholes and Im done!

    1. Ok…maybe I’ll post a photo of me wearing it. Not making any promises!

  19. Both versions look great! I agree with your modifications. Designers modify runway looks for their clients all the time…we shouldn’t we? Ralph Rucci is a gifted and classy designer.

  20. The fabric is gorgeous! I love how you have altered the original style to suit yourself. It’s a real stunner.
    I really appreciate the sewalong. I am participating but just a bit behind. Hope to have some pics to post soon.

  21. It looks great Meg!

  22. Love your jacket, delicious fabric. I’m way behind with mine!

    1. No worries, Barbara! Just go at your own pace.

  23. Aww, you guys! Thanks so much for all your compliments! This was such a fun sewalong to host and we’re looking forward to more group sewing events like this in the future. As always, please feel free to send any suggestions our way. —Meg

  24. Meg, you can do a headless shot of you wearing the coat. Think like how they do photos of models wearing clothes on net-a-porter. They’re all headless! Or you could don some sunglasses like some fashion bloggers do. Be mysterious. It’s cool. If you need to Photoshop, well, we won’t judge. Promise. 🙂

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  26. Oh, it is so lovely! Such a sinuous shape. How ever on earth did you decide which side of the fabric to feature? I’d still be dithering between blue and brown.

  27. I made it! I has to stop for ten day to make another dress, but finally I finished. I was a long job! But totally worth it. The pattern is great and your guidance, also from other sewers was crucial. I loved it all!
    Thank you for the pattern, the inspiration, motivation and help!

    1. So glad you finished! I’m away traveling right now but will look at your coat soon. —Meg

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