Fashion Fusion Video Pairs Our Patterns With Jo-Ann Fabrics

Have you seen the Fashion Fusion magazine we produce for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores? It’s in stores now and online, and it features loads of inspiration for fall and winter sewing. Plus, it pairs McCall’s, Butterick, Kwik Sew and Vogue Patterns with fabrics from Jo-Ann that are available right now. You can see just what our patterns look like all made up, no guesswork involved. So, watch the video, grab a copy of the magazine, and let us know what you think!

Fashion Fusion magazine by The McCall Pattern Company for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
Fashion Fusion magazine is available at your local Jo-Ann store or online here.


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  1. I love this magazine and I look forward to it every season. It was a pleasant surprise to see they’re are no longer with Simplicity patterns. Great to see more complicated patterns being shown, however you need to include which view you are using. For example, on page 13, the pink rose camo twill jacket (M6531), you didn’t include which view was used to achieve that look.

    1. Thanks for all your comments, Renee. I’ll pass along your suggestion about views to the magazine editor.

      1. Thank You Meg.

  2. Thank you for adding the SKU numbers for the fabric, and pictures of Fabric Highlights Of The Season in the back of the magazine.

  3. In my experience, JoAnn’s offers only very low-end fabrics, so I am surprised to see that they have teamed up with Vogue et al. The garments shown in the video look great, so I will go back to my local JoAnn’s and see if their inventory has improved. I love the idea of seeing patterns made up in fabrics that are readily available to the consumer.

  4. The woman on the right–what pattern is she wearing? I love that dress! Totally my style.

    1. Vogue V8944

  5. My experience with JoAnn’s is that they sell too much fleece, sell too much polyester and the fabric pills. However, I will definitely purchase this magazine. It looks like it has a lot of great ideas!

  6. Kyle the pattern that you’re asking about is Vogue V8944 found on page 19 of Fashion Fusion Magazine Fall/Winter 2014.

    1. Awesome–I already have that pattern–I didn’t recognize it without the colorblocking!

      1. It’s funny how you can change the colors or the fabric on a pattern, and it looks totally different. LOL

  7. What a great idea!

  8. The video got my attention. I would like to get an electronic version of the magazine for iPad. I looked at the “online” version but it appeared to be an order form for a hard copy sent to your home. Is an electronic version available?

    1. Hi Deb! No, there is no digital version of the magazine, just print.

  9. JoAnn’s house line of fabrics (which seems to be all they have now) is not that useful or exciting. The use and reuse of prints is frustrating: if I didn’t like that print in knit, I am probably not going to like it in silky poly or a bottomweight with stretch. I have more luck in the clearance piles in the back than in the front of the store. And all of it is slimy to my hand (too much poly in everything).

    1. I think it all depends on location as far as the quality and quantity of fabrics. In my experience the larger stores have the best stuff. Try going outside your local area, fortunately I have 4 stores within a 20 mile radius of my home.

  10. Chains like Joanns are often the only venue available for fabric shopping. For many it is a leap of faith to shop online and drop your dollars on fabric you can’t drape over your wrist. I think it is great that BMV is pairing up with a company who is marketing to the masses. Our newist sewists are often millenials who don’t have lots of extra money in their pocket either due to raising young families or paying off college expenses. It is great to be able to pull them into the fold with the pairing of good patterns and budget friendly fabric. In the end I think it does the sewing community a big favor all around. The wrong fabric for a particular pattern is the quickest give away of unprofessional work. This pairing gives new sewists a leg up in what can be a very tough decision, matching fabric and pattern. I think it’s wonderful.

  11. This magazine looks great. I really appreciate the video and how the ladies give ideas on what kind of fabrics to use. That will be very helpful to me. I can’t wait to get the magazine.

  12. Hmm…I like the made up garments that Jo-Ann has on store mannequins. They’re made with McCall patterns, and I think they are well made. I will have to look for this magazine though. It’s a great price (most of these kinds of magazines cost a lot more in Barnes & Noble, etc.)

  13. Who’s the woman on the cover?

  14. Silly question but I was wondering if Fashion Fusion has patterns or something like that in the magazine? I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

    1. This is a very old post Christine. They stopped printing the magazine over a year ago.

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